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tv   Markus Lanz  Deutsche Welle  November 17, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm CET

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this is the news live from berlin. german police may have cracked the case of a 1000000000 dollar break in a massive early morning operation. snags 3 suspects in the green vault robbery of chips. now the search is on for the precious gems stolen from drizzt museum. last week, also coming up. if you know pierce prime minister threatens a final military offensive from the defiance to great region after a 3 day ultimatum expire, as more intense fighting appears, imminent, as both sides refuse mediation or people made us president elect joe
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biden, a warns of lives are at risk if the trump administration refuses to coordinate with his transition team on the fight against the coronavirus, one small step step in space travel hugely for a private company space x. fair is astronauts to the international space station, a trip it hopes will soon become routine. and thanks for joining us. it was one of the biggest jewel heist in decades. now a possible breakthrough in the case of the green volt, one of germany's famous music police flooded the district of current must've early
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morning raid in connection with the also just 3 suspects arrested in the raid are due to appear in court later on suspicion of organized robbery and awesome. broke into the dress museum and stole jewelry. estimated to be worth around $1000000000.00. oh, i'm now joined by chief political correspondent, melinda crane. belinda, there has been some development of developments in this story. what can you tell us? in fact, the responsible authorities here in berlin have been speaking to the press and they've said that the police are looking for 2 additional men, apparently 21 years of age. and they, as well as the 3 who were already arrested today, appear to belong to one of berlin's organized criminal gangs. a gang, a clan that was apparently known to the police before, that is believed to be associated with another spectacular theft,
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namely of an enormous gold coin from berlin's voda museum. the raid that occurred today was mostly targeted at properties in the noid code district of berlin, and that is a district where these organized criminal clans are known to live this clan, apparently with arab roots. and as i said already known to the police and to the responsible officials here in berlin said that this raid and these arrests are a very clear message to the clans here in this city, that they are not above the law that they will be held accountable for their criminal actions, the brain. thank you. from awesome called departments called the 5th was spectacular. what more can you tell us about it? yeah, i know it was kind of, i mean it's the biggest jewelry robbery in germany,
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in the federal republic of germany. it happened early in the morning, almost, exactly a year ago in dresden. and what the thieves did was initially they set a fire at an electricity, electricity junction box to power in the area. so the streets were dark. then they went to a 1st floor window at the museum, tore off the the bars that where they are smashed their way through. the glass went straight to a display case. display case, smash their way through there with an axe, grabbed the jewels and took off the police, were there very quickly, there was an alarm sound of the police were there within 5 or 6 minutes, but they were already gone. and the getaway car that they use was found burnt out a short time later. and we already that is the jury that was stolen was intensely precious. what else can you tell us about this jewel? the pieces that were actually stolen? yeah, i mean, the whole collection in the green ball, this is a unique, within the journey really unique in the world is the collection of just the strong 18th century ruler of saxony. it could be maybe compared to the crown jewels of
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london. it's this incredibly unique set of pieces. the pieces that were sold included, dining crested swords, broaches, and so forth. they some put the value in a 1000000000 euros or more, but really, they're there. priceless. i mean, this is a unique piece of, of german and saxon cultural history. but this is not the 1st in a german museum, half museums become soft targets for, for criminals. yeah. i think i think you can really say that, i mean, just a couple of years ago, 2017, we had a similar very spectacular robbery here in germany. in the botha museum where a huge gold coin worth about 4000000 euro is, was also was also taken in a very dramatic, a robbery. and, and these aren't, you know, ocean's 11 complicated geniuses that are pulling these off. these are smash and grab operations. they're just rushing in, grabbing what they can and taking and going out. and i think,
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i think for most are looking at german using very soft targets, incredibly valuable material in these museums that's protected by really low end security that they find very easy to break through. but i don't really know what museums can do about it, because museums are public spaces. people need to have access to the culture. i'm not sure how you can turn public spaces into properly secure areas unless you want to turn them into bank vaults. and i don't think anybody wants that. will any of this jury on markets, black markets? what are the chances of getting it back? i think almost almost nil. i mean the right after robbery experts said, these pieces are so well known internationally that it be impossible to sell them even on a black market, impossible sell them. and they assume that the criminals broke them down and then sold off the jewelry, the valuable metal, similar to the gold coin that was stolen. they actually have found the people who did that they're now serving jail time, but the court itself was not recovered. they assume police assume it was,
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it was broken down, melted down for it's cold and sold. thank you very much. because of the problem. some of the other news making headlines around the world today. riot police in the thai capital, bangkok half filed water cannons on protesters trying to get through a raise a while. and protesters wearing helmets and mosques responded with smoke bombs, demanding reforms to the constitution. and to the moment you protesters in the peruvian capital, lima are calling for former interim president, manual merino to face charges. over the deaths of 2 anti-government demonstrators, centrist lawmaker, francisco's augusta was named to succeed marino. after he resigned sunday sagacity becomes the and the nation's 3rd president. in only one week of political turmoil, ari cain iota has made landfall in northeastern nicaragua as
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a potentially catastrophic category. 4 category 5 storm. the hurricane came ashore with winds of more than 260 kilometers per hour, forcing thousands of people to flee. the region is still reeling from hurricane eta, which killed dozens of people. of this month's ethiopia's prime minister ahmed has announced a, quote, final military operation against the defiant to province in coming days. the federal government has carried out what it calls surgical as strikes on the tick right capital of mickael it and has denied reports of casualties. the opium leaders have so far resisted international pressure for mediation with the rebel forces. but fallout from the 2 we conflict has the potential to destabilize the entire region and has already kicked off what the u.n. says is a full scale humanitarian crisis. these are the weary faces of a conflict that is spilling out beyond ethiopia's borders. aid groups say 25000,
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people have no fled to sudan since fighting broke out. half of them are children. some may not see their fathers or husbands again. while i think it a year later, we came with the clothes on our back. i don't know where my husband is. i've been looking for him for 5 days. i don't know where he is. i had to have the land and they didn't have it done. and i can, i don't know what happened. there was heavy fighting and many people died. after that they told us to leave, so we fled everyone dead. you know how good and i was ethiopia's government says it's fighting with rebel groups in the rebellious region. the state t.v. pictures claim to show its forces liberating towns, but hundreds are reported to have been killed. officials in the capital have resisted calls for external mediation, or we don't need any mediation,
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and we bring that in leaders to court because any mediation would incentivize impunity. and really miss t. great t.v. appear to show captured eritrean troops with him. rebel forces have also been fighting. ethiopia says some of its soldiers have also been taken prisoner cutting our soldiers. our commanders generals. we don't know where they are. no. one is speaking. we don't know our commanders. in the jail. we don't know all they have is that what their life ethiopia's prime minister has promised a final military operation in the coming days and said he's ready to reintegrate the swelling numbers of refugees trying to survive on the banks of the ticky river in sudan for some background on this story joined from london by
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ahmed soliman, he's a researcher with the africa program at the chatham house. think tank if you o.p.'s prime minister issued a deadline for to militia to surrender. he says that has just expired. so what can we expect to happen now? well, it's difficult to know where this conflict is going, situation at all, going very rapidly of course, and intensified military action throughout the cry in the west. and we're seeing, you know, the numbers of reports of casualties rising into the hundreds if not more. what we have also is ground fighting, taking place and troops advancing on to the regional, kept mechanic. so the prime minister risk largely controlled the narrative around developments is asserted that this military action will be swift. but many people
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think that this could become a much more entrenched and protected conflict. one which turns with the t.p.m. left. becoming an insurgency movement in a very difficult terrain in mountainous and rugged region. so there is, there isn't really, i guess, an understanding of whether this operation which is being taken is one which is to submit t.p.a. left so that they eventually come to negotiate. a settlement in a very weakened ization or one which is following the stated aims, which is to remove the pin that ministration from to try and prevent and, and replace them with a provisional administrator. we have said that prime minister telling the sunni leadership was really a dramatic change to flip the power dynamics on its head. is he risking to destabilize the whole region that yes, i think there are wider regional implications and
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a possibility of protected conflict. we're already seeing could, could have really terrible effects for the broader whole of africa region for east africa, an area which has seen secure conflict over many decades. and which we just, i think, and as well, the emergence of, i believe, the same beginning to look towards increasing integration and stability as your report shows and und verified reports of eritrean fighters being both in, alongside the federal government forces. but what we do know and has been admitted, is that c.p.s. left and said that they have targeted eritrean capital as well as border positions with messaoud. we also know that sudan as well, the neighboring country, has its own very delicate transition with the civilian,
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civilian, military and ministration, and the influx of tens of thousands reported by the u.n.h.c.r. up to 25000. as your report puts it, increasing every day. tensions are hundreds of thousands of civilians fleeing the conflict in sudan could have a, an impact on a region which has its own into communal tensions. and which has been experiencing its own travel troubles which it could have a broader impact on the sudanese transition. and a brief, brief answer, please d.c. . any solution to this? any prospects for international mediation? perhaps a new could do that. i think the timing is right. ad needs to be right for mediation at the moment. the federal government has said that it is not open so that if the conflict becomes, well yes, if it becomes much more protected and the losses are felt on both sides, that could be an opening and traction for negotiated settlement. and then breaking
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a truce to this conflict. i think the international community needs to continue its show messaging to deescalate, to bring truce and to allow humanitarian access. and there was no need to do that mediating teams would be whether that would be mandated through the united nations african statesmen in charge such as the a you chair as it were. i'm opposed and the bad chair prime minister, abdullah armed. so i think the only way forward for ethiopia really is through inclusive dialogue and through coming through a negotiated settlement in london. thank you for this. us president elect joe biden has warned of fatal consequences to americans of the delays in the presidential transition process. biden has urged the trump ministration to allow his team to coordinate on pandemic response plans as event
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has so far declined to begin a formal handover process focusing instead on disputing his election loss is what biden had to say during a speech in delaware. more people may die, you know, coordinate the vaccines in fort solution to your vaccinated. so how do we get the vaccine? how do we get over 300000000, americans who actually watched a game plan? it's a you use huge undertaking to get it done. prioritize those greatest need and working our way through it and also cooperate with the world health organization and the rest of the world in dealing with this. if we have to wait until january 20th to start that plan, it puts just behind, over a month, month and a half. and so it's important that it be done at the be coordination now now or rapidly as we get that u.s. president elect joe biden speaking. then biden scientific advisors are planning to
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meet with drug makers to map out a nationwide vaccination plan without assistance from the ministration. the situation is getting increasingly serious. the u.s. is seeing its biggest spike in corona, virus infections, and tests. since the start of the pandemic, new cases have more than doubled in the past month midwestern states such as north and south dakota, iowa and wisconsin. i've seen the shoppers rise relative to their population size. they're all reporting, record numbers of hospitalizations. in total numbers with more than a 1000000 cases and over 20000 deaths, a state of texas continues to be one of the worst. it's really not similar went to el paso where hospital managers say their facilities are close to being overwhelmed . it basso is on the border with mexico, but no one is talking about the wall anymore. the pandemic is raging here. numbers
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are soaring. right now we have about $241.00, in-patient, coburg $1000.00 cases. now to contrast with about 45 days ago, we only had 30. but a lot of those people that you see going into these tents behind me, they will wind up inside our hospital, have authorities are already arranging to move patients to other cities. if the hospitals become overwhelmed, planning for months of strain, there is going to be a long period yet before a vaccine is here. so we have to make sure that we are ready for this winter. not only here in el paso, but also around the country. resources are finite. there is already a backlog in dealing with the dead refuge generated more outside the hospitals serve as makeshift more terrorists. funeral homes in the past so are so overwhelmed that families sometimes have to wait a week to bury aloft one funeral director sam, selves are struggling to cope anywhere. this place is and we had it with the level
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of stress is very high, because it is not comparable to how it used to be. some months ago we had around 30 services for months. right now we're having around 80 visas for me is this 2nd wave of the pandemic is not only hitting record numbers of people, many of whom could die. local lockdowns in the past will to try and curb the spread are wreaking havoc a business. here in el paso, there's a 10 pm curfew, but even during the day, many people stay at home. this is where the economic effects of the pandemic can most clearly be seen. downtown at basle seems abandoned. also, this restaurant wasn't able to keep most of its soft. now the owner has to attend the few clients himself. the current situation had a clear impact on his political decision. he voted for joe biden. i knew he could
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do better than donald trump, and i think we all hope the same. we hope for a different government that supports us. or yes, some money of all works just around the corner for him, the presidential race is not over yet. no, i think president biden is not going to be the president of the currents going to be donald trump. he feared his business might be hit by the pandemic, but now he has orders until july next year. republicans, he says, are good for the construction sector. despite his support for trump, he has his own opinion on covert 1000, specially after he tested positive. everyone is going to get the virus and we're going to fill up the hospitals. testing is one of the crucial instruments to avoid to this problem. we get cordy needs 10 testing centers. in the past. he works for a private company that is being paid by the state of texas, but his main concern in the pen day make is not political. not, i don't have fully knowledge of what joe biden is planning to do in his
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administration. but until now we haven't had any kind of difficulties with the current administration, and i don't think it's a matter of resources. but the main concern is how to communicate to the people what to do or not. supporters. biden supporters to different sites that seem to come together in the past in fear of the coronavirus are. and here's a look at some of the other developments in the pandemic. south korea will tighten social distancing rules from thursday and the greatest solarium and parts of gun one province made a surge in new infections. germany's chancellor angela merkel cautioned the situation in germany was still very serious. although infection numbers are not rising as fast as they were. regional german leaders postponed a decision on further tightening the current lockdown until next week, and france says it aims to start a nationwide covert vaccination campaign. in january,
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amid fears that millions of french could refuse coronavirus shots. you're watching the news still to come. germany warms up for a face off against spain with its nation's leader, fate on the line. can you or him lives? men get their act together after some recent uninspiring performance. but 1st, it's another space 1st that nasa hopes will soon become routine for struggles half board of the international space station after rocket into orbit in a private spacecraft. the crew took that 27 hour flight on a capsule made by the u.s. company space x. . it's a milestone that's been a decade in the make. it looks like a slow motion johnson space, but this link up is happening at 17500 miles per hour. as the dragon capsule in the international space station orbit, the private company space x. and u.s.
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government space agency nasa worked together for a decade for this. back in 2011, nasa began partnering with private firms to replaces discontinued space shuttle program. 33 u.s. astronaut kate rubens prepares the hatch to let her 4 new colleagues on board among them. u.s. astronaut, victor glover, the 1st african-american to work a full term on the space station i know social distancing here, but the new crew members were in quarantine for weeks in the run up to the flight because of the risk of corona virus infection. and so we are so excited to be here, we are humbled and we are excited to be a part of this great expedition. and so we are looking forward to the next 6 months
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. can't wait to get started. but this mission is far from complete. every day you own your own space, x.'s dragon capsule's will continue to ferry astronauts to and from the international space station. since the demise of the space shuttle program, u.s. astronauts had been hitching rides on russian spacecraft in the next 15 months. we should be flying roughly 7 dragon missions. and this mission represents the initiation of a dragon in orbit, continuously knocking on wood. and certainly is really the beginning of a new era in human spaceflight. with private companies sending more capsules into space scenes like this on the florida coast on monday will become more common, but no less spectacular. some football news,
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no top spot in the nation's league, is up for grabs. later today, when germany face spain in group 4 of the tournament without advancing to the next round, germany are hoping to build on their victory over ukraine on saturday, but they need to get their act together after some. well, the uninspiring, the flintstones, germany's nation's elite fate is in their own hands. at least according to coach of a draw against spain would be enough to top the group and book a place in the semifinals. but love says it could be tricky against a team like spain, you know, is full on the challenge to defend well, of all, especially because the spaniards are extremely variable in the games. they are extremely confident and that can, of course, pose big problems for any opponent. spain did pose a big problem for germany in their last meeting. they scored a late equaliser much of the chagrin of the germans. they got to keep all the trust
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that was a team in the playoffs, are aware of who we are playing, then it is about playing on the pitch, which is the most difficult, especially in this case with the opponent is of an extremely high level of these germany may have an extremely high level, but they don't always play like it. perhaps the players should listen to. when he says fate you're watching the news is a reminder. the top story we're following for you. german police have arrested 3 suspects, connected to the notorious green volts. jewel theft. last year, thieves broke into a museum and stole jewelry to be worth around $1000000000.00. that's news update this hour. coming up next
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a close up about balancing act. remember, you can always use to measure the web site in 30 languages, dot com and also recommend you follow us on instagram and twitter us gals office for me of the place to watch
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with one foot in the other on its way out is more than my own and brag, say, it's a balancing act, the prison synonymous challenges, such as the one constant impressions from northern ireland. precedent balancing act comes on t. w.
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give us your country. the political will make you rich people. oil will provide you with jobs. the oil will take good care of lazy days to a big oil. fever took hold on the west coast and come out in 2007. investors made big promises, but years later, reality looks very different. litters features the drinking water shortage. unemployment that is a big blow to the movement. if it comes not
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a trace of oil money to the south. what happened to ghana stream of black gold oil promises starts december 4th after briggs that northern ireland is due to remain part of the u.k. it in many ways it will still be linked to the european union conundrum. what does the future holds? hopes and fears of the how and can you tell me where the monks were? i don't think i will show one day. i hope the dollars are coming. the page. others are starting to think being
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a play called for in the day to day of surgery. what new become in this troubled land? fictitious not has just received a phone call. 4 of his counsel broken through a fence and a now driving free on the road. conditions just got very wet. so we have talent, but by just own way, you know, you tried to spread them, understood more about yours on the health, you could use levanon much more vocal of such than a smaller group set up from where you want to move 8, because it's no content to give it a friend in trouble or finish up his son, david got to the field ahead of him on there. somehow the latch on the gate came
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undone and the cows and wandered off. the quad bike is now david's last 10 minutes late had them 20 games have been rounded up a problem in cities sold back in a few weeks time. the farm was unlikely to face much bigger challenges for which no one really as a civil right what's clear is that northern ireland will not stay the way it is. and not family may have to rethink everything and yet things are running so well right now. they've found is located deep in the with an empty side. they have 140 candles and 2 fishing carol have steadily, it's a fun day because one day take over the business and they hope to pass it on in top
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condition that some of the shape of being separated off to be put with the ram from 18 to is proud of his lifestyle and it will be down for farming as is probably the only state there that's really doing really well. you know what i mean? that's all and that's all in northern ireland. and off the 3rd 1800000 of our population in northern ireland, we produce enough food to feed 10000000. so we're quite proud of our, of our achievement, which is the food produced goes to britain or to the republic of ireland in the south, a system that's 12 years. but now britain is leaving the e.u. . and so is northern ireland, sort of the province will have a special status and that complicates things. planning for the future is difficult . we songs do it here for next year, so he won't see the results of what he's doing today on till next oberst or
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september. so you know, calvert's 3 years before you sell the beef, it's not a very good follow on for their decision to take a long term. so we are concerned, but as again, somebody said warriors are wasted emotion or just get almost basically it's not just the sheep you are unsure of where to go. the family and the home, you know, of an island heading into uncharted territory. it's the biggest change that northern ireland has faced in decades and the road ahead could be difficult. the 1st concern is that northern alliance pledge of peace is not push at risk. and that's why it's been given a special status. not an island will remain part of the united kingdom and will also have access to the european single market. and that
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was the only way to avoid an international border with the republic of violent which remains an e.u. member goods and frequently continue to move freely without border control, which is considered key to retaining peace on the island. but there has to be a customs border somewhere between e.u. and britain. so a decision was taken to put it in the irish sea. effectively splitting the united kingdom into it means big changes for workers here at belfast. tama, the latest ferry has just arrived from scotland with 2 or 3 dozen trucks on board to carry food will materials and consumer goods. to see crossing to bill foster as one of the main supply routes within the u.k. . when john o'neill drives from scotland to build fast, he doesn't leave the you can't. even though he crosses the sea,
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it's domestic crossing not an international one. you can take a load up now and then jump on the ferry, come across it and don't leave out the upper part. that's all more or less, no fossil destroying. that's probably some different bomb joint belfast harbor will be required to enforce e.u. customs rules. meaning goods coming from britain will be subject to international controls right now. he can sometimes be out of the port in 2 minutes, but in future, he will need to show a customs declaration that his truck could be pulled over to undergo detail checks . what will be jack's? yeah, yeah. tax half a day's nor'easter, but the bother for half a day with no paperwork for a lawyer parked up there. not for a while. they buy a bag of like a pack. no,
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you don't need no borders in this country. you know what? that's just math. everything up from what everything that comes to northern ireland from britain will need to have papers proving that it corresponds to evacuations. and goods may even be subject to customs jussi place. all right, thank you. look at the company headquarters, john o'neill's boss in the entire team, a trying their best to prepare. many of their customers are getting nervous. chris slowly has 200 shops, the transport goods, mainly throughout the u.k. and ireland. the worry here is that food producers will now move the british business out of northern ireland to avoid the rain tight. it's a break, sir. you know, it's a consideration. but because we have that feeling guilty of product, we have a regular shipping route. so we can be in the market, which is to the market very effectively,
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but then pan to traverse. and if there's the lay of the ports, the problem of a short shelf life, sort of a loose part of shelf life. there's a consideration that some of the product could move from the north and out of production site production site. and that will cause obviously, reduction in our presence or to get along with a lot of fresh goods travel through northern island that will now have to be checked. player a may be subject to terrorists. so limit fan is keen to help customers, but the paper would really, but it's a huge task storage conditions in those key. she has a fresh product as being with a variety of really it all from our mom, all our clan origin. all of these goods need to be declared on entry from g.p. back into northern ireland. that could take a very physical check of our product. certainly under the regulations,
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the authorities can stop the vehicle and carry out all the necessary checks on each of those individual and really could create a lot of delay and create a lot of cost. and it could create an interruption to the food supply chain. and this lettuce on the lettuce as a, as a u.k. product of origin bollixed are coming into northern ireland. so we're removing a good was in the u.k. that subject to the sea and checklist that would have come from china. it's a logistical nightmare. the british government troublous that the movement of goods would continue to be smooth and without obstacles. but staff now find themselves wading through endless complex forms on the government website to victor and his cows. he's off to sell milk to dairy, but 1st he checks the price. roy? oh yes,
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yes. prices same prices last week is fine for victor. the deer is down south an island. like nearly all the terry's carol usually does most of the milking on her own. but in the afternoons her granddaughters sometimes lend a helping hand milk is the main source of income for the fun. paying to sell around $5000.00 leases to a dairy every 2 days over the amount varies very well. have whatever year if, you know. yeah, that's part of the money. every $12.00 leaders might give a bit more in the morning, but night together, you know, throughout quite a bit of the milk, mainly goes to supermarkets in britain became milk feed k. customers. but a few days ago, the family realised that delivering the mail via
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a dairy in the republic of ireland will soon cause huge problems. so the victim actually needs a plan b. . what concerns you most is that milk will probably be subject to the highest tariffs of more than 50 percent. so it's search that's what could be added to the cost if the milk were to go from a dairy in the republic of ireland to fact to britain. but northern ireland doesn't have the capacity to process all of the milk in its terry's. can you tell me where the most, where you go into the stimulus, david process in northern ireland for the u.k. market shorthouse to go to the torah for completely. so that's why it's a threat. his plan b. is to switch from the dairy farming to beef cattle. he could then sell the meat directly to britain and directly to the republic of ireland to both its options
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would avoid tariffs. but he would 1st have to build up a herd of beef cattle for did to me if we can move. farmers are calm, moves from one sector, $10.00 a share and we were very here. and now where we hope our farmer growers, an optimist doesn't have so victim battles on waiting and worrying when a little into the biggest impact of northern ireland, special status is in consumer goods. that's because northern ireland has very close trade links with its neighbors. 3 quarters of the goods that leave this region go to britain. the island, tens of thousands of jobs depend on these child links. one in 4 people work in manufacturing,
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but not everyone here is pessimistic. o'neil's is an irish sports we manufacture with production plants in the north and the south. the military here is exceptionally up page 20 gene to rick to kiran. kennedy believes the company has a bright future. the government's making. it will continue to sell to the republic of ireland and the rest of the e.u. largely without restrictions so we don't have to carry out for duties all across the border. you know, it will be much more comparable. so for example, if you have companies in the u.k. you're trying to export of europe both are very powerful video, so they ask about of, so it's a 11 for me is for working over dogpile fireable. well, that's why we've exhausted after this was supposed to the best of you know, both wars for all its bonus does it. he's won the lottery,
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the money to see it speak to continue exporting tariff free to europe. he also stands to benefit from any future trade deals with greens by britain, and he's confident, for example, that london will reach a free trade agreement with the strain. yes. if it does, he's ready to ship it right from here. hopefully, got a biblical tower free of a bit over the top sort of a good cold for sure. yeah. you know, so that's why i keep saying we will have the best of both wars. so we'll be able to avail of the free trade agreements. but the british government are, you know, currently working on as well as a northerner protocol by remaining in the single market. but, you know, it's old, but rather brave about his force of will take advantage of out that optimism is shared by his staff. jolene mckeon makes 400 pairs of trances a day. the developments surrounding brakes. it initially had his knowledge about
1:45 pm
the future. on my job, not my job, i see it, but i was quite, quite positive about it up to you until morning. things may grow one by one, so i don't think of any peers there. there's not much troubles my year or more. i think i've been going to make and put on them. and on the return of peace and the open border with the south is what people here, tresham honest joleen lives right on the border and believes things could hardly be better. and that's fine because i'm actually love, i'm a complainer. i know, and i'm right on the like 30 say come from i.b.m. to the republic of ireland. but over just days at their feet, there is no one orders brought on again on the wire borders problem again. the open border with the south is also a huge bonus to have both secure and not just because it's good for business. he's a republican and it's clear he relishes the thought of a customs border with britain. well, i mean that doesn't care where and why's that?,
1:46 pm
well, because it always, we want it with the more separation we get from the u.k., the better. you know, our objective really as much less of a united ireland. we would like it to be all the one place when the british shouldn't be here at all. they have no right to be here. we don't want them here. so, you know, remain fully in europe and hopefully vote for another that's the dream. that brings this to a child conflict in the prospect of a special status to northern ireland, has ranged to new hires and feel reviving old questions about identity. in the 1990, s. good friday peace agreement largely ended on the wrist and the decades. the problems have not been mcluhan genes to try to prevent violence.
1:47 pm
here in belfast, the tensions are still very real in some areas. the visible border from here as the problem. so if i cross the road, follow those cars of the drive and iron. the catholic area, so that's, that's a straight small street. but all the paths of a crater, of a credible odds are going to cross the public. but i would say that the walk across a bit probably get a taxi other from here. that's the thing to have to do during the summer. in particular, when there are political trades, emotions can live up, stones and my little cock towns might be thrown into neighborhoods on the other side of the divide. well, if it's a younger crowd,
1:48 pm
it could be trouble. the older crowd could walk across america be fagged. you know, all the past part of the year here go across. like i said, july and august pay about sets a 1000000 over that's that's, that's korea. as a people, things, it's mainly gangs behind the violence these days. rather than political fanatics. the still the hostilities a palpable mutual service. a reminder of northern ireland's violent past flies demonstrate in neighborhoods allegiance to bridges. she knew jack introduced and even used in use all the irish one in catholic republican neighborhoods. dividing walls, run through belfast and other cities, dividing protestant areas from catholic nuns intended to do to rest. not just centuries of english dominance of the irish war of independence laid in $921.00 to the creation of the republic of ireland. that was predominantly catholic only on
1:49 pm
each was maybe remains in the county. here. the tensions continue in the, loony bin. in the late 1960 s., northern ireland, abducted in sectarian conflict as militant republicans for running street battles, find unification with island protestant militants full back and the british army also intervened. militant 3000 people were killed in the northern ireland conflict. only 998 was the finally the peace agreement. now a new generation is growing up with hopes that things could be different are just are normal warm up. and there are coopers boxing club is not far from the invisible border that he showed earlier. it's been a protestant,
1:50 pm
made food where loyalty to britain is especially strong. there are 50 boys who come here regularly to try and keep this anxious to ensure that our day won't be the ones throwing stones and molotov cocktails. later on he believes that they could be a resurgence of violence here after the break says, the whole debate over northern ireland's identity has taken on a new significance. he doesn't think the younger generation is that interested in politics. as far as why the trouble continues, i know i would rather have an answer for it. i just don't. i just think sometimes it's a night out for a kids. thank our trouble. let's call it what they do when you're grown up with those stones and you know, some of the coaches not a lot over the years when they were kids of the ones that does know the soul stones and they have, you know, but when they get involved and they get involved the box and you make friends,
1:51 pm
charlie clock come see it twice a week. he's not from this area, but he too lives in a protestant neighborhood. his grandfather is a passionate loyalist holding fast to the united kingdom. to the issues it's ever present in northern ireland, protestants and catholics, us and them. but here at the boxing club, it's different. the sport of boxing going in here to drum on the role short of being able to just forget about the rest of the world and just concentrate on one thing. but those, it does make, for example, me about a person. if you wanted, it would mean in the world, the sport of boxing, you bring something to them. hopefully one day, a new car on your dreams or you could be gone from here. right now. young people from the other side have started coming to you from catholic neighborhoods where loyalty to the republic of ireland is strong. they all
1:52 pm
train together and they normally practice against each other to the object of those and their grid, the kids. so that the relays that there's not much difference between proper process and catholics because that where we are here, we are pure and they're fierce. there's a street between us and the and the very large. so the reza, lot of trouble there are. so we're trying to diffuse the trouble we started up there themselves box. once they leave the rang, i want to leave the club. you know, that's the laughter hons. these are hard and i felt, you know, that's not the way with you. if you know you are current you're going to go are all right. every director feinstein is not possible at the moment because of the coronavirus restrictionist, so they compete in different ways outside in the fresh air. the one who holds out the longest when i think,
1:53 pm
i guess they are showing she the money difference. i wish him a solve and i really think to do with religion for him. talk, are those people going to so we're going to change my view or partially their minds and hope it doesn't change their view of how they see me, other than the club could have canceled the training because it's a pandemic. but the end is not just to train, but to bring people together and break down barriers. caring kennedy doesn't want any new outbreak of violence either. but he does want to reopen the debate over possible leadership cation with island. he's convinced that breaks it will help bring the new and south closer together. this area is one of kiran's favorite places but never had a list. say there's all northern ireland from across the river here has the
1:54 pm
republic of ireland. for a, it's all the same. there is no border in my mind. he believes that this new situation can set northern ireland on a new cools. he's convinced having a customs border with britain, but no border controls in ireland will unleash a new dynamic. even amongst british loyalists. will change the mindset of many people we can bust for this is the way to go. again, look, we're looking forward to a shared future. we want it for everybody. so we would want the us to say, let them understand that this is the best way to go. it's more prosperous for everybody on the island of ireland. but it won't be easy going. the majority in northern ireland would need to want reunification. and right now there's no sign of that, but kiran remains on to ted and his ticket campaigning for a peaceful reunification. troubles are the thing of apostasy. you know,
1:55 pm
the troubles in violence don't work together they, we need political agreement. we need our political leaders to be joined up you know, at the end of the day, the will of the people will be the pay all of that will the day that the site put in the resources of both law that out of all sides are rather peculiar, and i think will probably be one of the best cultures in europe. africa do that successfully. in fact, if you strain it down because it's a controversial one, and charley could well be pulled into that controversy and any fresh conflict. while the college, his grandfather, andrew chan is a firm supporter of britain for the $0.02 is a new dynamic and is keen to play it down. the moment you need a down. but now mentality the years before the break,
1:56 pm
if they need and i'm not in the north, the royal story, a very frayed truth, nearly capability or those, you know, but i think the way we all 1st they poder, united kingdom of whether we have faith in for a new world of challenge strain is very different right now he's dislocated his arm while boxing. but one day he had to any living through sport at 17, he is now going to a sports college in a catholic neighborhood. on the other side of the room. somewhat daunting and there's a big problem because some of them is probably brought up in a war chaos war. there are more reason to believe in all the complex stuff. i don't have a problem. they think of me differently. so there is always going to be out fear of
1:57 pm
walking in an area about other said, i don't have a problem of value will not on your area or a dozen women. the conflict was never his conflict and he's not interested in any new finds quite subconsciously. he completely ignores the barrier. not looking at it once he passes by it like to see belfast without dividing walls, i will sure one day i hope it goes just come the peace and no one has any more problems. if everyone, everyone just lives their life because i was roll from this or there's no point in turn differences, it's just all be the same. not far from his college is a catholic memorial to those killed in the troubles. not only young people think like he does, but charlie does have friends now who are catholic. his college is mixed. and that's what he wants to the whole of northern ireland to everyone to interact
1:58 pm
freely and get on your p.c. . there's all those stupid arguments. it doesn't go just to move on from and everyone should just change their mind and not have a problem with someone as there's a great if i go in there for my words, going to involve them. change our people for a long haul, but the true speak of northern ireland. special status, aka breaks. it has certainly set something in motion. they will be wins and loses. northern ireland's identity is once again up for device. the one thing everyone agrees on whatever happens, they want nobody to turn to the violence of the problems from
1:59 pm
the ghetto to parliament, to come to popstars rails against come up shuttle. it's time to shop despite coming from a poor family loves to become president and the challenges are not god, those credible story. bob, you want to block starts december 10th on g.w. . this
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is d.w. news wire from berlin. german police may have cracked the case of a 1000000000 dollar break in a massive early morning operation. snags 3 suspects in the green vault robbery case . now the search is on for the precious gems stolen from the dress museum last year . also coming up.


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