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tv   Macht und Machenschaften  Deutsche Welle  October 30, 2020 12:03pm-12:46pm CET

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is not known to the intelligence services. when the police stormed the church on thursday it was too late to stop the bloodshed a church official and a woman had been stabbed and killed a 3rd person died of her injuries. police found a copy of the koran and 3 large knives in the suspects bags the man is now in hospital in critical condition president mark kroll was at the scene within hours calling for national unity sums that if we fail in the tech to get in it's because of our values our belief in freedom to believe freely and not give in to terror with the quad. let me say this very clearly we will never give in the book with cutting 4 goals or 3 when he said the idea. that the french president has angered many in the muslim world by refusing to condemn cartoons of
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the prophet muhammad. was. it's a long standing debate in france reignited by the murder of school teacher samuel petit earlier this month. he was beheaded after showing cartoons of muhammad in a class on free speech. and with this latest attack france has 3 more people to morn. for the very latest on that story we're now joined by our correspondent. in news lisa there's been a new arrest industries what can you tell us about that. police just confirm me that they indeed arrested a 47 year old man apparently that man was living in the region around nice and he is originally from a maghreb country and now he was on the phone with the attack several times the day
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before the attacks in 2 days ago and the police are now looking into the question if he was just in touch or if he was an accomplice of the murder of the assailant to kill 3 people at the cathedral just behind me. there francis at its highest level what does that actually mean. well it means that in additional $4000.00 soldiers and police forces are deployed they cross the country at them are being deployed to trust the country at the moment to protect vulnerable locations here in france the police told me that they considered that under the lockdown because france has now entered a lockdown for probably at least 4 weeks under the lockdown volatile places are not only places of worship and there is a locations where terror tacks happened in the past but also public transport because under the lockdown that's where people are crowded really so the police is
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really are really on high alert and they're trying to protect as many places as they can at the moment. but today france is going into lockdown how will that affect both the public coming ration of these latest killings and also the investigation. well obviously you know public commemorations will be difficult to carry out if you look back a few weeks you know when some of the party was beheaded by a radical islamist the teacher who had shown a cartoon of the prophet of mohammed in his classroom after that president in a car he indeed hell held a public ceremony to commemorate this man but this will hardly be possible now here in france and the lock down there might be some online event or something or a car might hold a public speech on television but you can't obviously gather people here in france
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at the moment and the police are saying that they are expecting to stay people at home but as i said they will still be on high alert and there will still be a terror attack alert a terror alert here in france they're going to try to correct these places that have all the money in france. thank you lisa. the attack of course has been widely condemned by european leaders german president fun fight i stand by i spoke to w. about its duties and. by then of course our thoughts are above all the relatives who have our compassion. but i believe what we in europe and not just in france must do know is to stand up to this act of brutality and islamist motives behind it. and violence and in our democratic societies above all we should not base the response of the state on a course determined by hate and then
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a phobia start looking around and acceptance and mutual respect are a part of our society. and so standing up to such acts of brutal violence and islamist motives is one thing the other is to try and maintain the oakland or survivor society that's the other challenge as far. as president. speaking that. europe is suffering under a deluge of new covert 19 cases germany has reported a record 800000 daily infections just days before a new limited lockdown will take effect in france a 2nd lockdown has already been implemented in belgium hospitals are now struggling to cope as the number of patients hospitalized with cope at 19 is higher than during the 1st wave in april the country has become a new hotspot for the corona virus in europe doctors and nurses are under enormous pressure as they try to keep the country's health system running. this used to be
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the recovery room for patients who've had surgery now it serves as a makeshift intensive care unit for corporate banking patients on life support hospitals of the building province of lea is our no the epicenter of fear of 2nd wave and struggling to keep up we are not able to admit one new patient any more so if a patient comes in the emergency room with a through these we have to transfer him to another or be done in belgium until the flemish part of benjamin will be able to afford to devote tells us his team is not only short of beds but also personnel one in 5 nurses in the region have tested positive for the virus themselves but the pressure is so high that those who don't have symptoms continue to work under strict safety precautions doctors and nurses here are working tirelessly to take care of covert 900 patients some of them are even infected themselves but despite all efforts the health care system here in belgium has reached its breaking point as the overall number of infections
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continues to rise the actual number of infections is likely to be higher than the official figures across town at least as university hospital testing is ongoing. and i can't smell or taste any more and i have a headache. because after the medics here can conduct 280 tests every day. these tests are strictly for those who have a doctor's prescription family members friends or coworkers who have been in close contact with them but don't show any symptoms cannot get a test for them or as the moment we have so many positive cases the problem is there are far too many contact persons given the huge number of people who have symptoms we'd be unable to test them as well as all the people they've been in contact with at least not with the amount of tests we have currently if we had more tests we probably could back in the covert ward doctor duvall fears the lax handling of the crisis in summer will put him and his colleagues in a very difficult position very soon when you have only one bet and 10 people out of
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a thing for the same bit you have to choose between the team but which one you are after there are no doctor want to do that's one thing it's like you know we are not booked those who do that kind of thing we all looked up to treat patients not the truth which patient treating germany has started to take patients from belgian hospitals with infections expected to continue to rise here in the coming weeks medical staff already at their limit will need all the help they can get. from all the situation in belgium that's been our correspondent in brussels by bad hospitals in belgium asked struggling to keep bob why has the situation worsened so quickly. it is not entirely clear what the reasons for the fact that belgium is now the hardest hit country in in all of europe doctors and scientists say it's a mix of reason the population was more relaxed about the rules of not following
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the distancing rules after the summer break the crisis management on a federal level here in belgium is not sufficient obviously and also the region's vallone and the flemish region are not working together tally the number of intensive care units was not heightened or not increased as much as necessary so it's a bundle of reasons but it is clear that belgian is not prepared for the 2nd wave and now people are hoping that at least the lockdown which entered into effect already will solve the problem in the coming weeks about as we just heard and there are people germany is taking patients from belgium because germany still has capacity at how well does this cooperation inside the european union actually work . but there are many countries that are taking patients now on cross border.
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agreements and the u. commission is also sponsoring the cross border transport of patients but overall there's a lot more to do the e.u. heads and states of government just gathered in a video conference yesterday evening they pledged that they will coordinate more but there's a lot to do data sharing is not working sufficiently and the countries are not. recognised thing the tests of covert on cross borders and the e.u. is now concentrating on the vaccination effort the e.u. commission is buying the scene those is 1200000000 doses for the whole of europe and the member states have to come up with a plan how to distribute these vaccines and who gets the vaccination 1st and the was not saying that that would come soon but only in april message next the nation in europe to start this ban briefly if you can with the numbers are still
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rising throughout europe are we likely going to see both the close as. the members that are pledging no there will be no border can close as you have witnessed them in a place in a prison maybe the borders will be open for the internal market for goods and also for people but they you is discouraging people to travel they say stay home even if you allow to travel. that in brussels for us thank you dan. daily infection numbers in germany are rising so other questions about the effectiveness of the new lockdown measures which are due to come into force on monday restaurant owners actors singers and stage technicians are among those who fear their livelihoods will be destroyed but a new round of restrictions. thinking outside the box this hotel owner in western germany has found
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a way to cater to his guests and hygiene rules a creative solution to keep his business afloat but now his plans will be put on ice for much of november. because the value of all the guests want to sit outside that's why we set up these igloos people prefer just sitting outside for it so we've got radiant heaters and we do everything possible to ensure that our guests come home healthy and come back to ask healthy again so we can no longer understand why restaurants are completely closed. in the capital berlin people working in the hospitality arts and event industry staged a protest outside of the chancellery. they fear the new measures will spell the end of their livelihoods. not for others it's not so black and white. it's been 3 years i'm torn but i'm leaning towards thinking it's the right
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thing and. i can judge the measures it's clear that something needs to happen i hope it helps so i'm not against it so. help them in this new study in. berlin announced a 10000000000 euro aid package for businesses affected by november's partial shutdown still some worry that many of their favorite shops and cafes will soon be shuttered for good. time now to have a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today the united states has reported a daily record of coronavirus cases the johns hopkins university said there were more than 90000 new infections in the last 24 hour period the us is the worst affected country in the world nearing 9000000 cases since the pandemic began. new zealand has voted to give terminally ill adults were experiencing unbearable suffering and have less than 6 months to live the choice to end their lives if 2
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doctors approved voters approved legal elite legal legal euthanasia in a referendum results showed 65 percent of voters supported the new law. 2 women have become the 1st taiwanese military officers to marry their same sex partners in a mass ceremony hosted by the armed forces their marriages are another landmark for asia's bt community time one was the 1st place in the region to allow same sex marriage after a parliamentary vote last. now is billions over budget and 9 years behind schedule berlin's new international airport is due to open tomorrow named for former chancellor and former mayor of berlin the new airport will mean the closure of typical airport in the north of the city that lay in its completion has been a national embarrassment for berlin and an international embarrassment for germany
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. finished at last turned officially opening on saturday which is also quite appropriately halloween the new berlin airport's development has been an engineering and administrative nightmare vertigo and storage from the get it made us a laughing stock through germany dorchin is the new german engineers were ashamed. and the mounting cost overshoots were totally unacceptable. located southeast of burlington vernon brandenburg airport was originally budgeted for 2000000000 euros and supposed to open one years ago as the years dragged on costs tripled time and again hopes were raised the torment might finally be over then came in of the delay one problem among many the fire protection system failed certification and had to be completely redesigned how could things possibly come to
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that. the airport owners were civil servants belonging to the federal german brandenburg state and berlin and ministrations rather than commissioning one major company with tried and tested contacts they commissioned a plethora of smaller companies for different jobs construction coordination became a monstrous problem adding to the horror the airport owners change their plans several times the entire story was one of incompetence money fold negligence and a whole array of companies that made a fortune in all the chaos inspectors found 200000 construction deficiencies the airport became an expensive scandal which ended many a political and management career. and let's talk about this scandal a bit with kris kobach from did of your business care spending isn't it. 9 years in the making more than 6 and a half 1000000000 in costs that we a party mood for the opening obviously not there will be
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a small ceremony today anything else would be totally inappropriate as we've seen by the report. but you know rarely have there been projects where in the end engineers politicians and i think the majority of people living in berlin are so glad that this building project is now finally complete there are several 1000000000 or as many or berliners who are sad that take their part in the western part northwest of this city needs to close but it is a prerequisite for the new airport to open so at about 2 and a half hours from now at 2 pm local time 2 planes one from tons of one from easy jet will touch down on the tarmac being the 1st commercial planes to land at the airport and tomorrow it will then be officially open so that goes to plan. passenger rates now in the pandemic 20 percent of usual passion passenger numbers will that make the opening phase easier of course well it might but then there's experts say the problem of the airport here was not the operation by. rather the
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building of it which now is complete so you know it might help to have fewer passengers in the beginning but then as you pointed out it is 20 percent that means 80 percent are missing and you know the fact that opening might be easier with lower passenger numbers does not compensate for the fact that there is a huge loss in revenue here total loss loss and revenue. travel in the future if we're looking at climate change if we're looking at the pen demick right now which is going to diminish what's the future for b. r. well it means that the airport will not operate at its full capacity for differs evil future it was built to handle 27000000 passengers a year just you know months ago there were cries in berlin saying it's way too small because last year berlin airports handled over 30000000 passengers that was obviously before the pandemic hit so what it also means that regional and federal governments will have to continue to support the project financially however they
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say they hope it will turn a profit once passenger numbers are back to somewhat normal which might be the case in about 3 years let's go into business thank you very much. in england businesses and local councils have stepped in to help feed hungry children of the autumn holidays after the national government decided against extending a stand to help families in poverty england is the only nation in the u.k. where governments said it would not be helping out a national campaign has been launched to provide free lunches that unlikely figure that bill. feeding england's hungry this pub and bakery it just tears the hundreds of businesses across the country offering kids free meals over the october school holidays after you've got a family a piece of fruit and i pulled some 1400000 kids across england came free lunches
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during term time for many is that only hot meal a day during the holidays vulnerable families often struggle to put food on the table mohammed is one of dozens of parents who come to the bakery this week for free meals he has 5 children how high it will really hurt it was really hard to say but. they are helping us is very good. this london district has one of the highest child poverty rates in the country and the economic toll of created 19 is only making life harder we're just saying we've already children we provide how many they need we had one lady. we didn't ask any more questions we just gave her. a lot of fun with families here and we see them coming into the shop and it was it was a really easy decision for us to make to do that and just wanting to give back to the community they have been amazing to us throughout. and supporting us saying we wanted to help support them this free meals campaign is down to one man 22 year old
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manchester united in england footballer tends national hero marcus rash that he relied on free school meals as a child himself and is now at the center of a high profile campaign not being government to keep kids fed during the k. that crisis. bowing to pressure the government offered families food vouchers over the summer but last week parliament voted against extending the scheme prompting rushford to share stories of individuals offering free lunches that set off a tidal wave of businesses and local councils also stepping in to help out so this is fresh air london one of 28 warehouses across the u.k. since partnering with rushford food distribution charity fashion has seen a surge in support this week alone they've regis tribute is nothing good for 2200000 meals but they're warning the impact of cove it could see even more kids at risk over the winter as we start to see the impact of people losing their jobs.
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more and more people are reaching out to food banks and the local community for the 1st time in many cases so over the next few months we see demand for our services increasing thanks to charities like this one and the markets crash that campaign many kids have been fed the school holiday and they otherwise have gone hungry but with coronavirus cases climbing and the next school holidays just weeks away there's growing pressure on the government to do more. to buy as elwood was one of hundreds of m.p.'s in the governing conservative party he voted against the extension of free school meals he says the government has increased welfare support since the start of the pandemic bath with public anger building he's now urging the government to think again. this generation of kids have been impacted have had their lives affected in a ways not seen for generations we should go to thing we can to provide support get
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us through the christmas of a plan to make sure that the holidays work and then we can consider the longer term changes in the spring. the stage is nonsense for another battle of the christmas and easter holidays but without a government you tend this nation wide community of businesses say they're standing at the ready. oh about some soothing brush strokes to take your mind off the coronavirus for a moment landscape painting by british artist david hockney was on display at. an auction in december his painting off nichols county and in los angeles expected to fetch 13000000 euros and christine's it's a busy year for the sales by the 83 year old now the u.k.'s most expensive and the victims. you're watching news here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you police in france have arrested
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a 2nd suspect in connection with a knife attack. that left 3 people dead president among holding an emergency meeting with his ministers today to discuss the attack. that's it from me and the news team coming up with what is goal that's the question being. to the point. thanks for watching.
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to the point strong opinions clear positions of international perspectives. cortines priority along seem to be restoring russia as a global player but despite mounting tensions in the neighborhood he's showing surprising inertia as he lost his touch russia's explosive front ears are topic on
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to the point. to the point. of the next economy g w. you can see nothing works without lights when you work for television but it's important to know what everyday life to 90 percent of all perception is our vision night influences our sense of well being but it can also be in conflict one too much blue light can damage on eyes and the long time. to benefit us on t.v. it's a good shot. in 60 minutes. but i subscribe to d.w. books or something more in the world than what we may be captured for. me books are known to. this presidential election is
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a crucial why not just for the united states but for the world who's leading the race in america's poll rise fall into the streets you know the right here for you and we'll tell you everything you need to know as america decides who bring you the numbers issues the background as it happens and until the last vote is counted join us for a special live call. early in the u.s. election november 4th on details. things are getting hot in russia's neighborhood with the latest uprising in kyrgyzstan adding fuel to the fire that began weeks ago in western neighbor bellicose where thousands have been demanding removal of authoritarian leader alexander lukashenko tensions between armenia and azerbaijan are smoldering once again over the separatist enclave nagorno-karabakh russia's been delivering weapons but otherwise showing uncharacteristic restraint putting stropped priority along
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seem to be restoring russia's place as a global player as he lost his touch our title russia's explosive frontiers what is cortines goal on. the all the way up to a. hello and welcome to to the point it is a question to introduce our guests beginning with a lot of your use of coffee he is a colleague here on the w.'s russian desk and he says putin wants to keep the power and make russia great again. and i'm very glad to have with us alexander our he's a political scientist an analyst specializing on russia and his view as a whole this is change like the fall of the berlin wall in 1909 how explosive it will be remains to be seen and a pleasure to have with us sabina adler she is a correspondent
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a german broadcaster thoughts on the patio and she says sowing divisions supporting dictators subverting borders russia remains on the wrong side of history. so. it's seems like supporting dictators and subvert subverting borders used to come a bit easier to vote a mere 14 after protests over the rigged elections. in belarus again he waited weeks to affirm his support for the go last time armenia and azerbaijan clashed it took russia just 4 days to quell the conflict now it seems to be reluctant to stop the fighting what's going on. i would say. when it comes to. who is this. at the end no question for poutine who she wants to support of course it's looking cool and he
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wouldn't allow that a mass protests can't change regime that's what chief us all the time and there is no wait not supporting the question of course it's possible that she creates a figure like it so quote opposition leader and install him in bella ruse with the help of about gun court t.v. journalist and so on and fake news and information well that's all possible but it's a 1st step. i wouldn't say that she really thought about don't confirming and not supporting the question no no idea i'm sorry maybe you say russia wants to hold on to putin wants to hold on to power is his power actually at risk certainly his approval ratings appear to be declining i don't see
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any risks for witness power and keep the power as the most normal thing for any parties from religion or political in their work so their political systems are different but the research to keep power is the same were they were country of the so i don't think back to a question i don't think and there is for which in-store are very appropriate since them go up and down by their norio erm the injury for him last time his poll ratings were declining in 2012 he quickly revived his standings with moves like the annexation of the crimea are we seeing a different strategy now in order there are tens of thousands over 1000 to throw for her if they're huge just on the streets of moscow richer or richer there escalate the very professional over by russian authorities and crimea was 2014 through your state or. so i don't think going to connection with the river urgings
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2011 through or preference to crimea but through your splitter. sort of the question simply is the question of whether we're seeing a different strategy now well it's really how russia is dealing with the conflicts in the neighborhood not the threats there on the same the focus of a russian government is much more real political so the what's and goes russian publics for some reason some for some parts because the clearest shift from domestic issues for economy for medical problems which we have it in context of course on the crisis the russian government is very much busy deal politics with syria libya belarus. many main issues on the global level and not bring much attention to domestic issues and torts anger so russian public and russian russians inside the country because i don't think there are other russian president for a bit less interested in deal politics but probably more interested in domestic issues alexander are you know russia well from what i've read you have dined with
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president putin and you've also consulted for major russian firms like gazprom so you say in your opening statement that the current situation could bring about change like the fall of the berlin wall what do you mean exactly where is this change going mean that the world is facing radical to a method changes and i compare the changes will witness with the changes which we have solved 30 years ago. i think that of course there is nobody at all to collapse but the world is moving from one world order from the i would say when you pull out a world order which was designed as a liberal world order by the west by the united states and the european union after the end of communism when moving now to a new stage in world history where the world will be defined by major powers
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not only by the west but by a very strong china. by a new russia was no strength but also a more military mind that russia and also a strong. movement and a force which will witness also from the cells and do you see any change in proteins way of dealing with the tensions in the neighborhood compared to how we might have handled it earlier in the i just came back from the valdai club in moscow last week and i asked him with a question. would he deliver again this speech which. gave to the german stock exactly 20 years ago when he said the cold war is over. would you do the same speech again i ask him and he said yes but in a softer way and what he confirmed is for him is the nato expansion what's of the mother of all the problems which he faces with the west this is
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a russian view of course but the same this is a geopolitical fight which the russians have today with the west and with as the russians over nato expansion over values or many things what i wanted to say about the neighborhood i think that putin is not really afraid that the west will take advantage of the changes in kyrgyzstan in armenia as their budget on and below russia why because all those countries are much better and much closer connected with russia than crane was 66 years ago below russia is comically completely dependent on russia. as well because kyrgyzstan is also a member of the euro eurasian club and in azerbaijan and armenia both countries also who gets weapons from russia and are canonically intertwined with was moscow so you know other very briefly your opening statement said russia remains on the wrong side of history what would it take to put it on the right side and is that to be a party and capable of delivering now what oleksandr just said makes me think about
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the past. the situation compared to what we have now it's few it's like the fall of the war when i think about this from a time it was just a period of happiness of hope off of joy and i can't see this. in this moment. the other way around i would see no nothing nothing what do we see in the how is she here is there were changes the coronavirus it's taking over their lives your whole life and you know nothing nothing at all but. to come back to the question. protein and russia are on the right side of history would mean to stop interference in france of other countries sawing discord in
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other countries it too would too to do something that was positive energy not just everything with such negative energy of what i see now and that's what i mean thank you very much let us take a closer look at now as we are history is taking the law managed to democracy is a term used to describe not only russia's system but also those of key neighbors like the us but many people there have had enough. mass protests have been held for weeks and béla groups against alleged election fraud in the presidential election president look at those security forces have brutally beaten down the protests and he has thrown off position politicians and demonstrators in jail but the opposition is not giving up hundreds of thousands of bellary cience continue to take to the streets calling for a general strike and demanding that locational step down opposition leaders. had to
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leave the country for her own safety the fight for our rights now for our dignity and i'm sure that the we'll succeed so no later russian president putin supports the bellary syrian government but is continuing to hold back as long as lucretia power is not truly endangered. when amid a difficult situation in belarus the relations with russia have a solid foundation. how far will putin go to maintain stability on russia's external borders. fighting here what's your thinking in terms about could we see an generational change there or do you think in the end will prevail perhaps not least thanks to help from put it i would divide the 3 and what they hope to see in forth a real her for if we hope to see a resume change our main aim the verse the man in germany or hope through for. us
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but i'm a friend of her and it hasn't changed because there's like minister or a couple of months ago last year with mr ward or what was the earth for the rest to be either president or for sarah where it does appear to from the public you. little very very far i'm afraid of so i think center of our what if anything might prompt putting to actively intervene how close are his relations with the question go close close relations but so we shouldn't forget that. it's not the pushing puppets he's doing his own policy whenever russia is too strong for him to press to to do is press a button in the end here so what the west in my opinion. will not survive the next presidency he will go but not today in a couple of years but before that he will change the constitution and we will see you i think some some of the power structure of. power momentums in this country so
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even as there is putting continues to exercise restraint quit that incentivize opposition in other places kyrgyzstan for example where we're already seeing tensions or kazakhstan even do you think we could see further unrest in other parts of the neighborhood i would i would say that this depends on situation of these countries and of course there is no protein in the root who can stop people going on streets as we saw this or see this and been a ruse and in other countries not everything turns around putin and that's that's very important to know and not to feel just because pretty and doesn't lie such mass demonstrations such call are to the revolutions
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that they shouldn't start it and i wouldn't agree that this is the scenery a lie in this way i think it's a time of over yes she fears protein that's right she is afraid of nothing and execution in his country in this time and. this is not over but you can't stop. people thinking they want to change. and change isn't done and that's why i'm so pessimistic about that of those that are you told us that to the group degree that there is negative public opinion in russia about putin it has to do with the perception that he's not doing enough about domestic challenges so does it matter to russians how we handle these tensions and conflicts in the area yes and
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no more yes it's mothers because food and preparing their girls attention for approval or itching in their arsenal government is concerned about this a broader thing on the month and on the other hand there's no such things like free and democratic elections in russia sort of their populations will prevent the government there's no chance to remove or some sort of this government or the other branch of government so even opposition or not i mean she can do what they were here like some you tube but there's no chance for him to be a part of his their basement or have to become a bunch of political extinguishment and to change things in the country so the position you're going to endure in your government is as much as you want but you have no chance to change to change things on the legal way. let me take us to another place in the neighborhood namely the enclave of not going out kyra back to run nato member turkey is now intervening in support of john while russia at least in the past has actually delivered weapons to.


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