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tv   ZDF Bauhaus  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2020 6:00am-7:01am CET

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this is d.w. news a live shot from berlin the french police arrest a suspect in our church shooting in and leon investigators say the motive in the case is not clear but france is on edge after a string of suspected terrorist attacks meanwhile president of my honda reaches out to the muslims around the world to say he understands their anger which won't tolerate violence also coming up on the show over a 1000000 people in slovakia line up as the country starts to screen its entire population for coronavirus the testing is free and voluntary but those who do not
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participate with the worst into quarantine. also coming out of the battle for the bundesliga top spot byron i travel to cologne and knowing they have to win favors and have any chance of becoming leaders. i'm claridge answer and welcome to the show french police say they have arrested a suspect over the shooting of an orthodox priest in the southern city of the priest who was gunned down as he closed his church and is in critical condition just 2 days before a suspected islamist militant killed 3 people in a catholic church in the french city of nice but the marilee own says the motive for this latest incident is still not known. the priest was just closing up this greek orthodox church late saturday afternoon when he was shot
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twice. police kept the area fenced off warning the public to stay away prosecutors have opened an investigation into attempted murder. at this stage we don't know what the motive is behind the attack no line of inquiry is preferred all rolled out so i wouldn't comment on the target of what sort of attack this is because. we don't know yet what. residents express their shock i'm appalled because it's very quiet neighborhood a good place to live. you have markets the synagogue a little further away the orthodox church everyone knows each other it's a small village it's traumatic. recently francis seen a string of what the authorities describe as terror related incidents believed to have been sparked by cartoons depicting the prophet mohammed it was
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a french president and while mcconnell made his position clear if they don't understand and respect the fact that one might be shocked by these cartoons i will never accept that one might justify physical violence over these cartoons and in my country i will always defend the freedom to speak to right to think anti drawer fronts is currently on its highest security. now and many countries are shutting down their economies as they face a troubling increases in cope with 1000 cases slovakia has taken a different route on saturday it started a nationwide effort aiming to test its entire adult population for corona virus the authorities have warned of the only alternative would it be a total lockdown that the move comes with a challenge as. long queues outside this coronavirus testing station but. it is one of thousands that opened on saturday to screen slovakia's entire
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population of over 5000000 testing is voluntary but anyone not participating has to self isolate for 10 days. but it was very interesting i am here because i believe we will find out who has the virus it will go away and eventually we will live a normal life again but in the past 3 weeks slovakia has seen thousands of new infections each day mass screening is hope to control the virus and avoid further restrictions more than 40000 health care workers army and police have been deployed to carry out the tests medical staff expressing back concerns. we're going to move i'm going to be a doctor so you know and i don't want it to end up like it's really come out and i wouldn't want to find my 1st job is to decide if someone lives or dies because it is a preview of. this 1st round of testing covered around
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a 1000000 people with reportedly one percent receiving a positive result a 2nd round of mass testing is planned in a week's time. let's take a look now it's now the other stories making news around the world. british prime minister boris johnson has announced a englands will enter a 2nd a nationwide lockdown a starting next thursday with measures with measures set to stay in place for at least 4 weeks johnson i said action is needed now to contain a surge in corona virus cases britain has the highest covert 900 death toll in europe. the most powerful typhoon of the year is slamming into the philippines with wind speeds of up to 205 kilometers per hour hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes. berlin's new airport has finally opened 9 years behind schedule and fully times over budget planning errors and construction
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chaos led to its launch of being postponed 6 times a 7000000000 euro new airport has been dogged by delays and by protesters concerned about noise and climate change. and more than 30 people are now known to have been killed in a devastating earthquake which struck a greece and turkey on friday rescue workers have managed to free more than 100 survivors from collapsed buildings in the turkish resort city of is near where aftershocks are complicating the search for more victims. of. the emerging from the darkness after hour was trapped beneath the rubble. alternative there but it was also. the hope of finding more survivors has kept rescuers working hour after hour as multiple locations in is near. where buildings once stood not only manton's of brick remain. rescue workers have
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been using cranes sniffer dogs and that bare hands to dig people out. there have been moments of joy. that this young woman was well enough to talk to her rescue words describing how her foot to be. trapped. but other families are in mourning. in some cases they have lost multiple loved ones at once. image their grief there are urgent practical concerns to deal with hundreds forced to spend the night side their homes destroyed or too dangerous to re and to. show them as yet it is real because we live in is mia we have pretty warm weather and we can make it through today we can make it through tomorrow but we can't think of anything in the long term where helpless this is. the quake struck below the aegean sea off the turkish coast is triggered a small tsunami which inundated streets on the greek island of some loss. tremors
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also caused widespread damage the prime minister responded with words of solidarity for turkey despite a territorial dispute which has the 2 countries at loggerheads. could get i'm sorry but overall i have already contacted president added emphasizing that beyond the difficulties in our relations in these moments the unity of our people is paramount because for us the protection of human life transcends borders and difference it's your photos. for saving human lives is the priority. next will come rebuilding in 2 places both already struggling with the impact of a deadly pandemic. let's go to west africa now where violence has marred the presidential election in ivory coast opposition parties which are boycotting the vote say several people have been killed in clashes on polling day police fired
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tear gas during these demonstrations against the current leader a loss on ouattara he was running for a 3rd term which the opposition says is under constitutional. law after polling stations closer president ouattara appealed for calm. opposition candidates meanwhile have already dismissed the whole process our correspondent a funny fish are in abidjan has this assessment the roads here in abidjan in the commercial capital are almost empty people are staying at home and they're trying to sit out these controversial elections they are bracing for violence yet they're hoping for a peaceful outcome of the elections there were various incidents in the center in the south of ivory coast including the capital city where police forces be trying to disperse protesters but again we're trying to prevent voters from casting their ballot now opposition parties are saying that this was not an election that quote
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the president president ouattara in fact rob the constitution so that does indicate of course that emotions are running high and it's going to be very interesting to see how the next hours how the next days are going to play out as the results are going to be announced and also of course the way president ouattara is going to address the nation. t.w. correspondent funny fish are reporting for you from abidjan there well the world of movies has lost an all time greats sean connery the man who played james bond in the very 1st of the blockbusters has died at the age of 90 he flushed out many other roles with great success beyond double 07 over 4 decades but as he was the original and many say the best today we say goodbye mr bond. the way he created the best known character in film history. that. sean connery launched the franchise in the 1960 s.
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playing agent double 07 and a total of 7 bond films the suave violent ladies' man fuelled the fantasies of audiences across the world well in the sixty's i was in my surf station so i was having a slightly better time but i have no. he was born poor in edinburgh in 1980 and worked delivering milk from age 9 connery joined the navy at 16 he lasted 3 years before being discharged with an ulcer. his 1st acting roles came via bodybuilding and he was relatively unknown when he was cast in dr no and his phenomenal rise to success began. the little. but by $971.00 sean connery was looking to expand his range the 1986 mystery the name of the rose was a hit in europe but u.s.
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audiences weren't keen on seeing connery as a 14th century monk. which you feel wash we really want to do just fine bruce in all christian. finally in 1908 an oscar for best supporting actor in the untouchables what he would like to toward. just like a wife. and his role in steven spielberg's indiana jones and the last crusade was a huge success. connery played harrison ford's father although in real life he was only 12 years older than his on screen son.
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at the age of 69 came what he described as the proudest day of his life although a fervent scottish nationalist sean connery was awarded a knighthood by queen elizabeth the 2nd for services to film acting for him the highest of accolades. well in the bundesliga byard have been in dominant form but on saturday they travel to colonial without goal machine robert leavened of ski who was injured even without him and they were happy favorites to be a side at sitting 16th in the table without a win in its 1st 5 point is the game's. cologne would have been forgiven for hoping that by and didn't turn up for this one it's 9 long years since the last 2 been just legal points from their visitors but the bavarians did eventually appear and he wasted little time going in front this led to a 13 minute penalty. which thomas miller tucked away one nil to byron.
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and the other to 2nd in 1st half stoppage time with this beauty last week it was leroy sonny with the aryan robin impersonator and this time it was pretty stern i am but cologne fought back dominic drexler was just on site when he inadvertently turned down young man shot with barnes the fence looking rugged. we made it a bit hard for ourselves we didn't go forward with much purpose today we made fewer chances than normal and gave away the ball stupidly so cohen always found their way back into the game. but the hosts couldn't find the 2nd and by and secured yet another victory. meanwhile remain without a league when the season. well rb lights started the day top of the table and to travel to mention gladbach looking to keep it that way but the hosts had other ideas back showed their quality when they drew up with real madrid in the champions
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league this week they scored the only goal of the game is involved to take all 3 points and accelerated moving up to 4th place while results elsewhere solve a position that. has your news update at this hour rebecca rivers will be back with you for more and 45 minutes ok richardson in berlin the whole team thanks for watching. the w.'s crime fighters are back with africa's most successful radio drama series continues all of the zones are available online. and of course you can share and discuss on w. africa's facebook page and other social media platforms crime fighters tune in no. parachute drama competition wyvil marketing numbers at least here that's how intuition love hate money millionaire fans friends 5 stamps and.
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only. because we love for. them to go off on you tube join us. defying destiny our house on ball day. and the brits are kripke 3 athletes and role models achieving the extraordinary. al-hassan ball day is on his way to training he moved from guinea to germany as
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a child and after arriving discovered the sport that became his life. i just sort of think you're on the verge of becoming but i don't own a. gun whether it was new and he was come on the. let's get this or. miss i'm stunned and i was with him a. minute or so and they. deserve the most ludicrous of us in the uk because the park up with the bandits and. the school system companies to see how little fits on the surface of the. and. so it is a mess it's within limits and then there was. this fascination quickly turned into a profession and the sports center in bone became his 2nd time alongside his job at the employment office al-hassan trains here 12 times per week with his coach
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a low risk a minor. it's a punishing schedule but the paralympian is living his dream. has been up to the speed of this month and this was in the distance because the 2 no i don't even we're going to work through. for the 2 this one. just their wisdom comes on hold on a. clip come on treatment on. the chair weighs 8 kilograms and allows al-hassan to reach speeds of up to 38 kilometers per hour. the key is holding an aerodynamic sitting position. and your insights assizes interval training tactics wheelchair racing has many different facets. one of you. on one come
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out of then to the extent of every stride and. so it's michelin puts you for the day and what i'm saying that it's that obvious it's just so so mystical so i think that some of the core also good to come we don't. want them states of sorts with a photo of. strength training is especially important for the 34 year old he's paraplegic so having strong back and core muscles is a necessity if he wants to race at the top level. probably because it's a great to go. in this when most of that has to dismiss and in the. material few. clinics. i mean at this time this one isn't.
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working with the sun. setting new goals and using sport to start a new life is a story that applies to tim fuckin the former paratrooper nearly lost his life during a military deployment in 2010 going from the mines their sport has to be even one tomato sauce passing through but i got my answer yeah it's mostly cut off or see no point to concentrate on it cannot leave people. like most retarded actually. and some sport even consumes you diminish what you said 400. tim was a passionate athlete his career and private life were on track but then a deployment to afghanistan changed everything it's been 5000 feet in and then i'm that's good for one come of arden or. one finding chofetz no one fog effect for one. or. cryptic of eyes are jewish version of what your crew down they can avoid it on the
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whole scorch or. not tradition. tim was hit in the upper arm by a bullet he was initially treated in afghanistan. before undergoing further operations in germany having 2 metal plates and 16 screws inserted. he struggled with psychological problems for a long time and he can no longer move his upper arm and shoulder. this might make me are. going to question his future bonanza on. the worn or. strong. feeling mentioned. since what one type of gun for another and fought to get his life back the 36 year old had to process his experiences from his military service 10 years earlier and
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recalibrate. the hunt. for the. best. this is from mission spot on the side of the from currently funding for. the tournament's athlete sits at the shooting range for an hour and a half working with a small boy air rifle for such a long spell requires extreme concentration to begin with this element of the sport was tough for the korea soldier but tim is ambitious and gradually got used to his new sporting life. now he trained 6 times a week chasing his dream. melissa not for now team man one for the through game one in one national tradition . and a few more. for france in politics or very.
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struck in open your eyes and got. training with the german wheelchair rugby team is not for the faint of heart because in this sport wheelchairs aren't only used by players to move around but also to block opponents that can lead to some heavy collisions in the middle of it all is pretty cryptic the only woman in the german team. that made. why. does the rugby shop. britta has shako marie tooth disease an affliction of the nervous system that
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causes progressive loss of muscle tissue her arms and legs are affected by the condition. she searched for a long time for sports that she could take part in and after trying out several opted for rugby. is best the problem they face and for now both off as all fronts at saracens. yeah. yes. i know that's the most mud fall on. father. also. found most. thing that's coming out on. top up in. the midst of all. the 43
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year old trains regularly in her sports club in hamburg. before training everything has to be meticulously prepared. protecting the athletes is the number one priority . but it's worth the effort because sports gives british energy for her day to day life. and yet some of. it. but i was on the. bend their. thoughts also and be a m. . quick passing blocking thinking tactically. this full contact sport is demanding. and that helps them deal with other situations in life to.
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us. all. sports has also helped al his son and gave himself confidence from a young age his family also supports him and even saved his life as a disabled child in guinea he was unlikely to survive to adult hood. and you know. it's not the formal training good to me for the wrong. kind of hoped.
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the school. grew. up and. now his son grew up with his aunt and uncle they quickly became like his mother and father he studied in mannheim and took part in international competitions while still a minor but while he's happy as a person and an athlete he is also sometimes confronted with everyday racism was forced. on. him. he's a black. dude zimmy sports gives him the energy and strength he needs to handle difficult situations through intensive training al-hassan can push himself hard and play his head. a life without
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sports is unthinkable. in the life of man to people in the tradition yeah to be not a mensch but. looked up to but it's appearing as all the puzzle and. i'm going to show up on. this ng was. swept. up with. 2 different view on that's supposed. to move the. al-hassan sporting goal is very clearly defined after missing out on a medal at the athens beijing and rio paralympics he's determined to get his hands on one in tokyo.
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through turkey at 70 kilometers per hour and eventually in transportation don't you expect. tickets are in high demand. whether romantic dreamers. or influencers they all want one thing to travel across turkey in 24 hours. just to tell you. what's makes a princess a princess. let's ask ed won by a long. piece there taylor. europe's crowns ladies come and go in his brussels fashion house. we are invited to look into his sewing tips in the us. in 60 minutes.
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in the height of climate change. for a cause most of. what's in store for plumbers listed for their futures. e.w. dot com or to make a series double to get inside clear picture of the gifts. the express travels across turkey in 24 hours from the capital ankara to the armenian border in the east it's spartan and slow but every day thousands of people trying to get one of the coveted tickets for the train. is we've got me through the video we tried to get tickets for a long time but they were always sold out. is that we thought we would never be able to make this trip a long way that he gets me. it's
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just before 6 pm for khan and his son meet their fellow students at an old railway station the 6 friends are studying at the university here and are about to graduate before they start professional life they want to take one last trip together aboard the doe who express young turks have discovered the old fashioned train can also be a party on wheels. and it will take time for ourselves and for our friendship. that we have a 24 hour journey ahead of us and another 24 hours to come back it'll be a great trip for the 1st set of. 30. i can't get up here by myself can you manage.
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hussein is the conductor for sleeping car number 11 where the group and their compartment will be how are you genghis. was up. hussein's shift begins shortly after departure one of his tasks is to hand out the bedding for the night. and. we have another question. i want to ask you something could you give us 2 extra pillows and i'll see if there are still enough there's a limited number. ok i'll do just that. but i have a look and bring you to that with a look at. the sleeping cars with $2.00 and $4.00 bed compartments are at the rear of the train each passenger receives a sheet a blanket and a pillow or 2 if they ask nicely. here
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are the 2 extra pillows ok. the. one in every. one of. their 3 kulish and i've been away from home for 4 days now i have a family children god forbid if something happens to them she will i can't be there for them right away goodness and that is the downside of his job and. the don't who express begins its journey in ankara passes through 7 provinces and terminates in cars on the armenian border the train travels at an average of 70 kilometers per hour and takes 24 hours to cover 1310 kilometers.
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bottom line is a lawyer who lives on the aegean coast in western turkey his fiance meir vi is a lecturer in the turkish capital they don't see each other very often when a friend invited out to lie to his wedding in cars they chose the longest and slowest route this way they can spend more time together. gotten to see their bodies and a lot of american lives and i'm going to and i live in israel to them if i could both of got straight there and it wouldn't have taken long but i came to take the trail. so we could travel together but this is a special experience for us a really nice experience but it's. because we don't see each other often just a few days a month we think the longer the trip takes the longer we get to be together that's why we like to do many vacations like that that bit of the little bit. in the evening things slowly quiet down on the train but not in car number 11 among
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young turks there's a tough competition to find out who's throwing the best party on the dole who express. it's an online competition they decorate the compartments and share photos of them on instagram the picture with the most likes wins. yet this report hard enough all our tasks are complete and now it's your turn to do something all right you'll be surprised if you go there. again and resume our agricultural science students during their studies they have often traveled across turkey with their friends to see the country but also to be see young amounts of its content on the one hand. you enjoy the moment but on the other hand we don't neglect instagram. you follow take pictures and try to post
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them whenever we have an internet connection. we want people to see us because it's fun. it's a photo really only here to take pictures. finally the friends can raise a toast to their journey to get tickets for the do who express they sacrificed a lot of time and energy. for budding archeologist her son it came at the cost of his relationship that is a little bit of hobby to my girlfriend said where you're going and then the did you ask me if i'll let you out of the unit so i said i don't have to ask you for permission and didn't get then and now after all of my friends are with me and i want to swap them for anything they've been on that it's just because then we had a huge argument that i will. let them. know that if i had a boyfriend he would never let me go on this trip. my actors have always been very jealous and possessive i think they attract these types of men but the time that i
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need to. use the young people celebrate it's time for the last prayer of the day. ahmed has been visiting an old friend and is now returning home yesterday as he takes the dooku express because he has room to pray here at church your church it's not easy to determine the direction towards mecca on the moving train the staff help him. to develop muslim knows that he does not have to obey all the commandments when he is traveling but he wants to. in islam people who are away from home are freed from many religious duties. so if it is
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you know good was the book function and then our religion is there a traveler if you go more than 90 kilometers and don't plan to stay longer than 15 days even if you end up being there longer. do you deal don't also said if you plan to stay away for more than 15 days you're not a traveler. the well. the train reaches kaiser a after midnight it's one of the largest industrial cities in turkey factory workers from the surrounding provinces often commute by train. if i can give thanks that cheer about let's take a picture here to. me a lot of. the van express and express routes across the kaiser
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a station. one train goes to the iranian border and the other to the border with syria and iraq. while the parents of the students don't mind that their daughters and sons travel together and spend the night in a single compartment conservative families don't like it when unmarried couples spend the night alone. than ever and until i bought tickets for the seating compartment for several reasons. do you want to read yes a bit. economy which they call financially speaking the seating compartment is the better choice for us and it's significantly cheaper than the sleeping compartment. and you can also take 2 compartments but that's expensive. and we would have to separated bedtime i don't dock here or that we're together.
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each carriage has its own conductor who say you is responsible for number 11 even if he does get a rest he's there for his guests 24 hours a day you can knock on his door any time. the conductor has been with the railway for 32 years he earns around $700.00 euros a month plus bonuses it's a good salary in turkey. as a civil servant he had the option to retire after 25 years. sure there are there's just you know of our last day you are allowed to work until you're 65 you weigh up what's possible. the balance between what you earn and what you spend has to be right looks amazing richard since i have small children so i think i'll continue to work. passengers often choose the seating compartment because it's cheaper the ticket price for these seats is 6 heroes most of the passengers are on their way home to
6:41 am
work to visit family or to see a doctor in the next big city. although they celebrated late into the night for cunha son ishmael and marriage are already busy planning their breakfast we better not said anything on fire yeah be careful with those flames. cooking on the train is men's work the women admire the best views on the route the world famous kamal gorge through which the euphrates river flows.
6:42 am
sun and vulcan were responsible for groceries they did some shopping before the trip and also brought a hot plate and dishes they're allowed to cook food in the compartment for prefaced there's such a book with eggs. but something's missing. may i have sixty's please so i think. that's our to culture is very important to us it's a tradition that we're holding we enjoy drinking tea as we'll do now for breakfast . so i thought. 2 all of these the idea breakfast like this every morning it's normal for us for the research and more modern. the boys did the cooking and who does the
6:43 am
cleaning up. the girls i know much i being a macho would mean treating women badly but we turkish men don't always means these or the little girl just your age even when we aren't hungry we think of food we live for food. later we'll call the restaurant in as little new order kababs. i don't know how many everyone will eat before we left some said 3 others said 5 i think we'll take one or 2 each in the order some and just enjoy. this is the tradition on the dogger express for sure. shula is a teacher in cars she was in ankara for a few days for a training course her daughters and sister came with her her husband stayed at home because of work for the trip home she had the choice between the train and the bus which would have been quicker but she chose the train so the girls could play.
6:44 am
chess and that little one was asleep a little and the older one can do some learning with me then we'll call dad and say we're coming he is used to the 3 of us often being away and always welcomes us with gifts and flowers let's see what surprises he has in store for us this time. the train stops in is in china. like many railway stations it has a fountain guests can perform religious obligations freshen up or have a drink. just filler it felt good to wash my face the city of paris and john is known for its cold spring water. i washed the children's hands and now they can have the ice
6:45 am
cream i promised them it was a. larger stations have small kiosks where you can stock up on essential except liquor because the sale of alcohol is prohibited. soon after the dough who express departs most of the passengers restaurant in is a room providence 4 hours away. order the famous chuck about to be delivered directly to the train. com placed our order but to be honest we're a little worried that the train only stops for a short time let's see if they can get our food ready and bring it to us hopefully they'll find us. in rural areas children approach the door who express because passengers throw them gifts and sweets from the moving train. rather let. them in the well i'm glad they got the books. right.
6:46 am
but hurdles. are going up not. with. the students bought books for the children and put banknotes between the pages. in the late afternoon the train arrives in as that room where the food will hopefully be waiting for the passengers. to. move and volcom have only 10 minutes to find the delivery man get the k. bob's and pay for them. it was agreed that their order would be brought to cora levon but no one has shown up. lots of delivery people. wander through the station and it can be difficult to find the right one. but they spot him in the end.
6:47 am
i know. there are. hundreds of k. bobs are delivered directly to the bill who express every day. little . girl delicious better than we expected really tasty yet and still hot this is how we imagine them and they didn't disappoint us physically but. on the journey from central to eastern anatolia the landscape changes as does the temperature the snow capped mountains of cars province are 20 degrees celsius colder than ankara. never and to lie or planning their future together where will they live and work after their wedding in izmir ankara or somewhere in the east of turkey like this. guide us to it with no i cannot imagine living here
6:48 am
even though the scenery is beautiful it's a bit about us to bring you joy it's my father was an official with the turkish railways in errors and john robinson on the way been longer than you lived there for 10 years and i went to an elementary school there. he also doubtless wasn't done but the living conditions in the east are tough it's not for us it's a lot of us and in the middle of the. turkey has the highest percent. of people who use instagram worldwide some 58 percent of its citizens have an account.
6:49 am
that you. know you want to take pictures of each other here we have to take a lot of photos that we can post on instagram getting here and it's like proof we were here. to do that but i hope we can find enough interesting poses will also change and swap our close. the deal to express has to pass through nearly 200 tunnels on its long journey most of them were carved into the mountains 100 years ago and provide an astonishing backdrop for striking instagram photos. and while they had cleaned up her allows the young people to take photos in the freight wagon she won't allow them to put themselves in danger you're welcome to take photos here but no crazy poses don't lean out of the train. and we stand here sure. but keep the
6:50 am
door shut that's not allowed i'm responsible for you. it's only a few kilometers to the final destination in cars. none of. us. will live or that. it's not the has everything packed and is ready after days apart she will soon see her husband again hello yes will be there soon wait ok to neva use that. as a working mother surely has to combine work and family in turkey it's expected that family members support each. other in childcare sheila sister accompanies her on trips as a babysitter. the don't who express arrives in cars almost 2 hours late.
6:51 am
is already on the platform waiting. for dinner. at a lot of. the students will spend the night in a hotel before the return trip but 1st they visit a caucasian restaurant. cars the next morning at 8 am the train departs for the return journey to ankara the students would have liked to see the historical town but they have to head back because lectures are starting again. on the way back to say angelic is once again
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the conductor for car number 11. welcome hope you have a great journey messier tickets. don't i know you from somewhere. the same ticket again ah ah be careful i'll take my bitter revenge that you said. your probably good that you like to have fun with the young people and join in their jokes they don't annoy me it's a long journey 3 days and whether we like it or not we do it together so i want the trip to go well for all of us and that's only possible if you get along with the guests yes. funny videos from the who express are especially popular on social media like parodies of popular songs. that. even if you know i'm going to circle some of the songs on the list i say oh yeah because.
6:53 am
the luxury compartments are 2 cars further along the train. equipped with a kitchenette and fridge they are particularly popular with couples as well as foreigners. swiss social workers and us a feeler have taken a break from work and are on their way home from tehran. was the go go express is one of the most wonderful experiences we've had especially with this private 2 person compartment. doesn't see the full need on the cause it's a nice enough the length of our goal was to travel home from tehran by land. from the understand we have immediately thought of taking this train it's low enough that you can really take in a lot of the landscape feed from that lot of chuffed mythical. person is looking for someone to break her hair in the do who express it goes without saying that you
6:54 am
can ask fellow travelers for help can i ask you something could you braid my hair. sure how. maybe start in the middle. you know. it's a bad smell to come on. down what's your name stepped up pleased to meet you subduct i'm using we got on in cars. i study english literature and cars while i'm doing agricultural science. haasan is a successful archaeology student. who doesn't have to worry about his professional future but he is concerned about his private life. joining us. i've been mulling this over that's right i had an argument with my girlfriend before leaving she wanted me to choose between her and the door express that i
6:55 am
decided to travel it's about wonder back and i'm going to all wait with flowers in front of her door until she forgives me the other words that would sit. on their last evening aboard the doll who express the students stage a spontaneous concert in the buffet car. much to the joy of the fellow travelers. was that. the thank. the train arrives back in ankara at 8 30 in the morning. to receive it to get you to celebrate your saddle the journey is over thank god you did it but we are he agreed during the trip that we have to do to get his book
6:56 am
movies he called out that was our 1st time on the dole express definitely not the last words to lose. due to his popularity the turkish railway has decided that the dog who express will now make its way across turkey twice a day. an
6:57 am
interview with german president funkhouser steinmeyer gears worried about a split in society during the pandemic the south from india he's also numbers a good old push to calm them on the good question being in the can these are the novices wish to continue in the indian entry of the cold war nods good friday can all be given more darbar and strength going from the sharply in an interview with john paul tish time my own. 15 minutes on t.w. . much makes a princess
6:58 am
a quite sad. let's ask ed won by a long. piece there taylor. europe's crowns ladies come and go in his press old fashion house. we were invited to look into his sewing ships. and 30 minutes on. board. for. this presidential election is a crucial why not show. for the united states but for the world leading the race in america's polarized told to the streets who will be right here for you and we'll tell you everything you need to know as america decides we'll bring you the numbers issues the background as it happens in until the last vote is counted join us for
6:59 am
special live coverage from bringing the u.s. election november force on egypt. oh it's absurd for spectacular pictures. instead passion for nature. it's their complete devotion that makes the best wildlife photographer in the world . this amazing time to come lighting. confrontational and story. 5 adventures. one goal. the preservation of our planet. it's not a sinister apartment trues in certain kinds any more than. it's off the scale and dangerous surat awesome place passion for trouble starts nov 6th on to the w.
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play. play play. bass is d w news live from the french police arrest a suspect in a church shooting illegal it comes with problems on edge after a string of suspected islamic terror attacks meanwhile president not only reaches out to muslims sankey understands their anger but one tolerate violence is also coming out. more than a 1000000 people in slovakia lined up as the country stops to screen its entire population for coronavirus testing is free and voluntary soft those who don't trust his title.


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