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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  November 11, 2020 4:03pm-4:28pm CET

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and progress, i think that is not going to go defended the new resolution and denied its restricting hong kong special freedoms. they were implemented in 1997 after the city was handed back to china from british rule. not tell me where you went. you didn't turn to the syria before it is a necessary measure in order to maintain the rule of law in hong kong or through hard and the constitutional order of the special autonomous region. where you verify it is rational and reasonable and in line with the constitution and laws they recently moved to clamp down on opposition. voices in hong kong by imposing a national security law. after months of anti-government protests, hong kong semi autonomy status was originally guaranteed until 2047,
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but for some the end date has already arrived. well, they've been a correspondent. kong has been following events from taiwan. welcome, phoebe. what was kerry alarms justification for dismissing the original 4 lawmakers? well, one of the most controversial part of their this qualification is that beijing has taken and chosen an extraordinary path to achieve. so if by making a decision and resolution in beijing itself, late levon the matter be resolved in a local level in hong kong. and there has been actually, there is existing mechanics, them in home homes and see it's a lawmaker. but now the resolution as simply and power as the whole whole no ministration to unseat anyone. they see there and they enjoy a national security. so that's why some of the legal experts and also politicians, opposition activists saying that this is arbitrary route and that's why we're her
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stance. could be anyone in the future to be unseated. i think governments and carol them deny such accusation and saying that this is totally constitutional and legal because the nation's health legislature has the power to interpret and to our clarified the law and given of her despite the fact that she actually didn't give any specific argument and africans are there. so how primal, how they, how they valise, the national security principals. she referred to the time that those are long because this qualifier from a band from running for office in july is that that's why they shouldn't be allowed to stay in office as well. ok, so with no pro-democracy lawmakers left in hong kong's legislature. does that mean the end of the fight for democracy in the territory? this is indeed a major setback for the hold opposition came. because as we know,
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late after the imposition of the national security and all we can hardly see any kind of massive street protest and activism to be carrying on like on the streets because people were too afraid. and mr. coney, all the so-called took home, you know, rules, lakes in turkey, across the pond, who's cheating with me in the street activism. but now without the, the, if the power manchurians inside the chamber, it actually leads the opposition movement. even more vulnerable, i think lays most of the m.p.'s we have spoken to and they remained quite, i cautiously optimistic this and they're going to return to community and to possibly maybe they're closer into running for the next election there, which is this phone from next year but isn't china not likely to welcome the self removal of these people who presumably he regards as troublemakers or beijing of
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iraqis in hong kong and also lecturing them. and her ministrations didn't directly respond to the like the mass resignation of the opposition coming back and saying that this is their own choice. we'll look at the response from the chinese authorities. and they saying that this move they made today is to ensure that only patriots can play so inside the hong kong political institution. and by that sense, and by the resignation of ho oxygen came in some way they have achieved what they thought there was. thank you for that correspondent phebe kong in time well, the european commission has signed a deal to secure up to 300000000 doses of a covered 19 vaccine developed by germany's biotech and u.s. pharmaceuticals giant pfizer commission president. those are the, from the lion is described as the most promising vaccine. so far it's been
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undergoing trials involving thousands of people in many countries. the manufacturers say it's more than 90 percent effective against the virus would get more detail because from the marina strauss in brussels. welcome marina. how significant is the steel fail? you just said it? it is the most promising vaccine so that you can listen that you also want to show to citizens. yeah, you will get this too. and we also heard this scene is being produced by are being developed by a german company. so an e.o. company, so that you clearly wants to have its fair share of this fix seen as well. but health commissioner cellular cell acute actually has also said today of the press conference, this vaccine, or any other vaccine is not a silver bullet for coal with we still have to will have to cope with this disease
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even if we have it seems ok. so the e.u. puts in this order for 300000000 doses. how does it then get distributed within the block? if it gets approved? officials said today the country will get its share and that it will be distributed according to population size. but there are also many questions that still have to be answered 1st. so for example, europe's own medical agency will have to accept this, this vaccine. and there are still a carrot. he just was very reluctant today to point out a clear time lunch is that if you look at it positively, maybe early 2021. and what we also know is that health care or health in general is a national measure. so it's you state's themself who will decide who gets to vic seen, and not the e.u., but in other countries or regions of the world. it's likely that the vaccine will
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be given out to elderly, to the health care workers, and to most vulnerable groups. 1st, politically, the pandemic has prompted the commission to consider a new response just to consider the sorts of things they're looking at. you know, a commission proposed health care union today, and this is not very, very concrete. yet this idea, but the general amos to strengthen corporation coordination when it comes to covert 19 and 2 of the health emergencies we could was because what we have been seeing during this crisis in europe is like a member state has been directing differently. their response was very chaotic and not very coordinated and they, you, once this to change in the case of covered 19, but those 2 in future emergency cases, they want to improve the situation. and under this new regulation, one option could be to declare an e.u.
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level public emergency, which is not possible at the moment really struck us in brussels. thank you. and i will take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. police in the armenian capital, you're a van, have arrested protesters demonstrating against a peace deal with neighboring azerbaijan. protesters were calling for the resignation of armenia's prime minister. monday's truce brokered by russia and did a 6 week conflict of azerbaijan's nagorno-karabakh region deal means azerbaijan will keep territorial gains it made in the fighting. the philippines is getting ready to face its 3rd typhoon in as many weeks 50000 people living in the path of typhoon vanco. but in order to leave their homes, much of the east of the country is still recovering from typhoon gone. the most powerful typhoon is sheer, which swept across the country last week. but prime minister prince harry fat been
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sound man as died, aged 8411 country for decades, and one of those, one of the world's longest serving prime ministers, was khalifa's premiership survive. the 2011 arab spring when protesters demanded his removal over corruption allegations. now a new study has found that people of color here in germany are more likely to face harsh treatment by the police. that's according to thousands of interviews conducted by criminologists at the rural university of bowe home. the findings are fueling a debate about of that strace ism in german police departments. the double it does matter with one man who says he's been directly affected. omar yoop's has he has been subjected to racist violence by the police. he's a german with lebanese roots one day during the muslim holy month of ramadan, he and his family were breaking the fast when the police showed up to investigate,
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alleged, disorderly conduct. i would not let them in and tried to close the front door, then the situation escalate. it was young. they called us lebanese scum, dirty foreignness. and so on later my sister told me that after they took me away, one of the officers said, this isn't your country and you can behave like any most you could be the police hit you up. he says they also hit other members of his family when they tried to help him. he's now facing charges of resisting police or sorority, has also filed suit against the police department. the police would not talk to us about the ongoing investigation for the moment. it's his word against the us. that's a typical situation says to holland, she's part of a team that is researching racist violence on the part of police in germany. for
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this study they have conducted more than 3000 interviews. and the key finding is that people of color or from ethnic minorities are regularly treated more harshly by the police. they are horrific. but on simple bit of what we often hear is that nobody believes them. also, whatever they say is questioned, while police officers quartered more credibility in mind. a real job to hamann says that kind of bias has serious consequences. victims of police violence often end up losing faith in the state and its institutions. as regards physical harm inflicted by officers, the number of unreported incidents is very large. victims often don't file charges because they simply don't trust the system. we really need to cast light on this hidden figure, head in the criminologist say, external independent oversight is needed to improve the situation. the police say
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that's not necessary. relieved. and we live in a country where the rule of law pre-sell empty. there is no feeling of security anymore or kindness. everything has changed considerably. and then we miss you, we miss you. may god have mercy on your love not to have to his death. may god have mercy on him. it was painful for me. i wished i had died instead. so it's one of the i lost my support. none of it was there for me. whenever i needed advice, he was my protector. and i know we can. mohamed last county was only 56, he was critically injured in his home near beirut's harbor award. make god have mercy on him. the door and the mirror of family on him. he was bleeding. when i held his head, there was a hole. this pig mohammad was in intensive
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care for a month before he died. a service she had enormous, it was difficult to lose such an important part of my life. the how come now? i will only finish my studies for his sake. it's what he wanted. i never imagined i'd be bringing my degree to his tomb rather than to him at home to hear the other news even every year i've been the head of the hobbit mohamed worked as a driver for a private company. he earned the equivalent of about $200.00 euros a month just enough to pay the rent. the blast destroyed their flat and the family became homeless and had to find out who was responsible for my father's death. he was only 56 years old. we want them to be held accountable as an example to others. the family is now living in another flat with 3 months rent covered by an anonymous donor. it is just
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a short term solution, and now they will have to figure out the next steps. in the united states, president trump is due to mark veterans day later at arlington national cemetery, his 1st public appearance since you asked that network reporter the joe biden had won the election. mr. trump is still refusing to accept the outcome, insisting the election was stolen from him and pressing ahead with legal challenges . and many top republicans are backing his stance. this is the man that these demonstrators in front of the supreme court don't like it, but nevertheless, donald trump and his party are still in charge and they're rushing to fulfill their central campaign pledge just before the transition of power. republicans want the supreme court to get rid of obamacare and opening arguments have just begun trunk promised his supporters. he'd roll back one of obama's major achievements. it's
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just one of the reasons many here voted for him again. and many of the 71000000 americans are voted for trump. believe him when he tweets, we will win and ballot counting, abuse trumps lawyers have presented no credible evidence of election fraud. but many top republicans still support trump and his legal efforts to challenge the election results. anyone who's running for office can exhaust concerns about counting in any court. there will be a smooth transition to a 2nd trimester action. right, we're ready, but the world is watching what's taking place that we're going to count all the votes. when the process is complete, electors selected, there's a process, the constitution lays it out pretty clearly. the health care system. republican leaders do not want to antagonize trump space, which they urgently need in georgia,
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with 2 republican senators, face runoffs in january. the republican majority in the senate is on the line. it is time past time for republican leaders to stand up and say, we should accept the results of this election. and i continue to work with colleagues to urge them to do so. they call me to say, you know, congratulations, please convey my well wishes to the president elect. but i can't say that publicly yet. that's might be because despite losing trump managed to mobilize 7000000 more votes than in 2016, that helped his party hold on to their majority in the u.s. senate and their hold on many state legislatures, trumpets remains a powerful force in america. ever feel like president trump was also very young people throwing around our threats. trump alleges the election results are fraudulent and has taken his case to the
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u.s. justice department. attorney general william barr is authorized the department to investigate clear and apparently credible allegations of irregularities. the election is over, but it looks like donald trump is still well in control of the government. his vote is and the party and with a number of coronavirus cases skyrocket, rocketing across europe. many countries have resorted to closing leisure facilities like cinemas and theaters. but one circus company in prague has found a way to continue performing. despite the lockdown, the curtain rises and the show can begin through a window that looks onto the stage. a small audience can enjoy a private circus show with performance spaces and prog closed because of the lockdown. circus has to get creative. every evening it offers a series of 5 minute long performances. a maximum of 4 people can attend each show
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and they have to sit outside and wear a mask. the circus wanted its performers to return to the stage to keep their skills intact. even during the lockdown. we have chosen an active approach and we look for opportunities. i think this will also help us not to give in to pessimism and to stay sane. for the audience. it's a rare opportunity to continue to experience culture. even a short 5 minute performance can deliver beauty of my every allies, only now how much i miss live culture. the atmosphere is impossible to replace as people in the czech republic eagerly wait for restrictions on social life to be lifted. for this circus, at least the show must go on germany's
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football action from the match against the czech republic for the high to easing the burden on players during the pandemic coach was named an extra large squad. the talk is mostly about the stars who haven't been called up. another bout of international fixtures for germany coach. but this time it feels a bit different. he has been forced to call up uncapped trio ridley back to felix and philip max for the friendly with the checks in live. see so much football has been concertina into a short space of time of late because of coronavirus delays. germany players from the likes of by and munich are therefore being rested, but will return for saturday's nations league game with ukraine. usual kimock is one notable exception. his injury and buy ins when it dormant in the bond is legal
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at the weekend, means he is out until january club and national coaches are worried about the stresses being placed on players. it's only good for them to those people who are responsible for the schedules. he says, you know, they have to put their heads together and make decisions for the future. that if this isn't feasible in the short term, probably not in the medium or long term that's a to get a calendar is simply to fall and the players have to bear the consequences. a lot of things are played out on the players' backs. health are supposed to be the most important thing, and that is not the case at the moment when it's sort of also has to contend with a survey this week saying the interest of germans in their national team is dwindling. one way to possibly arrest the slide might be to bring back banished 2014 world cup winners. jerome bulleting, thomas miller and mats hummels. all mario good sir. who has impressed since
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escaping the blunders league? it's a place of p.s.v. eindhoven in the netherlands. but despite needing a bigger squad, earth has resisted widespread calls for their return to the clock is ticking. lurve needs his weary players to make germany fall in love with his team. again. gove's us masters starts on thursday 7 months late because of the pandemic. as players practice spain's john rom hits a shot that has to be seen to be believed. he skimmed the ball over the water. and then since pandemic control measures mean, paying spectators about and only a limited number of on the because we're there to see this. a truly remarkable hole in one on his birthday. bear with me it will get there. possibly one of the greatest golf shots ever played on the perfect woman for the biggest tournament in this. i think to him, i'll be back at the top hour. melissa chophouse, d.w.
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news that asia in just a moment sigh. of course you can get all the news information around the clock all the time. on the website, w dot com. i'm going to cut cut, cut, cut, cut.
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cut, cut, cut, cut, cut. cut. a boost in musing, fixing green instead of throwing them away with subsidies instead of budget cuts, renewable and sustainably. this is what germany's church should look like. winding up instead of lagging behind, made in germany from
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ghetto to claiming to come to no news. bobby was a pop star rose against come up, shot by lance ito to despite coming from a poor family loves to become president and he challenges america. does a credible story with bobby walking along starts december 10th on g.w. and the fishing area and the trade minister. a diplomat who can always get straight to the point the good to institute's outgoing director. close to tell a man we look at his final year in office and his in press of career
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naming. the last cultural diplomat starts nov 16th on d w. there are people who believe you can do whatever you want to our planet and nature will just take its course. mother. nature is much muddier that us still our world is also a prick.


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