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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2020 12:45am-1:01am CET

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cinema in times of the coronavirus continues with a focus on how to write a socially distant screenplay and our one of a kind collection of vintage photographs of men in love, shines a light on gay couples, long hidden by history. well, it's one of the upsides perhaps of a partial lockdown that binge watching your favorite t.v. series is perfectly ok, which is why fans of the crown are certainly rubbing their hands in anticipation of season 4. with a masterful cast, the netflix saga tackles the late seventy's through to 990 a particularly stormy period for the house of windsor. that makes for riveting television. something as important as the monarchy simply cannot be allowed to fail. it's the
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saga of britain's most dysfunctional family and there's an important new addition to the mix lady diana spencer soon to become princess diana, as played by emma current. the new series concentrates on her early romance with charles and her difficult introduction into what court hears referred to as the firm. is the stuff of which fairy tales are a prince and princess. the assassination of lord mountbatten tense relations with britain's 1st female prime minister. and the continuing was a princess margaret, are also addressed. but there's no doubt about the main subject of the crown season for the plot thickens. and joining me now is adrian kennedy from our culture desk, and i am so looking forward to this adrian obviously because it deals with the really explosive historic events. that's right. the 1st 3 series of really just
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being laying the groundwork, planting the seeds and building to this incredible crescendo. we've seen prince charles growing up in the last series. we know that she's been deprived of love sent off to boarding school, but he doesn't really want to be king that he loves a woman that he cannot have. and now his marriage to a more suitable woman is the accident waiting to happen into princess diana, who soon feels unloved and desperately lonely within the royal family. and apparently her suffering is quite graphically depicted in this season if i understand correctly. yes, it certainly is. we will see her battle with eating disorder, believe me or some episodes will contain warnings on content and advice on worst sufferers can get help. the makers of the show worked very closely with an
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eating disorder charity to ensure that the depiction was both accurate and sensitive. and speaking of accurate, tell me how it is story clee accurate series overall. ok, well it is a fictionalized station, but the historian peter lacey, who's written an official companion to the series has said half of it is historically accurate. the other half is imaginatively accurate. so it's a bit a poetic license, but basically it's quite good on the history. and in season 4, that history also throws up another very strong new character. so we've got a clip of that. let's just have a quick look. i think we have enough respect for one another person to ask ourselves some of the bigger questions woman told will we are the same age after all really just 6 months between
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us and who is the senior incredible gillian anderson, they're looking very impressive indeed. as margaret thatcher did the critics approve of her portrayal. absolutely. did some people saying that they made a fact look like a real human being a little bit controversial for some people on the left. but even one reviewer actually said that this patrol is right out with the benchmark performance the oscar winning performance of mel street in the eye and lady which is certainly saying something, isn't it? and you'll be on the couch on sunday and i certainly won't. so we're live. oh, well, we'll look forward. let's look forward to obviously in season 4 of the crowned more seasons coming after this. i'm assuming yes, absolutely. 2 more series, 5 and 6. so we've got lots to look forward to on netflix from sunday, november 15th season 4 of the crown. thanks very much for joining me. adrian
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kennedy. thank you. well as the 1st studio movie to resume for adoption during the pandemic, duran's sec, world dominion recently managed to ramp up production, having gone through some 40000 covert 900 tests and rigorous sequestering and monitoring of its cast and crew. well, it's just one illustration of the massive challenges facing the film industry in the covert era, as now even screenwriters grapple with how to write around distancing requirements . sebastiano andre likes to listen to classical music while he writes, this is that's how he gets his best ideas. the great all snowballs into the room with a bloody nose. did you have a fight? creative has never been harder. you have to do. i told you i would sort glorio out
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myself. darling, come here. he cruised. she kisses him. some of the alarm kissing is not allowed. there's a global pandemic going on in. ok. so one day my, it's not really have a siren on his desk, but he does have to take a number of issues into account just the script accordingly. and of course, i could minimize the risk by simply not having any kissing scenes at all. but it makes more sense to really consider whether a scene is relevant or necessary to be convinced to decide whether kissing and other physical contact are really necessary. it used to be everywhere on the screens. now with the corona virus writers are having to summon all the skills of imagination. the us attorney suffered, i'd live,
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came up with one solution just like i remember, the situation is in fact, genuinely alarming. there's no doubt some film directors are already addressing the pandemic in films. this canadian thriller is about the panic that ensued when the virus 1st emerged. a female, you know, so you know, there's a kind of art building button sébastien andre's next film. nobody will be wearing face mask. if you want to see an actor's facial expression, you want to have all the emotions. that's why we're unlikely to be seeing lots of pandemic films, even though it's
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a collective and global experience. there won't be too many people wearing masks on our screens. you must hear. he believes people want to see films which give them comfort comfort that's in short supply because of physical distancing roles. the invincible gets enough and we're desperate for human contact at the moment of contact and dimension file is still partying because it's a fundamental need and i think all of this is seeping into creative minds and we'll see a reaction because this is going to change the world for sure. until it's clear how the situation pans out screenwriters are playing itself doesn't consume well now we look to a time when physical closeness and intimacy wasn't as problematic as it is today,
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unless you were a same sex couple. a new book entitled loving is a collection photographs spanning from roughly 852950, all of them moving testimonies to men in love, shot in about 10 countries. well, some are just snapshots, others more formal portraits. and the collection has a story that's equally compelling. told the gaze that speaks volumes, it's present in all of these photos spanning the decades. back to the 19th century the they were collected by married couple, hugh, nini, and neil treadwell. the 2 were immediately enchanted by each of the photos. starting with the 1st one, they found totally by accident at an antique store, with a group of photos just taking forever. and one of them was a photograph of a male couple who works in their eyes. said
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that there's clearly something more here than friendship. there's a lot of that, a lot of the show there was something special that pointed out to us. you know, we looked at the thought of the thought of a pack and asked someone were inside and thought it was an expensive. and we didn't think we would ever see another one more. but they were wrong about that because there was a treasure in their home of new york just waiting to be discovered by the pair. they found not just one more photo, but $2800.00 to search for old photos of gay couples became their hobby. their collection grew and it was the owner of an antique store who gave them an idea as he paged through their albums. when he got to the last page of the 2nd album, he just turned to me a lot with this kind of like he said because published. so they published a photo book titled simply loving. and that is exactly what these photos show as
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different. as these couples are sailors, civilians in the countryside or soldiers. they're all captured at moments of happiness. and the photos are snapshots of courage. at the time, many of them were taken, homosexual acts were still illegal. in some us states, even punishable by death in some places. to collectors now have 11 fixed photo albums stored in their safe ok, paul and i thought safe corner to make sure that nothing happens to them because something that's last about law or life that can last for the 1st 30 years. ready ready my hope is that people who know better why that man this book will give them some hope. this
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was was think of this question. many of them are, and this is absolutely massive now under difficult circumstances, anywhere in their collection is a tribute to the power of love a beautiful note to end on the so until next time. thanks for watching all the best from us here in berlin. just
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coming into the conflict zone misted, sebastian, britain's prime minister boris johnson is on the fog. once again, not least for members of his own conservative party. my guest this week here in london is one of his junior m.p.'s pay moffo lonny elected to parliament 3 years ago. can mr. johnson the whole team's current slide in me opinion polls a move in the party do become conflict zone. insert the minutes on t.w. . it was the 1st international tribunal in history. the number of trials 75 years ago, a high ranking officers of the nazi regime according judging by the allied forces. they were the 1st war criminals to be held accountable for their crimes. our 2 part
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series, the 3rd reich in the talks in 75 minutes on d. w. home . give us your country on the political will make you rich people oil will provide you with jobs. the oil will take good care of my few days to the one fever took hold on the west coast and gone up in 2700. investigators made big promises, but here's later, reality looks very different. littered beaches. drinking water shortage by employment.
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if you feel like it's before you come, leave this david and not a trace of oil money to be found. what happened to the mystery of black gold oil promises starts december 4th. this is day to the news and these are our top stories. the european commission has signed a deal to secure up to 300000000 doses of the covert 19 vaccine developed by germany's beyond take. and u.s. pharmaceutical giant pfizer. vaccines make a site that has shown itself to be more the 90 percent effective.


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