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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2020 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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that's dangerous for our. passion for trial starts november 6th on t.w. . this is day to believe newsline from birth this is the final push 2 days before the u.s. election donald trump and joe biden hit the campaign trail in key battlegrounds both candidates are holding a flurry of rallies across several swing states will see where they're focusing their efforts but nation me as election day. and not backing down thousands of
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protesters in the bell of racine capitol face warning shots and stun grenades as they renew their demands for president lukashenko to step aside it's the 12th straight weekend of protests following things disputed election. and in formula one lewis hamilton wins again this time in italy to extend his record breaking number of victories to 93. and at the held welcome us president donald trump and his democratic rival joe biden are making their final pitches to voters ahead of tuesday's election trump is holding campaign rallies in 5 battleground states on sunday including michigan north carolina georgia and florida biden is focusing his attention on the pivotal state of pennsylvania a record 900. 1000000 early votes have already been cast as the contest heads
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towards the biggest turnout in at least a century. joining me now is our chief political editor from washington d.c. to minus 48 hours why. biden and trump visiting these states in particular. well because there are 2 parts essentially to the next presidency that the rust belt that goes through pennsylvania for sure all the sunbelt further down south including florida where president trump is tibet today also georgia where trump was scheduled for sunday may the harris the running my it's of joe biden is also in georgia where as joe biden is firmly see me focusing on pennsylvania that rust belt states where he also cause a bit of a flurry with comments that he will seek to depart from fossil fuels now there's
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another fracking going on there there's a lot of jobs in fossil fuels in pennsylvania so you have a bit of mending to do that that's also a traditional republican stronghold but as we learned it depends on individual districts even that could make a change in switching a swing state one way or the other and that's also why we'll see both playing along those 2 belts the rust belt and the sun belt until those very last hours before the polls open in the polling shows currently leading in all of the critical battleground states i wonder what difference if any is this last minute blitz going to make in those key states. you know well he doesn't have very strong leads though necessarily that ranges from some 3 percent to 8 percent lead sometimes higher so it doesn't look bad for biden but we learned in 2016 that one states can make the crucial difference but last time we were talking
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a lot about last minute decisions made by voters this time more than $19000000.00 have already cast their votes in the voting that's more than 70 percent of those who went voting last time around so we expect a very large voter turnout but there are also 2 other crucial factors and that is call that 19 we're seeing record off the record of new infections across a mostly with those republican states in the lead so that that could be very crucial on election day and make all the difference for those early ballots already cost which the republicans see as being democrat leaning this time around and that's the 2nd point we expect a lot of court cases in texas the state courts the highest court there just struck down an attempt by republicans to have some 128000 drive-in votes
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invalidated but that is expected to go to the supreme court on monday just the beginning of many many court decisions that we're expecting throughout election day and beyond which raises the question what are the chances that we will know who is the next president on the election not that so. well i simply can't tell you fish if joe biden managed to score a symbolic victory like florida for instance or pennsylvania or both even my expectation would be that it would be clear very fast on the night as saying the other way around for donald trump bought and not so big but if those states on declared and this all goes to the courts we could be in for days or even weeks of uncertainty. in washington d.c. many things ok let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world are because i
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was on a what has taken an early lead in the country's presidential election and seeking a 3rd term in an election that's been mobbed by violence opposition parties who boycotted the vote say several people were killed in clashes on polling day of the . polls are closed in maldives presidential election candidates are vying for the job there including production company a good dog and his biggest challenge is probably european former prime minister maya sandu if no candidate gets at least 50 percent of the vote there a runoff will be held in 2 weeks. a place in villa versified warning shots and used stun grenades in an attempt to disperse tens of thousands of protesters marching in central mint dozens of demonstrators have been arrested there where mass protests demanding the resignation of longtime president alexander lukashenko and now in the 12th straight week. undeterred by threats of
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police violence thousands of protesters marched through the streets of minsk their destination a wooded area on the city's outskirts once used as an execution site by starlin secret police. but to get there they'd have to make it past lucas into its police on this 12th weekend of protest against his rule security forces once again deploying familiar tactics arrests stun grenades and warning shots. head of sunday's march lucas shrink i met with law enforcement and had this warning for protesters use the pool we will take no prisoners if someone touches the servicemen and i've spoken to the generals they should leave without their hands at the very least. he's not backing down but neither are his opponents not until they get what they want a fair election and
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a fresh start for ballerinas. french police have made 2 new arrests in a probe into last week's islamist attack on a church in nice the incidents are not willing men killed 3 people at the city's not saddam basilica authorities are now holding a total of 6 people for questioning it was the 2nd attack since controversial cartoons of the prophet muhammad were republished by a french satirical magazine a move that stood great anger. tight security in the french capital of paris and across the country as worshipers attended sunday mass thursday's islamist attack in the southern city of nice has put the country on edge . on saturday the city of leon also suffered an attack a priest was shot and seriously wounded when closing up that greek orthodox church police say the shooting is not related to the incident tunis though the motive room
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unclear residents expressed their shock. this time of hold because it's a very quiet neighborhood a good place to live you have markets the synagogue a little further away the orthodox church everyone knows each other it's a small village is dramatic if you have. the violence comes as france faces a backlash from several muslim countries over cartoons depicting the prophet mohammed. french president emmanuel micron made his position clear for they don't. understand and respect the fact that one might be shocked by these cartoons and i will never accept that one might justify physical violence over these cartoons you should be fine and in my country i will always defend the freedom to speak to right to think and to draw the. france is currently on its highest security alert. we're joined now by correspondent marina strauss who is in the
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southern french city of nice marina true or people have been arrested where you are today in relation to the attack there 3 days ago what more can you tell us. we know about the 2 men who have been arrested tyrannize are reportedly 25 and 63 years old so in total there are 6 men who are now placed in custody and police are invested. doing in how far to what extent or if they are related to the attack that happened on thursday let's go back thursday morning at tunisian national or 20 years old i went introduce churched if you can see behind me the nuts but damn church here in nice and she killed 3 people one man and 2 women this man only arrived in france a little while ago and french interior minister the french interior minister said today that he things he only came to france to commit this crime and since attack
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happened security has been ramped up here in france actually there's mass has been a mass happening here here at the moment and you've been seeing police everywhere and also military has them and also snipers on the roofs turning attention to. pre-suppose shot on saturday police investigating that crime saying that there is any link between the 2 attacks. what we know is that this orthodox priest has been shot on saturday afternoon when he was just about to close the door of his church and the suspect was actually arrested on saturday night but he was released again and it is in there are indications that it's maybe personal reasons why this attack has been committed because apparently that the orthodox priest has been in a fight with another church member for
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a long time so this might be the reason we also know that the anti-terrorist prosecutors in paris have not been involved in this case so far so there are still many question marks 3 violent attacks while the pandemic is hitting hard in all parts of the country i wonder what is the collective mood on the ground in france right. i have to know the french is french friends it's actually a very catholic country and november 1st this sunday is the very important day for catholics because it's all saints day and at this very church behind me it's even more important because there has been a mass going on as church service commemorating the 3 victims of the attack and i've been here for a couple of days now talking to different people and their reactions are mixed it's a mix of grief and anger doubly correspond to burn stress in nice france thanks so
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much. to sport now and let's take a look at some of the results from the bundesliga footballs this weekend and freiburg over powered by live accusing on sunday head to bed linen in taiwan one on saturday bomb big cologne in the last one in form dortmund stopped from taking top spot frankfurt and braman finished all square had no problems against months on friday wordle started choking and stood got finished in a draw one game to come on monday it's hoffenheim this is when you're on the. a lewis hamilton has moved one step closer to winning his 7th world title with a win in the. prix in italy speaking after the rice kindly on the shock of the day when the briton said there were no guarantees he'd be staying in formula one next season. it wasn't the best start for lewis hamilton he began the race in 2nd behind mercedes teammate of all terry porter goss' and slipped to 3rd in the
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opening up but he soon recovered to take the lead. red bulls marks 1st up and who had held on and 3rd managed to jump oz both times with 20 laps remaining but it was to be short lived. ri took 2nd for stop and who kept up the pressure crashed out after suffering what looked like tire failure. to broke up the car. tires couldn't regain the top spot while lewis hamilton men tank his lead and the briton held on to pick up a record extending 93rd career when strangely and daniel ricardo finished 3rd for. people watching maybe think we're used to this but it just always feels like the 1st of this thing and i think this is the spirit and so i'm very very very grateful to everyone. with the team or so days finishing 1st and 2nd in
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a media romagna clinched a record 7th straight constructors talking to it watching diddly news up next sports law we catch up with para athletes training for the paralympics that have been postponed to 2021 because of coded after that they'll be more news coming up in 45 minutes time if you want more before then you can get over this news around the clock at our website that's deadly dot com and if you don't already have to get a follow us on instagram and twitter as well that's it for now thanks for watching . nico is in germany to learn german english cynical why not learn with him. the learning course plecos fake. it was the 1st international tribunal in history. the nuremberg trials. 75 years ago high ranking
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officers of the nazi regime or you judging by the allied forces. they were the 1st war criminals to be held accountable for their crimes. and. our mind. rudolf. frazier. our 2 part series the 3rd reich dog starts nov 12th on t.w. . defying destiny al-hassan valdés. him fuckin. and the brits a crypt 3 athletes and role models achieving the extraordinary. way.
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out has on battle day is on his way to training he moved from guinea to germany as a child and after arriving discovered the sport that became his life. i've just been so the 50 on the verge of becoming but i don't know if. it's a mess i'm going to live it was near and he was come on the ice most of all was. get this. message stunned when i was a thumb up. one minute or so then take it on to deserve the most ludicrous of forcing it was before coupled with the fines of them coming on the school system companies to see how to do fits on the set was a fish. when adam the movie and the flip top of that is a message within them which is meant the most informed come. this fascination
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quickly turned into a profession and the sports center in the phone became his 2nd hand alongside his job at the employment office al-hassan trains here 12 times per week with his coach eloise. it's a punishing schedule the paralympian is living his dream. it's been up to the speech and this month and this was the move the students got to tonight and them. even going to work. for the. interest. on the. clip come on until it becomes. the chair weighs 8 kilograms and allows al-hassan to reach speeds of up to 38 kilometers per hour. the key is holding an aerodynamic sitting position.
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and during 6 assizes interval training tactics wheelchair racing has many different facets. of a few wrinkles. on one come out of. some of them and. so it's miss. puts your form with something that is that obvious. so it's the most michiganders i think and so most of all it's good to come. from. a photo op with. strength training is especially important for the 34 year old he's paraplegic so having strong back and core muscles is a necessity if he wants to rice at the top level. filled with medical success from good to go. in this way most of. us miss and.
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few. clinics. i mean at this time this one isn't. working with. setting new goals and using straw to start a new life is a story that applies to tim fuckin to the former paratrooper nearly lost his life during a military deployment in 2010 months asked what was the reason i want to be knocked off sparse and soon but i got my answers no pun got off for she no point to concentrate on it cannot be you will. start a new vision. of sport even consumes you diminish what she stood for and. tim was a passionate athlete his career and private life were on track but then a deployment to afghanistan changed everything as 5000 feet in and then i'm that's good for one come on or. finding chofetz no one fog
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affection for one. group of eyes are jewish version of what a good crew down they can avoid it on the whole school board. tim was hit in the by a bullet he was initially treated in afghanistan. before undergoing further operations in germany having 2 metal plates and 16 screws inserted. he struggled with psychological problems for a long time and he can no longer move his arm and shoulder. a new course mr bonanza on. or. strong. feeling mentioned.
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him swapped one type of gun for another thought to get his life back the 36 year old had to process his experiences from his military service 10 years earlier and recalibrate when out. in the hunt. for the. best. funding for. the tournament's athlete sits at the shooting range for an hour and a half working with a small boy air rifle for such a long spell requires extreme concentration to begin with this element of the sport was tough for the korea soldier but tim is ambitious and gradually got used to his new sporting life. by. now he trained 6 times a week chasing his dream.
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minus the nuts not a team. game. or a few. months in politics or. struck in open your eyes and. training with a german wheelchair rugby team is not for the faint of heart because in this sport wheelchairs aren't only used by players to move around but also to block opponents that can lead to some heavy collisions in the middle of it all is pretty critical the only woman in the german team. fishing. my. current point. does the rocker shaft out.
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there carcamo brits or has shock or marie tooth disease an affliction of the nervous system that causes progressive loss of muscle tissue her arms and legs are affected by the condition. she searched for a long time for sports that she could take part in and after trying out several opted for rugby. is the best in finding those. off as all fronts attests. yeah the surprise. on the most fun. father. also. found most are saying that's how my aunts aunts. about been.
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through for me so far all. the 43 year old trains regularly at her sports club in hamburg. before training everything has to be meticulously prepared. protecting the athletes is the number one priority. but it's worth the effort because sport gives british energy for health day to day life. and yet some of. it. but i was on a. bend there and. saw it's also an be a m. . quick passing blocking thinking tactically.
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this full contact sport is demanding. and that helps them deal with other situations in life to. market. sport has also helped al has son and gave himself confidence from a young age his family also supports him and even saved his life as a disabled child in guinea he was unlikely to survive to adult hood. and you know. perhaps not be formal.
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hoped. to school. and. now his son grew up with his aunt and uncle they quickly became like his mother and father he studied in mannheim and took part in international competitions while still a minor but while he's happy as a person and an athlete he is also sometimes confronted with everyday racism was forced. on. you. he said look it's.
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similar. sports gives him the energy and strength he needs to handle difficult situations through intensive training al-hassan can push himself hard and play his head. a life without sports is unthinkable. just what happened with my foot with my the people in the tradition yeah that's been the to mention the. top 2 part it's appeared as all. i'm going to venture up on. this ng was. swept. up. so the thing on earth. will consume a 1000 of these. i'll have some sporting goal is very clearly defined after missing out on a medal at the athens beijing and rio paralympics he's determined to get his hands
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on one in tokyo. through turkey at 70 kilometers per hour. an adventure in transportation i don't expect. the tickets are in high demand. whether romantic dreamers are. influencers they want one thing to travel across turkey 24 hours. just to tell you. the treasure lies hidden deep under the earth's surface. one that is vital for human. groundwater. but how much do. scientists know about it. and it's our most important water resource in danger now but we'll get to the bottom of the
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source. object. in 60 minutes on d w. what secrets lie behind. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites such as w world heritage 360 get kidnapped now. the doc who express travels across turkey in 24 hours from the capital ankara to the armenian border in the east it's spartan and slow but every day thousands of people trying to get one of the coveted tickets for the train. these would get me through this because we tried to get tickets for
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a long time but they were always sold out of the little things that we thought we would never be able to make this trip a long way that it gets me.


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