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tv   Die Mauer unsere Familie und wir  Deutsche Welle  November 10, 2020 12:03pm-12:46pm CET

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he is hell the so-called m r n a vaccine works genetic information from the corona virus is brought into the human body by our messaging molecule the body then uses it to produce viral proteins against which the immune system forms antibodies those antibodies should then defend against covert 19 the drug may have been developed in mines but the effort to develop a vaccine against cover 19 is truly a global one hundreds of people would be on tecla barger in sao paulo brazil have already received the vaccine and they're just one group of among 44000 volunteers involved in testing worldwide most of the volunteers are in the americas but there are others and europe and africa the company says so far there have been no serious side effects. it's important that we test the vaccine on people from different regions. and different
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ethnic groups. to make sure that any possible side effects don't vary for people with different ancestry. beyond taken pfizer and now planning to apply later this month for emergency use approval in the u.s. even if it all goes well authorities have stressed it's unlikely any vaccine will arrive before the end of the year. and germany's health minister has called the news very encouraging but he also warned against false expectations saying that the vaccine won't be available over night he urged people to remain cautious and keep socially distanced until they finally get vaccinated. knowing that there is a good chance that the next autumn and winter might be considerably better than this year that gives me and i hope gives other germans and europeans optimism confirms us in our approach we must look after one another particularly well this
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november of this winter in general stick to the rules of and on the of to personal and the lake and so out into space is a once in a century kind of situation it's exhausting it's the boreas and it's sometimes hard but knowing that it won't be forever can give us extra strength and support for the current situation. some for you that psyche and let's get more we are joined now by peter crams now director of the institute for tropical medicine at the university hospital in today and he's also leading the clinical trials of a covert 1000 vaccine which is developed by german biotech company sure vaca welcome to the program and thank you so much for joining us i want to talk about the vaccine that you're working to develop but 1st i'd like to get your reaction because we have biotech pfizer saying that they succeeded in reducing the risk of cova 1000 by 90 percent in efficacy study what is your reaction to that.
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gosh you know this is really wonderful these news. and i don't know the press release how it's not seen this side. or any other party commission on this you see these 2 would use condensed in the press release that you know no serious obviously grounds and that the issue because he's 90 percent of it is truly untouched talk with us about now your efforts because we know that you're working with karabakh which has said that it has this experimental vaccine which has triggered an immune response in humans which is now on track to start mass testing this year tell us a little bit more about that effort and about the clarification of efficacy and safety issues and whether you think there might be significant differences in safety between the individual vaccines. it is likely that there will be differences in. using different vaccines especially the
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knife it seems or. axioms compared to protein bar scenes or not in a d.n.a. test axioms this is like egil could there maybe not be differences we should see detente or or out what we considered from our efforts on the n.r.l. they are seen by a few lot to face one trial which finishing in terms of group doing as we speak we have about 280 recruited not to be have just submitted the creation of every summarize board data this shows that we have any better it would hold our ability a good safety profile and the sunni group in the knowledge of this team however at this stage it is very difficult to cope with accidents because you're not using
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rule saying take me for leadership because it is different and beyond take said in a very high so everybody in out needs to be up for 90 percent war if you can see that is just one. so then tell me given what you know at this point why do you think that we will have a vaccine when do you think that we can potentially all that vaccinated. it looks like we have to 1st are seeing. like you or sawing 'd day you're this may well mean now that you're tech scene but the other side was coming up and also our class is already getting results from a soliciting tracey title or so and next month's this might also be better to get
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a. vaccine out as early as later into so i'm very happy about the results from yesterday although it is a competitor it shows us that and not in a box scenes and do good and yes safe and this is just wonderful because then the us and also maybe even compete a very encouraging assessment thank you so much for joining us to share that expertise peter cranz now director of the institute for tropical medicine at the university hospital to again. thank you. so what does all of this need for the business side actually let's bring in seaven beardsley who is joining us here from. break down for us i want to talk about you know the news we've had in the past 24 hours of this you know this 90 percent efficacy vaccine from biotech and pfizer they have a partnership right how how does that work well the sort of biotech 1st biotech is
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a small drug maker out of mines in germany and basically it's owned by a turkish german couple they've had several other patents are their belts they've had a long history 2008 the company was founded and they have a relationship with pfizer they're actually working together on a flu vaccine when the husband. you had in one ear pieces he said does interesting this crowd of ours is now taking off we should work on that he phoned up his connections of pfizer and they immediately agreed as well so what this partnership consists of is the technology that m.r. and a that messenger are in a vehicle that biotech is developing that combines with what pfizer can bring to the table a global drug maker with distribution with sales capabilities and with the resources frankly that a smaller drug maker doesn't have and so together they can hopefully create something that they can then channel throughout the world since even plain language . who owns the drug you mean there's a good question it's incredibly complicated if you actually look at their filings they have a partnership together that is spelled out in pages and pages and pages of very
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thick text what we're talking about is patents and intellectual property rights and so if you look at the basic core technology behind this that messenger in are in a technology that is beyond tech pfizer has a licensing agreement with them to use that and then there are other men and there are other patents and licenses within there but that's really the core the technology belongs to beyond tax but it's license to pfizer it's license to another partner called for soon in china so it's very complicated there's actually patent committees that work on this because that's where the money really comes from now we would all like to think that this is just for the benefit of humanity of course there's there. there's a major profit potential for those who are involved with this 1st of all tell us. what who stands to profit and what could those profits look like and is there a plan for distribution to nations to individuals who might not be able to afford it without that profit possibility than then companies like pfizer beyond have would develop those by one analyst estimates companies like beyond tech pfizer
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could make anywhere from 60 to 80 percent profit margins profit margins on a drug it's hard to say without releasing a cost breakdown what we know is that it's going to sell for about $20.00 a dose 2 doses in a regular regiments about $40.00 a dose per person most people won't see that because governments will pick up the cost in terms of licensing it to other nations there is discussions about what that will look like. there is an international covert vaccine facility that's run by the u.n. some other organizations are working together pfizer beyond tech have said that they are considering how to work with them but there have been no commitments so far so there is an interest will probably see it from other drugmakers as well because there is going to be a lot of pressure in that regard there r.t. has been for organizations like oxfam saying hey you need to bring this down and need to frankly provide it for free that intellectual property is really the profit mechanism for these companies and so without that without the promise that they can make some sort of profit then they're not going to veld drugs like this the question is what is the right kind of profit what is their social responsibility ok
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stephen beardsley joining us from business thank you so much. for a while amid the optimism over a coronavirus vaccine u.s. president elect joe biden is warning the country is still facing a quote very dark winter according to a tally by reuters news agency more people than ever are now hospitalized with colds it in the u.s. biden says that he wants a science led response to the pandemic and he's unveiled a team of public health experts to lead the way. it was only in january this year when the united states registered its 1st 9 corona virus infection now the country has sped past a grim milestone in 10000000 confirmed cases. president elect joe biden says the pandemic will be the priority of his new administration he spent the day showing off his newly announced coronavirus task force to advise how
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to get the virus on the control. of this group will wise ditto plants built on a bedrock of science and we keep compassion empathy and care for every american added score making a rapid testing widely available. he stressed the importance of moscow wearing a measure that many countries have adopted but that's become highly politicized especially in the u.s. . this time in the politicization of basic responsible public health steps like mask and social distancing we have to come together to heal the soul of this country so that we can effectively address this crisis as one country. botton won't officially take hold of the leaves of power until january but many in the us a get to see more leadership on the issue.
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program. start doing. current government doing for. the outgoing president donald trump didn't address the new case milestone as this administration faces another outbreak of infections in its own ranks housing secretary ben carson and chief of staff mark meadows among them. with news of a vaccine on the horizon health experts in the u.s. have urged people not to grow complacent warning that vigilance will be required for many more months. and that's a look at some other news stories from around the world longtime spokes person and veteran peace negotiator for the palestinians side eric cat has died at the age of
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65 following complications related to cope at 19 he had been hospitalized last month for treatment after a condition deteriorated palestinian president mahmoud abbas said that he declared a 3 day mourning period it's. u.s. attorney general bill barr has authorized federal prosecutors to look into allegations of voting irregularities in the presidential election it is the 1st time that he's addressed president donald trump's repeated and unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud since last week's election one by democrat joe biden. u.s. president donald trump has fired his defense secretary mark asked for presidents who win reelection often replace cabinet members but losing presidents have generally kept their pentagon chiefs in place until leaving office esper anchored trump this summer when he opposed the use of military the military to quell black lives matter protests. cities in florida are cleaning up after tropical storm
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flooded entire neighborhoods. forecasters say that it could really intensify as it moves up the southwest gulf coast at a struck central america last week as a hurricane authorities in honduras have doubled the country's death toll to at least 57. there have been scenes of celebration in azerbaijan and protests in armenia after the 2 countries agreed to stop fighting over the disputed territory of nagorno-karabakh the russian brokered deal allows azerbaijan to keep its territorial games at least a 1000 people have been killed since the longstanding conflict erupted again in september russia mediated the cease fire which moscow says will enable a permanent end to the bloodshed. thousands of armenians demonstrated outside government headquarters in the capital yerevan to show their displeasure over the
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country's peace deal with azerbaijan that also includes russia as a peacekeeper hundreds of the protesters actually made it inside the government building where they were also able to ransack some of the offices just earlier armenian prime minister nicole pushing the un had released a statement on social media saying that he had signed a declaration with the presidents of russia and azerbaijan to end the war he also called the decision incredibly painful both for him and his people he said the decision was based on what he called a deep analysis of the combat situation he called it the best possible and. russian president vladimir putin also announced the end of hostilities and cited russia's role in the agreement. as the republics of azerbaijan and armenia are to stop at the positions they have taken peacekeeping forces of russia are being set up along the line of contact in
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the corner and along the corridor connecting nagorno-karabakh with the republic of armenia. during 6 weeks of fighting as are by shanny forces had been making steady inroads into nagorno-karabakh they claimed that they had taken many settlements but armenia disputes that the region had been in armenian hands since it won a war with us or by john in 1904 the territories also mainly inhabited by armenians azerbaijan claims it has always been an integra part of its country. and then on monday a russian military helicopter at the russian base in armenia was shot down killing both occupants azerbaijan said it was responsible and that it had made a mistake russia has relationships with both countries however it's still not clear whether the downing of the helicopter had played a major role in the sudden peace agreement and let's have more now we are joined by
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day that he is yulia han in istanbul you're even a shadow has a view from moscow and yulia i'd like to begin with you because you've been covering the conflict you were recently in azerbaijan how significant is the ceasefire especially given the test territorial gains on the part of us afresh on. when we look at the images coming in right now from by john we see people celebrating on the streets waving flags driving around in motorcades and these people are not celebrating another cease fire agreement they are celebrating victory and this is how it's being sold by the leadership in baku the message here is we won and this is because under this new deal by john can keep the area as it has right now under its control so including the areas it has gained over the past week so most importantly maybe the town of show in the
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cold should she in armenian language it's a very strategic location and we heard president. by john talking last night and he said the armenian prime minister had no other option then to sign this deal and i quote to mr lee if here he said it was essentially a copy to lation. we want to get the reaction also from our ask you about that in just a moment but 1st yuri i know you're going to talk about the the wider regional view especially as you're sitting in moscow right now because we know that armenia has a defense deal with russia azerbaijan meantime strongly backed by turkey given all of that what is the view from moscow today. also russia has conceded to your south doesn't protect all of armenia but in reality moscow refused for a long time to do anything specific in this conflict and this let's say reluctant
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position was obviously undermined has obviously undermined russia's prestige in the eyes of potential partners and allies so that russia now seems to change it yes that they will play peace talks in moscow in the recent weeks of that and that with a peace deal but that the deal was broken just allies of the signing of the signing and brought no peace as we know russia's obvious in action culminated in a letter. that the prime minister and he called russian young girl to a few weeks ago asking the russian president to finally decide what kind of concrete and russia is going to offer a shoot to the conflict escalate further even back then this was a clear sign signal that armenia didn't didn't feel well enough protected by russia which moscow now is likely to change trying to be at peacekeeping in the region indeed armenia has been a difficult position throughout especially because now azerbaijan is saying that turkey will play a role in the so-called peace keeping process yulia i'll turn to you now will the
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armenians really accept that. well right now turkey's role in this so-called peacekeeping process is somewhat ambiguous we don't know what kind of a role we are talking about but i guess it's safe to assume that any kind of turkish presence in the area is a very very painful to accept for many armenians but azerbaijan that has been pushing for this for stronger turkish and woman when it comes to the future of nagorno-karabakh turkey as of john's most important support especially militarily they have been providing the as ery army without weapons and training and my impression is that this has really edged the leadership in on to continue with their military operation in the corner in the past week so it's hardly surprising azerbaijan is pushing for turkey to get involved and it's hardly surprising to see
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the reactions here from turkish high ranking officials the foreign minister for example today hailed the latest developments as a significant gain so turkey too is framing this as a success as a victory for azerbaijan and turkey yury meantime a really big part of this deal and this is something that we have not seen before this is a big 1st russian peacekeepers will be deployed to this region just to walk us through how big a deal this is strategically for moscow welfare and seem so and russia indeed is going to send about 2000 peacekeepers a lot of armored vehicles lots of special equipment and a lot of ground for the next 5 years that sounds like a really big deal but don't forget that russia already has a military pact with armenia and a military base in the country and to know russia just finally seems to wake up so to say and to do something concrete militarily in this conflict.
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i'd also like to ask you because there have already been 3 attempts at a truce here since this conflict escalated in the late summer early fall all have failed what are the prospects not only that this cease fire holds but also that there is a longer term peace reached between these 2 sides. i think this time the circumstances are different and everything happened really fast since last night and as we hear hundreds of russian troops so-called peacekeepers already being deployed to so new facts are being created on the ground right now so the last 3 attempts at a cease fire were actually brokered by the so-called minsk group that is part of the organization for security and cooperation in europe and this means quote consists of russia but also france and the united states these 2 players the 2
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western players seem to be out of the pictures and out of the picture now so now it's basically russia and turkey it's also going to be interesting to see. how the situation in armenia develops we see that many people are extremely frustrated with the developments are angry are protesting are demanding prime minister to step down so you have the very different emotions here right now victory on the azerbaijani side but anger and frustration on the armenian side. with the view from istanbul yury were shadow in moscow thank you so much to both of you. this is d. w. news live from berlin a quick reminder of our top story drug makers pfizer and biotech have announced an experimental vaccine that they say is more than 90 percent of affective and preventing covert 19 no serious safety concerns arose during clinical trials pfizer
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hopes to make enough doses to immunize 15 to 20000000 people by the end of the year . next sunday and over here news it is kick off coming up a with a look back at match day 7 in the 4 dislike of i'm sorry kelly in berlin thanks for watching.
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because. scott's playing and tom. says i'm sorry. bill clinton imperiling. blows off the pits
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installers to place. the. traumatic scenes of the gates of europe. levanon freefall. even before the devastating explosion at the port of beirut the country was in the midst of the most serious crisis more and more young people are asking themselves whether they have a future there. should they give up. 5. 160 minutes on t w. the missionary and a pragmatist a diplomat who always get straight to the point. the good to institute's
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outgoing director close to tell a man. will look at his final year in office and his impressive career. limiting the last cultural diplomatic starts nov 16th on d w. c . all eyes were on one match and one match only this weekend versus buying and points and occupying the talk to spots headed into the weekend gemini's biggest teams in
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the town to decide that one disease is the best if. you don't win make them work for it but it ended the same way the last full classic has happened still just because by an attack on top of the league doesn't mean there isn't a team's a playful. just as 1st and 2nd place met to determine the league's best we have a slightly less easy on the eyes encountered to determine the league's was something minds and shall stand 2nd to last headed into the weekend jewels in the ultimate basement battle. and there's a cause of excitement between the league's top bullshit stories like we'll win but live to his beat down of bielefeld proves that quietly one of the league's best what's the plucky little sign secrets to little. gather around to only listen up we've got plenty to see this week on kickoff but
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we'll start with what we've told been waiting all day classic. top billing of the weekend obviously went to vs by munich it's very important because it's 2 best teams in the bundesliga are. playing against each other with fine in such imperious form this year will be stretched to the limits to match them up against the best forward line possibly the universe and spearheaded by a man who now has a fitting nickname. liver. he's far from the only source of goals fine have the luxury of starting the likes of live on the bench. where their rivals foursome credential. this the best team in the world says the 2nd best striker in the bundesliga playing for 2nd best team dortmund have
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a chance for games fi and. we've gotten used to finding fast out of the blocks and in the very 1st minutes an eagle levon dusky nick the ball off the boot assess can operate. the side netting. it was dormant who brought the pole to germany back in 2010 as well as other budding stars most recently eleanor hall and he showed his class plenty of times on saturday but likewise wasted his 1st chance 20 minutes it . was some might also call the classic or a clash of the strikers but that would be unfair to players who often start at goal scoring moves in this case it was center back jerome boateng who found he has become all in midfield the frenchman releasing says can operate on the left flank a clinical cross and a clinical finish 11 goal scheme. i slipped into purgative team goal except for the score being spotted offside nil nil it remains.
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high and success comes from being a well oiled machine where every called counts on saturday goes away kimmage through a potential spanner in the works by fouling holland and in the process tearing his ministers he'll be out to january at least. one for that's on an injury like that is a big blow he's a really important player for the teams really all forms of munch off came a painful departure left dortmund more space and scope in midfield and just before half time marco roy's put the hosts in front i. rafael guerrero drilled the ball into the center of the high. dorman showed at their best they can beat the best a great end to the 1st half. except for a free kick awarded to bind in the 3rd minute at a time nice to be struck by a love. for the deflection off the back of thomas mooney
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a prove decisive. with unable to even hold on until half time it was now by him with a psychological advantage and 2 minutes after the restarts. i find where the head 11 dosti beating much homo's to attention crossed from a look at san andreas. normally bind with them put the games a bed has come all came within inches of doing shortly afterwards but dormant and especially hole and remains dangerous unfortunately for them one of their main flaws is still failing to capitalize on their chances. to score more and. then on this level if we don't put our chances we will not win sure enough people who do win look like us senate. september 20 minutes left it didn't take him long to leave his mark on the game. but. 3 what
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by. it now look like a daunting task for the men's but the game was far from over. with garo looping the ball over the top of a high by in line still had lots of work to do but he did it in style i don't reckon this contest had yet to be decided. the deficit was back to just one thanks also to care a 2nd assist which poland scooped out of the strike. and dortmund almost saw things swing back in their favor euro. which in a week you cross the aisle at the feet of marco royce only volley the bar. top spy and have that extra bits of mental metal by the way it was another big chance gone begging for the hosts. i'm a frustrating night for a very good dortmund side who were left to rue their missed chances and as the
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clock ticked down it was the visitors who were closer to getting the ball in the nets again. after coincidentally so if it was blocked 11 dusk you saw his shot deflected in. i but here again celebrations were short lives. and again due to an off cycle. so what would a missing on saturday perhaps the home support perhaps a bit of luck. 3 to attend the school and probably a fair reflection of events on the pitch. but. some positives to take. on this is a really good performance we had
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a lot of chances and we might just of. a classic at the lived up to its billing even if not everyone was happy. what did fans watching the game around the world make it. last but still enjoyed rave reviews around the world. delicious finish let manuel neuer and this american observer stunned. the team's following in lebanon highlighted another man guerrero 1st impressive passing rate and other stats. not that this buying fan cares with an injured alfonzo davey is proving just as entertaining as the game and result itself. with 17 goals in 13 games 11 dosti revels in scoring against his former club a pretty mean ex find this fan in indonesia. this year one reckons the 11 dusky
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is immune to injury and the coronavirus i was born to bring misery to his fellow dortmund fans. and that frustration is also apparent in puerto rico where this supporter questions the commitment of news yeah. as for kim's injury he gets little sympathy from britain's match and now we move on. from the battle of the best the battle of the west last place versus 2nd last minute. folks is still without a win this season but hill is really the worst of the 2 let's find out. at 1st it looks to be shall pass my t.n. a stance which recklessly floored you on a tan book caught in the royal blues props. down elbrus since he converted from the spot without any hesitation in the 6 minutes relief the minds coaching and mohit
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slipped him meanwhile shall cause still needed a whole different outlook to wrap their head around the situation. you have to look at it like we are babies without did so without hair and makeup and they buy there you are getting some clothes and at least i will be a. source of so i think. they tried their best to take some baby steps kuwait's but still not a silly disorientate in front of might. they got in their own way wasted chances didn't know which way to turn they simply had. nothing to account for their show. luckily for shelter their minds didn't look any better their midfield could barely string together if you could hear which passes which team was worse than the other was still hard to tell.
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until finally in the 36 minute another found force tension among stunning free kick goals shows that there's still some good footballers on the pitch one hole and a rare moment of joy for shocker. rather than scoring from open play both sides were night of pounce and penalties to get ahead and shortly before the break joe felipe matic was brought to the ground next at the other end. stepped up himself converted the penalty for his false goal of the season 21 minds. still neither mind snow shall karela deserved to win and so it was fitting that again shouted did eventually find the equaliser through and goal. jeremy assigned joost turned the ball into his own net with 8 minutes from time the
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battle of the worst ended to roll so he was the best of the bad bunch depends who you ask although respect their minds but they just get the ball away and they score they scored 2 goals with penalties that you really need the boys at heart they are leading to one of the boys will be a bit more president around the box we should say aggressive but we were avoiding to make mistakes and i think that's what happened with the pressure the 2nd. that there's a lot of. so in the end this match didn't really answer a question of who is the worst current team. but whether it's minds or shall cut what still. all the other clubs and many are ahead of the state. and most of them are coming up next in our compact section. of. revolution label whose inverses goals goodloe last in
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gold started things off with a penalty kick in the 18th minutes one nil for the full. leverkusen lucas laurie responded shortly thereafter so it's hard to love 10. but then she will scored again to retake the lead just minutes later. we are then going to school a 2nd time to to make it to all just before half time. in the 2nd half liberty is about flying with lee on bailey making it 32 to finally take the lead. and his team break from gobbling up then followed the top $42.00. in the dying seconds glovebox valentino lazzaro called one back with an amazing story being kicked but it wasn't enough labor cruising took so much for free.
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has long been in desperate need of a victory getting into their away game against graeme and they haven't won in their last 16 matches and to make matters worse the billy goats lost their starting goalkeeper team owen in the 48 minutes after this collision with braman forward just she was so intent diagnosis hip injury. after a school is 1st tough though cologne had high hopes up to taking the lead in the 67 minutes thanks to an own goal by braman captain make this morning. but the euphoria didn't last long graeme and were later awarded a penalty shot for a. handball in polite response and leonardo became court make no mistake from the spot for the one all final. leipsic goalkeeper and hunk gary international peace agreed that she was to have a fairly easy day on the job against a lot of the freiberg. his team mates made it easy for him as they poured on the
12:45 pm
pressure against the visitors freiburg at their own heart for much of the game it paid off in the 26th minute when people you know cannot say connected with the one . double the score the 69th minute from the penalty spot. a few minutes later the lights to keep a show he's worth 2 by making a big say from a dangerous corner on a rare freiburg for a. teammate and then finished off one minute from regulation time with a dreamy free kick the final score 3 nil at leipsic continue their march towards the top fiber have failed to win since the match they. had to berlin coach who know i was hopeful that this is what she would be his 100th win.


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