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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2020 7:30am-8:01am CET

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discoverable. subscribe to the documentary. minimalist moves and precise choreography are the trademarks of the french don school she'll retain the ballet you have more on that later and with that a very well known come to a new edition of euro backs let's see what else we have in the show today.
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europe next week autumn max merrill take a listen to the gauntlet you in paris and. cannes. fashion designer for the european brought. a lot of people celebrating halloween and so we start the show with a cake make up from britain who specializes in scary creations sero hobbies customers need a strong stomach to bite into her sweet treats how about a sexual and human brain it's all made of chocolate but it looks disturbingly real or ok shaped like a human thought we paid her a visit at her home and a whole stead around 100 kilometers north east of london where she created barry ghoulish treat for us a zombie cake enjoy. my name's sarah hardy and i like to give you the.
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shocking surprises for you edible but definitely not to everyone's text hardy has an unusual way of making money. on the menu today human brain made a white chocolate. and a massive horrifying i can't remember when i didn't watch horror movies i've always made creepy things and bits of bodies when i was a sculptor i went to art school and when i started making fit it's just natural to make the same things i've always made it just make them and chocolate. molded and colors taken from fruit is all that's needed to produce a sweet juicy bread hardly used to model blanks figures she says chocolate is much easier to work with a bit goes wrong you can just melt it back into place and then of course tastes
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good the taste is of ultimate imports incidentally this much work to make the chocolate and. not care about what it tastes like but i keep that simple i choose 3 really good chocolates leaped up in white ones and i work with those over and over again. but it isn't the only thing on the menu sarah harvey also begs cakes where you really wonder is that edible like this. or a zombie cage perfect for how we. the idea here is that i will make something as horrible as what you might say on the walking dead but then we get to eat it. is made up of several sections all baked and molded individually it like this stomach made of cake base cases it in march and then molds it into shape. when she paints it with food
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coloring it looks increasingly realistic sarah hardy has learned everything by doing it and never baked a cake until i was nearly 40 so i had to just get a recipe book and on life. but being a sculptor really helps because i can already see things in 3 dimensions and i know roughly how to make in lots of different materials before ever mating cake until. she doesn't only get our inspiration from horror films in the forest can also provide food for thought. are plenty. she then processor's her findings onto stickery perhaps they will soon be available in chocolate for. the really love the buying i just found it it's a really nice shape that curve it's very sculptural no look perfect of chocolate.
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chocolate cake the liver is ready to. shareholders daughter and get some major over she will formally opt out of the do list creation moms the parent intestine. aged white chocolate brown did all good enough to reach if you dare. when a customer commissions a cake like this they definitely eat it it's always feel like a party or birthday or something and their reactions are usually getting everyone to take photographs selfies with it and everything for a good few hours and they wait until very last minute for they can eat it. ok now it's time to perform the autopsy. i love that i would really like to have one makes birthday party and if you enjoy
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bacon you can find a lot more exciting cake recipes on our you tube channel d w food. john mccain sees. stories. newsy as. the smell amazing the best chefs with their best tips from leave just to deacon diet and order recipe secrets while the modern world europe's diversity is a smorgasbord that my list. subscribe and enjoy deal w. food. for as serious quirky customs euro max reporter max mero travels all over europe not just to find out about strange customs and traditions but to try them out for himself this time max went to one of the world's most traumatic cities best where he set himself and
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ambitious goal to learn how to steer a gondola in just one day. my search for quirky customs has this time brought me to the iconic italian city of venice. this is known of baltimore for its canals and those that traversed the gondoliers known the world over for ferrying tourists through the maze of waterways i want to join the club and learn how to steer these magnificent boats. it's an incredibly exclusive profession and one that i aim to muster in just one day. shout for your i. do think i can learn much in one day at the time of my training. only one day.
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much. and how much can i learn in one day. the. road venice is an all female rowing organization my lord they could work has gone delirious but it is nearly impossible for them to get into this old boy's club can you tell me a little bit about yourself how long you've been rowing and so i started 'd when i was going to 3 years old they just throw me in a ball then push them but by the way. back if you can and that's. something i just feel your. family is giving me lots of how this seems to be plenty to think about. and try. much harder than it looks. so you don't think this is so much if
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you sell a bit and you know that. if it. ok. my instructor is a. in the back with me with an extra paddle this is sort of like having driving lessons again. a straight back is always the best idea when it comes to bridges. luckily i've stayed dry and also less than an hour i'm on his main road. there is a long to come out. super for the back. fortunately the paddle slipping out of it's wooden rest before not ideal and the big boats are making me double a bit with their waves so how did i do for a 1st time.
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in grey. didn't fall in the water. it's a good result and then you were really fast down there they were really really fast . and with my newfound confidence i challenge elena to embrace. venice is founder jane corporal is in the boat with me to make sure i don't damage it i'm even getting some last minute tips. of course i've got no chance against the true venetian i even feel like she's taking it easy on me. but at least i'm chauffeured on the way back from the bridge. but i definitely feel a lot more at home on this side of the boat and you can maybe tell that i really
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started sweating on vaca and i really have an appreciation for what it means to do this professionally. well i'm glad he didn't fall into the water now in our next report we need 5 young men from france who have developed their own and mazing got style one that messed the rise of their audiences and has changed they'll life so they live and different cities and france and all have normal day jobs as plumbers or shop workers but when they come together on stage based audiences at home and abroad. this performance is poetry in motion these hip hop dances from southern france have created.
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a live up to the name. moves create. choreography. turns up in count 56781234 michael stahl on 5678. kids simple but effective moves imposes. their performances minimalist no costumes no sets just a few stage lights it may look easy enough but it's hard work it isn't as easy as you think what you don't see is how important it is to have a solid structure our bodies have to stand firmly on both legs and hold the tension in the pose continuously that's very strenuous who knows it. also has social media
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to thank for their success in 2017 the 2 founding members posted their 1st video of a performance online. also mean we stepped into a studio and started making our moves within want any kind of choreography where we'd be doing the same thing. we just wanted to have a connection between us and create moves and one thing led to another or we wanted to be poetic music region was black and white and on choreography and that's what we posted and i stay we had over 1000000 hits. soon after they expanded the trip to find members of. the young french dunces had met that so-called battles dancing duels in the hip hop scene. the default to be a pretty stupid about that when they donned bottles were used to getting a reaction immediately. leave out for ya blair it's different. the cookie
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ricky many people in the audience are totally focused on what we're doing. at 1st we thought they didn't like it. a highly original style of dance took them into the finals of a talent show one french. television. and on american television they've downs to superstars like jennifer lopez. even with this success they still not dancing professionally full time present mama . he's a stalker. you're an electrician. but they're going to live in a grocery store he's director of a dance center and a friend and the organizers are very vivid more going to the door they're going to leave and so we still manage to meet up and work from together what. they value dialogue with their audience after every show cause hearing friends they talk to
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their founders who are of all ages. is into this cycle and he's a cool over there oh thinker noise thing coordinated it's just incredible how they can achieve such a mechanical effect with their supple body image and this is if they were machine decides to go for it but they have. seen that i'm not this is all these you know this you know skillful e.q. is very impressive how they do that it feels good don't i think i must train very hard for it. their parents things have become less frequent to the coronavirus pandemic but the dunces of you mentally very are the hope to go on tour again sometime soon. well that didn't really sound like much but i'd say as you have seen me from
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germany can make amazing sounds on objects of all kinds just 33 years old he is constantly adding new instruments like ships propellers and what have brought sloths to his repertoire and because he is so multi-talented the quality by percussionist is invited to give guest performances in major concert halls. that she rose though performances laden with emotion. 33 year old alexei gassy may is one of the world's best percussionist. by their own classical draw sets the xylophone all marimba he's mastered his craft to perfection. here the hurt that i want to learn from this is my greatest passion i really like to get to the bottom of what. or when you work with an instrument rather you realize how much more it
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has to offload and you thought of 50 or so there are colors and nuances in there and from that for that and i try to build something that makes a statement and also. i think sega has the may is always trying out new improper instruments like this ship's propellor. he's not concerned with the visual effects so much as with its unique metallic sound. of music it's always about playing something that evokes a particular feeling that you can't put into words what you're going to can't octane any other way. of if because music started where world stopped why do it where words simply fail me where i can describe something and that's what we're seeking in music that's what we're seeking a very particular feeling that goes with his crew. how much feeling can be
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found in household objects is revealed in his piece sell off bottle. i'm going to get i would essentially it's all about can't drink the soul of these objects fans saw a fossil. it's a rough one is water bottle has an incredible range of sounds that are all well hidden and buried within hours of very quiet. there with these reforms we call for with the aid of a microphone and some dedication. i can bring them out. he's got several 100 instruments in his berlin studio including plenty of improvised ones for a new composition titled never yet then he wants a very specific tapestry of sound that had to be some clear klinken you're going to make them resonate
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a little turns trees things have to be insulated from the ground. so a little more sound comes out of it. requires what the composer calls a junk little station basically come set made from junk. and you can buy a sound anywhere in the world no music shop can provide it you have to go out and look you know i ask myself where can i get this sound from here. even just for a short matinee alexei gassy mayfield's the thing with instruments to get rich variety of sounds that he wants for this concert season the brandenburg state orchestra invited him to frankfurt and order as artist in residence to go on 0 you work of course he's still a very young artist who has achieved breathtaking success in a relatively short period of time he gets invited to take part in on
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a song because it is asia and other parts of the world but he has a professorship and when you see what such a young man cannot do and when you experience him alive on stage it blows your way really is right up there with the best chance for them if. b he's for ever really. putting the role of percussion. stage i realize that i do what i do very well and that there are only maybe a handful of other people who can do it was for me but that isn't the decisive point for me i'm grateful that i can make music there are evidently people who like it and that i can share it well i'm very lucky. gassy mate takes percussion to
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a whole new musical level and. time now to meet a man who dresses many of your of queens and princes this belgian designer. then has long been a favorite with royalty all over the continent so why do they all wafts wear his creations we met up with him in the belgian kept so brussels to find out. queen maxima of the netherlands whence his creations. we must defend. her mother in. many of your up squeeze and princesses. through playboy at least i was brought up as a royalist but i also love being able to help beautiful personality.
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is one of belgium's best known fashion designers. he's been a designer of choice for the european royals for over 30 years as. he receives conduct vises his royal clientele in his brussels. clothes downstairs but the venting is done up here where it's more private it's more comfortable where the princesses are queens. and discuss what's coming up with their assistant or some engagements they need certain it's. time they'll need to hire another time not wardrobe is a complex matter. to belgium's queen. when designing the outfit worn by materials for the coronation of her husband king philip that was and not to consider. the dress to be
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absolutely timeless because the official photo couldn't happen expiry date so the dress couldn't follow a particular fashion. needed to be very minimalist as it would later become part of belgian history the queen maxima of the netherlands seen here with britain's queen elizabeth also west familias designs she buys her everyday clothes from him to. find that this range of condos seem to have very well. the more italian time. more yellows and various different terms that go well with tweeted for example our victory truly sweden's crown princess victoria has also paid for a 1000000 a visit he says she has a great sense of humor and of course he remembers what. this trans-am for sizers the wires i can well imagine that on a young princess along with a beautiful necklace. that would be
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a great dress for princess victoria. simple but elegant because of the fabric in a gold. for 63 year old 1st started out as an interior designer. a job he continued up until 983 when he took on the next town boutique in brussels in the elegant avenue q yes. he was immediately successful as a fashion designer but it wasn't until 986 that he 1st started dressing the royals like belgium's then queen paula heard about him and was immediately taken with his designs to this it reminds me of past times also because i was a lot younger then of course. forgettable moments in my career after that things continued step by step with coming to me to. let's enjoy life and marilyn doesn't only dress the royals it's creations can be found in more than $150.00 boutiques
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across europe fan of the united states dresses are his speciality with prices starting at $600.00 euros a piece its classic style appeals to many. my creations are essentially timeless but still in keeping with the time minimalistic i think people come to a fashion house of course they want choice but also because they want to buy clothes that they'll be able to wear out for a long time or designs that are more than just a passing trend or every one of them. keen to promote up and coming talent he believes young belgian fashion designers have a great future ahead of them but his job won't be up for grabs any time soon designing clothes for royalty remains it's great. that's all we have time for today but don't forget to follow us on social media and visit our website where you can find our one they chose to draw thanks for watching they say and i'll
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for. deception. photo editing software distorts what is real. the possibilities for relations and less. 'd is the new truth. arcs 21. 3rd.
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the traders sit in fancy offices for decades they systematically deceived the german state did nobody notice. comics is the perfect crime one innocent in pinstripes until one person started one covering at journalists on the bush name in dealing. stand 0. in 75 minutes on d w. with him had a big gun and it goes on as well i asked how you know if i had known that the boat would be that small i never would have gone on a trip i would not have put myself and my parents so in that danger of the vote of the demon that i gave a slave would. love one funky little bit one it wouldn't be to give them i have
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serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live their lives i'm going to. want to know their story the migrants terrified to get reliable information for more grants. it was the 1st international tribunal in history. the nurnberg trial some. 75 years ago high ranking officers of the nazi regime of war you judging by the allied forces. we're the 1st criminals to be held accountable for their crimes for. condos and found them on. very crude oil pair. right sure. that our 2 part series the 3rd reich talk starts november 12th on g.w. no. such.
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claim. this is the w. news line from berlin french police arrest a suspect in a church shooting in leone it comes with france on edge after a string of suspected islamist terror attacks meanwhile president might come branches out to muslims saying he understands their anger at bottom line tolerating pilots also coming up more than a 1000000 people in slovakia line up as the country starts to screen its entire population to coronavirus the testing is free and voluntary tapos who don't participate will be forced to contact.


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