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tv   Shift  Deutsche Welle  November 10, 2020 3:45pm-4:01pm CET

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it is running rampant in these tiny. doses go to frontline workers who put their lives on the line like here at a testing station in frankfurt. questions remain especially on the news that brazil has suspended its trial of a chinese candidate vaccine there are no easy answers. welcome to the show all this week we're talking vaccines and covert 19 on monday used broke that there could be a vaccine by the end of the year and america's pfizer and germany's biotech were 1st to announce successful data from a large scale clinical trial of a coronavirus vaccine they say it's more than 90 percent effective when not going to be able to rely on just one vaccine to inoculate the world and then came the unfortunate news brazil's health regulator has stopped clinical trials of chinese corona vax organizers of the trial say it was a death but that it was not related to the vaccine that
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starts on those developments with henry who is professor of bioethics ne i.r. near if that were the result of the death were linked to the trial how ethical would that make it. to the drug. trial. it's just like your. work to. 'd keep that risk. but a participant being exploited. so. are being offered. areas of how drones mission of cool whip very dangerous. that can kill. people in
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those areas. because i want people who will 'd use this scene after it being approved see in the north relations. this is still there are still carrying on the same. but it's a. reasonable date and there are all frothy groff but we mentioned one corona vaccine being very successful one less successful there there are hundreds in development right now but what is the most ethical way of testing a more promising one and less promising one you know we don't know. we've seen success but it's not it's a big one in the elections after half an hour of his operating things will change. down. to when there are signals that one of the scene might be more promising than another it may be tempting to say always not ok to compare them and work each other
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. at that point less promising but seen a list promising not to remember the election it is. just briefly what why is it important to test vaccines on on the continent or country in which they're to be used. well it's actually very important for the country and its population it's not easy. but this is better. or worse it's also important for how did you know this scene was in people who are traditional and environment maybe genetic characteristics. it will also. think into little speech. we will be getting we're seeing is a key so there are got. to be a lot for it seems ross ok new stay where you will return to later in the show 1st
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of all biotech and fires that have sparked a surge of optimism but the unsung heroes of this tale of the thousands of unpaid volunteers taking part in clinical trials many in latin america however it's not clear when latin americans will actually get the vaccine. in south paulo biotech researchers have already tested the vaccine on hundreds of people either with an active ingredient or placebo latin america is one of the world's main vaccine testing grounds largely in brazil volunteers are not allowed to talk to the media their own paid for many of the attraction is that they will at least be vaccinated by taking part in. our test subjects and not just health workers they're also ordinary brazilians who have to get up early to take the bus or subway for hours to get to work they get to go recuperating. brazil is the country with the 2nd most coronavirus related deaths in the world to the people here feel like
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guinea pigs in a lab. they need to question there's a risk that's unavoidable when testing the vaccines and. monday's announcement showed that biotech's research was more advanced than any of its competitors vaccines the german company stressed the test results were early and still incomplete or could it there was give us we believe that this vaccine from minds will be efficient it will probably be one of the most important vaccines in the world. another german pharmaceutical company cure of attack is also testing a vaccine in latin america. in panama the high infection rate among the population makes it easier to get speedy results. panamanians are hopeful that the cooperation will allow them to manufacture the vaccine itself later technology transfer in return for helping with the testing phase. as working together with the german vaccine company certainly gives our country a competitive advantage over other countries. is also
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testing in peru. for the inhabitants of the poor area bella vista del mirador the testing process itself is not the main issue for them it's simply about surviving the pandemic the people here fear they will once again be left behind when it's time for the vaccine to be given out. government will provide us with the vaccine here it's almost impossible we feel forgotten. the now very real prospect of a vaccine this year is largely due to the contribution of people like the residents of bella vista mirador but when latin america will get the vaccine remains unclear . well something else that could speed up the process of finding a successful vaccine or human challenge trials hysteric williams on that. other countries do their own challenge trials now that the u.k. has announced it's doing so. challenge trials involve intentionally infecting
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organisms with a pathogen to find out how well vaccines or medications work at stopping that apage and there are thousands track method for determining safety and efficacy and we conduct them all the time usually on animals especially primates but in ethical terms schuman challenge studies like the one proposed in britain can be pretty charged if the plans are approved starting this january researchers there will be going to liberally infecting young healthy volunteers with stars cove to initially to find out how much of the pathogen it takes to make them infected once the scientists have determined that they can begin giving other volunteers vaccines then subsequently challenging their immune system with that preset those of corona virus to see how effective the vaccines are doing things this way can provide
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precise data quickly so it can really speed up the development process that's because instead of just giving a late stage vaccine candidate to thousands of volunteers and a placebo to thousands of others and then basically waiting to see what happens researchers have a lot more control over the entire process but they don't have control in one key area because we still don't have of sure fire therapies to treat someone if an induced covert 19 infection turned severe the possibility that a human challenge trial could cause of volunteer long term damage or even kill the . that can't be ruled out despite those risks britain is apparently not the only country to consider conducting human challenge trials according to the science journal nature at least some exploratory planning has commenced in belgium and the
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us as well. i return to our professor of bioethics near i.r. what's your take on human challenge trials. i think that charles quite distinct from what we've discussed so far are regular fuel rods john rawls are also in my view and cooled down it's a consensus you wouldn't want to earlier john krauss would be. your view because there is although they exist remain low we're in a practice that everybody except such as dr p.v. noonish. or you this piece we're doing did not throw out burst forth with the fortunes of being put at risk but to go hundreds of thousands and millions of people if we can get through it seemed faster i think it's on balance justified
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within 4 percent of the top tiers in what ways can they help speed up the development of a vaccine. in multiple ways in your quote you're waiting for people to get exposed to the virus and that sometimes isn't happening it has not happened in some of the early drugs or a viper room virus in the u.k. it has happened in the trial saw no other types of course carriers in china so if there would be enough. virus in a regular trial we wouldn't know for many many months. to get the person off the job problems if they were being fair people the flip side of this is then nor the worst school hours and you could find within weeks their results there are also other things you can find out you can you know exactly where you infect them so you can assess. your asia production you can assess very accurately
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the exact mechanism through which the system. gets bills in the scene we're so it's very very. well bioethics professor thanks for being a live show today. and there's a watch of a white. cod
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. plane and the top of. my. name is george. miller. the installers to place.
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mobile and free. double using a learning course. german made easy. in the light of climate change. for. what's in store. for the future in the. coming or going to go city to the multimedia insights. center. it was the 1st international tribunal in history. the number of trials. 75 years ago a high ranking officers of the nazi regime were enjoins it by the allied forces. they were the 1st war criminals to be held accountable for their crimes. our 2 part series right in the dark starts nov 12th on t.w. .
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place. this is the the news live from abroad. russia deploys troops to this. corner karabakh moscow says they will help cement a cease fire had brokered between armenia and azerbaijan which sees azerbaijan sealed its territorial gains this is course outraged albanians to storm that parliament also on the program palestinians mourning vashon own voice at a cat's following his death and covered 98 was an architect of the 2 state solution with israel who saw his dream of statehood fade.


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