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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  November 3, 2020 6:03pm-6:30pm CET

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program that the way he described it and i think in the weeks and days to come this is where questions will arise that the government. or the justice ministry as to why this person was allowed out of jail. youth was part of the reason that that's been given and why he slipped through the director khalid sation program and also the search for his accomplices if they actually exist certainly 14 people have been detained for questioning whether they were accomplices in the crimes of last night or whether they were simply associates or family or friends of the deceased suspect remains to be seen the number of shooters doesn't appear to be clear at this point authorities say they are not looking for another suspect but they're also not ruling it out why so much uncertainty. that is what we're all asking because earlier this morning we were all talking about
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a number of assailants there were 6 locations in the end it's very hard to understand. one could move between those 6 locations which police named quite some distance apart and as we've now heard there was only 9 minutes between the alarm being raised and the man being shot so quite a lot still be to be explained there that as you pointed out it does seem to be moving towards either one a traitor or perhaps 2 we will only know that perhaps when the police have gone through the remainder of the video stay with us and carry we're going to have a look at last night's events which the chancellor has condemned as a repulsive terror attack. it's the morning after indiana and the city is on edge a huge manhunt is taking place behind the scenes and last night's events have caused a sleepless night for many. i didn't sleep i can offer. i
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still feel the panic. i'm nervous and worried so i live in the neighborhood next to al gotten from there you could hear a lot. all straight us government has declared monday's shootings a terror attack and says at least one of the assailants had an islamist motive. he said mid level of the state it's now been confirmed that yesterday's attack was very clearly an islamist terrorist attack. the attack was launched on monday evening with people fleeing in panic as gunfire broke out in multiple locations in the city center. many people were out and about at the time enjoying one last evening in bars and restaurants before a nationwide coronavirus curfew. started in position because the day i was inside and suddenly some customers came in and told me don't go out there's
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a gun battle going on i looked outside and heard shots in a few seconds 15 to 20 shots for sure seems transitions to see what. the 1st gunshots were reported near the end as main synagogue rabbi so one man opened fire . attacker running in various rooms. or i was 3. people running away. to attack us chasing the oral history. they were shooting at least 100 rounds just in from about . one gunmen was shot dead by police the government says he was wearing a fake explosive belt and had a previous terror connection. the attack i was a sympathizer of the terror group islamic state the n.s.a. presidents have been urged to stay at home while the manhunt continues and as
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a country and shop begins 3 days of mourning to honor the victims of monday's attack. to carry sky ring in vienna carry a 3 days of national mourning this is clearly the country. it has i was walking on the streets just a couple of hours ago it's very quiet people have taken the advice and stayed home i think austrians will be mourning not just the people lost last night but also the loss of. freedom and peace freedom from this sort of attack over the past couple of decades. that will be a hub to come to grips with as they also come to grips with the crisis so yes or a country in mourning and in shock i thank you for that kerry skier in vienna as take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world now i will start
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in france for the defense minister florence parlay says her forces have killed more than 50 jihad this along with al qaida this happened in airstrikes on mali the operation took place near the borders with kenya faso a nice yeah when government troops are battling on the islamic insurgency. ugandan singer and opposition politician bobby wine has been arrested again just after being accepted as a candidate in next year's presidential election he was dragged from his car amid scuffles between police and supporters as to why aims to challenge president yoweri museveni who's been in power since 1906. a 4 year old girl has been rescued from the gravel of destroyed buildings in western turkey almost 4 days after a large earthquake the death toll has now reached 102 with more than a 1000 injured. it could have go on honduras been moving people to safety as hurricane at bears down on their atlantic coast forecasters are warning
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of massive flooding and landslides they say the storm packing winds of more than 240 kilometers an hour could whip up waves more than 5 liters right. now to the united states where in person voting has begun in one of the most polarized presidential elections in the country's history voters are heading to the polls are all over the country in an election that's expected to shatter voter turnout records around a 100000000 americans already cast their vote before polling day hopeful joe biden made a last minute campaign stop the childhood hometown of scranton for crucial swing state of pennsylvania and he's ahead in the national polls but the race remains tight in many battleground states donald trump for his part told supporters that his last rally to expect a beautiful victory. let's get the latest stuff from the day there and now from d.w.
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correspondent stephan simmons in washington welcome stefan let's start with turnout how's it looking. one word for you 3 big letters and literally capital letters be big big turnout huge as you mentioned $100.00 plus 1000000 people already cast their vote before today those ballots are in they're going to be counted now and now long lines as far as we can tell across the country in all those states where polling stations are open right now and since the early morning hours here local long lines smooth going so far and no reports of massive problems at any polling stations in any state so far so yeah a lot of turnout people standing in line to vote in person today before the polling stations actually open in many many cases this is clearly clearly absolutely a historic day in terms of voter turnout and if you will a celebration of democracy right it's all about voting it's it's give you a vote go out there and vote and apparently people heard that and they're doing it
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they're voting in droves right now donald trump one on a late saving the last 2016 is that likely this year. yes and no let me quickly explain yes because the president was on a rally frenzy in the last few days specifically in those swing states you know north carolina pennsylvania minnesota wisconsin arizona florida and so on i could go on and on and on here why because he wanted to motivate his base his followers to go to the votes to the polls today to turn out in droves and it is belief that they actually do this while democratic voters have turned to mail in ballots in the last few weeks before today so in that case no yes what in terms of voter turnout for his base today is expected to be massive no in terms off as we
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said a 100000000 votes already cast and well those people make their decisions on the president's performance if you like we expect not just now today or the last week and then 7 where we've seen pictures of businesses in washington d.c. preparing for possible protests and violence regardless of the outcome what's behind. well it's not only in d.c. it's in other cities too and what's behind it is that police intelligence department of homeland security the authorities here are actually expecting that there will be some kind of turmoil or riots or protest potentially dangerous and potentially taint just for properties no matter want as you said the outcome will be because of course there will be as you said an polarized and very angry crowd out there one way or another at least that's the fear so here in washington yes boarded up shops and storefronts office buildings but in other cities the same
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thing property owners and people who live here actually very wary of what the future of the next hour see in the afternoon local of the evening here will bring because again as you said no matter what this result will be this is a very polarized society here in the united states and the expectation at the fear is that there will be protests which will cause into some damage short term a one way or another i found out stuff and siemens and washington thank you. well it's not just at home a dog trump is dividing opinion with his america 1st policy isn't brash style on the diplomatic stage it's also a polarized opinion outside the best the w. has been asking people around the world who they hope. that the united states can find they really are shit in this moment because we are facing epidemic here in costa rica we depend on. for example how we really have. the frontiers open
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again when it is barely i hope biden wins because with trump things are not going very well i hope that with biden's triumph relations with mexico will improve. i think donald trump will win he won so surprisingly last time as well for many non ex-pats that's why i think he will win the election. if i give him i hope trump doesn't win i really don't want trump to win because he has been tightening really badly when it comes to managing politics cool weird situation but any kind of scenarios that erupted in the last one year. i'm expecting anything even a civil war anything can happen. it's the state of the news life from his remind our top story austria has declared 3 days of a national mourning after 4 people were killed in a mass shooting in central bia 3 people are said to be in critical condition the government says this was on is the worst terror attack the gunman was shot down by
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police. as if you're up to date such an i'll do your business ok just a moment sound i'll be back at the top of the hour in the meantime of course there's always the website. i'm going to. as long as. you know good day. you know the banks. and so watch the language of the bank. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for mines. w.'s crime fighters are back africa's most successful radio drama series continues. this season the stories focus on hate speech prevention and
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sustainable charcoal production all of a sow's are available online and of course you can share and discuss on africa's facebook page and other social media platforms. crime fighters tune in now. it. isn't that hot to wear a monster. it's not if you've lost a loved one to cope at 19 and understand the gravity of this pandemic but for people with no connection to the coronavirus it's easy to say that all these health because. over the top and despite the science. there are surveys that show men are less likely to win a mosque than women and some claim it robs them manhood. experts put it down to talk 6 masculinity. in the west they said
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mosques start really protect you then they said they do and you've got to wear them whatever the case if it means i'm less likely of passing on something i'll do it a lot of other men and so willing there are lots of selfish people in this world but what about when the masculinity in question here is that of the most powerful president in the world. very afraid as this report. on election day the u.s. is battling enough a surge in coronavirus cases the number of new delhi recorded cases has been reaching record highs. some i.c.u. units in the us are already approaching 90 percent of a capacity. well things are very very bad in the united states right now we are having some of the largest outbreaks that we've had and i think at 910
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months into this pandemic we are still largely not quite prepared the u.s. doesn't top the list when it comes to fatalities among those who tested positive for the disease but it's much higher up when it comes to cova deaths per $100000.00 residents. so can what went wrong the links to the trumpet ministrations crisis management. critics say the white house hasn't had a profit sense of emergency especially at the beginning of the pandemic. it's going to disappear one day it's like a miracle it will disappear. and by referring to 2 as the china virus the u.s. president may have been trying to shift responsibility away from his government damage control instead of disease control and treatment ideas without any scientific evidence. supposing we hit somebody with
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a tremendous whether it's. just very powerful like. and i think you said. that you're going to test it. supposing it. can which you can do either through the skin or. in some other way. i think you said you. think president trump also ignored medical advice to wear face masks for a long time instead he made fun of his democratic rival joe biden who wins mosques in public we will speak but you've got to be prepared to deal with future biden is soft and weak and too scared to be prejudiced or to be president let's face it. but many trump supporters admire the president's aggressive style and see him as a model of mild dominance. he is here this is why we're going to fight for him this is why he's going to have
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another 4 more years because he is not a brain. critics have pointed to trump's response to the pandemic like downplaying its dangers as an example of stereotypical masculine behavior. but that may have come at a high price for the u.s. with his approach potentially contributing to more than 230000 deaths in the country. is a professor of sociology at stake university why do you believe mosque waring's become such a gender issue especially in the u.s. . it's really interesting to see a bias become a political issue as well in every search we found and it's not just engendered issue with some partisan percival democrats and united states are more like you know republicans though where there is also if you generate issue women are more likely to are asked it's not just industry gender but it's about gender right when
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we asked matt how masculine and they are the ones who say that they are very masculine are the most really refused to wear masks can you tell me what it's got to do with masculinity i mean you know washing your hands after going to the bathroom is just disgusting and irresponsible. it is but we also know that mattered less likely to wear whereas it also washed your hands in a symbol of traditional best you're in it is about softness it's about being is that into the higher areas it's about hell and he's especially and in most of the western world we do defy traditional masculinity ringback through good health in their reality so a virus can't really get you down where you need to get the higher. you want to even see it so argument is the judicial masculine eve really a very harmful. i guess it doesn't help either when the president compares manhood with invincibility absolutely
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a traditional masculinity and i think yes the masculine you are at play there as well so when we think about like that your president we've had presidents who were cowboys that wrote this is a clear book so this is actually one of these ideas of that go back to that and this is also something that really harms you know candidates running for office so really it doesn't help that the president is a part of this as well but if we just go back to the cowboys and the pioneers of the united states taking protective measures is a survival strategy yet mosque averse men prefer to risk what death from a virus that expose their vulnerability. absolutely private research actually shows that they are less likely to go to the doctor they're less likely to see a guppy based medicine and even if they have. they're less likely to ask for help so their definition of health is not really
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a very healthy but so soon to be need to find out if you know it is in their best interest and best interest of their families and children and communities they're like let me see where i'm at it's ok we're very individualistic society and i think you know where you got that is really going against that i where i am has to protect my community and other people and in this case traditional mask it is a little bit more individualistic exactly all these men are invincible but they're also irresponsible i mean does this some have something to do with the fact that in many western nations the individual is more important in the community you get very different opinions in china absolutely i didn't even realize it was a big part of this and i'm not just wearing the mask to protect myself i am wearing protect you you know and in my community and this really goes against egos of individual this and that i can be a book. and this is a problem of our community that is off together but this is something i saw myself
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very much ok we've been talking a lot about men what about the women who refuse to wear mosque i know if you know that. few of them are there going oh most of them research shows that are going to be more republican than that but also we do see any signs a little of them and mistrust. among women so you know we do see that it's some of them are questioning science and they don't really believe in the likelihood that he will get the virus. yes but what about you on a personal level how does a noir you when you walk down the street or i don't know wherever you wherever you go in people on wearing masks or on sticking to the rules i don't go to many places these days that one gently i'm going to be i don't know going anywhere these days but hashtags if i go i mean that might i do you i do. i do i did you said let's
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go out and be the new normal for me and my family and i'm like i like seeing people in my community wearing the mask and we hope to be the virus. as my best casino thank you very much for joining us today professor of sociology at montclair state university pleasure talking to thank you so i can get it. if you've got any questions on the coronavirus then feel free to write to us on how you treat channel science correspondent derek williams will look into the. what impact on national health will reopening schools have at this stage of the pandemic. i've been sitting on this divisive question for a while to watch how things develop as kids in many countries in the northern hemisphere including my own returned to schools is schools can act as super spreaders sites and with classrooms being closed areas where lots of kids
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gather for extended periods of time you'd have expected to see spikes in cases within societies as a whole in the few weeks after they reopened a couple of months ago but a lot of current data indicates that didn't happen the numbers of cases in both the us and europe have of course risen dramatically since then but many experts believe that isn't down to reopen schools but to other factors a number of studies from different countries including ones that collect extensive contact tracing information they're painting the picture that although kids can of course catch the virus and of course they can give it to others they don't seem to be driving community transmission but instead mostly reflected especially younger children who appear to be less likely to infect others than older kids but
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all in all based on what we're seeing so far clusters seem to develop pretty brilliantly in schools that's at least one of the reasons why the german government for example has decided to leave them open even as spiraling numbers of infections across the country have no send it back into a november lockdown that's closed many businesses how long schools will remain open here though is anyone's guess as a scientist. never tire of telling us we're in a dynamic situation. finally culture makers here in germany say the government is silencing the arts with its new coronavirus rules musicians around the country have posted silent protest videos against germany's you partial lockdown including the hamburg from a monic and conduct can not at all this week germany shut down concert halls
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theaters museums and cinemas till at least the end of the month while allowing retail stores and other businesses to stay open the culture sector was already looking at hundreds of millions of euros in losses after the last lock down. and been fizzling for any developments on the virus go to our web site at www dot com slash coded 19 it's just practice that mosque wearing see if it takes away my masculinity. it was the 1st international tribunal in history. the nurnberg trials. 75 years ago high ranking officers of the nazi regime before you judge him by the allied forces. were the 1st war criminals to be held accountable for their crimes. by our government. going. right here. our 2 part series the 3rd reich the dog
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starts nov 12th on g.w. . in the. climate change. or so. it's nice to people. what ideas do they have for their future. w. dot com africa megacity the making. clear. clean slate. listen carefully. to simply choose to do good.
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to discover the. subscribe to the documentary on you tube. the facts. of this the state of the news africa coming up on the program trump all bided the u.s. presidential election is dividing the continent charm supporters in nigeria out march in support of the u.s. president hoping for him to win but why exactly. but so far the closure of this old missis.


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