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tv   Auf ein Wort  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2020 3:15pm-4:01pm CET

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polls has about a 10 point lead but really in the key battleground state he is still looking much better positioned trump is in the battle for his political survival right now peter really dull d.w. politics i appreciate that. you're watching news up next german president frank walter steinmeier exclusively talks to d.w. about the pandemic we'll see for more news. an interview with german president. is worried about a split in society during the pandemic the south and these are some numbers that george bush did call number on the good news wish we didn't get it can these are new jobs this week to india and india envy the cold war now it's before he can all be given water and strength going to. an interview with. next on. in the height of climate change.
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africa's mix of. what's in store. for the future. calls for 2 major cities to get insight clear answer. one that's because mr president you just spent 2 weeks in car and teen how are you feeling now. making is good may get everything was fine i'm well i wasn't infected but after 14 days i can say if at all possible one should avoid quarantine i'm glad i can meet people face to face again and be different because if it was it's enough inferential crimes have been committed again in france how is it possible that this can happen in the center of europe to do things and. cause all sorts or above all
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with their relatives who have our sympathy. but i believe what we must do now in europe not only in france is to stand up to this act of brutality and the islamist motives behind it just in we should hurt many people in europe have done that and it's good that representatives of muslim states also join to those condemnations of the plague. so he's up for telling them this wasn't the 1st do you fear there could be attacks in germany. so let's. most recently we had an attack and raced in where one person was wounded and to another died. and. we cannot pretend that we are immune to such attacks here in germany and. on the contrary we have to remain vigilant indeed the security services vigilant shooting and in our democratic societies we shouldn't base the response of the
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state on a course determined by hate. and acceptance and you to respect our part of our society and so standing up to such acts of brutal violence and islamist motives is one thing the other is trying to maintain the openness of our society that's the other challenge often headlines like there's often. is the under the holes for all the hunger how did you know you were speaking about the role of the muslim associations and what role did the verbal attacks of president play in the escalation is it didn't add one. does. they are not helpful at all that's beyond. its collation which we've noticed this noticeably harsher rhetoric didn't lead to possible perpetrators feeling and courage. in their mood to this time i have where in the middle of the pandemic
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germany is facing a partial lockdown if we lost control. this in confers and. we certainly are in a critical phase that is true for many states and europe but also for germany so when we are in a situation where the number of infections is rising every day reaching new records this is also a practical test for democracy in germany either we managed to reduce the number of infections significantly with the means at our disposal or the situation will get out of control. and i am confident that we will succeed in pushing back the rate of infection. and so them and then the ha to the last moment we did fog the media. in the front of it like this and i'm convinced that most people realize that these burdens are necessary at this point we don't have to experience what some of our neighbors have experienced
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hospitals overflowing highly infectious patients having to live in colorado as or who can't be admitted to with a gun the smell phenomena we must avoid pushing the health system beyond its limits that just a central goal i think people understand that and then of the view that even so your resistance to these measures is growing across europe and also in germany we can expect a long hard winter a politicians not driving more people into the arms of conspiracy theorists and radicals as it's not really for the. of course we know this from health emergencies in the past. the longer such a pandemic last the greater the strains are and the stronger the criticism of the restrictions like critical months and think when. the number of people who consider the ridge strictures to be correct or demanding stricter measures is currently growing faster than the number of critics. in this
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respect it's not so much the numbers that worry me but the abrasiveness of the argument that. there is hardly a bridge between those who say yes that is correct and those who either don't consider coronavirus a danger or completely reject restrictions i tried myself to bring supporters and opponents together this can be done in smaller groups but on a larger scale the conversation has indeed become more difficult as this. was reviewed by those people who are now abandoning dialogue that's a changing to the side of the radicals how can they be brought back to the democratic discourse couth. some democrats in this cause. if you cannot force someone into a democratic discourse politicians constantly have to take on the task of explaining in a transparent manner what they're doing and why certain measures are required with
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the number of infections driving those that assert that we are dealing with a simple flu that we politicians are cooking up a storm themselves increasingly under pressure of when this because mr president in a few days a new president has been elected in the united states how important is that election. that is not really gotten to nice of course this is 1st of all important for the us itself but the election on the demba 3rd will have a global impact regardless of who wins i hope that afterwards the united states will again develop the ability to have a shared idea about the future of their country. if they can and they can mind. and what's important for us as europeans is also to understand that the european project with european integration and cooperation is invested in the trance atlantic relationship and this is not been
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the case recently but i hope that new understanding for europe will grow to. be the vexed supposing that there is a change of president in the white house will the transatlantic relationship be ok . he covered the. i think of we europeans and especially we germans must force ourselves to take a realistic look at the change situation one in which the us also finds itself with the end of the cold war the realisation that russia is no longer the number one threat for the us about that the security threats for the united states might come from other corners of the world reorientation has a. political reorientation or let's say this focus on china and east asia that's something that began before trump but not with the aggressiveness with which a dispute with china is being sorted now it gets the us another and if you know this look at what's been done what does that mean for german policy not mine
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a festa good as i am firmly convinced that what 1st of all needs to happen is to recognize that our national interest is europe when i start perhaps this coronavirus crisis has shown how important european cooperation is like there was a really perhaps unexpected about a courageous decision by the european heads of government into a lie regarding the substantial european reconstruction funds see that there are joint european efforts for example in the development production and distribution of the vaccine and just recently decisions were made to enable cross border aid when hospice. tolls and border areas overflow and capacities are still available on the other side that means that europe is learning even in the crisis and i hope that this attitude of learning from one another will continue but investing in europe is one of the task i think germany will continue to face. towards the end of
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it as you know. this is a steinmeier the relationship with russia is at its lowest point most recently due to the poisoning of alexina valmy are you concerned. it's been bizarre. bizarre if i give them the bone i'm concerned about not only being poisoned but my concern actually dates back a long time and of course one should mention the illegal acts ation of crimea where i fear that moscow has not properly understood the shock that it caused in europe and not just in eastern europe. didn't change things for the better the members of the opposition in russia came increasingly under pressure. some have to fear for their lives some have lost them right up to the tear gas.
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situation where the distance has grown without a thought. of oxen is. them i know and i believe we shouldn't just let this process of alienation continue. to listen to our phones and. our history in europe but also that your graphical location with russia as a neighbor makes it necessary to look for opportunities again and again to counter that about as i say you cannot change this unilaterally this also requires the will and understanding of the russian side. it's clinking sounds as though they aren't giving enough they get the idea units to tell us. when this because developments in the u.s. russia and china show how important it is for germany to take on a leadership role how much is germany ready for light. and fast and we need an understanding in germany that this country is important in europe and if we invest
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in europe others will too due to our geographical location and history we have the task of building bridges that need to be built in europe between east and west bridges across some of the misunderstandings and cracks that have appeared in the past year but what's more important still is understanding that we also have to invest in europe in terms of security policy over. 15. but it is investing on the one hand this means making europe stronger and on the other hand as i said recently it also means significantly strengthening the european pillar in nato. in the. stocking both unnecessary. by this is notan has by my own mistress to my next year we have federal elections in germany is also much the end of angela merkel's political era isn't germany losing influence with the chancellor both internationally and in europe. that's.
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first of all it is quite natural that if someone had the opportunity to gain political experience after so many years in government office and even more importantly the opportunity to expand the political network in all european countries and far beyond ever becomes a success will start differently with a full stop in this respect and big shoes to. the door that knish to. mean that the success is deny an opportunity to very similar influence over the years that's not easy you're right in. the shoes. and thought that i understand that if with tough things in court when this president thank you for the interview i thank you. playing.
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through turkey at 70 kilometers per hour an adventure in transportation the expense up the tickets are in high demand. whether romantic dreamers party or influencers they all want the one thing to travel across turkey in 24 hours. and the next t.w. . economy struggling. health care system the wild and maybe more in divided legacy is coming up the presidential election. how are americans assessing the situation and what do they hope to gain from election lead transamerica i'm going to influence on to double. blind to you as it is on its way to bring you more
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conservation a place how do mixed signals green earth how can we protect habitat and so we can make a difference global ideas mental series and global some 1000 on t.w. and all mine. the express travels across turkey in 24 hours from the capital ankara to the armenian border in the east it's spartan and slow but every day thousands of people trying to get one of the coveted tickets for the train. is we've got me to the village tried to get tickets for a long time but they were always sold out. is that we thought we would never be able to make this trip a long way that he gets me. it's
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just before 6 pm for khan and his son meet their fellow students at an grows old railway station the 6 friends are studying at the university here and are about to graduate before they start professional life they want to take one last trip together aboard the doe who express young turks have discovered the old fashioned train can also be a party on wheels. and it will take time for ourselves and for our friendship. that we have a 24 hour journey ahead of us and another 24 hours to come back it'll be a great trip for the clan a set of. her ready. i can't get up here by myself can you manage.
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who say and is the conductor for sleeping car number 11 where the group and their compartment will be how are you genghis. khan. who say and shift begins shortly after departure one of his tasks is to hand out the bedding for the night. and. we have another question. i want to ask you something could you give us 2 extra pillows and i'll see if there are still enough there's a limited number of the ok i'll get. it but i have a look and bring you to go with the ok. will fit. for the sleeping cars with $2.00 and $4.00 bed compartments are at the rear of the train each passenger receives a sheet a blanket and a pillow or 2 if they ask nicely. here
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are the 2 extra pillows ok. the. only one in every. one of. the 3 kulish and i've been away from home for 4 days now i have a family children god forbid if something happens to them she will i can't be there for them right away and that is the downside of this job and. the don't who express begins its journey in ankara passes through 7 provinces and terminates in cars on the armenian border the train travels at an average of 70 kilometers per hour and takes 24 hours to cover 1310 come on matters.
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the bottom line is a lawyer who lives on the aegean coast in western turkey his fiance nirvana is a lecturer in the turkish capital they don't see each other very often when a friend invited out to lie to his wedding in cars they chose the longest and slowest route this way they can spend more time together. got to see the bodies of the american lives and i'm going to and i live in israel to them if i could both of got straight there and it would have taken longer but i came to uncock to take the train. so we could travel together but this is a special experience for us a really nice experience but it's a new. push we don't see each other often just a few days a month we think the longer the trip takes the longer we get to be together that's why we like to do many vacations like that that bit of the animals that are. in the evening things slowly quiet down on the train but not in car number 11 among
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young turks there's a tough competition to find out who's throwing the best party on the dough who express it's an online competition they decorate the compartments and share photos of them on instagram the picture with the most mikes wins. yet this report card enough all our tasks are complete and now it's your turn to do something all right you'll be surprised if you go there. again and use him our agricultural science students during their studies they have often traveled across turkey with their friends to see the country but also to be see young my mom and so it's come on the while yet. and you enjoy the moment but on the other hand we don't neglect instagram so if you fall i take pictures and try to
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post them whenever we have an internet connection or human and we want people to see us because it's fun. it's a photo really only here to take pictures. finally the friends can raise a toast to their journey to get tickets for the da who express they sacrificed a lot of time and energy. for budding archeologist his son it came at the cost of his relationship with actors and it was a bit of hobby to my girlfriend said where are you going and that is not that you asked me if i let you know you so i said i don't have to ask you for permission and didn't care then and now after all of my friends are with me and i won't swap them for anything event on that it's just because then we had a huge argument that i will. let them. know that if i had a boyfriend he would never let me go on this trip. my actors have always been very jealous and possessive i think they attract these types of men by that time and if
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you're going to. use the young people celebrate it's time for the last prayer of the day. ahmed has been visiting an old friend and is now returning home. and there he takes the dog who expressed because he has room to pray here. here today it's not easy to determine the direction towards mecca on the moving train the staff help him. to develop muslim knows that he does not have to obey all the commandments when he's traveling but he wants to. in this. people who are away from home are freed from many religious duties. so if.
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you're not given the book functional in our religion is there a traveler if you go more than 90 kilometers and don't plan to stay longer than 15 days even if you end up being there longer lists the beauty of the law so says if you plan to stay away for more than 15 days you're not a traveler. the train reaches kaiser's rate after midnight it's one of the largest industrial cities in turkey factory workers from the surrounding provinces often commute by train. but there. is no defense that just about let's take a picture here to. me a lot of. the van express and uni express routes cross the kaiser
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a station. one train goes to the iranian border and the other to the border with syria and iraq. while the parents of the students don't mind that their daughters and sons travel together and spend the night in a single compartment conservative families don't like it when unmarried couples spend the night alone. and never and until i bought tickets for the seating compartment for several reasons. to want to read yes a bit. economy which they call financially speaking the seating compartment is the better choice for us it's significantly cheaper than the sleeping compartment. and you can also take 2 compartments but that's expensive oil and we would have to separated bet i got here or there where together with my choice.
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each carriage has its own conductor who say in shellac is responsible for number 11 even if he does get a rest he's there for his guests 24 hours a day you can knock on his door any time the conductor has been with the railway for 32 years he earns around $700.00 euros a month plus bonuses it's a good sound really in turkey. as a civil servant he had the option to retire after 25 years. sure there are there's just as you do up our last day you're allowed to work until you're 65 you weigh up what's possible. the balance between what you earn and what you spend has to be right because of as richard since i have small children i think i'll continue to work. passengers often choose the seating compartment because it's cheaper the ticket price for
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these seats is 6 year olds most of the passengers are on their way home to work to visit family or to see a doctor in the next big city. although they celebrated late into the night for cunha son ishmael and marriage are already busy planning their breakfast we better not said anything about a fire yeah be careful with those flames. it was. cooking on the train is men's work the women admire the best views on the route the world famous kamal gorge through which the euphrates river floods.
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hot sun and vulcan were responsible for groceries they did some shopping before the trip and also brought a hot plate and dishes they're allowed to cook food in the compartment for breakfast there's soup to quit aches. but something's missing. may i have sixty's please try to set up some article tour is very important to us it's a tradition that we're holding we enjoy drinking tea as we'll do now for breakfast . so i thought. 2 all of these have breakfast like this every morning it's normal for us. using the kitchen normally. the boys did the cooking and who does the
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cleaning up. the girls i know much else being a macho would mean treating women badly but we turkish men don't always means he's the little culture of your age even when we aren't hungry we think of food we live for food. being as in chance and later we'll call the restaurant in as little and will order kababs i don't know how many everyone will leave before we left some said 3 others said 5 i think we'll take one or 2 each in the order some and just enjoy them. this is a tradition on the dover express for sure. it surely is a teacher in cars she was in ankara for a few days for a training course her daughters and sister came with her her husband stayed at home because of work for the trip home she had the choice between the train and the bus which would have been quicker but she chose the train so the girls could play.
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chess or sad little one was asleep a little and the older one can do some learning with me that will call dad and say we're coming he is used to the 3 of us often being away and always welcomes us with gifts and flowers let's see what surprises he has in store for us this time. the train stops in is in china. like many railway stations it has a fountain guests can perform religious up lucian's freshen up or have a drink. doesn't it felt good to wash my face the city of paris and john is known for its cold spring water. i wash the children's hands and now they can have the ice cream i
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promise that it has gotten. larger stations have small kiosks where you can stock up on essential except liquor because the sale of alcohol is prohibited. soon after the dough who express departs most of the passengers restaurant in is a room providence 4 hours away. order the famous chuck about to be delivered directly to the train. com placed our order but to be honest we're a little worried that the train only stops for a short time let's see if they can get our food ready and bring it to us hopefully they'll find us. in rural areas children approach the door who express because passengers throw them gifts and sweets from the moving train. but i don't blame. them for that well i'm glad they got the books. right. and.
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said. they're going to have not all of. the students bought books for the children and put banknotes between the pages. in the late afternoon the train arrives in as that room where the food will hopefully be waiting for the passengers. to. move and volcom have only 10 minutes to find the delivery man get the k. box and pay for them. it was agreed that their order would be brought to cora leavened but no one has shown up. lots of delivery people. wander through the station and it can be difficult to find the right one. but they spot him in the end.
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they know. that. hundreds of k. bombs are delivered directly to the doe who express every day. will . all their licious better than we expected really tasty yet and still hot this is how we imagine them and they didn't disappoint us physically but. on the journey from central to eastern anatolia the landscape changes as does the temperature the snow capped mountains of cars province are 20 degrees celsius colder than ankara. never and to lie are planning their future together where will they live and work after their wedding in ismir ankara or somewhere in the east of turkey like it's. got gusto it will no i cannot imagine living here
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even though the scenery is beautiful it's a bit back to us and they enjoy it my father was an official with the turkish railways and arrows and john. snow on the way been longer than you lived there for 10 years and i went to an elementary school there. he also doubtless wasn't done but a living conditions in the east are tough it's not for us it's a lot of us and the ability. to turkey has the highest percent. of people who use instagram worldwide some 58 percent of its citizens have an account.
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that said that if. you want to take pictures of each other here we have to take a lot of photos that we can post on instagram giving your it's like proof we were here. to give them up i hope we can find enough interesting poses will also change and swap are close. to. the doughboy express has to pass through nearly 200 tunnels on its long journey most of them were carved into the mountains 100 years ago and provide in a style sheet backdrop for striking instagram photos. and while the head conductor allows the young people to take photos in the freight wagon he won't allow them to put themselves in danger you're welcome to take photos here but no crazy poses don't lean out of the train. can we stand here sure. but
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keep the door shut that's not allowed i'm responsible for you. it's only a few kilometers to the final destination in cars. nothing. will live or that. it's not the has everything packed and is ready after days apart she will soon see her husband again hello yes will be there soon wakes up at an eva is that. as a working mother surely has to combine work and family in turkey it's expected that family members support each. other in childcare sheila sister accompanies her on trips as a babysitter. the doha express arrives in cars almost 2 hours late.
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is already on the platform waiting. to. be written and. a. lot of. the students will spend the night in a hotel before the return trip but 1st they visit a caucasian restaurant. cars the next morning at 8 am the train departs for the return journey to ankara the students would have liked to see the historical town but they have to head back because lectures are starting again. on the way back who say angelic is once again
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the conductor for car number 11. welcome hope you have a great journey massier tickets. don't i know you from somewhere. the same ticket again i'm gonna be careful i'll take my bitter revenge you said. your probably good that you like to have fun with the young people and join in their jokes they don't annoy me it's a long journey 3 days and whether we like it or not we do it together so i want the trip to go well for all of us and that's only possible if you get along with the guests this. funny videos from the who express are especially popular on social media like parodies of popular songs. that. even if you're going to call someone says something. i say oh yeah because.
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the luxury compartments are 2 cars further along the train. equipped with a kitchenette and fridge they are particularly popular with couples as well as foreigners. swiss social workers michelle and us a feeler have taken a break from work and are on their way home from tehran. was the go go express is one of the most wonderful experiences we've had especially with this private 2 person compartment. just seated for meat on the couch that's a nice enough the length of our goal was to travel home from tehran by land. from them and if there we immediately thought of taking this train it's low enough that you can really take in a lot of the landscape feed from that lot of chuffed mythical. bosom is looking for someone to break her hair in the dew who express it goes without saying that you
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can ask fellow travelers for help can i ask you something could you braid my hair. sure how. maybe start in the middle. of the. bed it's me. i've done what's your name except up pleased to meet you subduct i'm using we got on in cars. i study english literature and cars while i'm doing agricultural science. son is a successful archaeology student. who doesn't have to worry about his professional future but he is concerned about his private life. joining us. i've been mulling this over it's really i had an argument with my girlfriend before leaving she wanted me to choose between her and the door express that i decided to
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travel to but wonder back and i'm going to all wait with flowers in front of her door until she forgives me some other words that would sit. on their last evening aboard the doll who express the students stage a spontaneous concert in the buffet car. much to the joy of the fellow travelers. was that the. owner. the train arrives back in ankara at 8 30 in the morning. to receive it to go to to celebrate your sad of the journey is over thank god you live in but we are great during the trip that we have to do to get his book when he
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called out that was our 1st time on the dole express to express definitely not the last was. due to his popularity the turkish railway has decided that the dog who express will now make its way across turkey twice a day. economy
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smuggling the health care system the wound. more and divided. on the president. how are americans assessing the situation what do they hope to gain. from america on her system on w. people
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looking for an economy. there are many answers. there are many muslims. there are many alternatives to. make up your mind to. make for mines. it's their hopes for spectacular pictures. it's their
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passion for nature. it's their complete devotion. that makes them the best wildlife photographer in the world. fascinating. and. play confrontational and stirring. 5 adventures. one goal. the preservation of our planet. the goddess of issue of heart and treason serving pattison and more. because that's the danger surat. the realize others are radically different way of living lives from broad a play. for time starts november 6th on t.w. .
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place. this is news the line from berlin the final push 2 days before the u.s. election donald trump and joe biden hit the trail in key battleground states with the clock ticking down the 2 candidates are converging on the all important state of pennsylvania joe biden also getting a late boost from former president obama. laid . out of a plan.


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