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by the power of my. getting rid of petty really was the price for. our 2 part series 3rd reich. starts nov 12th d w. wow it's pretty dark down here and pretty chilly too i meant on the missouri river the
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city is known for these underground solar vaults. where are we what kind of cell is this half a sentence here and i live in one of the large cell is of the top. form a wine cellar is unfortunately they no longer used to such today. there are cell is under the whole of tartan tub because at the end of the 20th century it was a huge wind trading center people said it was the 2nd largest wine trading center in europe after bordeaux in france. in the year 890 s. alone some 18000000 leases of wine made their way from here out into the big wide world of type of event. the 1st thing all visitors notice above ground is the bridge gate on the muzzle at the beginning of the 19th century that was enough well here to commission the well
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known berlin art nouveau architect luling he not only designed the bridge gate but also in number of villa. park overall architecture characterizes tom caught up to this state a great place to start my journey along the muzzle. today i want to find out why the muzzle is one of the most beautiful river scapes in germany so i'm off for right along a part of them was ill psychopath from top to call him but that's not all i'll also be finding out why mazel wines are so special. for one thing wine growing on them is ill dates back to roman times. but there are also other attractions in the area like the mediæval else castle.
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and if you're from argentina will also show was around her hometown some that are failing. the nice thing about a bike path that runs along a river is that it's fairly flat at. as long as it is close to the water the muzzle valley also offers a lot of puta full pen around us but for those you have to paddle a little harder. but it's worth taking the detour uphill here for example are the rules of cave in book castle built in the 14th century it was repeatedly attacked destroyed and rebuilt until it was finally blown up in the 18th century from here i can get a fantastic view over the muzzle valley. there are many famous castles the germany book if they're in jail or in the very well and
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just outstanding in the literal sense is elf castle not far from here and we will show you what makes this castle so special and what the coronavirus restrictions mean for visitors and owners. it's castle towers over the side valley of the most l. one of the few castles that's never been destroyed it's been in the hands of the else family for close to 900 years. count and it's proud that his castle can normally cover most of its upkeep by welcoming tourists though this year revenue has dropped due to the corona crisis. even more painful to new that 900 years of history is at stake but let's put it this way over time one learns to think of oneself and come up with a 1000 ways to master such
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a situation. my son come due to social distancing and hygiene regulations they've moved the ticket booth outside the city and can only remain in the castle for 2 hours and no more than $120.00 guests can visit at any given time not taking a moment because we have to allow large numbers inside at once we can only do tours for 60 people as a time most. people have been touring the castle since it reopened to visitors in june but not as many are coming as before the coronavirus crisis. the number of young people however is on the rise because its council is considered one of the most instagram of book places in germany. have attributed that i'd estimate that between 152-0000 food 2 teams have been here they stay the
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night here for sure but 6 in the morning and sometimes 21 it was a real battles to get official. left of and build after. their own. longer holds a photographer's but some are still coming they provide the castle which relies primarily on entrance fees with some work and publicity though both visitors and guides enjoy touring the castle in smaller groups and you really notice the difference normally we have 35 people in a group today we have 8 tarps that's nicer for the visitors they can move around more freely they see better but it still feels unusual. and it's castle can survive for a year with fewer visitors but should the restrictions last longer it may have to close its gate count it's intends to delay that for as long as possible.
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biking along the muzzle i can definitely recommend that. most of the time you can ride along the water away from cars and streets through natural landscapes or small wind growing villages. such as prudent of h. which has 800 inhabitants a lot of have to merge houses and as a special attraction an old ferry house from 1621. across the river there are grape vines as far as the eye can see. the most well one had a pretty good reputation for a long time unfortunately it suffered in the 2nd half of the 20th century because of mass production methods well in the meantime however the wine is once again a flagship production here especially the recent.
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back in his day. to praise the exquisite moselle one well fed a writer quit a husky related how he slowly drank his way down the river. today didn't miss from them as a once again producing world renowned premium wines like marcus morley took his take is deliberately so nothing distracts from the winds he took over his father's one estate in the 980 s. and made it one of the region's largest but his interest is quality not quantity wine connoisseurs the world over appreciate his vintages at auctions his recent regularly fetch record prices many people don't realize that 80 to 100 years ago are wines with the most expensive wines in the world they stand. in the 1920 s. a reason cost twice or $3.00 times as much as the most expensive bore do or burgundy version and i'm sorry eamon that's a. other highly successful wineries disagreing back where it was 100 years ago
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would you offer. the most elderly has more steep slope vineyards than anywhere else in the world each location is different and boasts its own individual flavors but 90 percent of the vineyards here are devoted to one great variety greasing. to get the most intense flavors the grapes are harvested as late as possible the region slight soils make most cell research unique. see versions bases here it produces very seldom are very many are it's misleading lines with space you know just to get grease about this later is that it weathers always releasing the minerals into the straight. a few of the vintners on the moselle have also turned to tourism as an additional source of revenue at the long ensured a wine estate me a tree or guests can stay overnight in these been there cottages. still
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marcos logan's primary business will always remain making good wines he also plants red varieties. but greasing is number one by marcus long and is typical of the new generation of the nose on the moselle a generation competing to make and market the best wines. its image this morning image of mosul riesling has greatly improved in recent years . even young people consider drinking recycling from the mosul very trendy. riesling makes a delicious sparkling wine as well riddled overturned by hand of course.
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the river and the wind somehow they belong together especially in this section of the muzzle near because it's where you'll find the cause which is probably the most famous vignette in germany because of its slow. i have an appointment with wine maker martino's. how did you become a wine maker. in a roundabout way i trained as an industrial sales rep but quickly realised that i wasn't meant to sit around in an office all day. so then i decided to become oven or. my parents had operated a winery and i could see that it afforded a lot more opportunities for me. so i trained to be a wine grower here on the mozart. and later i studied in ology in the garden burton went on. i can find any regrets you know with
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scenery like this definitely not finishing i would i was ok but it strenuous look how we're standing it's super steep do you need athletes to do the work. i know the people from around here are used to working on steep slopes that's not a problem for them and. the most important thing is to have good footwear and it helps if you're not too afraid of heights. why is the wind from the muzzle so special how does it differ from other winds on the vine. using board the soil. because we have these steve shale slopes the slate found that these elevations warms the vineyards slightly due to its dark color the slate stores heat. which is a mid to the grape vines little by little. and that means it's always a little warmer up here on the. bill than in the flatter areas and that helps the
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recycling most of all to ripen well because reese ling is a great variety that ripens relatively late so here the recently matures nicely without acquiring too high an alcohol content and due to the shale soil it has a great mineralogy she cannot eat one. you can but it tastes very good. they were still too far from harvest time so it won't be much of a treat you'll notice that the grapes are still pretty hard but if you want to try go ahead. into one. or all because i like i said recently ripens. because there's still a lot of acid and not much sugar we have other varieties that mature somewhat sooner and already taste great they'd have been better for a taste don't be offended but just spit it out.
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of. this stuff. out of the vignette and into the you know take up. his wine shop where you can taste the fruits of his labor as a wine maker. what if you got for me. food if you look at this i've selected a wine for you a recent thing of course from the vineyard we just visited. give it a try. with pleasure. to your health.
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now this is. wonderful glad you like it maybe you noticed the mineralogy i was talking about. well i'm not much of a wine connoisseur and if i could say that the wine is somewhere between sweet and sour what should i be tasting what is unique about this one because for the vine. generally it has a slightly peachy aroma as is the case with many recently. the nice really characteristic thing about our recently grown on the steep slopes is that slight mineralogy which makes it taste a bit salty if you let the wind dance around a bit on your palate but it develops this characteristic quality and a certain lightness. even though it's quite mature it's a bit lighter and doesn't have such a high alcohol content. that's what makes the mosul and its shale soils so special and water bodies are schiff a board are most of your guests wine connoisseurs earth do they tend to be more
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like me you know on how moving. it's really quite mixed. here on the most we have a lot of guests who come for the wine and know a lot about it. yes but it doesn't involve but we also have a lot who are less familiar with it or this might be the 1st time they've got to know it more intensively. but in recent years we've noticed that a younger crowd is coming to the most. people between the ages of $25.35 like to come here to cycle hike or do a climbing to or through the cow month so far. or they've discovered the old cliche of the mosul as a place where you taste wine with an old ventnor and a stuffy little room no longer applies. we caught up with the times
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and have great wines and great outdoor activities on offer. made stay that way. i love long distance travel and that's exactly what's almost impossible because of the pandemic well anyway we would like to show you some really beautiful spots on this earth before the crisis our of your uncle is from argentina invited us and in our meet the local slut she's going to show you her hometown of some of. i left for you hi i'm a journalist from so rafael in argentina today i'm going to show you my hometown and it's fantastic surroundings come on a. second
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i think that yes i historic train station from 903 from here you used to be able to travel to buenos aires almost 1000 kilometers away but the station close to 993 now it houses a little museum and out front the 1st look a most have to arrive here in san rafael. to come in and this is the city center the plaza some left on my right you can see the city hall. but the real attraction is the beautiful could see it all on my left yet. that it was built in the 1952. and her hometown has around $120000.00 residents and when the weather's nice you'll find many of them
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share at the plus our friends here and its neighboring park. most everyone here drinks the famous mart a tea made from the dried and ground leaves of the year of plant it's an argentine tradition. our done now we're leaving the city just a 20 minute drive from san rafael you'll find one of the region's highlights this huge maze and read them. aloud in both houses labyrinth was created to an argentinian writer hans hill who is but has from some 8000 bucks with plants you can really get lost as it covers close to 2 hectares. was i. was. but we made it.
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ok ok let's move on. and sort of. around 30 kilometers south of san rafael you'll find a valley grand day it serves 2 functions 1st the hydroelectric plant produces power for the city. and 2nd it funnels the us well river into a reservoir creating a wonderful lake. here you can all swim fish and soak up some sun. oh well go kayaking with me that's the perfect place to paddle around i love hope to see you soon in san rafael. along the cycle path runs on both banks of the river on route you can always find
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therese to take you to the other side. i still have a few kilometers to go before i'll reach my destination pocket. visible in the distance is comcast it looks old but only dates from the 19th century. cockrum has just 5000 habitants but it's a much visited city many missouri river cruises set off from here and you can also find a specialty that is typical of the region the missouri peach which is used for cakes and tarts for example. is the drink i know what a peach is but what makes the muzzle peach so special thanks to we can see the colors differently and it's also a bit smaller than your average peeps with the peach trees are planted on land that is no longer used to grow wine on the great plains are removed and replaced with
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trees. pushed through quite well she's in the minerals in the sun it. used to be cheese and sweet and savory dishes. and it's both sweet and savory for the point you can also make nice jam each company has been ill is also nice and lick your chew so the fruit has much to offer that the f.b.i. what how does the muzzle peach differ in taste from a normal peach. essence the 1st of all it's not sweet it's more savory with a bitter note and when you hold the fresh fruit in your hand it's meant to shrink fairy and plain wrong has little taste when to watch mix of a scot i'm not here for fun but for scientific reasons i would like to test it has given the school cut a slice off and you can try it thank you you have it the. that looks fortifying. the can hardly wait. i'm
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a silk peach cake just the right thing after my bike to work. as you know you can send us your travel videos and we shown here on check in this week's me mate is from christine that she was travelling by boat in northern greece and her destination was mt atheros with its monastery buildings this part of the u.s. called world heritage. i've
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got one last tip for you in cook him take the cable car up to the back. from there you have to hike a little further over the rock to the pinnacle it's. this cross was put here in memory of a shepherd who wanted to save one of his animals from falling and died in the process from the spot you have to hold in front of you. i have to admit it's a cliché but as with many there is some truth to it the middel region is a region for connoisseurs so here you can enjoy it with your eyes but also with your palate there is diversified nature you can discover perfectly by bike plus this delicious wine and the result peach so i got to say i could stay a little longer i mean it's obvious take
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a look at this perfect view over. see you next time.
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economy modeling i am here. just to close the wound and fight even more and if i did manage. to make the presidential election. how are americans confessing the situation what do they hope to gain from election. transamerica. in 75 minutes on d w. w's crime fighters are back a little africa's most successful radio drama series continues from the whole episode are available online course you can share and discuss on w. africa's facebook page and other social media platforms for crime fighter 2 min now .
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this is news a line from dozens of people were killed as a powerful earthquake rocks turkey and greece hundreds more injured as buildings in the turkish city of izmir collapse rescuers work through the night to save people trapped under the rubble as president of one promises all means necessary to help also coming up. people in france mourn the victims of thursday's attack in a nice church as police say they've arrested a 3rd suspect in the staffing. and fears of unrest.


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