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tv   Markus Lanz  Deutsche Welle  November 14, 2020 4:30pm-5:30pm CET

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so they're going to stay with the old boy died. so the behavior is a little thing like. 2 i don't know if that's going to stay on right down to where they care managers around and here i am. i've never seen it like it's been in my critiques of water samples that they take out of the power of or sleep in a server are consistently the most toxic in all accounts. or if it's what i can pick up, where it's chemical toxins from all of the x. stuff. i don't think the water in your child has enough to go on and change anything to go down the street. and
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you don't think she's going to turn coming if you stand next to the study here they should be voice of emotion. it's been best to just not need anybody should i just but just missed something on the most horrible.
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they have to come andre to the surface so they keep claiming out for i don't know way. i mean, this is too deep for do this. somebodies foot is gone and it's too quaint with all those posters. that's amazing. there's still people from walking on the beach because you can damage a lot of goodness, just by walking on the beach. and this was just back using more than coverage of the implement phases will swallow all over the be clear here
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you know what's happening that they're talking this or you see that all the having that many of these trees this aid is a green all of which is coming from a factory here, there's a chemical factory here, and the glue, all understood a kind of is making the hatchlings go the wrong. we saw all the hatchlings think on
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the beach. i actually not facing this heat, they're facing the other way or they've been there. it is hard to look at this they're almost done actually with the far as department is all along that state of that. and so then things get stuck under name so that the had things one wouldn't. and i do say this a visitor rumold the ones that get into the water would be very difficult to risk. you didn't order it. because in the u. the wasn't using your research group is here, everybody is busy rescuing them right now.
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looks like to be absent when we are. * living, we really don't even have a city because the phone i can get everybody had to stand with thoughts as you keep putting the thoughts to say to keep them then there was
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a demand that some don't for that.
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it's really a heartwarming state to see the children and the women pick up the hydroplanes and take them to the sea. the same way we love each other and rehashing is so important in
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our the future of turtles are still in jeopardy. very close by, the big board is being built. many of those are being proposed because of that beaches are disappearing. where they had a turtle is going to come back and missed being killed by out of endangered species like a double edged sword. on one hand, you helped them. i created awareness for their situation. on the other hand, you're putting them at risk by disclosing the intrusion. thanks.
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first i want to see the film. well, it was really just so thank you very much. and more than a year after her release, it's clear their hard work is paying off. carlin, the team have seen 5 a one off successfully feeding in l. corn slew. and perhaps best of all, she rerun her 1st healthy after 5 o. one is while they get less and less of my time now, if only, and it's more about selling people why the films that i want to make are in the
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highly entertaining that money's getting harder and harder and yet it's easy to get cynical i don't want to do any more meetings and closed offices due to the almost last month. anyone who isn't looking away, no species are going extinct at a breakneck speed. when i meet people who shrug that off, who think that it doesn't matter, that oceans are being polluted. rain forests, chopped down, and deserts are expanding and i sometimes don't know what to do with them. it's for possible dust. this is my home,
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the eastern river valley and i well, you can or can almost see nance. i think both are saying i'll move my camera back. so i log on to the motorway soon it will pass right through the eastern valley. it's hard to believe they're going through all that tire dust, brake, dust and dirt will get washed into the eastern river and the tributaries whenever there's heavy rain and easily playing in austin, we still have stone crayfish. all have trout. you only see here with red spots, the last of all vanished with a motorway some
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months, all straw city to believe the hype was asked what this law will have to be careful today with the snake. he says, if it strikes we are in a tricky situation. because the gaboon find here is one of the most venomous snakes there is in become american 1st and the spirits of it's hard to imagine. the snake will be just half a metre away, without a pane of glass between us knows it's venomous. and if you step on it, it's your own fault. if you start passing out, you know, it's over. so,
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all we do that in a forest area. this is that? yes, that's right try. yes, yes, yes. this is an not aggressive, not as aggressive as some of those things because the most beautiful horrifyingly beautiful. yet the most likely these you really have to know what you're doing to jumping mention this to me in which it's not my thing either. i'm sure we'll get great pictures of but still never said this should be very moved to go. you 1st. can really make them read at least a bit. yes. because when this film there,
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it was with that i mean we were using the table. it takes a long time to track down a given viper behinds we saw one of the source of the zambia, easy but ran out of time here. so we need to try it. so we decided to film it in these crocodile farm in the circle with the farms we played. and just now it's annoyed when it moves like that carefully. don't mess around me. please move slowly because i'm actually scared of snakes. i'm not really keen on having anything to do with the most and stop trying, and i'm so mark you, you cry again. very near the kong.
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because i don't have a good shot of careful, rita, not at the last moment. this is some real wildlife filming fake fake. i'm personally moving out of film down without her it's almost like
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a bird. thank you. everybody so much rushed over to do it. live long to answer any questions you go to iraq. i want to thank you for creating this movie. it's beautiful and i want to thank you for actually promoting it here in hong kong where we can actually make a really big difference. so my question for you is, what's the point of actually stopping shark finning? if the un predicts that by 2048, it's at the surgeries are actually going to be all away. good question. difficult friends without
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sin, shark water came out shark fin imports to china dropped 70 percent and most of the world has been shark finning. so that shows films can change the world i have to make now the most important films i know about and those are a lot, but films there are definitely not natural history films. it's not just an issue of fighting trees and saving pandas anymore. it's us that's in danger of surviving or not survive. it's for people to realize that there's a radically different way of living and it's who brought it i think the only way we can get there is a revolution. all we need is for people to get involved. we can turn this around.
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so i think my role as a filmmaker now is to try to see that change. don't take no for an answer. smash through doors smashed on walls, but there is no solace for do you
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really think this film called the way we treat hunting is pretty high even though it's true every day. there's some of them going hunting. we realize that, you know, if we could do something beyond just the film that we're really good as we can steer others in the bottle and get a little himself used to be a really good hunter. one day he went hunting and google squirrels, and one screws live in iran and being killed it and realize it's a mother with babies. he has felt really bad about it. he just left hanging from that deal. and so it's great to have somebody like him who was 100 and who left
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hand in his own room, because i think i think it would be good to have a look. we don't have a name. hello or any good morning. good morning. ok, let's do this in this state. lovely will visit so true. ok. funny you say? well, i'm studying. i just ate and having your life today because i want to learn more about my life. you're a great lady reed. so remember, the new grammar is all of you have to be really careful with the grammar of the language. move again, lives easier than you become and if you don't understand the meaning of the us name, ok. so we have the want of
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a low smile and keep it steady. but see what happens when you press somebody would have been this gracious. so mean thing is to the board. hold a camera, make sure when you press the gamma, does not she look at our finger. don't know. many of the kids before joining the class. love i think had going for hundreds. so it's great to see that change going on over there. the focus, focus that green box, everybody on this focus should be good, steady look at the whole field. are the children are responding really when you have come up with amazing projects and was deeply touched when i 1st heard the song
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. i mean, when you all sing this song for one of these one to look i go oh yeah. and yes, i love working with kids and yes, i'm, yes, it's called the next song has much more hope and we don't always going to go. but i think it's a good start to run to the green.
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ok. but right now, it's been a difficult transition to try to figure out how to live a wife now without that kind of adrenaline rush energy, that exciting life for creating a film and the guy ogogo i had asked the question, will cain now? who am i? ok, now what he was going to smoke and 155, perfect and small. so awful man, these people are glad they don't have like smell telly and think i'm going to talk to think
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you do you think this is good stuff either. i still have a go of my life of me. i would spare my life forever. but other goals are so big that it's taken precedent to get
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a one off. what's this and i held it to muscle. your hands when you get your hands wet. so the fish one dry out so what is this? i'm you know, i'm not a sweetling oh, i'm with i now back in the water. there you go. again . crazy.
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enter the conflict zone with tim sebastian, britain's prime minister boris johnson is on the 5 once again, not least for members of his own conservative party. my guest this week here in london is one of his junior m.p.'s been moffo lawmakers elected to parliament 3 years ago. come, mr. johnson, the whole team's current slide in the opinion. polls a move in the party due to become conflicts of 30 minutes on the d.w.p. . lying
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to us is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities greener? how can we protect habitats? we can make a difference. good ideas for mental series, again, global 3000 on g.w. dandong mind from a ghetto to harness everything. go into nose bobby wine. despite coming from a cold family, the pop star wants to become president of the town, jesus, god doesn't leach the audience to a credible story of bobby 1. august starts december 10th on g.w. . this
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is day that we news live from berlin, fears mounds of a wider conflict. anything opiah and thousands are displaced. the government accuses rebel forces in the northern region of firing rockets into other parts of the country, also coming out armenian villagers. and the dispute region of no borno care about her down their homes, rather than handing them over to azerbaijan. as part of a controversial peace deal. a medical fairly good to have you with us. any theo, via fears,
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are growing over the escalating conflict in the northern region. the central government is accusing tea cry of regional forces of firing rockets into the neighboring a horror of region. fighting between ethiopian troops and the tikrit people's liberation front began last week after adams, abba claimed the regional forces had attacked national military bases. thousands of civilians have fled, many with harrowing stories to tell. it was true in camp in sudan as another refugee crisis unfolds. thousands of ethiopians have been streaming across the border, fleeing the fear and chaos of the latest fighting in the north. many who arrive here bring stories of escalating violence and atrocities. forces entered and burned our homes and killed people. they left us with nothing.
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so we fled here to sudan. i left with my parents and my child with only what we wore. now we have nothing. we fled from death and murder . the exodus comes as embassy international reports. evidence of a civilian massacre. in the town of my kudrow in the northern region, witnesses say the victims were hacked or stabbed to death. most of believed to be ethnic. i'm horace, a region with a long history of tensions with the un's human rights commission is voicing alarm. the high commissioner is calling for a full inquiry if confirmed as having being deliberately carried out by a party to the current fighting. these killings as civilians would of course amount to war crimes. it's still unclear who is responsible for the mass killings follow days of clashes between federal troops and to ground forces. the region has become the latest flashpoint,
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stemming from ethiopia's complex. if any politics to groans controlled ethiopia's central government for 30 years. but their power has waned under prime minister, who came to power in 28 increasing resentment and tensions became open defiance in september. when to grow rejected the central government's authority and held its own elections. now the feud has descended into conflict with the government varying to crush what it calls a rebellion. it legitimate part of mr. vision is it is stored and fugitive and brought to justice. as civilians flee fears amounting that ethiopia could be at the beginning of a protracted and bloody civil war. a lot to talk about here. let's
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get to it with a semi all get you is a journalist based in athens out of us standing by for us. samuel, thank you so much for joining us. it's been difficult for outsiders to get accurate information on this conflict communication and the t cry region. a shut down journalists aren't allowed to move freely there. what's the latest you can tell us? the league has, even if you're going there, lance has suspended any flights to grant, including going to governor barbour the 2 cities that were attacked last night. engine people have so far because of the incident and even lalibela the historic city of lalibela. so you know, the information we're getting is very limited because we can't travel to too great for instance. but we're getting the information from amnesty international. people are sending us information, once the sudanese but we are certain the people are dying and
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more people will be heading to sudan because that's the only option we have this conflict has been building up for quite some time. now. what led to it? ultimately, escalating in the way we're seeing now? well, you know, the state of the great held election in september that wasn't accepted by the government, nor the parliament of hours of deliberation. so since then, and even before that for the last year, they've been having different, you know, social media or staying, you know, confluence, a general that was of pointed by the federal government to head to mcnally was rejected. us sent from mccully back to the cell of our so the prime minister and the president who has just immediately go, has a wanted man, according to the federal government. they've been having this kind of conflict. so
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you have to know that both of them run for their to be prime minister of 2 years ago, winning elections in support of the hire a leadership. so they've been having this buy in for a while. it was building up to these conflicts. that's barely, that's become a deli and making money. people miserable. and it's silly them to say that for safety. today we started receiving reports of the fighting spilling over into neighboring region. how could this conflict affect the stability of ethiopia as a whole? it's not just people should be worried about, well, to answer your question. it's a faith in the arab region that has been in conflict with the great leadership for a long time. but it's also, the fear is it might even spill to south sudan, sudan and eritrea, which was a part of your one point. and even this migrants with so little resources in sudan
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might be forced to head to european nations. so this is a concern of international perspective and that's why the ok and you know, when even washington d.c. speaking up and trying to bring them all sides to some kind of cease fire because people are just miserable and just in need. and the resources are just, they don't even compete, and the u.n. has been calling for a cease fire or even to be allowed to goods. it's a great so you can actually save lives. and this is a definite situation there, samuel got to show and as abba, thank you so much for your analysis. thank you. let's now take a look at some other stories making news around the world. u.s. president donald trump has made his 1st public statement since t.v. networks called the election for his democratic rival. joe biden. though he did not concede, trump said, quote, time will tell when talking about which administration will be leading future
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efforts to convey the coronavirus pandemic. it means authorities on saturday ordered some 460000 people in the central region to prepare for a vacuum ahead of the arrival of typhoon vanco. the storm is forecast to hit vietnam on sunday morning earlier and triggered floods and landslides in the philippines, killing dozens. earlier this week, a peace agreement put an end to a month and a half of bitter conflict between azerbaijan and armenia, and calls for armenians to leave large parts of the long disputed nagorno-karabakh region. that has provoked outrage in armenia, where people see themselves betrayed by their government and by russia, which oversaw the deal one last look before leaving it all behind. while their home might still be somewhat intact, after 6 weeks of conflict, their right to live, there is not. now many armenian residents of the college or region are
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intentionally burning their homes before they're forced to hand them over to their enemies. after decades of raising their families here and fighting to keep the territory, the new peace deal says it's time to leave. in the end, we will blow up or put a fire to all of this. we will not leave anything to them. who i didn't want to go through now the children in armenia are crying, they want to return home. it's hard, this depth of sorrow. for decades, the nagorno-karabakh region has been the source of bloody conflict between the 2 countries. under the ceasefire agreement signed by the leaders of azerbaijan and armenia, and russia on tuesday, as a by john will regain control of the calibers,
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our region, and several other areas. as armenians their fleet, many say they want to know why russia has abandoned them. it's good to see it that it was soviet russia that originally declared nagorno-karabakh part of azerbaijan, 100 years ago. but the majority of people who lived there remained armenians. now, under the new russian brokered peace deal, that is set to change defending the new deal. putin is calling for a humanitarian response to the chaos. the conflict has unleashed gruber. let's turn our attention to the serious humanitarian problems in the nagorno-karabakh region that we are over. 4000 civilians were victims to the fighting over, 8000 were injured estimates show the number of refugees is in the 10s of thousands
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. armenians are furious with russia and their own government for signing the deal since it was announced on tuesday, thousands have taken to the streets of year of on daily to demand prime minister nicola pasha neon resign. as this latest turn in history plays out, people on both sides are mourning the thousands who have died in just the past 6 weeks of battle for control of nagorno karabakh. now austria is set to go into a strict 3 week lockdown on tuesday to stem a rise in corona virus infections. the country had a record, 9600 factions on friday. the new lockdown will see schools and non-essential shops close while private meetings will be limited to only 2 people. austrian chancers, a bus, and quotes announced the new restrictions during a press conference a short while ago. let's have a listen. if you base the muscleman,
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i know that these measures are severe, ordered, but we want to make sure that this lockdown is effective enough to drastically reduce the number of infections. but i still think that is the only way we can prevent the health care system from being overwhelmed and gradually open the economy again in december. surely to those who fund we couldn't before i did the only way we can save the christmas holiday season and spend this time together kathleen, in a dignified manner. despite the pandemic and some for putting it. meanwhile, the virus continues to spread relentlessly and the united states. more than 177000, new cases were reported on friday alone for a king. the daily record for the 4th straight day, new york city, which suffered the country's worst outbreak in the spring, has reimposed restrictions on bars and restaurants and a new push to curb. the spread of correspondent bustin hottest spoke to new yorkers
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and ask them what they think about the new restrictions york city with the worldwide epicenter of the pandemic back in april. more than 24000. people here have died of the virus so far, and the horrific images of the cooling trucks lined up outside the city's hospitals that were overwhelmed by the number of bodies are still on many people's minds. for months, the city's been able to control the number of new infections, but now it's on the rise again. and that's why many new yorkers agree with the new restrictions that the city is putting in place. i think it's necessary. these sort of been a fatigue of people saying we've been protecting ourselves and nothing's happened and people started to relax. so i think it's really necessary for this restriction to be put in place. maybe somebody should know because really what it was actually delayed, it for you favor of the law be
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a favorable complete lock girl curfew to hold her. if i need to put a mask on, if i need to follow the rules, if i need to stay home, that's what i have to do. we live in a community, i share this planet with other people. and that's the part that i have to do in each of every one of us needs to play their own part in this amazing son. nerves like even being our here. you just when we show you we at c.e.o. my own circle, put yourself in a bubble because you don't want to be too close to some iow. you don't know what is sick or has to call the ira. so it's just, you never know who you talk to, even my going to restaurants going you fool. you still never know to some people show no symptoms. as new yorkers are bracing themselves for a potential 2nd wave, the new restrictions might just be a 1st step. new york's mayor bill de blasio has already told citizens to prepare for possible school closures as early as this coming monday. sure, watching t.v. news next ice or we'll have more headlines for you at the top of the hour. remember, he can always see up to date on our web site, pets dot com on
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a fairly for me and the entire team here in berlin. thanks for watching. and pct why are people forced to hide in trucks? led there are many reasons led. there are many answers lead and there are many stories below make up your
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claim up made for minds of this is merely because you have it come, thomas and i'm tired of the most and they are best. the professionals. i don counsel him as is
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the darkness of the social office of the because because of a book like his title, i looked $9.00 to $5.00 jobs a month and months in tying them up for growth on the some flat median. but in figure not in fast norms, fashion, even the most strident pick and most often issue i've seen also
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it's been enough. i've thought a commodity of me on and off for printed in town stuff as they are mining companies from being with up on the smell of it being done when i make little on such and off the park. but these are the, i'm made her fly zone and i'm pretty myself,
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but i can get down to them on time. responds and it's hard to impress them and they're going to focus on that and some analysis on the shot is all of us. we're all in with you one by one. i mean you do this, you get to go down and also for fun. oh, i'm going
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to take me by turns we could always show going to buy that. so it instinct even with you. but soon as we got here, i thank you on the job and get voted just on us. you must pass it for us when it's
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honest harvest time, given that we've begun fixie bits of plan in the sun, most white house is a stinking antico view was put in, should be looted. when done playing a board member of all from this is a must for jesus undergoing this isis loss of a much to quote for what i did. this is going to just placed him of fish to a to suddenly for jesus healed money because he got givaudan businesses and it was a faas of the these problems to barely zooms to stay in fields, pass it off to hose a, pass. it gone the fault in the way you did to him because the female in him should be gone. bust out a hint dusty. this is marian b.c. of it come from the suspected desh, but desh up let's destroy what's the cost
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him isn't dispensaries to seen on the i taxied so i was a study and at the end of the field is in hind me some limit sushant visits in a class, he's a hoop and about business ties kind of on the hip issue and do is as hard as a vase. looks like a style was a, but it's
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a needle that confluence of it can be like stuff in the face of the 7 different matter 1st of all. this is kind of the seeing. this is going to be a real what we want to hold for the long or and died. this will fix sometimes consist of the solely of some of us committed sins of a mind. mr. oh oh and then stay. i mean time,
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hard to then invest nice trying to be easy to do want to freshen things up. that's the main house. i've tried to shut out. i going to take them down the only business you just you can then pick and be negative. i found and also become known that's for the advisor, a feeling of pride because i knew they couldn't hurt. thank you for someone to tell us it was going to consist of just noise. and so this goes on sublime. some of the off on the bus with me still and just because i'm been a mishmash of a comes ok less. so playing with this would be gone in for the whole just being
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there's often fall on the traditional stuff from the good life, something from or, and festival of best thing by me to the special rules group. thank you. yeah i this is why they haven't even talked for fear the back line of an episode of the argument about someone actually a woman sort of gets a call about
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what he gets. no idea for quite a lot of them but he does, i'll write it. so it's, you know, i said margaret often or some form of all of our doctrines goes wrong. i would touch them sheets and if i don't know to go, i was disappointed. when for the future i took from some of you from hard work from the help me came from the yeah, i'd like to give each class or the books on many
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books and from iraq of you talk about i still think you know, well not so the family via extempore simple code is seizing the soft voice to guns. but come for you have any talent for the welcome. i did sides so not in the so that i would like the list and
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what it was mostly on dismissed man, because it is a turd song. could be optimus, could look up his speeches, even if the come up to the ceiling, enter the conflict zone with jim sebastian, britain's prime minister and bars, johnson is on the father once again obese for members of his own conservative
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pratique. my guest this week here in london is one of his junior m.p.'s big mouth follow me elected to parliament 3 years ago. can mr. johnson, the whole chinese currency slide in the opinion polls, and what will the party do if he comes out? conflicts are next on t w were child soldiers, now they're learning how to process trauma with just one of the many projects initiated by her current goal to better the lives of the somali people meet the 2020 german africa prize winner in the 77 percent in 60 minutes on d. w. w's crime fighters are back at the capitol africa's most successful radio drama series continues for not only preserves are available online. of course,
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you can share and discuss song, w. africa's facebook page and other social media platforms for the crime fighter. to me and now i say what i'm fed up with the 19, the problem is because 90 this is not well our agree that hindsight is a great thing, but rewriting history isn't a great thing, is it? britain's prime minister, boris johnson is on the file. once again, not least for members of his own conservative party is handling of the found on the string of u. turns on key policy. my guest this week here in london is one of his junior and elected to parliament 3 years ago. can mr. johnson, the holmes who's current live in the opinion polls and what will the polls.


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