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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2020 5:15pm-5:31pm CET

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it's deadliest terror attacks, ceremonies have been taking place across the french capital. and the french prime minister have paid tribute to the victims at sites around the city where the attacks took place. in 2015. you're watching you coming up your business with. stay tuned for that and remember, you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site. that's com. thanks for watching. we'll see you at the top of the hour with more news. why did this person lose his whole
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lot, that can be done to make up your mind. the g 20 promises to help the pandemic hits nations with bad debts. have to scribe very important steps, but it's all ready being criticized as too little too late. also coming up also been finding money hard to come by, however, in a more troll sense. that's why there is cash to be made in refurbishing banks
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and who needs make up under a mask. we'll look at how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting france's famous cosmetics industry. this is day to day business on robots in berlin. welcome to the program. the g. 20 group of wealthy nations has announced plans to restructure the debt of dozens of pandemic hit countries. but campaigners are already saying it won't be enough of a $1000.00 restrictions of had disastrous effects on some poor economies. a joint declaration by g 20 finance ministers and central bankers says a common framework will be used to help alleviate the burden on countries that includes many in sub-saharan africa. declaration suggests debt to write offs will be avoided in favor of debt reshut huling or reduction.
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let's cross to correspondents in the kenyan capital, nairobi joy doreen berra, joy, we can see the impact. health wise in sub-saharan, africa, of the pandemic, hasn't been enormous, but the impact on economies has been, hasn't it? yes, it has been economically, it has been the vul. the fact that the seeing a resurgence in the developed countries is likely to continuously affect for can countries that are highly dependent on trade. we've developed countries in export as well as the mineral resources as well. but when it comes to the fact economically, africa's economy has shrunk by about 3.2 percent just the year alone. and it's only expected to grow all depending on how the entire globe react to whatever is going to be happening. because this pandemic has shocked the entire global economy and by
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extension the african economy as well. i mean, while debts are only increasing on some countries, now the point where they're likely to default on this, that's right. between 20152018, many african countries have accumulated did a lot. and if you look at countries like exam be a which has been in the news the past few days, somebody has god and extended b. to about $12000000000.00 us dollars. and now we are looking at a country that is likely to be the 1st to default on its hoovering date at the moment because china is now coming in and saying, why have you not paid a loan that they should have paid? i think by the 14th of october and they had an extension up until today this friday, and should they not pay up?
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china development bank is likely to give them conditions. and what many african countries and the looking to see whether or not they could be some repercussions in terms of repercussion of the assets, but which the loans were taken, has hurt this action that we're having some that say trying to take just coming a bit too late it wouldn't be too late, but i think what many african countries are afraid old is downgrading their credit rating the rain countries. and that in itself is making many african countries the away from the g 20 relief alone. and also we are seeing that some countries are afraid that it could restrict access to other long global financial loan when it come to them facing private creditors. and with feeling all to the fact that they would not want to jeopardize their euro born pieman as well. and back door the some of the reasons that african countries are giving for being away
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from the g 20 joy darian bear in nairobi. thanks so much for bringing us up to date . hyperinflation ruined zimbabwe's currency more than a decade ago. and the so the african countries economy is so fragile that a new currency issued last year isn't fairing much better and means many zimbabwean business as well. now only accept the u.s. dollar and that's taking its toll on the banknotes themselves. zimbabwean currency dealers are really only interested in one currency, and that's u.s. dollars. and they don't want to exchange them either. instead, for $0.40 like buy tattered old notes that have been in circulation for ages, they fix them up. and then back on the market, they go dealer all that mitt romney says it's a lucrative business. you know,
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i don't care how torn it is. i take it all i want to see is the serial number, but a serial number should be visible on all the sides, even if it shredded by rats. i take it, i do this every day. that's how i survive. putting this into the box on the u.s. dollar has dominated transactions since unbearably dollar hyperinflation sold to more than 5000000000 percent a decade ago before being abandoned. a new currency never really took off. today, many businesses will only accept american currency. 2 even if it comes with its own set of problems coming to the customer, you come in by almost every day. but the problem is the student loan you don't have enough to use for us. we are forced to get this for. you get something that's going to zimbabwe's economy once the strongest in africa lacks industry investment and exports. part of why people here just don't
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trust the country's own currency. the main problem you said we do want her face in our own currency. and so there's a boba goes as we just don't know, or social move, we don't want to carry them around because you can use a large quantity just to buy a loaf of bread. but they keep promising to come out of the nomination rich. but even then we don't trust them. and if we've got money, we want to put in the bank. if we put in the bank, you know? sure, if we give out again, the banks are trying to put money into each year because you should be every inch consistent person. and so the u.s. dollar lives on in zimbabwe on every street corner, its board, its own set of jobs, currency fixer, you know, for some to make a living. now some of the other global business stories making. the news here is an economy grew almost 13 percent in the 3rd quarter according to easter,
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to stick your a stat as the block bounced back from the depths of the coronavirus lock down. analysts warn, however, that in 1000 countries using the euro are likely to see g.d.p. contract again in response to the renewed lockdown measures and asia pacific national leaders representing nearly a 3rd of the world's population, a set to establish the world's biggest free trade zone. china, australia, and the asean nations are among those expected to sign up to the regional comprehensive economic partnership this weekend. it will cover an area of bigger than the european union and the us mexico, canada agreement combined. now spain's death toll from the corona virus pandemic is just past 40000. the impact on the economy is becoming ever clearer with banco santander on friday, announcing it was cutting $4000.00 jobs in the country in seville, thousands of taken to the streets to vent their anger at the damage caused by
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coronavirus restrictions. their sign says without aid will be ruined. thousands of workers from the hospitality sector are on the streets, demonstrating they're protesting the dress to coronavirus measures introduced by the government in and a lucio. since tuesday, all restaurants and bars have had to close at 6 pm. the curfew starts 4 hours later i mean this is you ation, it's absolutely deplorable. everything that's happening is unbelievable. there are sectors that are more contagious than the bars think they're demonized. and so no one is helping. they're letting us die without providing a solution. in other regions of spain, like catalonia in the northeast bars and restaurants have to shut down completely for 10 days, perhaps even longer. everyone here is afraid that the new situation will set a precedent. spain's 17 regional governments decide autonomously on pandemic
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measures. the protesters are demanding the central government in madrid in the confusion and help all those affected. and also, we're not receiving any direct aid. and politicians need to stop passing the buck the government has a responsibility to help put together a national financial bailout of our sector. the government in madrid says it's working on a solution, but the people here say it's anybody's guess what that might look like. well, another side of the pandemic is that people shopping habits have changed the cosmetics industry in france. for example, nobody sells around 40000000000 euros worth of products every year, but who needs expensive makeup on their face mask? it's a truth that no amount of cosmetics can cover up. customers and friends have been changing their purchasing habits since the coronavirus pandemic.
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i hardly ever put on makeup nowadays, just a little mascara on someone's derisory. i really don't wear it anymore with the mask. it doesn't make sense to me that i've changed my make up style less lipstick, although i really enjoy it more skincare want to make when i use a lot less now lipstick. it's not just a cultural moss for france, but also an economic one. cosmetics are about luxury, it's one of france's leading industries in terms of sales. the only silver lining is that the sector also produces products that are in higher demand during the pandemic. through music, through the book. these were the losses, are very hard with hygiene articles such as soap and shampoo, lose before have seen strong growth because they play an important role in fighting the pandemic or didn't. but normal makeup sales have suffered or if you're more so
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fearful, prefer to more the virus as trendsetter. it's sped up the development of an industry wide trend that has been in the works for years. less make up more wellness products and sachets in jars all designed to pamper. we've seen the trend coming, but lock down made it stronger, and it's still going strong. we sell organic products. natural, do it yourself around with their of the cosmetics sector has always survived by feeling the pulse of the times. and it's doing that again, practical tips for picking the right color. well, make sure it matches your mask
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with the sun. good care of the big that was for took a guy on the west coast of scotland in 2007 that investors made big promises. but
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years later, reality looks just like mr. ricci's drinking water shortage. like what happened to god? a stream of black gold oil thomas' starts december 4th. you're watching news asia coming up today. a semin ists t.v. series shatters have those in pakistan and sparks a conservative backlash. the show follows a ladies' detective, agency, exacting revenge on cheating, husbands. conservatives slam the series as immoral, but the series creator, say pakistan, is a country living in denial and the night clubs are packed,
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the party is on. this is 2020 in beijing. coronavirus fears have largely subsided in china's capital and.


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