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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  November 4, 2020 8:00pm-8:31pm CET

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this is g.w. newsline from berlin still no winner in the u.s. presidential election ballots still being counted in key battleground states democrats claim the challenger joe biden is on track to win and then over to every vote is counted every ballots counted frankly we can't win this fight. and without the authority to do so president obama trump has claimed a victory even before counting is completed and he's threatening to go to the u.s. supreme court to get the counting stopped.
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i'm pouring coffee it's good to have you with us a day after holding in there still no clear outcome in the u.s. presidential election democratic challenger joe biden and president donald trump along with america and the rest of the world are waiting for results from just a few key state says the last votes are being counted the president has already claimed victory and alleged electoral fraud without presenting any evidence and he's threatened to take the matter to the u.s. supreme court joe biden has called for patients but his supporters they say they're confident that he is on track to win let's look at the results where things stand right now neither donald trump nor joe biden have the 270 electoral college votes that are. wired to when our figures show that biden currently has $238.00 president
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trump has $204.00 team but a possible path to victory for biden has emerged in the last few hours it's started in arizona where our figures show the democratic candidate has a strong lead that's the only state that he's won back from republican control so joe biden now needs 32 more electoral college votes to win the white house and let's look at the 3 states in which he currently leads in the vote counting he has the slightest of leads in wisconsin which has 10 elect electoral votes as you see right there biden is also leading the count in michigan which has 16 votes wins in michigan and wisconsin would leave him chasing only 6 more electoral college votes and that leads us to the 3rd state in which biden is currently leading that state being nevada you see it right there if joe biden maintains his lead in those
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3 states until the end of counting that would give him enough votes to become the next president of the united states but and this is a big but the county is still ongoing the race is still very much open i want to go right now to washington for the latest from the see me some of the gun is she's been working overtime like the rest of us it's good to see you so me so talk to me right now where do things stand i mean it's going to come down to a handful of these battleground states as we've expected the whole time right. that's absolutely right brant and if you haven't buckled up please do so because the latest here at this hour is a possible dispute around one of those key battleground states that if that is up for grabs wisconsin president trump's campaign has said that they will seek a recount there and the reason for that brant is because early returns show that joe biden is slightly ahead in that state but again i mean we don't actually have
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an official result there still the president's campaign manager bill stepien said the following there have been reports of irregularities in several wisconsin counties which raises serious doubts about the validity of the results that there has been no proof so far of irregularities now on another front we have called the state of arizona for joe biden because we follow reporting results from the associated press but there's been some controversy here over that as well and brant this is about some false reports that ever circulating on social media that trump supporters were duped into using the wrong pens on their ballots and that made them invalid and president trumps team picked up on that but a state officials here say there is nothing to this story the vote counting has gone according to plan but all of this just goes to show how tight this all is that this really is a nail biter with several states now or a couple of states rather still up for grabs there despite the fact that we still
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don't have a clear picture we can say that former vice president joe biden's campaign has been expressing confidence his campaign manager jennifer o'malley dillon spoke earlier to the media and she said that she believes joe biden has a clear path to victory brand here's what she said. you know we expect as i said sissie over the course of today as more michigan comes and as more georgia comes and these these races in these states be finalized we think most of them will close to being able to be called though we do know as i said with pennsylvania that could take time it's morrow but if we carry the states that were leading today that we talked about we would get $6070.00 without pennsylvania us. could get to 70 without pennsylvania and. we understand that donald trump has said if you are looking at that scenario he has threatened to trigger all sorts of legal options one or the. well we did hear from again present from campaign manager bill stepien reinforcing
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what the president said overnight saying that his campaign will move ahead with efforts to make sure that legally cast votes are counted that there are no illegally cast votes and this is something we've heard from president trump over the entirety of the campaign here is that he's been casting doubt upon mail in ballots now we heard him speaking last night saying he would take this to the supreme court but we should say that if these ballots were cast lawfully and are simply being counted it really isn't clear that the president would have any grounds on which he could challenge them there were a lot of challenges ahead of the election over mail and ballots up in states like pennsylvania when canberra rive how can they be gathered and so on so we could see similar litigation on the state level over these very tight results again in those key battleground states like pennsylvania and wisconsin and perhaps others as well i want to ask you we've talked about this many times and how the the polls the
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pollsters were wrong in the 2016 presidential election and it looks like they were wrong big time again in this election is that getting a lot of play there in the united states. it is a way bret i mean there's a goodly level of frustration here with the fact that people felt at least many supporters of joe biden felt that they were going into this election with something of a lead at least nationally but on the other hand something that we heard from joe biden's campaign time and again over the course of the campaign was that they didn't trust the polls so i think there was so much anxiety already heading into the election that the polls that showed joe biden up 10 points nationally might not actually be accurate and so people seem to be somewhat prepared for that scenario still i can say that americans here are incredibly anxious at the state about what is going to happen and also frustrated by the possibility by the prospect that there might be uncertainty for several days and weeks to come all right susan is going to go on
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the story for us in washington still a fluid story that is for sure so we thank you. well leading into the election polls indicated that the economy was the biggest election issue for american voters with millions out of work because of the coronavirus pandemic many are hoping the next president will be able to restore jobs and deliver another much needed stimulus package. jubilation among trump's supporters in florida cuban americans are reliable republican voters and many of them are especially pleased with the president's handling of the economy. i'm here to support our president i think you know. you've got a credible dobby's brain that your car brought back. an exit poll conducted by n.b.c. news found that was the issue that mattered most to voters coming in far ahead of
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other hot button topics like racial inequality the coronavirus pandemic crime and safety and health care policy triumph tax cuts and deregulation have been popular as home quite a few people in the us think that trump is better for the economy domestically that is probably correct for some sectors those which would otherwise be regulated which would otherwise be regulated especially with the green killed but internationally the outlook is probably different but while americans seem to be happy with trump's handling of the economy his policies in international trade have raise hackles on worries of broad. of course for germany for europe president biden probably would be easier he probably would be less confrontational. but he may also be more clever in pursuing american interests in particular on trade sons
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campaign has generally been lights on policy pronouncements so there's no real hints as to whether he'll double down on his confrontational course or not it will be days before we find out if you'll get the chance. well although the closely fought race for the white house is dominating the headlines american voters chose more than just a new president on tuesday democrats are forecast to retain their majority in the house of representatives left wing democrats alexandria ocasio cortez was reelected as were the 3 like minded congresswoman known as the squad for challenging the washington status quo republican marjorie taylor green who previously expressed support for the she would non conspiracy theory has comfortably won a house seat in the state of georgia president donald trump boosted her candidacy calling her a future republican star she went on supporters assert that trump is secretly
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waging a battle against pedophiles and u.s. bureaucracy and the democratic party. voters in mississippi have approved a new state flag featuring a magnolia flower and the words in god we trust it replaces the old confederate themed swear the symbol of the confederacy which the ceded from the u.s. an 860 over slavery was widely viewed by black americans as racist. as governments around the world wait for the results of this whites in the us here in germany people and policymakers have been giving their views on events unfolding across the atlantic. all these u.s. citizens sent in their ballots by mail ballots that donald trump alleges were fraudulent in many cases to democrats abroad gathered in front of the u.s. embassy in berlin to protest against the latest from the u.s. president today we are here because we believe that the votes must be counted the
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votes to come to me were postmarked and it is not illegal to count them after the election i find it absolutely abhorrent what he's saying that's not a language as law to be tolerated thing credibly disappointing that from the president of the united states for the sitting president democratically elected sitting president who himself voted by mail to say that voting by mail is a fraud. i mean well if at the pattern of behavior that donald trump lives in his own reality it is chewed up donald trump has certainly voted by man in the past as long as the official results of the election remain unknown to german governments we are not full of the comment on the outcome but individual politicians have reacted to transfer of claims and premature announcement of victory. is what minds and we should all insist that democratic elections are allowed to be completed that doc means only over when all the it's have been counted
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every citizen must have the chance to influence to result was 10 own vote to get some type. glaring itself to win at this stage is something i consider your responsibility extremely problematic we are concerned about the situation in the usa we hope that there are no riots and. no problems with. regard to the security. but we are also very keen on fostering the ties between our 2 governments here in the capital badly and opinions are divided on the outcome of the election. to go with this is really i think donald trump is the right president of the united states but . it's not finished until all the ballots are counted. but he's doing it trying to clarify himself the winner in such a close race is a bit strange to put it mildly. it's not clear when the results will be finalized
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but in the meantime all eyes here in germany are in washington. here's a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world austria has admitted its domestic intelligence agency received a warning that the government behind monday's terrorist shooting in vienna tried to buy ammunition in slovakia in july the government says the agency failed to act on the information video evidence of the incident in which 4 people were killed because confirmed that the attacker acted alone. the european union is preparing sanctions against the president of dello russo alexander lukashenko was not on the 1st list of below routine officials saying august is elections which the e.u. says were rigged the new list of sanctions against libya and 14 other officials is set to be adopted this week china has criticized u.s. plans to sell military hardware to talk to one the u.s. state department has approved the sale of 4 sophisticated armed drones china views
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taiwan as a breakaway province. you're watching news all the back of the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day i hope to see of it. the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and contacts. around a virus update. on t w. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language but the 1st
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word published in the. rico is in germany to learn german why not with him it's simple online on your mobile and free to sap d w z e learning course nikos fake german made easy. their natural habitats keep shrinking as. up down more forests and despite the threat of extinction they often end up on our dinner plates the rarer the better for some the higher the price of approaches. but dining on endangered species can cost your health. as you were noting diseases aids ebola and then you corona virus they all jumped from wild animals to us. and i'll
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do it again. of a 19 broke out at a wild animal market in china they were international calls for the closure of such markets but experts warn a band could drive the trade underground on its changing its hygiene i'll talk to an expert about that in a moment 1st some more background. on what ours not diseases there diseases caused by pathogens carried by non-human animals that spread to people 6 out of every 10 infectious diseases are believed to be zoo are not. the pathogens can be iris's bacteria parasites or funky. many of the diseases they cause in people are mild but some are serious and even deadly. the bubonic plague tuberculosis malaria and ebola arzoo are not of diseases that have killed
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countless millions of people. mosquitoes and bats but also cats and dogs and many other species carry pathogens that can make people sick but often they don't make the animals that host them sick. transmission can occur via bite or through eating the flesh of a carrier or contact with its blood or feces. zoonotic diseases can spread fast and far if the pathogens adapt to be transmitted from person to person that's the case with the novel coronavirus. one hypothesis is that penguins were the intermediaries that transported the novel coronavirus from its natural host bats to humans which markets where live wild animals are sold are considered a potential site of transmission of zoonotic disease pathogens some have been closed for that reason. infectious diseases from animals are
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a growing problem that probably has to do with humans encroaching on animal habitats forests are cleared for timber or to make space for farms or towns humans and animal species are no longer far apart this offers opportunities for pathogens to make the leap. there are more than $200.00 known zoonotic diseases but there are countless germs out there to which humans have no immunity are new devastating diseases lurking to prevent them making the jump to humans we need to protect wild animals and their habitats. colas how to louis is deputy head of the institute of epidemiology at germany's clean place enough to institute also a veterinary epidemiologist just how dangerous odds do an audit diseases.
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well you never think it is as sort of in you know in our human nation already for many many years and for many centuries because you know to diseases as i. have heard the church and humans anything in a mall and interesting part is that about 60 percent of all human infectious diseases they reach an age from animals they come from intimate and over the last few years with new emerging diseases actually 75000 so are there you look at an incentive that's quite a lot of pressure not so another has a chance to challenge the at champ between intimate and humans and that is not surprising because the area humans get out of the animal kingdom so therefore all that has a chance to challenge the virus they're tearing out and so on they don't distinguish between animals and humans and there's no question barrier between animals and
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humans so soon noses are we never actually to most of the diseases that she have and a lot of this will noses like we be now think arcs are scott to talk to horner and then dad a lot of other cases where is this which we have already complex and men have to take measures against like rabies article or was is was in there was this all there was hellman and i was is all those diseases were around there all this that was at the once which would share in the match 2 years and there it through was fine and she will begin to see a child and be able are they all are each going to commit mos so what do you say when will we now sharing a lot more of those diseases with the animal kingdom. yes me all this she had a lot of inner office. and now our reasoning is that we have more to be believe
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all. this is because 1st of all the other war you weren't eloquent take to the animals it's much more you also go into the pain of trade to habitats over the hated before i can detect that the animals are wild every whatever so so our politic possibilities between animals and humans they have a match. and he has gathered in addition to also have to trade and our travels through all of that of like you can travel to be like oh now we said i'd like to live the way that it was in one day and all the credit messes so they're going to kind of take possibilities much higher and it was ever before so what do we need to do what do we need to do to prevent zoonosis i think the. living there it's almost as if i'm going to have to and as you say have to try
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to prevent them and i think one she mesh really did she know that i messed up so working the whole interval. biosecurity it's a replies to you really have to. know that they don't have such direct contact or close to take i specially is he said if there was had she missed devil episodes quite in order to make her problems chile there's a lot more we need to do to be proactive before these diseases jump from animal to human though i mean what's the solution on that front there's a mean less factory farming does that mean chopping down list jungles and forests. well i could mean that all of this is. just for us but it also could mean being quote more of the air of the season that you can bring in this season then become like the you know the best in europe that they can
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from other equal systems they've been migrating viruses. that might escape or at present just the of manliness and sort of like treating ourselves afterwards like being in training just sort of like what can we do we can keep. the farm time we can try. if possible to be more sustainable want to go to areas. where it's exciting and so on but surely there are more proactive measures that we can take i mean what do you tell someone who who needs to venture out who needs to eat bushmeat. basically to survive someone in the democratic republic of congo say in a small village who doesn't see the danger in catching as there were no seats. they might not see the danger of that it's still a matter of the battle so does one possibility death you can't make that o.b.l.
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is the one and if they are high cheek missions which they can take just to prevent those who would know this is going a long animals to humans so in terms of intellect if you can try to raise that be honest but you can also and that's that's what science and politics are trying to look at is trying to find out what wireless is in the life i have in the bush meat in town and water why resist the density as a threat to ask like water and so this is also one health principle we have the hells animals humans and the environment is sort of looked at elliptic and i think that's the way to go in your future to see what what is the hells and how do i interact with each other and i see desolate and holes. some solutions there from cold as 0 to louis deputy head of the institute of it give me all a g. and germany's people nothing institute thank you. now it's your turn to ask the
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questions is there. will other countries do their own challenge trials now that the u.k. has announced it's doing so. challenge trials involve intentionally infecting organisms with a pathogen to find out how well vaccines or medications work at stopping that application there are thousands track method for determining safety and efficacy and we conduct them all the time usually on animals especially primates but in ethical terms of human challenge studies like the one proposed in britain can be pretty charged if the plans are approved starting this january researchers there will be going to liberate lee infecting young healthy volunteers with sars cove to initially to find out how much of the pathogen it takes to make them sick once the scientists have determined that they can begin giving other volunteers that scene's
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then subsequently challenging their immune system with that preset those of corona virus to see how effective the vaccines are doing things this way can provide precise data quickly so it can really speed up the development process that's because instead of just giving a late stage vaccine candidate to thousands of volunteers and the placebo to thousands of others and then basically waiting to see what happens researchers have a lot more control over the entire process but they don't have control in one key area because we still don't have sure fire therapies to treat someone if an induced covert 19 infection turned severe the possibility that a human challenge trial could cause of volunteer long term damage or even kill them that can't be ruled out despite those risks britain is apparently not the only cunt
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. great to consider conducting human challenge trials i'm according to the science journal nature at least some exploratory planning has commenced in belgium and the us as well. for more on the corona virus go to our website w dot com slash of 95. enter the conflict zone research really my guest this week is involved ways minister of foreign affairs and international trade see both the soloing as a former army chief he was also the face of the military coup that propels and number all but to power. zimbabwe ever be able to see changes in political and economic reforms. conflicts are. going to.
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be told it is for me. is for. beethoven is for him. and beethoven is for. beethoven is for coming on. ready to have been 2022 1000000 50th anniversary here on d w. sentient for spectacular pictures. it's their passion for nature. it's their complete devotion that makes them the best wildlife photographer see the world. history and politics confrontational and story.
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5 adventures. one goal. the preservation of our planet. for planet starts november 6th on t.w. . do we believe that we are on the corruption program not even feared if you read out a lot about the highest levels of government why not just investigate. earth. we have blood to ted painful decisions to let decide the economy more than 2 years ago zimbabwe and its long time grueling zandu p.f. party appeared to be turning a corner when everson and non-god what took office and promised a break from nearly 4 decades of robert mugabe's brutal authoritarian rule and economic mismanagement.


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