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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2020 7:00am-7:16am CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin french police arrest a suspect in a church shooting in leon it comes with france on edge after a string of suspected islamic terror attacks meanwhile president not only reaches out to muslims saying he understands their anger but won't tolerate violence also coming up. more than a 1000000 people in slovakia line up as the country starts to screen its entire population for coronavirus the testing is free and voluntary not those who don't participate will be forced into war. and goodbye mr bolton's doubler
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7 star sean connery dies at the age of $98.00 widely regarded as the best james bond ever connery plays the secret agent in no less than 7 blockbuster that will bring you more on his legacy. i'm rebecca ridges welcome to the program french police say they've arrested a suspect over the shooting of a great orthodox priest in the southern city of leone a priest was gunned down as he closed his church and is in a critical condition just 2 days earlier a suspected islam is militant killed 3 people in a catholic church in the french city of nice but the mayor of leone says the motive for this latest incident is still not known. the priest was just closing up this greek orthodox church late saturday afternoon when he was shot twice.
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police kept the area fenced off warning the public to stay away prosecutors have opened an investigation into attempted murder. at this stage we don't know what the motive is behind the attack no line of inquiry is preferred all rolled out so i wouldn't comment on the target of what sort of attack this is. we don't know yet. residents express their shock i'm appalled because it's very quiet neighborhood a good place to live. be a big rush you have markets the synagogue a little further away the orthodox church everyone knows each other it's a small village and it's traumatic. recently francis seen a string of what the authorities describe as terror related incidents believed to have been sparked by cartoons depicting the prophet mohammed it was
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a french president and while mcconnell made his position clear if they don't understand and respect the fact that one might be shocked by these cartoons i will never accept that one might justify physical violence over these cartoons and in my country i will always defend the freedom to speak to right to think until drawer fronts is currently on its highest security. date of a correspondent marina strauss in france marina a suspect has now been arrested what more can you tell us. assyria the man was arrested yesterday now it's because witnesses said he could look like the person they saw attacking the orthodox priest yesterday afternoon ily yar we know that the priest is severely injured that he's still in
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a very critical condition but that he is a life what we've been hearing in french media yesterday night and also to smore ning is another orthodox priest who knew the person who was attacked and she said that the reason for the attack might be a personal reason because there have been fights between the orthodox priest and a church goer for the last have been going on for the last couple of years so this could be the reason for the attack but public prosecutors investigators are still looking into different directions as well yet now we must reiterate that the motive is and is known for this attack as used to mention but french president emanuel gave a long interview to an arab t.v. network last night what was he trying to change with that. i was actually a 55 year 55 minutes long interview with our sera a t.v. channel that is has its audience in the middle east and in the arab world so this
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is quite symbolic of course for teaching that president micro gives this interview to discharge all and he said he wanted to get some things straight discussing about the fight about caricaturists he said that it was actually not the french government published these images but it was a free press and he says he defends the right of the free press to publish these images even if you also said that he understands muslims might feel hurt by these images but he still he says that it's no reason to kill someone or i correspondent marina strands in nice france thank you. rescue workers in turkey have pulled a 70 year old man from a collapsed building some 34 hours after a strong earthquake hit the region and the 40 people have now been confirmed to
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have been killed and hundreds of others injured the quake struck on friday with its epicenter in the save between greece and turkey more than 100 people have so far been rescued but aftershocks are complicating the search for more victims. emerging from the darkness after hours trapped beneath the rubble oh it's also the end of the day we were both up the hope of finding more survivors has kept rescuers working hour after hour at multiple locations in is near. where buildings once stood now only manton's of brick remain. rescue workers have been using cranes sniffer dogs as their bare hands to dig people out. there have been moments of joy. that this young woman was well enough to talk to her rescue words describing how her foot had been trapped there.
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but other families are in mourning. in some cases they have lost multiple loved ones at once. image their grief their urgent practical concerns to deal with hundreds forced to spend the night outside their homes destroyed or too dangerous to reenter. the shogun as yet it is real because we live in is mia we have pretty warm weather and we can make it through today we can make it through tomorrow but we can't think of anything in the long term where helpless this is. the quake struck below the aegean sea off the turkish coast. it's triggered a small tsunami which inundated streets on the greek island of some us. tremors also caused widespread damage the prime minister responded with words of solidarity for turkey despite a territorial dispute which has the 2 countries at loggerheads. with their own
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saveable google i have already contacted president adam emphasizing that beyond the difficulties in our relations in these moments the unity of our people is paramount because for us the protection of human life transcends borders and differences in order to give orders. for saving human lives is the priority. next will come rebuilding in 2 places both already struggling with the impact of a deadly pandemic. to the us now with democratic presidential candidate joe biden has been joined by his former boss president barack obama at a campaign event in the case when state of michigan it was their 1st joint appearance of the campaign biden who was a bomb as vice president has been scrambling to boost turn out ahead of tuesday's election against republican incumbent donald trump trump narrowly won michigan 4 years ago but has been trailing biden on in the polls both obama and biden
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criticize the president's handling of the coronavirus pandemic. doesn't fix the. good stuff that doesn't make people's lives better you gotta have a choir you've got to work. along with it to get things done joe biden has. $750.00. i lowered i remember when i was asked about why i only paid that much just because i'm smart you know how to game the system well guess what mr president i'm coming for you. it's turned out some other stories making news around the world the philippines has been battered by the most powerful typhoon to hit asia this year type in going to impact winds of up to 225 kilometers per hour as it made landfall in the east of the country hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes. palin's new
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airport has finally opened 9 is behind schedule and 3 times over budget planning errors and construction chaos led to its launch being postponed 6 times the 7000000000 euro new airport has been don't find delays and by protests concerned about noise and climate change. protests have been held across italy against a rough of mitt raft of measures to contain a new spike in coronavirus cases in the capital run police clashed with crowds on the piazza independence on saturday evening italy reported nearly 32000 new infections in the last 24 hours. why many countries are shutting down their economies as they face troubling increases in coated cases slovakia is trying a different approach on saturday it started a nationwide effort i'm going to test its entire adult population the authorities
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have warned the only alternative would be a total lockdown this approach comes with its own set of challenges. long queues outside discover one of ira's testing station and. it is one of thousands that opened on saturday to screen slovakia's entire population of over 5000000 testing is voluntary but anyone not participating has to suffer isolate for 10 days. but it doesn't go to a very i'm just i'm here because i believe we will find out who has the virus it will go away and eventually we will live a normal life again. in the past 3 weeks slovakia has seen thousands of new infections each day mass screening as hope to control the virus and avoid further restrictions more than 40000 health care workers army and police have been deployed to carry out the tests medical staff expressing their concerns.
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i'm going to be a doctor so you know and i don't want it to end up like. it's a lot and i wouldn't want to find my 1st job is to decide if someone lives so diverse it was a piece of video for this 1st round of testing covered around a 1000000 people with reportedly one percent receiving a positive result the 2nd round of mass testing is planned in a week's time. the world of cinema has lost an all time greats sean connery has died at the age of 90 famous for playing james bond he fleshed out many other roles with great success be on the double 07 franchise in a career spanning more than 4 decades. he created the best known character in film history. sean connery launched the franchise in the 1960 s. playing agent double 07 and
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a total of 7 bond films the suave violent ladies' man fuelled the fantasies of audiences across the world well in the sixty's i wish in myself to. show i was having a slightly better type but i have no. he was born poor in edinburgh in 1980 and worked delivering milk from age 9 connery joined the navy at 16 he lasted 3 years before being discharged with an ulcer. his 1st acting roles came via bodybuilding and he was relatively unknown when he was cast in dr no and his phenomenal rise to success began. but by $971.00 sean connery was looking to expand his range the 1986 mystery the name of the rose was a hit in europe but u.s. audiences weren't keen on seeing connery as
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a 14th century monk. which do you feel wash we're in one of the greatest libraries in all caps. finally in 1908 an oscar for best supporting actor in the untouchables where you would like to talk to. clint. just like a wild. night. and his role in steven spielberg's indiana jones and the last crusade was a huge success. connery played harrison ford's father although in real life he was only 12 years older than his on screen son. at the age of 69 came what he described as the proudest day of his life although
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a fervent scottish nationalist sean connery was awarded a knighthood by queen elizabeth the 2nd for services to film acting for him the highest of accolades. and her legend you're watching data 1000000000 years up next date of you thanks to german president frank oldest aima i'm rebecca rivers in berlin thanks for watching. an interview with german president trying to shine my own as good as worried about a split in society during the pandemic of the south and these are also known as a good old history of columbine the good ones pushing doing it again these are you know this is wish to be indian they can be the envy of the cold war not.


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