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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  November 6, 2020 5:00am-5:30am CET

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this is you have a unique live from berlin the u.s. president blasts his own country's electoral process in his 1st address since election night the u.s. president calls mail and voting quote corrupt if you count legal votes easily won and if you count the illegal. they can try to steal. the election from us. this as his campaign launches that legal action to stop ballot counting in key states our u.s. team fact checks his remarks.
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and morning welcome to the program facing possible defeat u.s. president donald trump is doubling down again making false and baseless claims that he was robbed of a victory in the u.s. presidential election which wrapped up just 48 hours ago meanwhile he's losing ground in counting in the 4 swing states that remain undecided let's have a look at that now the latest figures show biden with $264.00 electoral votes to president donald trump 2 $114.00 now what are some of the states that are out there with those votes georgia for $116.00 electoral votes up for grabs it is in intensely tight race both candidates biden and trump are neck and neck with 99 percent of votes counted the latest count has shown the democrat less. than 2000
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votes behind the republican and he is catching up fast then we have pennsylvania the big prize of the evening of this week 20 electoral votes there donald trump currently holds a narrow lead but that gap has been narrowing further still and the remaining mail in ballots are expected to favor joe biden out west we have arizona arizona is still being counted but the a.p. news agency which is our main source of election data has called that for biden though other major news networks have not there are 11 electoral college votes out there in arizona we are including them in joe biden's count but that could yet change then we have nearby nevada joe biden is also currently leading there but it is a slim lead that state happens to have the 6 votes that he would need exactly to get over to the to 70 to become president there's still about 190000 votes left to count most in democratic leaning areas zoom out so the whole map of the country
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down trumps path to victory appears to be narrowing states in red and blue you see here are called by a.p. for trump or biden states in lighter blue and or pink are leaning towards biden or trump respectively and a reminder that any one of these states will give biden the win trump needs a combination of these yet to be called states to hang on. now with a victory looking more and more difficult the trump campaign has launched legal action claiming fraud trying to stop the count in some states state election officials however say there is 0 evidence of any wrongdoing to the contrary they say the count is proceeding largely smoothly across the country still here is some of what the president had to say but challenge joe and every democrat to clarify that they only want legal votes because they talk about votes and i think they should use the word legal illegal votes we want every legal vote counted and i want
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every legal vote counted we want openness and transparency no secret count rooms no mystery ballots no illegal votes being cast after election day you have election day and the laws are very strong and that you have an election and they don't want votes cast after election day and they want the process to be an honest one and so important we want an honest election and we want an honest count. and we want honest people working back there because it's a very important so that's the way this country is going to win that's the way the united states will win and we think we will win the election very easily we think there's going to be a lot of litigation as we have so much evidence so much proof and it's going to end up perhaps that the highest court in the land will see what we think there will be a lot of litigation because we can't have an election stolen by like this and i tell you i would i have been talking about this for many months for all of you and
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i've said very strongly that mail in ballots are going to end up being a disaster small elections were disaster small very easy to handle elections were disasters this is a large scale version and it's getting worse and worse every day we're hearing stories that are horror stories absolute horror stories. we have live team coverage of all of the. joining me in the studio michelle stockman from our u.s. election team and in washington. s if i mean 1st to you let's just say you know so much to get through but we can only probably get to a few of these things these assertions that trump has made is there any evidence of the election fraud he's alleging. well it's hard to fact check something like this if he doesn't point to a specific instance and say this happened here this happened here which he hasn't done he said multiple times on twitter in the past 12 hours that there's been election fraud that elections being stolen from and just look at the media that's
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what he said well that even the conservative media here is has come up with some examples of something that could be considered election fraud of polling places breaking the law by not allowing republican observers to come in and watch the vote count but those are largely anecdotal and there's no evidence that that would have any effect on the outcome of all of the election let alone be an advantage to his opponent joe biden and so there is a discussion on the mostly conservative media here media that supports donald trump in essence they're having a discussion about the flaws in our electoral system but remember this is not what donald trump is alleging he's not just alleging that there's discrepancies hurting both him and job biden what he's alleging is that there's something like a democratic conspiracy to steal this election from him and on that account there's absolutely no evidence of that michel he's claiming that the fact that it's taking so long to get these votes counted is evidence of some grand conspiracy against him
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what's the real deal behind the time it's taking to get all these votes in the get the results right well the fact that it's taking so long means that the states that are in charge of that though count are taking it seriously and are taking their time and are doing it methodically as state law dictates that's one factor which i'll get back to a 2nd but another big factor is that the pandemic. many many people an unprecedented number of americans decided to vote by mail because they wanted to avoid getting in these long lines exposing themselves to the virus and so we're seeing that these states that already have mail in ballot voting process is in play. yes it might just be they're experiencing greater volume so that's why things are taking so long and this process is it isn't just like pressing a button and it's done there's quite a big process and getting these ballots on. their own lips and counted so it's
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quite a job yeah complicated but they do seem to know what they're doing let's just have a quick listen to something else that dollar from had to say in those statements that statement earlier but i've been talking about mail in voting for a long time it's it's really destroyed our system it's a corrupt system and it makes people corrupt even if they aren't by nature but they become corrupt it's too easy they want to find out how many votes they need and then they seem to be able to find them they wait and wait and then they find. so talking about mail in ballots corrupt how so i guess that word corrupt to saying that the mail in ballot ballots is making these poll workers corrupt that's almost heartbreaking i mean these are people that are trained to go in and process these ballots. it's a bipartisan process so to as on his side call it fraud that he hasn't brought up
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any widespread evidence even really sporadic evidence that there is fraud going on and these mail in ballots again there is a strong verification process in place you have to verify a signature with the signature of this already on line or that's in a book that they're verifying the signatures to there is also a look at the offload is this ripped up or torn. and so really to allege that there's fraud going on that this really is a misrepresentation absolutely and the courts are agreeing with that they've been throwing out actually a lot of these claims of the termination has been filers are going to trump campaign has been filing trying to get some counts stop over to you there are people of course who support all of them who see fraud when there is an actual fraud see corruption when there isn't any actual corruption how are these allegations going down with the american public. well because the
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allegations are not specific it's created an air of mystery around a process that is inherently mysterious there's $140000000.00 ballots being counted in this election and of course not every single ballot can be observed by someone who's curious so there is an air of mystery and of course the voting system could be improved in this country to say that it's perfect would also be false so he's creating an air of mystery that's playing well with his supporters and if his his strategy is to prepare them for a long battle in the courts over the next weeks or months then that's probably working we've already seen people go out in the streets in support of donald trump's message but on the other hand most americans did not vote for donald trump he lost the popular vote by a significant margin and we've also seen evidence that his accusations of fraud are on raging a large portion of the population here we saw protests and portland new york city chicago places in pennsylvania so
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a lot of americans are worried that trump. by claiming that the election is being stolen from him is himself trying to steal the election from joe biden that's right and even polling data that's been coming up the last couple days showing that a wide majority of americans rejecting this idea to claim victory for the results are in including many many many republicans let's throw it over to another quick bite from trump's statement earlier. easily when and if you count the illegal votes they can try to steal. the election from a so if you count the votes that came in late we're looking at them very strongly but a lot of votes came in i've already to say surely one many critical states including massive victories in florida. indiana ohio to name just a few we won these in many of the victors display historic election for a big media big money and big check. i mean what are we to make of this statement i
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mean the facts are so clear the numbers are there we're counting the votes why is trump coming out making this statement. well look william i've been looking into this i want to believe that there's some evidence of of wrongdoing on the democrats' part just the journalist in me wants to know why so many people are believing this narrative but i think what it really comes down to is you're looking at a president who is very well liked by his supporters who is trying to send a message that he's in this fight that he's going to take this to the cords that he's not going to give up without a fight and i think that this narrative is the best that he can come up with right now and there might not be any evidence for it but it might be him saying we're going to take this in the courts and we're not going to give up easy. so. republicans though you know it's not just the party of donald trump as much as sometimes it feels that way there are republican senators other politicians what
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are they saying are they supporting trump and in his efforts here look we're seeing a lot of republicans starting to break with trump i should qualify that not a lot but some republicans are starting to break with trump for example we have former trump a top ally former new jersey governor chris christie he said there is no basis to the argument that there is voter fraud in mail in voting and he says all votes have to be counted and we have a republican maryland governor larry hogan he is a presidential hopeful people are with making whispers about him for 2024 he said there is no defense for the president's comments tonight undermining the democratic process pretty strong words there from a fellow republican and we need to remember that trump is sowing doubt in the count's of states that are run by republicans arizona has a republican governor nevada has a republican secretary of state georgia has a republican governor and secretary of state so i think it is very concerning to
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many republicans from his party to talk about this democratic process is somehow invalid because you know it's for a commander in chief that's very worrisome and a commander in chief who himself used a mail in ballot to vote in this group yes i feel stuck with our u.s. election team here in berlin as if they are do you have your correspondent in our washington studio thank you very much both for being here. now don't forget you can always get either of the units on the go just download our app from google play and from your app store i'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and if you were part of a new story you can always use the interview after send us photos and videos to show us what's happening where you. are watching you know the news all have more headlines on this nail biting us election at the top of the hour so if you want to
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stay tune for that coming up my colleague john i'll do my own. business for more news check out our website at g.w. dot com and of course instagram and twitter actually get your news when blue cross in berlin thanks very much for watching. i'm secure in that my work not hard and in the end this is a me you are not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you that. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers with alliances. what's your story. 'd 'd on what numbers of women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us your story you are trying an old whiz to understand this new
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culture. that the visitor not the guests you want to become citizens. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. on the heels of a presidential election. the world's most powerful central bank says it's standing at the ready to support the u.s. economy at a quote challenging time. also on the show britain's 2nd lockdown is expected to fall especially hard on small businesses pushing many to the brink of closure the bank of england constructing it. and going for gold in turkey as the country's
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a fear of loses its luster. well it's going to do w. business i'm going on in berlin thanks for joining us following its latest policy meeting of the u.s. federal reserve has pledged to use what it calls its full range of tools to shore up the economy fed chair jerome powell also expressed concern about rising coronavirus cases describing the u.s. economy's outlook as extraordinarily uncertain the fed has already spent trillions of dollars this year to prop up the economy powell said more stimulus might be needed in the months ahead. yan's accord to joins us now from new york yes can you tell me what stood out to you there from the fed statement. well maybe let's start what your own paul did not comment on and that was the current political situation what is quite
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understandable but he did hint that more has to be done from the fiscal side meaning the federal reserve can only do so much and tim he actually said there are 2 risk to the economy or the 2 biggest risks that he sees one is that the corona virus gets under control for the 1st time ever on wednesday actually we have more than $100000.00 new cases and then the 2nd is that if congress stays divided that it might get more difficult to get this extra stimulus and that actually co-chaired economic growth and the time to come now you've mentioned it there yes it might be hard to get stimulus through we're looking at what could be a divided house in the u.s. so this means definitely that the fed will have to step in doesn't it. well i mean the federal reserve will step in they will do whatever is in their power but what jerome powell keeps saying is lending is not spending so they can lend money
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or they can bring some liquidity to the market but actually the money that the federal reserve gives is yes it's lending so it has to be repaid at a certain later point i'm so yes it would be crucial to get more of a fiscal stimulus and how likely that is after we know who's going to be the president if the 2 chambers come together if republicans and democrats finally can come to an agreement that is totally out in the air this fight all this however stocks still appear to be on fire what's going on there. all week long and actually we might be approaching or we are playing around was the best week on wall street since april to a quite astonishing and result the uncertainty is so washington is waiting all those battleground states are counting and wall street is celebrating so blue chips
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up by another 500 percent here but not percent points excuse me in the thursday session the nasdaq composite up by more than 2 and a half percent we're toying around with a new all time highs and that despite all this uncertainty yes i know there's a lot of talk was the split congress there might be less tax increases less regulation but on the other side as we just talked about it's also less likely that we will see get more aid for the country and for the economy and then also the coronavirus a virus cases going up approaching record levels so to me it's a mystery why street is celebrating that much a mystery you will continue to plan with many many variables to thank you yes quite a there on wall street for us. as britain locks down again the bank of england is stepping up support for its economy the central bank announced today announced thursday it would wrap up its purchases of government bonds by 150000000000 pelts double fund government stimulus spending keeping businesses in
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business and cash flow going as the coronavirus wreaks havoc on the economy. mandaeans london malaysian restaurant is empty yet again her business barely made it through britain's 1st spring lockdown and its economic aftershocks in recent months her sales were often just 100 pounds a day. the u.k. 2nd lockdown could prove the fatal blow for many small businesses like hers i think this will force thousands of to close. because how can you afford you know to be close for 4 weeks and have no income the streets were empty across london on thursday as bars dine in restaurants and non-essential shops were ordered to shut their doors again for the next 4 weeks. the measures couldn't have come at a worse time for jeanne shu an hour south east london pottery studio she was
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counting on a full schedule of christmas events to revive her business now she's bracing for losses she fears could reach $100000.00 pounds christmas is special in the december is our children of course it is also our sector because we run events based on christmas so it would be the social events on the family polities now they're all no no if you happen to sew for us to do so this is. is a very big loss i will say. even before the new lockdown the u.k. economy was experiencing its steepest contraction on record now economists are bracing for things to get even worse the bank of england forecasts the economy will shrink. 11 percent this year instead of the 9.5 percent previously expected and also warned that a full recovery is years away. let's take a brief look at what else is going on in the business world. general motors says
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demand for its chevrolet and cadillac vehicles is recovering from the pandemic hit the detroit auto maker reported a 72 percent jump in earnings for the 3rd quarter the better than expected results help send g.m. stock price up over 5 percent. has reported a significantly higher 3rd quarter loss than expected the german carrier lost almost 2000000000 euros surpassing analyst estimates the pandemic and travel restrictions have seen ticket sales plummet the airline lost 5600000000 euros in the 1st 9 months of the year. around the world the thirst for gold has been a hallmark of the coronavirus pandemic gold prices soared as parts of the global economy came to a halt and many investors were looking for a safe haven turkey for one has seen a true gold rush w.'s julia hahn reports. everything
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they need to see here is gold and at the moment it's pretty much the only thing selling quickly it's based on whose grand designs. the. gold sellers are among the only businesses to avoid a sale slump through to the pandemic. rather the opposite customers are rushing to their shops. for. most of a county over has been a jeweler here for 30 years he's hardly ever had as much work as in the past few months he says felt sick is what it was when we were opening our shops in the morning because tim is already queuing outside i think one. speak of the gold rush the pandemic has had a huge impact people ask themselves who knows where this is going and what if the money will soon be worthless civil war but it's always been like this in times of
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crisis many people prefer to invest in gold rather than leave their money in the bank account and turkey has been in crisis mode for quite some time now the few can understand the fear by following the exchange rates the turkish lira was under massive pressure even before the coronavirus crisis but since the beginning of the pandemic it has weakened further against the dollar and euro. at the same time the gold price has risen significantly since the beginning of the year still the custom is to come in jewelry bullion coleen's it doesn't matter as long as it's gold so i think you know i don't get savings in turkish lira i always invest in gold and foreign currency. we go for pure gold roll and uncut. republic like keep my gold at home in a safe box under the mattress savings so it was
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a good in all of the i experience estimate to go turks so hoarding at home is worth up to 280000000000 euros equal to almost 40 percent of the country's gross domestic product. and that's a real problem for the turkish economy says analyst. she's also the head alternate when you buy gold you're saving money in an economy savings are usually a channeled into investment is that when you keep your savings under the mattress it's not available to the market as an investment and that actually harms the economy going or negative. but many people's confidence in this economy has been severely shaken due to persistently high inflation rates. currency and the uncertainties of a condemned make was no end in sight and so turkey's new brush likely has a lot longer left to run. and before we let you go we bring you something that's
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been for a bed in for decades until now fashion shows have returned to the sudanese capital khartoum male and female models are strutting their stuff on the runway 6 months after the sudanese toppled islamist president omar al bashir as part of a general easing and social restrictions sudan's interim government has allowed designers to show off their ideas are to me is seeing a cultural renaissance even if these clothes are aimed at the more affluent. and that's all for me at the w. business team here in berlin thank you very much for watching.
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to the point. clear position on the international perspectives. america has followed suit for the outcome of the presidential election is posing more questions than answers. could bring united. reconcile this bitterly divided nation more on to the point i shall play. to the point that there's a right next to the t.w. . session for spectacular pictures.
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we can make a difference by choosing smart new solutions overstrained said in our waste. good morning to those fundamental series imploded from tulsa on the dawn. of. america has voted by the outcome of the presidential election is posing more questions than answers above all who can reunite and reconcile this bit silly divided nation trump will biden can america's next leader heal the country or has the divide between the 2 americas become a base that will finally mark an ends to what was often known as the.


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