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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2020 5:30pm-5:59pm CET

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life for the street going out for more belongs to our topic this week, arts and culture on do w. . you're watching the daily news asia coming up today. attacks in kabul, have put a city already familiar with violent on edge with the rise in isis terrorism. due in part, because extremists badly want to derail ongoing peace talks between the taleban and afghan government. more misery for filipinos as typhoon exam code sweeps through their countries north is the latest in a string of destructive storms that have hit the philippines over just a few weeks. plus the president elect. and noodle diplomacy will see how soft,
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u.s. how work is impacting lunchtime in china's capital. i'm melissa chan. welcome to g.w. news asia. thank you for joining us. afghanistan faces a greater threat than the taliban with an increase in the number of attacks claimed by islamic state. its capital kabul especially, has experienced more violence. earlier this month, gunmen stormed kabul university, killing $32.00 people. most of them students as g.w. reports, there's little confidence that the government can in short, civilian safety. and there is even less hope when it comes to seeing the government negotiate a deal to end years of fighting still finds it hard to go anywhere near the university of. he was taking part in a seminar when the attackers came. he's seeing his fellow students for the 1st time
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since the attack. the only topic of conversation is how they managed to survive. that day when they heard the shots, they knew something terrible was happening. everyone was screaming, but suddenly it was quiet. and we heard someone saying a prayer behind the door that was the suicide bomber right before he blew himself up. it's only thanks to god that we got out alive. not everyone was so lucky. 32 people died in the attack and more than 50 were the attackers left a taliban state later claimed responsibility by jumping out of his physical wounds are one thing, but his emotional trauma runs deep changed my life completely. all the goals i had before, my life was carefree,
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but it isn't anymore. i think about my friends at university who i couldn't help the ones who didn't make it across the country. there were similar attacks almost every day. there were more than 50 deaths and hundreds of injured. the spiral of violence is growing worse, and the islamic state is claiming the attacks. their base of support is growing. and speaking out for a long time, the afghan people supported the taliban. they bought them ammunition and weapons, but that's over. the taliban are negotiating with the invaders from the us. they are traitors. they don't want to kill americans anymore. instead they act against devout muslims. as in him, at a mosque outside of,
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he preaches the state. he says the group's goal of a caliphate in afghanistan justifies its violence. afghans don't want democracy. that's a western invention. we need extremists and a dictatorship for this country. we are real muslims, and that's why we support the dictatorship and not the liberal elites femina democracy. like many of his generation long believed that it was possible to negotiate with the radicals. he doesn't believe that any after all the attacks people here have become very pessimistic. me too. i don't believe that there will be peace anytime soon. to get a sense of what afghanistan was like as a peaceful country, such as it has to ask his grand brother, there's been nothing but war here for 40 years. he'd like to change that. but he
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has no idea how joining us is d.w. shammal shams, who has reported on the attempts for some kind of deal between the taliban and the afghan government and shell, the rise of islamic state in afghanistan. how serious is this? it is pretty serious. after a stand slumming state that's been around in afghanistan for quite some time, and they have been gaining strength for many years. but they're not stronger than the dollar. the taliban are the strongest militant group in a constant. in my opinion, they are going to be an problem because they control who lost their careers in a constant. and there do ones who call the shots. so in my opinion, more than stomach state the international community, the united states, the earth, congo,
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and needs to worry about what the taliban have been doing since that deal was signed between the u.s. and the taliban, and suffering. and let's talk about the americans. do we expect abiding administration to do anything differently? i believe that i do would also like newsgroups to be drawn from a constant drum loaded up in biden, would be more would be stricter with the taleban. and we're probably listened more to the a cock up. i believe that biden going to be different in a way that he would not give too many concessions to the dock and boxed up on it supports that. so i believe that biden takes shots when he comes to power. he will deal with box the box on establishing the military stuff. and it's in a script, matt, and that's what drug was not doing. trump gave too many concessions to the other
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bond and a lot of what is still adopting are still adapting and the constant. so b. c. of big assure light, a slight change in the policy, but largely i believe it was, are meaningless. ok, and just sort of looking forward after 4 decades of war, it doesn't look like there will be a peace anytime soon. are we looking at another decade of conflict and suffering? i don't think so because i believe that all lobbies are tired of this war. all it's been going on for 2 decades. long out of the state and they want peace. and so i believe god will not grant for another 10 years, it really didn't go our negotiations are going to complicate here. and there are too many players involved in it. regional players and domestic players,
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national players. so it is going to get a fair but i believe god, it's not going to be coming months and next year it is possible doubt. we have gone, gone, gone at r.b.s. and all along. you know, if i was this crosses the channel shams. thank you so much for your time. storm battered philippines was hit by yet another one on wednesday typhoon vanco packed winds of up to 155 kilometers an hour and made landfall overnight. killing at least 2 people. the storm has triggered the worst flooding in the capital in years. a flood that submerged the tourist trees washed away countless households, and turned busy streets into rivers. torrential rains brought by storm.
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vanco has caused me to floods in the capital, manila and many other provinces in the north. hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated since wednesday, but many are still trapped. i think of only one my sibling was left there on the roof along with 4 children and they kept going to other neighbor's roofs because our house was completely submerged. and all our belongings were washed away. vanco was to 21st, so i clone to hit the philippines this year. it worsened to situation in a country still reeling from the world's most powerful typhoon. just a week ago gone the coast, 25 people and destroyed thousands of homes. it used to be a complete house. that part was too long, and that part was the kitchen and there was an army. but as you can see, it's all gone wild. and just as the last straw went away,
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rescue us are already finding themselves in a new battleground. vanco has now weakened, but the half of that coast will take many days, if not months to hugh from beijing has yet to congratulate joe biden for his presidential winner saying the outcome would be determined based on u.s. laws and procedures that makes it a holdout among major powers, along with russia and chinese media, and scholars have been relatively quiet on the future of the relationship between the 2 countries. but at one chinese restaurant, american voters have already made an impact. this noodle joint in downtown beijing has been popular for years with local residents and tourists. but recently a new group of visitors as shown up national and international media. all came here yesterday by accident. but today i fear as they follow money,
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my job is that count here. that's not a start up surprise. funny actually. the reason is america's new president elect in 2011, joe biden, america's then vice president had lunch and then president, we felt very honored that the day he had his luncheon talk to our chinese customers, you know, i felt he was a very decent and easy going person he just made mrs. eos father opened this traditional beijing restaurant in 1990. since mr. biden's visit the restaurant has become well known beyond the city. this is eola does not want to talk politics, but her preferences are clear enough to the breakdown because biden came to our restaurant. many people in china got to know us. i was on active duty out. they know he came to our place to try traditional beijing dishes and they wanted to
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try them out themselves and only a few. that's why we feel very positive about him. he might even say we are supportive to the restaurant serves traditional beijing dishes noodles, pork buns and livest to it's a simple neighborhood joined the chinese public quickly noted the modest choice at the time. biden paid just 12 u.s. dollars for a lunch of 5 people. this really shows how nice the food is here. it means chinese cuisine has already made it to the world. the u.s. and china may now be pitted against each other as rivals on the world stage when it comes to noodle diplomacy. this is yours, restrooms, coming out with that's it for now. be sure to check out our other stories on t. w dot com for slash asia or on facebook and twitter. we leave you with more pictures of the aftermath of the storm in the philippines. thank you for watching. we'll see
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you next time and good bye. i'm not nothing out of the germans, but sometimes i am, but those they're laughing with them. have been think they've been to the german culture. ridiculous grandma day. oh, do you know if it's all about who you know? i'm rachel, join me for me because i'm going to be the 1st to know that 77 percent of poppies are younger than 13. that's me. and to me, you do know what it's time. all voices watch part
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of the 77 percent to talk about the issue. this is where 77 percent this weekend on d. w. welcome to the show. europe is currently dealing with the aftermath of terrorist attacks and an increasingly dramatic 2nd wave of the coronavirus pandemic. where does culture stand in this big picture and how can it survive? i'll speak with a french philosopher about this shortly. also coming up. as more and more people say sheet their entertainment on line, we look at how streaming services are mining our data. and
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friday, nov 13th marks 5 years since a group of islamic terrorists attacked several locations in paris, including the concert hall where 90 people were killed. and hundreds more injured on the anniversary comes as france is still reeling from a series of attacks in recent weeks, including the beheading of teachers. just days after, he showed controversial cartoons of the prophet muhammad, to some of his students. images from the funeral of summer party last month. his murder was one of several brutal attacks in france, prompting the president, a man away mccall's vow to protect the country's values and freedom of expression and crackdown on what he called islamist separatism. that led to anti french protests in many muslim countries and communities. and it reignited a debate in france about reconciling secularism with religious sensitivities while still fighting terrorism. the game of terrorism is to try to present french
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secularism as an attack on religions and as something that would aim to condemn believers and make them inferior in relation to all french citizens. and also on the, this is why, of course, that there is already a conflict of loyalties because there's a reluctance to attack what is cultural, religious, the religion of the parents, the problem in france, and even in countries where there is high immigration, is that children are torn between the culture of the host country and that of their country, of origin. all of this highlights just how difficult it is for france to defend its unique brand of secularism. and joining me from paris is author of philosopher and political theorist. pascal birchenough, author of the controversial and imaginary racism, have new mr. park. now. welcome to arts and culture. now your book, an imaginary racism, islamophobia and guilt has finally been published here in germany. just recently.
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can you explain briefly your premise in this book and why you feel the word islamophobia should not be part of the discourse. ok, causa was awarded, has been caught by french colony and administrators at the beginning of the 20th century. and it has been reinvented by british muslims in the aftermath of the rush, the affair. and as a goal of these award east to me, a to turn every criticism of islam into an act of racism. so you should be allowed to criticize judaism and christianity. buddhism is as old as you touch him. you're a criminal and you should be termed as a racist. and my question is, why is there a double standard? why is ever seen permitted to islam and not of christianity, judaism and, or consistencies. i'm criticizing a region he's
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a right persecuting a believe us is a crime. she serves as a main difference that we have to do in a democracy. exactly. very, very difficult debate. obviously now after the recent series of attacks in france and also vienna, what is your take on the situation now? how badly threatened is freedom of expression for are his thing creative in europe? well, i'm an adult and i'm more concerned about the freedom of teaching for the for the teachers in middle colleges have received many sweats robes, jupiters, and that from her and from the families of those pupils. but of course, it would have, it would have a consequences on the freedom of against gration, freedom of creation. no one with tried to turn into its turn, for instance, a religion into noti of a sick ration because the risk is not to go in court to do have a trial. there's
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a risk is to be killed. so you know in front of this kind of risk not too many artists would want to do, take it to and so they would try to tons of faces somewhere else. this idea of french life 50 or secularism which your secularism which is unique in the world. it's very poorly understood outside of france and yet fundamental to self perception in france. can you just briefly tell me, is there still consensus in french society that it's the right way to go despite all of this? yes, google yes, but of course we have media openness 1st. we have the cowards. the things that we should lead like loose go rules to avoid, to have troubles and or so strong opponents, which are which of course at least, imo leftists. want to side uns,
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a radical must seem side too because the things that he's a religion of the richer than the poor. so we should have some but we're not sort o. needs a word that we have to remember. that was stuff like your mother. so fond of modern turkey adult, so fresh either is in or exactly adopted secularism, obviously not wanting to equate radical political islam with religious islam. finally, i'd just like to ask you, my hope michael has said that france will not back down on the issue on the caricature as those controversial cartoons. where do you stand on this and what role might culture play in healing these divisions? i don't see michael or prove of the cage that you know, i think you just say they should be allowed to do to exist and to be published in the newspaper. i think that much more than cartoons themselves, which offends of the radical muslims, is a french way of life. and it is
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a possibility given to every french it is a must see modern up a scheme to believe or not to believe and to choose indifference in matter religion and space. she's a real danger for the fundamentalists. ok, thank you and covert lockdowns, obviously aggravating things even more as so much of culture and public life is silenced by these pandemic restrictions. math people who thank you for your insights and for joining us. now to do well, there have of course, been the big winners of the pandemic, even in the cultural realm and as cinemas die, a slow death streaming services have taken off as a favorite lockdown activity. but as critics are pointing out, it's not just about entertainment. there's nothing groundbreaking about disney's live action remake moulin. and yet it's written film history as the 1st big hollywood production to open not in cinemas,
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but on streaming service disney plus disney, amazon prime. and netflix did a booming business during the corona lockdowns considered going to the movies, audiences streamed films on their sofas. but marcus as kleiner asks exactly what it is we're inviting into our homes. he's a man on a mission. his books dreamland takes a critical look at our new constant companions, the streaming services. spoiler alert, he's not a fan, believes they use their great power for manipulation to their advantage. and 1st spying on users was screaming. that's because no medium comes closer to his fans. streaming no other audio was capable of capturing every single step we take and analyzing it. and exactly what does that do to our culture, to our media landscape, to how we deal with films? what does this data piracy do to our democracy and what content is being
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transmitted? this is done when coded 19 struck. netflix reacted promptly with a series of documentaries on pandemics that spread fear rather than knowledge from a series on pandemics. i expect a lot of knowledge of those different viruses or different pandemics. but if you look at these documentaries, they're just dramas. there's as good as no insight on offer. just good versus bad. in terms of content, you learn another series success story is to actually end it, set around the fall of the berlin wall. it's distributed by amazon prime. kovac 19 has changed people's viewing habits dramatically to some project that streaming services could be raking in more than $100000000000.00 worldwide. by 2025 bucks for yet to present, it's hard for them to produce new contacts and we were experiencing an incredible
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t.v. series boom in germany before the corona outbreak. hundreds of missiles in my estimation, things will ease up next spring. the dust will continue and will experience a golden age of storytelling in films and series such god was a few years ago, they were a nice market. but increasingly, streaming services are dominating the media landscape. turning german history into a global fit and massive craving of copycats. until recently, netflix and co flew under the radar. no one paid much attention to their lack of transparency or what they did with users data. but that's changing. the screen. streaming services have been forgotten in criticism of the digital
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transformation, you know, through entertainment that's harmless and provides a diversion that barbell and even closer to the digital economy and the exploitation that comes with it. no one thought of that before. the current a virus crisis has increased the speed of change in the media landscape. exponential is only slowly becoming well some food for thought there for sure. netflix and other streaming services have also had great success as producers of original content. the oscar winning film romar or oscar nominated the irishman, come to mind a new netflix movie called the life ahead is poised to start on friday and it's nothing short of an event as it features the return on screen legend. sophia loren will now $86.00. she plays an expert and to quote, guitarist angus young. every song is a little rebellion and a fitting message to all of those starving culture. vultures out there,
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you can find more on arts and culture on our website, w dot com slash culture. and with that, it's all from us. so until next time, recall and stay safe and others who took my 1st by sake of mosul, sewing machine, where i come from, women are bound by this notion for even something as simple as learning how to write a bicep. those isn't. since i was a little girl, i wanted to have a bicycle of my home, but it took me years to until finally they gave up and went on buying young
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bicycles and returned because sewing machine sewing, i suppose, was more appropriate for those than writing advice. and knowledge i wanted to reach all of those women back home who had bones by their duties and social norms, and informed them of old dead basic rights. my name is the about of people, homes and i wore adds to the sleeve carefully don't move to get discovered the, the subscribe
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to documentary on the fight against the corona virus pandemic has the rate of infection been developing the measures are being taken. what is the latest research, the information and context the coronavirus a special monday to friday. the claim
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this is the time from the virus infections continue to increase despite germany's one of several european countries reporting of new cases in this restrictions and to slow the spread of the vote on health workers in turkey, struggles trucks can trace new infections in position to accuse the government of conceiving the scale of.


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