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tv   Jungbrunnen Joghurt  Deutsche Welle  November 4, 2020 3:15pm-4:01pm CET

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respect for the law and for the dignity of human beings regardless of their origin skin color religion gender sexual orientation or political views. order. and. this photo of medical facing trump at a g 7 meeting went viral seen by many as a perfect illustration of their report so was their 1st encounter when trump ignored america's suggestion to shake hands thank you. thank you. one of the biggest sources of disagreement has been nato trump has attacked germany without pause saying it was not paying its fair share towards the alliance. germany as you know is very delinquent in their. payments to nato. and they're paying one percent in this supposed to be
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a 2 percent of the 2 percent is very low it should be much more than that so they're delinquent of billions of dollars and this is for years the liquid. when trump treated racist attacks on this group of democratic he was congresswoman mack an openly condemned his actions. isn't even most of an achievement. i firmly distanced myself from the attacks and i stand in solidarity with these women. america's strength from my perspective life precisely in the fact that the people of very different nationalities have contributed to the strength of the country. therefore these a statements that grown very much. to this impression of mine for. a strained relationship but also opposite approaches like on how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and how to wear a face mask. now with trump fighting for
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a 2nd term in office and marco in her last year as chancellor it may soon be time to just get by the question is how soon. so the u.s. presidential election remains to uncertainly close to call with vote counting continuing in key states that will decide who wins the white house so so far neither president donald trump nor his democratic challenger joe biden have clinched the 270 electoral college votes needed to win let's take a look at some of those individual states the southwestern state of arizona is the latest battleground state that has been called it's a leaven electoral college votes go to joe biden making it the only state to have flipped parties since the 2016 election but votes are still being counted in the decisive midwestern industrial states including wisconsin with its 10 electoral votes biden has taken a narrow lead there we're talking narrow could still change biden just has taken
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the narrowest lead in michigan as well it has 160. that's a real that's a real winner there if he does get it the biggest prize though remains pennsylvania with 20 electoral college votes both candidates putting a lot of effort into campaigning there trump has a big lead at the moment but again there's still up to count right now the race to win the electoral college is wide open with democrat joe biden 238 votes and present it to 13 to 70 the magic number. well with millions of votes still left to be counted trump has been trying to cast doubt on the outcome even before he addressed the porters he tweeted we are up big but they are trying to steal the election we will never let them do it boats cannot be cast after the polls are closed. and must be said that it there have been very few reports of
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irregularities at polling stations twitter quickly flag trumps tweet as mis leading . when he later address supporters made some other claims as well to take a closer look at those let's bring in our own fact checker you. know ship trump said there was quote major fraud and he said he'll be going to the supreme court can trump challenge the election at supreme court yes sure. that's a very good question 1st of all technically trump cannot bring an election contest directly to the supreme court any challenges to the election have to go through the state courts 1st yale law professor bruce ackerman told d.w. fact checking team before this interview and let's give you some context president trump spoke about the possibility of taking the election to the supreme court before it is in line with this tragedy he tells for weeks now trump claimed
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repeatedly in the past few months that the vote by mail leaves the door open for fraud and to remind us by the time he made his statement this morning of voting had finished however not all votes have yet been counted this is because of 21 u.s. states whose rules accept ballots after the election date so the final result could well take some time ok no number of states have been called trouble isted a number of states he said he's won georgia among others that have raised some eyebrows was trump stating facts or just was that just wishful thinking on his part yasha well it was only partly true at the moment president trying to limit his speech the state of florida texas and ohio were cold for the republicans yes but georgia is uncertain until now and we see a very tight race going on there and same for north carolina where he claimed the big victory but it's still not called yet so it's not accurate that the president
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of the united states calls a state cold if it's not and in the case of pennsylvania trumper claim the same but pennsylvania governor tom wolfe called trump commons a partisan attack on democracy because the counting was and is still ongoing ok i shall want to ask you about one more story circulating out there regarding a so-called robo calls on election day calls aiming to confuse or deter voters any truth to that so that. yes we can confirm these reports there have been robo calls in the state of michigan targeted to residents of the city of flint an area with a large black population we have to say the michigan secretary of state justin benson said these calls were made from an unknown party spreading misinformation like telling voters to stay at home and not to work out and there were also text messages with the same content things like this happened in other states too and
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now the f.b.i. is investigating the case so it's interesting to see what will be behind all these are terms of voter suppression i should thank you very much our fact checker yasha paper in bob. president all tribes claim to have won the election already and has vowed to contest the ballot count have raised the specter of a disputed outcome as soon as so must go on the reports of what might happen next. donald trump versus joe biden both were determined to win the election but neither of them has emerged as a clear winner the u.s. could be in for days even weeks of uncertainty the record number of ballots sent by mail will now become the focus of a bitter fight. absentee ballots made it easier for americans to vote amid the coded $1000.00 pandemic but absentee ballots are also more likely to be delayed slowed down by mistakes or even rejected something that is now dictating offense
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across the u.s. . we will 1st see fights oh over whether certain absentee ballots should be counted or not be counted with the election administrators in those states it won't be surprising if whichever side loses those battles runs to court to try to get a court to overturn it with election day over the clock is ticking there are a couple of dates to keep in mind december 8th is safe harbor day that is the deadline for states to declare a result if they want to guarantee that their decision will count towards the national outcome. the next deadline on december 14th the electoral college has developed that is the body that actually elects the president the state select either republican or democratic electors depending on the results. if there is still a dispute at that point it could get really complicated both sides might claim victory that means states could end up with opposing groups of electors one for biden
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another for trump congress would be forced to decide between them but if we get to that point we're already in a dark dangerous place and. if the process drags out over some significant period of time even though the media is preaching patience to the public i think in our social media toxic political culture that could become a more explosive situation. fairly quickly some americans worry that a more explosive situation could look like this the president's supporters and opponents fighting on the streets if there was no clear result for several days or even weeks law enforcement and even the military could be called in to bring things under control and what about another scenario that democrats fear and that president trump himself has refused to rule out at the ballots show the president losing but
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he refuses to accept the result and tries to hang on to the presidency. while the current president's term ends on january 20th by virtue of the constitution period i would assume that any officials who might need to be involved in making sure that transition happens will follow the commands of the newly elected president biden because he would be the president of the legal fight started months ago the democrats and the republicans have amassed an army of lawyers who have already been clashing in court over how and when ballots should be counted now they will push that legal battle as far as it takes to decide the outcome of the election. sketch up on a couple of other stories making headlines around the world today china has criticized u.s. plans to sell military hardware to taiwan the us state department has approved the
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sale of 4 sophisticated armed drones beijing says the move undermines its solvency china views taiwan as a breakaway province is the obvious prime minister has ordered the army into tigre a state. said the deployment follows a rebel attack on a military base the great people's liberation front long dominated ethiopian politics and the move has fueled fears of a civil war. chile's interior minister has resigned victor paris stepped down after parliament voted to impeach him he had been criticized for his handling of recent strikes and police brutality his resignation after just 3 months in the job is a blow to president sebastian pinera. this is d w news from berlin just reminder the top story we're following for you the outcome of the u.s. presidential election is still not it still not clear even though vote counting is
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continuing president trump has claimed victory an alleged vote for a lot democrats challenger joe biden has said it's not up to republicans or democrats to call victory but the american people in particular swing states that will decide the election are still counting. you're watching d.w. news i'm terry martin thanks for being with us.
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happiness fears for every human penises are very different from primates we have a totally ridiculous romanticized view of nature and there. is climate change regular sex how fetus in books you get smarter for free get over your books on. world sex to go beyond vs. live. as we take on the world. we're all about
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the stories that matter to you. really. never. know the couple you made for 9. and you you know yes yes we can hear you and how last year's german chancellor when you bring your uncle a man called and you've never had to have surprise yourself with what is possible who is medical really what moves sad and want. to talk to people who follows her along the way admirers and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaping her legacy joining us from eccles last stop. one out of 8 people suffering from hunger. the world program is fighting
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hunger. join the fight. you're watching e.-w. station coming up today all eyes are on the outcome of the u.s. election its repercussions will be felt around the world we'll be taking a closer look at what it means for different countries across the region. and the election will influence the global fight against climate change the trumpet ministration formally withdraws from the pair's agreement today a by when it might change that what's at stake.
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i'm melissa chan welcome to news asia thank you for joining us as the united states counts its ballots asia watches across the region people have their preferences rooting for trump or buy in one of the most possibly the most consequential election for the world in decades who wins will determine asia's regional stability in the context of a rising china and in terms of trade and climate change. welcome back to the u.s. are you going to see everything from thailand to a straight to china and japan the race for the white house is dominating news coverage and. told we will be the next leader in this superpower america continue to be content. governments and people in the region are watching the u.s.
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election closely and like in the u.s. they're divided on whether donald trump all joe biden would be the better winner. i think definitely the election of president crumb is better for taiwan. i support joe biden because like him i'm a centrist in politics. it seems. in new delhi india a hindu rightwing group hope to inspire divine intervention to secure a trumpet tree with prayers and a fire ritual. you're certain that u.s. president donald trump when with a bigger mandate than before there are conspiracy theories doing the rounds in the us that we elections may get rid of ever we are performing this fire ritual so that all these obstacles to the victory of donald trump will go away when we have. this in southern india prayers were held to support the democratic ticket and
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specifically the vice presidential candidate camelot harris's grandfather lived in this village i really need to believe she's our daughter and i say ancestral history we are praying here and offering food to the public and the hope that she wins. in india the support for either presidential candidate can be as fervent as in the u.s. so to you and other asian countries. the incumbent u.s. administration has changed the way that washington deals with asian countries and the question of who will occupy the white house for the next 4 years will be of real consequence to governments and people on the continent. joining us is richard mcgregor of the lowy institute in australia he was formerly based in the us china and. japan so well suited to speak to us about the regional
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impact of the us elections today richard we still don't know who is going to be u.s. president so let's just talk this through there have been many takes about what abiding in ministration might mean when it comes to china some observers say he will be softer on china do we have a sense of who china prefers. it's a very hard question obviously in such a large country there might be many. people obviously want to know who was formerly only she knows that if you understand what a vote means i think in general that china would prefer it treat in this respect i think they see trump increasingly as a agent and accelerants of american decline of course he has made life very difficult to china during his 1st term. and at some stage is trump going great leverage with china but i think they feel they have his message heavies measured now and i think they feel that they can for you know do little deals with iran but
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forge ahead generally because on the trump you know tales corruption. and you know general pandemonium in the political in a very divided political system and that means us what we mystically focused not focused on the rest of the world including asia right my 1st question had to be on china but there are other countries in asia and japan often gets overlooked it's a massive economy a democracy and a major ally of the united states same question does tokyo prefer one candidate over another. it's also an interesting question you know i think many japanese have been surprisingly supportive or worse surprisingly supportive of trump i think that they thought the a bomb or ministration particularly a bomb of mach 2 was fired 2 week on china was far too interested in focused on focusing on multilateralist issues like climate change and got played by the
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chinese you know sort of took their eye off the ball in the south china sea it's certainly true that a bomb in is seconds particularly finals he is off it is much tougher on china but the japanese in a funny sort of way kind of like the sort of noise and toughness that the machismo trump exuded because they thought it china on the back foot i wonder now whether they think that that's run its course and they want something more stable and predictable but of course with biden they worry about him they worry about him he might appoint a secretary of state they didn't particularly like him in the bomber of ministration unless if he didn't like susan rice very much she could and could possibly still be secretary of state and other countries similar to japan in terms of their concerns about china for example is australia a very close ally of the us a member of the 5 eyes intelligence and what are the areas of cooperation australia
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would like to see more of with the united states. well the straight is similarly conflicted in a kind of a same way as japan and you know i think that had enough of trump they worry about him sort of bringing america down but they're not sure about biden a straight he wants a tough america or a strong america or an america that's very engaged in the region and in a very predictable fashion australia is have a great pressure from china at the moment which is taking a whole host of trade sanctions against australia basically a political disagreements and a us that is either domestically focused or sort of gradually retiring treating the asia pacific is in some was respects australia's worst nightmare so i'm not sure who australia wants to live in many respects it is a partisan response depending which party year and certainly a strident prime minister is one of trump's been in office been pretty good at
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forging a good relationship with him and forging off heading off you know the worst that trump could have done to australia but you know we're pretty worried about america as well richard mcgregor thank you. one major thing that might get lost in all the news but is very critical climate change the united states formally exits the paris agreement today wednesday by when would it reverse that the vast majority of countries in asia are overwhelmingly committed to the agreement china along with japan and south korea recently went further pledging to cut carbon emissions to 0 china by 2060 japan and south korea saying they aim to buy 2050 quite a few countries in asia are deeply vulnerable to climate change including india or the philippines entry lanka. for more we're joined by isabel hilton the c.e.o. and editor in chief of china dialogue isabel your organization reports on the
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environment and climate change how bad is the u.s. withdrawal in terms of the impact it would have on countries in asia well it's not good for the climate process and it's not good for the united states actually but it's been a while coming had had there been a decisive victory in the us election for the us would not have left in fact it's left today still rejoin what's lost is the us is diplomatic energy deployed if you like on the right side of the balance and it sends a negative signal to countries that are being less. responsible in their climate action so it's going to slow the process and it makes it more difficult but fundamentally it's not going to stop the energy transition it's going to put in the end the united states at a disadvantage compared to countries that are going forward with their energy tradition more proactively i want to talk more about china's somewhat of
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a surprise pledge that the country would reduce emissions and be carbon neutral by 2060 environmentalist welcomed it foreign affairs experts who follow china and sees what it promises versus what it actually ends up doing not so much what are your thoughts. i think it's best to look at china's climate in the context of china's own industrial economy and then it becomes more convincing frankly because since the 12th 5 year plan that 2 plans ago were about to do the fourteen's china has made a major commitment to a low carbon transition in vestments all the technologies that are required for that transition so china has positioned itself as a major supplier of low carbon goods and services to a world that is contemplating a transition it therefore has a direct interest in that transition what you can complain about is is the speed of
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china's domestic action and china honestly shares that with pretty much every other country china made it harder for itself because it committed so heavily to coal and there's a lot of unraveling that has to happen there on the other hand i think that if you look at how climate action is now increasingly integrated with the basic planning that drives china's development in the end china will get there and the fact that it sent this very powerful signal of that transition is extremely important we can't fix climate change without china china's commitment is fundamental and turn his commitment to serious not just in terms of getting out of high carbon development but also its activity pestilent in enabling low carbon development in the rest of the world and my understanding is that the paris agreement isn't enough on its own to combat the global climate emergency so what more needs to be done.
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but what the paris in agreement does is it invites countries to pledge reductions and their inductions that were pledged in the 1st round take us to 3 degrees that 6 to really dangerous we're it a one degree now and we're already seeing very very serious threats and consequences of that warming but what paris did build in was that countries would come back to the table with increased pledges every 5 years that was supposed to happen this year that's what we need is about helton thank you. that's it for now be sure to check out our other stories on dot com for slash asia or on facebook and twitter we'll have more election coverage as it relates to asia tomorrow thanks for watching and goodbye.
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to. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and contact the roma virus update. on t w. i'm not laughing at the gym i just sometimes i am but i stand up and. thinks deep into the german culture of
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looking at the stereotype of quiet in here thinks he's a country guy not. peer reviewed it seems ridiculous grandma there you go it's cold out there. i'm rachel join me for me at the german sunday w. post. the a natural habitats keep shrinking as we chop down more forests under spike the threat of extinction they often end up on our dinner plates the rarer the better for the. higher the price for poaches. but dining on endangered species can cost your health . who are not diseases aids ebola and then you corona virus they all jumped from wild animals to us. and they'll do it again.
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of a 19 broke out at a wild animal market in china they were international calls for the closure of such markets but experts warn a band could drive the trade underground on its changing is hi jane i'll talk to an expert about that in a moment 1st some more background. on what ours zoonotic diseases. their diseases caused by pathogens carried by non-human animals that spread to people 6 out of every 10 infectious diseases are believed to be zoo are not. the pathogens can be iris's bacteria parasites or funky. many of the diseases they cause in people are mild but some are serious and even deadly. the bubonic plague tuberculosis malaria and ebola are zoonotic diseases that have killed countless millions of people. mosquitoes and
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bats but also cats and dogs and many other species carry pathogens that can make people sick but often they don't make the animals that host them sick. transmission can occur via bite or through eating the flesh of a carrier or contact with its blood or feces. zoonotic diseases can spread fast and far if the pathogens adapt to be transmitted from person to person that's the case with the novel coronavirus. one hypothesis is that penguins were the intermediaries that transported the novel coronavirus from its natural host bats to humans which markets where a lot of wild animals are sold are considered a potential site of transmission of zoonotic disease pathogens some have been closed for that reason. infectious diseases from animals are
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a growing problem that probably has to do with humans encroaching on animal habitats forests are cleared for timber or to make space for farms or towns humans and animal species are no longer far apart this offers opportunities for pathogens to make the leap. there are more than $200.00 known sewer not of diseases but there are countless germs out there to which humans have no immunity are new devastating diseases lurking to prevent them making the jump to humans we need to protect wild animals and their habitats. colas how to louis is deputy head of the institute of epidemiology at germany's played place enough the institute also a veterinary epidemiologist just how dangerous odds do not have diseases.
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well you need to get these are sort of in in our human nature already for many many years and for many centuries because you know to diseases as i. have for to which i am humans anything intimate and interesting part is that about 60 percent of all human infectious diseases they originate from an exciting capital manama and over the last few years a new emerging diseases it's actually 75 the same so are all going to look at it as dentists that's quite a lot of 10 knots or another has a chance to reach out there. champ between animals and humans and it is not surprising because the early humans you have had a pretty animal kingdom so therefore although there has a chance to challenge the virus they're tearing out and so on they they don't distinguish between animals and humans and there's no question barrier between
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animals and so soon noses are really never actually to most of the diseases speech . and a lot of this will noses like really be nothing. comes to hona. lot of other cases where there is this which we have already complex and men have to take measures against like rabies article or was is to say there was this all there was a time when it was is all those diseases were grant there all the rest that was but the ones which will cheer in the match 2 years. there it who was flying true. a.j. would be evil and they all originated from animals so what do you say when people. sharing a lot more of those diseases with the animal kingdom. yes me all this she had a lot of inner office. and now out recently is that you have more to be believed
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all these diseases is because 1st of all the other war you weren't eloquent tech to animals it's much more you also go into the penetrate to habitats overlook a thing before they can detect it the animals are wild and whatever so our hunting possibilities between animals and humans match. penalty is gathering in addition to also have the trade and our travel through all of that of like you can travel to feel like we're all now we don't like to leave the way that it was in one day and all the traffic mess that it's so damn hard to credit check was well it is much higher than it was ever before so what do we need to do what do we need to do to prevent zoonosis i think the bill never is even there it's almost as if i'm going to have to many as you say have to
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try to prevent them and i think one key measure it's really cheating and the hygiene mess that's so what we call in all baby. biosecurity it's saying applies to you really have to. know that they don't have such direct conflict or close to take specially is it keeps out of there was had she missed desperate episode quite a lot or just her problems chile there's a lot more we need to do to be proactive before these diseases jump from animal to human though i mean what's the solution on that front is it mean less factory farming does it mean chopping down list jungles and forests. well i could mean that all of this is could mean. less and less for us but it also could mean being woke more i've been able to see if you can bring me to this you since men become the you know the best in europe. they can from other
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ecosystems be out there they might bring in viruses. that might escape or ever present just the awareness and sort of like treating ourselves and it's like being in training just sort of like work and if you can keep. the farm time you can try. if possible to be more sustainable want to go areas. where it's exciting and so on but surely there are more proactive measures that we can take i mean what do you tell someone who who needs to venture out who needs to eat bushmeat. basically to survive someone in the democratic republic of congo say in a small village who doesn't see the danger in catching as there were no seats. then i don't see the danger of that it's still a matter of abandonment so does one possibility death you can't make them go beyond
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it if that was wanted and if they are high achieving missions which they can take just to prevent those who would know this is going on what's wrong animals to humans so in terms of intellect if you can try to raise that way out of this but you can also and then that's what science and politics are trying to look is trying to find out what wireless is. in the bush we need him to out in water why risk density as threat to ask like water and so part of this is also one health principle we have the hell's animals humans and the environment is sort of looked at elliptic and i think that's the way to go in your future you see what what is healthy and how do i interact with each other and i see desolate and holes where we can to some solutions there from coal as well to louis deputy head of the institute of it give me all a g. and germany's people nothing institute thank you. now it's your turn to ask the
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questions is there. will other countries do their own challenge trials now that the u.k. has announced it's doing so. challenge trials involve intentionally infecting organisms with a pathogen to find out how well vaccines or medications work at stopping that out agenda there are thousands track method for determining safety and efficacy and we conduct them all the time usually on animals especially primates but in ethical terms human challenge studies like the one proposed in britain can be pretty charged if the plans are approved starting this january researchers there will be going to liberally infecting young healthy volunteers with sars cove to initially to find out how much of the pathogen it takes to make them sick once the scientists have determined that they can begin giving other volunteers vaccines then
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subsequently challenging their immune system with that preset dose of corona virus to see how effective the vaccines are doing things this way can provide precise data quickly so it can really speed up the development process that's because instead of just giving a late stage vaccine candidate to thousands of volunteers and a placebo to thousands of others and then basically waiting to see what happens researchers have a lot more control over the entire process but they don't have control in one key area because we still don't have surefire therapies to treat someone if an induced covert 19 infection turns severe the possibility that a human challenge trial could cause a volunteer long term damage or even kill the that can't be ruled out despite those risks britain is apparently not the only cunts. to consider conducting human
3:56 pm
challenge trials i'm according to the science journal nature at least some exploratory planning has commenced in belgium and the us as well. for more on the corona virus go to our website w dot com slash of a night of i. mean .
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to the point. being a clear position on the international perspective sometimes. it's tense it's exciting and it's disturbing america has voted in a momentous presidential election just because you don't trump against job like trump already declared victory and once the supremes to stop the council. to the point of coming to the body and 13 of us condi w. . no more.
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it was the 1st international tribunal in history. the nurnberg trials. 75 years ago high ranking officers of the nazi regime according judging by the allied forces. with the 1st war criminals to be held accountable for their crimes. and as i found them on. garry trudeau 10 years frazier. our 2 part series the 3rd reich the dog starts nov 12th on t.w. . every journey begins with the 1st step and every language but the 1st word i don't think of nico is in germany to son sure.
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why not learn with him. to suffer it's simple long line on your mobile and for e. w z e learning course speak german made easy. sleep. carefully. choose to do. discover the. subscribe. documentary.
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play. play. play. this is. still the. us presidential. race vote is counted every ballot is counted frankly we did win this. from claims victory despite some training in electoral college votes as challenger calls for patients in the country to wait for the final counts in the states.


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