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tv   Precht  Deutsche Welle  November 10, 2020 1:00pm-1:45pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin the world welcomes the news of a coronavirus vaccine that appears to work safely but my reaction of course was like at the end of the tunnel. a shot of hope that is 90 percent effective we will see how germany's biotech and u.s. pharma giant pfizer have people in vision into life after coated clubs the palestinian people mourn the deaths of erekat he was an architect of the 2 state solution with israel 2 that botched the dream of palestinian statehood crumble and
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i was a bridge on celebrates a truce that steals its gains from the disputed fighting over newborn o'connor abbas while in armenia people stormed parliament demanding resignations after the prime minister accepted to deals tough chart. and as things go downhill for amusement parks because of the coronavirus in japan one venue is mixing pleasure with poor. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program leaders in science and politics have been welcoming the news of a coronavirus vaccine that reportedly works and does so safely germany is biotech and u.s. drug maker pfizer announced their experimental vaccine is more than 90 percent
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effective in clinical trials but if health authorities give the green light it could be rolled out in limited quantities by the end of this year. it's somehow fitting that beyond takes headquarters in the german city of mines is located on a street called at the gold mine because the german biotechnology company along with its american partner pfizer just may have struck it big. as the results are showing that after an interim evaluation the vaccine is able to prevent infection with over 90 percent probability. so. if the results are confirmed the vaccine would be a major breakthrough in the fight against covert 19 researchers were delighted with the initial results for me to see this is been the best news that we've heard out of the medical industry since the pandemic began. these vaccines are of course being developed a very quickly at the moment but we've had
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a considerable group of people who have now been vaccinated and they're showing significant side effects this is something that gives us hope because he has held the so-called m r and a vaccine works genetic information from the corona virus is brought into the human body via messaging molecule the body then uses it to produce viral proteins against which the immune system forms antibodies those antibodies should then defend against covert 19 the drug may have been developed in mines but the effort to develop the vaccine against covered 19 is a truly global one hundreds of people would be on take laboratory in sao paulo brazil have already received the vaccine and they're just one group of among 44000 volunteers involved in testing worldwide most of the volunteers are in the americas but there are others in europe and africa the company says so far there have been no serious side effects. it's
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a species. it's important that we test the vaccine on people from different regions. and different ethnic groups. to make sure that any possible side effects don't vary for people with different ancestry. beyond taken 5 and now planning to apply later this month for emergency use approval in the u.s. even if it all goes well authorities have stressed it's unlikely any vaccine will arrive before the end of the year. while germany's health minister has called the news very encouraging but spahn also warned against false expectations saying that the vaccine will not be available over night he urged people to remain cautious and to keep socially distanced until they finally get a vaccine so this knowing that there is a good chance that their next autumn winter might be considerably better than this
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year that gives me and i hope gives other germans and europeans optimism that confirms us in our approach we must look after one another particularly well this november on this winter in general stick to the rules of and on the off to personal . space is a once in a century kind of situation it's exhausting it's the boreas and it's sometimes hard but knowing that it won't be forever can give us extra strength and support for the current situation and understood some for the time that was germany's health minister let's bring in now debbie is derek williams from d.w. science who has been following all of this for us derek how optimistic should we be about all of this and how close could everyone be to returning to some sort of normal life. well it's obvious that the news is is very good news and it's important to say everybody keeps saying too that these are
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interim results and of course it's you know these are interim results that were reported by the a company and a press release so you have to take that into consideration we still have to look at the data other scientists have to look at the data but that said there's it looks very very good if it ends up holding water. very large scale study afic a c. is then one of the big questions 90 percent a sick a c. is way way more than and then they were hoping for a set sort of a bottom bottom rung of about 50 percent efficiency and so 90 percent is a big great news so what exactly does that mean the dark 90 percent effective. they they give they've basically in these large scale phase 3 trials they they they give cohorts tens of thousands of people as we heard 44000 people in this particular case are taking part in the trial and half of them have been given the vaccine and the other half and get enough of cboe now neither they know nor of the
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doctors that have given it to them know which one they got and it's specific times during that during during the trial they stop and they look and see how many people have become infected at this particular point it was it's $9494.00 people out of both of those correlates cohorts have become infected with copd at 19 and they basically a 3rd party and independent review board looked at the information on how many of those patients were from the cohort that got the placebo and how many were from the cohort that got the vaccine and basically they're saying 9 in 10 of those people who got it were from the placebo cohort so that means that less than 10 or less than 9 of the people out of those 94 who got the work people who got the vaccine so that's where that 90 percent number comes from which means that that is the fear is to be a very very strong and call it a very strong and powerful immune response in the people who get it while it sounds like encouraging news derek but i mean there are so many hurdles of course ahead so
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let's talk a little bit about that i mean you know 1st we have to learn more about this vaccine that would need to be produced distributed and significant quantities and then people need to be convinced to take it alternately what is being done right now globally to ensure that a vaccine is effective and safe so that people indeed do trust it. well these these trials i mean that's the 2nd you mentioned save safety is the 2nd aspect of these large trades phase 3 trials they are. world wide they've been following this isn't the 1st large or this isn't the 1st trial that this that this vaccine has gone through it's been going through a series of smaller ones before hand that have been looking at that looked very closely at whether or not getting this vaccine was putting people in danger and so far the results have shown that yes that can there can be some fairly mild side of fact some some things aching joints and shivering episodes there are some mild side
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effects but so far according to the data that they that they provided there haven't been major side effects and so that in the long term benefits obviously of about see. would far outweigh any any small side effects so it looks to be fairly safe but they're they're still waiting on that that's the next big hurdle that has to be cleared but stuxnet hopefully in about 3 weeks by the end of november we're we're going to hear more information about the safety but so far it seems to look ok so that's safety on the how about production and distribution any any sort of guess any sort of potential timeline just briefly mo they're saying they're saying up to you know there could be they could be vaccinating people by the end of your a few know young that expected to be next year they said that they could get up to $1300000000.00 is so possibly half a 1000000000 people could get vaccinated by possibly sometime next year it's not the end of the race but it brings possibly the end of the race inside really interesting stuff derek williams from data via science as always breaking it all
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down for us and i know that you're going to have more for our viewers who are interested and that is part of our cove $819.00 special that people can watch on youtube. keep on the meantime in other news long time spokesperson and veteran peace negotiator for the palestinian side erekat has died at the age of 65 following complications related to cope at 19 he had been hospitalized last month for treatment after his condition deteriorated palestinian president mahmoud abbas has described the passing of a brother and a friend as a huge loss for palestine and our people abbas has declared a 3 day mourning period more. and let's bring in sami suckle who is joining us now with the view from jerusalem how was he to be remembered by the palestinians and also on the other side of the negotiating table in israel. well
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a sagarika that doesn't mean the negotiator of the palestinians and he's more than anyone else. with negotiations with the israelis and with the whole peace process and of course the oslo process so if we look back at 91 through on who was the deputy head of the delegation to the drift talks and then in $95.00 the south will be israelis to and formulate the interim agreement which brought about the totally that we have today the self ruling that we have in the 'd in the west bank and you went on and on with negotiations and you can see that at times that the whole process of negotiations did not make any progress when we see the growth of the settlements throughout the west bank and many palestinians today's feel that the whole process has failed and so a lot of it is also associated with inside every cot so he's been respected for
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standing up for the palestinian cause but also as a person who did not succeed him. to the palestinians their yearning for ending the pendergast palestinian state i can tell you the israeli negotiators they all the israelis who have been in contact with over the years they they they liked him even though they disagreed with him even though they argued with him he was a very likable person and you know the kinds of things that we've been hearing so except for some more right wing grows something extreme is who have not been part of the to go see a show and process and who are just watching from the outside and from these there are these circles we've heard even today some people celebrating there the passes away of said i thought otherwise the journalists who've met him and he's someone who's been meeting journalists over the years there is
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a lot of sympathy i would say to disperse a and it's bad it is seen as a tragedy not only for him but for the palestinian people he recently tested positive for cocaine 1000 as we mentioned he was ill for a few weeks he was admitted to a hospital in jerusalem a created some controversy what do we know about the circumstances of his illness. well through a lung transplant 2 years ago it was shitty was supposed to be the lung transplant in israel there was a position he had to go to the united states he went through this lung transplant in the united states now naturally because of his lung transplant the culprit when it hit him he was he immediately the situation deteriorated he came to the hospital right behind me over here he came when his situation was really critical and for the last 3 weeks they've been fighting for his life. but the
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situation was it was very bad in the report that i got your hospital and they write that it's a bug you all gain if sadia. so this is this is the medical situation. sami asako with the view from jerusalem and as we have mentioned there are side erekat dead at the age of 65 complications related to cope with 95. let's have a look at some other stories making news around the world he was attorney general bill barr has authorized federal prosecutors to look into allegations of voting irregularities in the presidential election it's the 1st time that he addressed president donald trump's repeated and unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud since last week's election won by democrat joe biden. cities across florida are cleaning up after tropical storm at a flooded entire neighborhoods forecasters say it could rain intensify as it moves
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up the southwest gulf coast it struck central america last week as a hurricane authorities and honduras have doubled the country's death toll to have these 57. there have been scenes of celebration in azerbaijan and protests in armenia after the 2 countries agreed to stop fighting over the speeded rear region of garneau car buffs the russian brokered deal allows azerbaijan to keep its territorial games at least a 1000 people have been killed since the longstanding conflict erupted again in september russia mediated the cease fire with moscow says will enable a permanent end to the pla ted. was a peace deal signed but this was the reaction in armenia. i am god the protesters storming the parliament building in get about demanding prime
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minister nicole resign the several government offices were ransacked and the local media report the parliamentary speaker was attacked and beaten. was the prime minister pushing the uncalled for calm and said it had been easy to agree a deal. i saw. the decision has been taken as the result of analysis of the military situation and based on the assessments of the people who are the most familiar with the military situation is one of those. during 6 weeks of fighting azerbaijani forces made steady inroads into going to cut a buck and on sunday officials said they'd taken the key city of shusha we're not going to cut it back has been meaning in hand since it won the war with azerbaijan
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in 1994 most of the people who leave their ethnic maney and but on the international law it is part of azerbaijan. both russia and turkey wield huge influence in the region and both will send peacekeeping forces as part of the deal. the republics of azerbaijan and armenia are to stop at the positions they have taken peacekeeping forces of russia are being set up along the line of contact in the corner car back and along the corridor connecting our growing our car back with the republic of armenia. in baku the capital of us about john the deal was hailed as a victory. good imo most are now cut a buck is liberated nation is liberated thank you for today god bless you will i 70 words in my heart that i don't know what to say. 3
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ceasefires he knew going to cut about have failed since fighting erupted in september and he hopes to still will finally bring peace to a troubled region. and let's get more now we are joined by do you leon and stumble your evil shadow has a few from moscow and yulia i'd like to begin with you because you've been covering the conflict you were recently in azerbaijan how significant is this ceasefire especially given the test territorial gains on the part of us afresh on. when we look at the images coming in right now from by john we see people celebrating on the streets waving flags driving around in motorcades and these people are not celebrating another cease fire agreement they are celebrating a victory and this is how it's being sold by the leadership in baku the message here is we won and this is because under this new deal by john can keep the
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area as it has right now under its control so including the areas it has gained over the past week so most importantly maybe the town of that show in the borno car about cold shows she in armenian language it's a very strategic location and we heard the president. by john talking last night and he said the armenian prime minister had no other option then to sign this deal and i quote him is to leave here he said it was essentially a copy to lation. we want to get the reaction also from armenia ask you about that in just a moment but 1st yuri i know you're going to talk about the the wider regional view especially as you're sitting in moscow right now because we know that armenia has a defense deal with russia azerbaijan meantime strongly backed by turkey given all of that what is the view from moscow today. well sarah rushes can see that as your
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sad doesn't protect all of our media but in reality moscow refused for a long time to do anything specific in this conflict and this let's say reluctant position was obviously undermined has obviously undermined russia's prestige in the eyes of potential partners and allies so that russia now seems to change it yes that that will play peace talks in moscow in the recent weeks of that and that with a peace deal but that the deal was broken just allies after signing off the signing and brought no peace as we know russia's obvious in action culminated in a later letter that the prime minister and he called russian young girl to a few weeks ago asking the russian president to finally decide what kind of concrete and 8 russia is going to offer a shoot to the conflict as a lead for the even back then this was a clear sign signal that armenia didn't didn't feel well enough protected by russia which moscow now is likely to change trying to be at peace keeping in the region
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indeed armenia has been a difficult position throughout especially because now azerbaijan is saying that turkey will play a role in the so-called peacekeeping process yulia i'll turn to you now will the armenians really accept that. well right now turkey's role in this so-called peacekeeping process is somewhat ambiguous we don't know what kind of a role we are talking about but i guess it's safe to assume that any kind of turkish presence in the area is a very very painful to accept for many armenians but azerbaijan that has been pushing for this for stronger turkish and woman when it comes to the future of nagorno-karabakh turkey as of john's most important support especially militarily they have been providing the azeri army without weapons and training and my impression is that this has really edged the leadership in on to continue with
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their military operation in the corner in the past week so it's hardly surprising as i john is pushing for turkey to get involved and it's hardly surprising to see the reactions here from turkish high ranking officials the foreign minister for example today hailed the latest developments as a significant gain so turkey too is framing this as a success as a victory for azerbaijan and turkey yury meantime a really big part of this deal and this is something that we have not seen before this is a big 1st russian peacekeepers will be deployed to this region just walk us through how big a deal this is strategically for moscow welfare and seem so and russia indeed is going to send about 2000 peacekeepers a lot of armored vehicles lots of special equipment and a lot of ground for the next 5 years that sounds like a really big deal but don't forget that russia already has a military
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a pact with armenia and a military base in the country and an old russia just finally seems to wake up so to say and to do something called group militarily in this conflict. i'd also like to ask you because there have already been 3 attempts of a truce here since this conflict escalated in the late summer early fall all have failed what are the prospects not only that this cease fire holds but also that there is a longer term peace reached between these 2 sides well i think this time the circumstances are different and everything happened really fast since last night and as we hear hundreds of russian troops so-called peacekeepers are already being deployed to so new facts are being created on the ground right now so the last 3 attempts at
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a ceasefire were actually brokered by the so-called minsk group that is part of the organization for security and cooperation in europe and this minsk or consists of russia but also france and the united states these 2 players the 2 western players seem to be out of the pictures or out of the picture now so now it's basically russia and turkey it's also going to be interesting to see. how the situation in armenia develops we see that many people are extremely frustrated with the developments are angry are protesting are demanding prime minister pushing us to step down so you have the very different emotions here right now victory on the azerbaijanis side but anger and frustration on the armenian side. with the view from istanbul your ear shadow in moscow thank you so much to both of you. well the pandemic has meant that so many places we go to have forth to have fun
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have been forced to close unfortunately that includes amusement parks around the world many have sat empty but one park in japan has come up with a model a new business model that offers a combination of play and work. things have been going downhill for quite a while at yomiuri land the number of visitors has hit a record low since the pandemic struck but the theme park hopes to turn things around with a pivot to office space. can do gun you know you got a little change to my mood i think anyone who works at the same place every day will run out of ideas a bench really. instead of working from home this i t consultant can now work poolside. for 15 years the day he gets electricity wife and loads of sunshine. c.d.'s it's strange but i can
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actually concentrate here better than i thought through the cuter q.s. must. be only jury then used to be one of japan's most popular theme parks but it had been losing to strong competitors such as tokyo's disneyland change was essential for survival in the pandemic struck prompting the 50 year old park to get creative. secada decides to work on a ferris wheel today he can sit and roller coasters instead but that's just too impractical. it wheel is perfect for video conferences it's quiet and has an unbeatable view sure. to show through the confusion if it is that. whether you're working near the pool or in a ferris wheel the noise level is surprisingly low and other people's conversations aren't distress. the mechanical noises don't bother me either i didn't expect that it's really nice. we need is. for theme parks like yomiuri land the
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pandemic poses a big challenge but thanks to adventurous office workers things may be looking up again. up next on a w. it is close up with a closer look at the political crisis in lebanon i'm sorry kelly in berlin thank you so much for watching.
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dramatic scenes at the gates of europe. even before the devastating explosion at the port of beirut the country was in the midst of a serious crisis much more and more now on. whether they have a future there. should they give up the fight. next on d. w. .
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give us your country people oil will make you rich. people oil will provide you with jobs. the oil will take good care of my future used a big. oil fever took hold on the west coast of qana in 2007 investors made big promises. but years later reality looks very different. litter features. good drinking water shortage. unemployment. that is a big political movement just david and not
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a trace of oil money to be found what happens to run a stream of black gold. oil thomas' starts december 4th. most. people in my generation are all moving with no exception because there's nothing left here among. oz. stay or go give up or fight in lebanon still be saved in my opinion this bomb is just back human race. corruption through the decades that go up in our face.
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so long as mentioned as long as there are people who believe that lebanon will survive until they're fighting for its survival then i believe lebanon can survive . hussein is a lawyer by profession saving levanon is his vocation. event. but it's going to be the toughest case of his life his country is on its needs. we were not just in crisis we were in a total collapse you know everything in this country had already collapse not just economically even the social fabric of the society had collapsed.
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beirut is in ruins. not only because of the explosion at the port on august the 4th of this year which killed almost $200.00 people and made around 300000 homeless. 'd 'd the lebanese economy is also on its knees. the country has been on the brink of collapse for months were it not for a few determined people taking matters into their own hands the country would long be dat. under. your thumb down there hussein and his fiance nor want to bring their city back to life they are coordinating everything with fellow volunteers from 1st aid to the rebel brigades who are clearing up the debris. there. and. the 1st couple of hours. to look for things we saw bodies in the streets we saw people all body dump we took
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them to the hospital then we decided that the government began it will be absent it will not be here so we took matters into our own hands when i. knew about some has been distributing food since the blast for 9 years the 29 year old has been working for various n.g.o.s in the environmental sector her experience is that the state is often absent and it was no different after the explosion hardly any lebanese politician showed their faces if you want to survive in lebanon you have to look after yourself maybe i'm than i am now maybe i don't feel much deep in fact it's great so much and because we're working and we're active and we don't feel it but they can. see it's raining we are in the north and hussein are gearing up to fight the country's political elite. the lebanese constitution guarantees government positions to christians shias and sunnis those in power have been exploiting the
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system for decades to ruthlessly plunder the country. that hussein wants to use the opportunity of a u.s. envoys visit to prevent corrupt politicians from getting their hands on emergency aid from the west mr hale as we had only had to mr hale we have 2 words he shouts to the u.s. envoy. 6 don't bail them out don't give them a lifeline was. 6 for the activists this is just the beginning they are aiming to realign the country's political system lebannon needs a reboot. we want to transform society because society here is not actually in unison it's not one society it's a multitude of small societies. god has been bred on the fear of author so i'm a she offered so we have 2 days there you have christians there for me like for
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example breast decade this sunday was kind of an enemy you know i mean he's there to come and take what i have and for him it's the same thing before the of the christians are the most and the same thing and the rulers they figured all of this they feed off of fear from the other. 30 year old hussein believes that it is not yet too late but many of his compatriots want something completely different they want to get out of the country as soon as they can. tripoli around an hour north of beirut. electro d.j. john has had enough and is taking on. his next album will come out in london.
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he has already moved out of his flat in beirut and together with his girlfriend lily a russian film producer he's living with his parents until his flight leaves for europe. mom living and basically moving because we lost hope in the country and. i got the chance to apply to the u.k. made with kind of life it's turned us down altogether because of threats. like instability and like difficult things having financing my in my personal projects and all that stuff. for months he's been plowing through british red tape with lily as support. it's increasingly difficult for lebanese to get a western visa the demand is too high. because so many people want to leave but john got an artist's visa which entitles him to apply for british citizenship in 3
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years now this closet is more important than anything else. things out so there's not only the class this is my way i. like all lebanese until he leaves john will have to struggle with the collapsing economy he still has a few dollars left but hard currency is in increasingly short supply it's becoming hard for pigeons to change my appropriately because the rates you know now if you have money rates like the black market trade for instance like out of this $100.00 this is to be. let's say this one used to be worth around $66.00 now it's like less than $10.00 so you can't really buy anything with. the lebanese currency has lost around 80 percent of its value against the u.s. dollar in just a year it's a catastrophe for people in this city which is already poor. unemployment is up
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almost 60 percent tripoli is falling apart. it's where john spent his youth saying goodbye to old friends doesn't come easy to him how. different the long hour things he's anything happening of any moment right now is anyone still here is siobhan still here so i know she. he's in belgium probably stay there. and he's better off than anyway. and he's just coming back to pick up his stuff for sure from. what lebanon has a long tradition of farewells only some 4000000 lebanese actually live there. as opposed to a global diaspora of 12000000. this number is likely to grow fast which is why
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europe is looking across the mediterranean with great concern. but some lebanese are still determined to stay. a year ago hussein and noor bought their 1st flat together. so you can to close that you know that's where the air conditioning will be and i think it's going in name. what about the structure. it's this is split. only in the kitchen of. clicking on. nothing in lebannon really works any more including housing construction there are barely any building materials everything is going up in price and the completion of their flight has been delayed on what they've also cancelled the wedding they were planning to ensure we can see said it really does look at what's happening around us and. i feel like i can't. i can't enjoy it and.
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i think after the blast the whole idea of a wedding just you know it's gone. when the crisis hit the lebanese middle class a while ago. nor in hussein's bank accounts have been frozen. rampant inflation has also eaten into the savings they. sometimes i go home i just sit and think and work for it and just maybe i'm in shock maybe i don't know i maybe i decided maybe i'm good because i may be better than someone but at the same time i want. hussein and nor are among the more fortunate ones. more and more of their fellow citizens don't even have enough to eat half of all lebanese live below the poverty line.
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helpers from abroad such as germans enosh cycle or taking care of them. she works for orient help or a small charity that distributes food to the needy in beirut. the faith this is the field kitchen orientale brought it here a few years ago from cairo mound down in the baker valley i think it was in 2015 years i can stuff about it it was originally that to provide food for syrian refugees the food was prepared for the last 5 times a day so they had. something warm to wait when the explosion happened i just got a message on my phone saying i will take this kitchen and use it here i'm. not only the kitchen xeno too has been deployed in various projects as a photographer she came to document the work of the charity. but she arrived from
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the black forest in a country that was sliding into chaos. xena had always longed to visit beirut even as a teenager she wanted to live there more than anywhere else in the world. can her neighborhood gym maze of one's pulsated with a mixture of culture chaos and tolerance that magically drew young people from all over the world to beirut. but for the last year all xena has been able to do is watch her dream city slowly going to the dogs. it must be it really makes me so incredibly sad to see old this this is the hostage beverages here and to mazie normally you have clubs the bar seen people go out people make money the economy is buzzing it feels like everyone's out and about but none of that exists anymore and it's i don't fucking wish now.
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sure. the shock wave ripped into xena's flat too. she was lucky she was next door in her office when the explosion happened i said i was sitting here at my desk working the next thing i remember is lying on the floor with stuff all round me and no idea what was happening and this is only the 2nd time i've come in here since it happened to my that's the 1st time i was shaking from head to toe because i was so scared it's an incredible feeling when you realize how lucky you were every time i come into this room i realize how lucky i was. the explosion caused an estimated $15000000000.00 worth of damage. vital infrastructure such as hospitals were destroyed. the government was obviously aware
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that the board was a ticking time bomb but did nothing. it was an unprecedented failure. the lebanese have been protesting against the state for months in october 29 teams tens of thousands took to the streets to demonstrate against incompetence and corruption. they might have toppled the government but the new one which replaced it seemed equally useless. hussein founded the group mean tisch lean which helped to organize the protests mentation means since october referring to the month in 2019 when the demonstrations began this revolution right now is the only out to revolution because it came from the people not from political parties you know it was curious spontaneous it started with the what's up tax i mean it was of course
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it was an i.q. malaysian but they were really blew it out of proportion we turned from marco. full of. tons of people through hundreds to thousands and we're still here i was saying is movement was right on the front line after the explosion in early august as angry citizens marched against a government that they held directly responsible for the devastation. i was little because. their anger exploded and suddenly the state did make an appearance with a huge police presence one police officer was killed in the street fighting and over 700 demonstrators were enjoy.


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