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tv   Kick off Spezial  Deutsche Welle  November 17, 2020 2:03pm-2:30pm CET

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mainly of middle eastern origin. now that being blamed for lofty is spectacular heist. interested in november 2902, people broke into the city's world famous green, felt uneasy and stealing priceless diamonds into the center east. this was where the region's royals kept that collections of trust in art works. the robbery made headlines across the well after a year of investigations, authorities could not have found the culprits. but believe it's highly unlikely the stolen objects will ever be recovered. from the 5th was spectacular. what more can you tell us about it? yeah, i know it was kind of, i mean it's the biggest julia robbery in germany in the federal republic of germany . it happened early in the morning, almost exactly a year ago in dresden. and what the thieves did was initially they set a fire at electricity, electricity junction box to cut power to the area. so the streets were dark,
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and then they went to a 1st floor window at the museum, tore off the the bars that where they are smashed their way through. the glass went straight to a display case. display face smashed their way through there with an axe, grabbed the jewels and took off the police, were there very quickly? there was an alarm, sounded the police were there within 5 or 6 minutes, but they were already gone. and the getaway car that they used was found burnt out a short time later. and we the jury that was stolen was intensely precious. what else can you tell us about this tour? the pieces that were actually stolen? yeah, i mean, the whole collection in the green ball, this is a unique within the journey really unique in the world is the collection of just the strong 18th century ruler of saxony. it could be maybe compared to the crown jewels of london. it's this incredibly unique set of pieces. the pieces that were sold included, dining, crossed swords, broaches. and so they some put the value of
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a 1000000000 euros or more, but really, they're there. priceless. i mean this is a unique piece of, of german and saxon cultural history. but this is not the 1st in the german museum, half museums become soft targets for, for criminals. yeah, i think i think you can really say that, i mean, just a couple of years ago, 2017, we had a similar very spectacular robbery here in germany. in the botha museum where a huge gold coin worth about 4000000 euro is, was also was also taken in a very dramatic robbery. and, and these are, you know, ocean's 11 complicated geniuses that are pulling these off. these are smash and grab operations there. just rushing in and grabbing what they can and taking and going out. and i think i think criminals are looking at germ museums and very soft targets incredibly valuable material in these museums that's protected by really low end security that they find very easy to break through. but i don't really know what museums can do about it, because museums are public spaces. people need to have access to the culture. i'm
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not sure how you can turn public spaces into properly secure areas unless you want to turn them into bank vaults. and i don't think anybody wants that. will any of this jewelry? what are the chances of getting it back? i think almost almost nil. i mean, the right after robbery experts said, these pieces are so well know, there's internationally that it be impossible to sell them even on a black market, impossible sell them. and they assume that the criminals brought them down and then sold off the jewelry, the valuable metal, similar to the gold coin that was stolen. they actually have found the people who did that they're now serving jail time, but the coin itself was not recovered. they assume police assume it was, it was broken down, melted down for its gold and sold off. what a shame, thanks very much for the problem. time now to have a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today. riot
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police in thailand's capital, bangkok are fired water cannons at protesters trying to get through a razor wire barrier outside parliament. protesters wearing helmets and masts, responded with smoke bombs, demanding reforms to the constitution and to the monarchy. protesters in the peruvian capital, lima are calling for former interim president. manual merino to face charges over the deaths of 2 anti-government demonstrators. centrist lawmaker, francisco sagacity was named to succeed mary any merino after his resignation. on sunday, augusta becomes the end of the nation's 3rd president. in only one week of political turmoil, arik an iota as made landfall in northeastern iraq as a potentially catastrophic category. 5 storm hurricane came ashore with winds of over 260 kilometers bra, forcing thousands of people to flee. the region is still reeling from the hurricane itself, which killed dozens of people earlier this month. if you o.p.'s prime
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minister, has announced a quote, final military operation against the defiant to grab province after local leaders ignore is surrender ultimatum. the federal government earlier carried out what it called surgical air strikes on that iraq capital of mickael it. if the opium leaders have so far resisted international pressure for mediation with the rebel forces. but fallout from the 2 week conflict has the potential to destabilize the entire region and has already kicked off what the u.n. says is a full scale humanitarian crisis. were ethiopian air force fighter jets on a mission in the skies above t gree, captured by a d.-w. journalist on the ground.
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the local t.v. later showed what appear to be buildings damaged by the iraq fence of the escalating violence has sent sos in spelling out beyond ethiopia's borders aid groups say 25000 people have no fled to sudan since fighting broke out. half of them are children. some may not see their fathers or husbands again. well, i don't think, you know, the year we came with the clothes on our back. i don't know where my husband as i've been looking for him for 5 days. i don't know where he is now had to has the ethiopia's government says its fight is with rebel groups in the rebellious region . the state t.v. pictures claim to show its forces liberating towns, but hundreds are reported to have been killed. officials in the capital have resisted calls for external mediation,
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or we don't need any mediation until we bring in leaders to court, because any mediation would incentivize impunity. and really miss t. great t.v. appear to show captured eritrean. troops with whom rebel forces have also been fighting. ethiopia says some of its soldiers have also been taken prisoner. cut our soldiers, our commanders generals. we don't know where they are. no. we don't know. our commanders. we don't know. maybe ethiopia's prime minister has promised a final military operation in the coming days and said he's ready to reintegrate the swelling numbers of refugees. now trying to survive on the banks of the take easy river in sudan. u.s.
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president elect joe biden has warned of fatal consequences to americans over delays in the presidential transition process. biden has urged the trump administration to allow his team to coordinate on pandemic response plans. president trump has so far declined to begin a formal handover process focusing instead on disputing his election loss is what biden had to say during a speech in delaware, more people may die if you know coordinate, a vaccine is important solution to your vaccinated. so how do we get the vaccine? how do we get over 300000000, americans for actually watched a game plan? it's a huge, huge, huge undertaking to get it done for tris, those greatest in need and working our way through it and also cooperate with the world health organization and the rest of the world in dealing with this. if we have to wait until january 20th to start that plan, it puts just behind, over
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a month, month and a half. and so it's important that it be done at the be coordination now now or rapidly as we can get that done. meanwhile, joe biden scientific advisors are planning to meet with drug makers to map out a nationwide vaccination plan without assistance from the trump ministration. because the situation is getting increasingly serious. the u.s. is seeing its biggest spike in corona, virus infections and deaths. since the start of the pandemic, new cases have more than doubled in the past months midwestern states such as north and south dakota, iowa wisconsin, seen the sharpest flies relative to their population size. they're all reporting record number of hospitalizations in total numbers with more than 1000000 cases and over 20000 deaths. the state of texas continues to be one of the worst hit w.'s carolina chima went to el paso hospital managers say their facilities are close to
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being overwhelmed. it paso is on the border with mexico, but no one is talking about the wall anymore. the pandemic is raging here. numbers are soaring. right now we have about $241.00 in patient coburg, 19 cases. now to contrast with about 45 days ago, we only have 30, but a lot of those people that you see going into these tents behind me. they will wind up inside our hospital, have authorities are already arranging to move patients to other cities. if the hospitals become overwhelmed, planning for months of strain, there is going to be a long period yet before a vaccine is here. so we have to make sure that we are ready for this winter. not only here in el paso, but also around the country. resources are finite, there is already a fact luck in dealing with the dead refuge generated more outside the hospitals
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serve as makeshift more terrorists. funeral homes in the past so are so overwhelmed that families sometimes have to wait a week to bury a loft. one funeral director sam, selves are struggling to cope and you are in this race is in the year it was the level of stress is very high because it is not comparable to how it used to be. some months ago we had to run 30 services for a month. right now we're having around 80 percent of users for me. and this 2nd wave of the pandemic is not only hitting record numbers of people, many of whom could die. loko lockdowns in the past will to try and curb the spread are wreaking havoc a business. here in el paso, there's a 10 pm curfew, but even during the day, many people stay at home. this is where the economic effects of the pandemic can most clearly be seen. downtown at basle seems abandoned. also, this restaurant wasn't able to keep most of its soft. now the owner has to attend
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the few clients himself. the current situation had a clear impact on his political decision. he voted for joe biden. i knew he could do better than donald trump, and i think we all hope the same. we hope for a different government that supports us. focus. some money of all works just around the corner for him, the presidential race is not over yet. no, i think president biden is not going to be the president of the currents going to be donald trump. he feared his business might be hit by the pandemic, but now he has orders until july next year. republicans, he says, are good for the construction sector. despite his support for trump, he has his own opinion on covert 1000, specially after he tested positive. everyone is going to get the virus and we're going to fill up the hospitals. testing is one of the crucial instruments to avoid to this problem. we get cordy needs 10 testing centers in el paso. he works for
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a private company that is being paid by the state of texas. but his main concern in the pandemic is not political, not boy, i don't have full knowledge of what joe biden is planning to do in his administration. but until now we haven't had any kind of difficulties with the current administration. i don't think it's a matter of resources, but the main concern is how to communicate to the people what to do or not. look at noida supporters. biden supporters to different sites that seem to come together in the past in fear of the coronavirus. and here are some of the other developments in the pandemic of south korea will tighten social social distancing rules from thursday. in the greater solarium parts of going one province as new infections. german chancellor angela merkel as a caution. the situation in germany is still very serious. although infection numbers are not rising as fast as they were markland regional german leaders
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postponed a decision on further tightening. the current lockdown until next week, and france says it aims to start a nationwide kovac vaccination campaign in january, but there are fears that millions of french could refuse coronavirus shots. meanwhile, there has been another encouraging breakthrough in the race for a vaccine against it. 19 a 2nd pharmaceuticals from the u.s. based company mcdonough says it's paramount of art scene is 94.5 percent effective . that's similar to the results of another vaccine being developed by a german company by antec and its u.s. partner pfizer. and before the end of 2020,, medina expects to have enough safety data for u.s., regulators approve approval and rollout the vaccine of on that announcement on a joint from colorado in the u.k. where health analysts dr. john campbell, dr. campbell, how significant is this announcement from the down when it's immense?
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this ignitor can because this is now the 2nd vaccine that we have. so we know we can produce vaccines against the sas coronavirus to generate immunity until this data came out. we didn't know this is absolutely game changing is how we're going to get out of this pandemic. and it means that things can start getting back to normal next year. we're still got quite a long way to go. we've got to get through this winter. there's probably not going to be a significant impact from these vaccines to about april may through next summer time. but the real hope is that things will be essentially back to normal by this time next year. what do you reckon when will people are human may be able to get this sort? it depends on there's a few things to go to get to get right. we're still waiting for the safety data. now what happens with the safety data is that you have to wait for 2 months after the 2nd dose of the vaccine is being given to a judge that the vaccine is safe. just in case there's
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a delay. but we do expect that to be passed through, but we don't, we haven't heard any alarm bells about that. so i believe that some people will start receiving this vaccine in 2020. then the numbers will gradually increase in january, february, march. so people like you and me hopefully will be getting vaccinated by next april may. and it also depends how the oxford astra zeneca vaccine comes on along as well . if that comes out as well, then we'll have 3 vaccines and other vaccines potentially coming on. and that's going to increase the speed of the rollout of this vaccination program. now report, we are the couple of people who said there were books, kind of wary of getting vaccinated. how important is it that is possible everyone gets well, of course it's absolutely vital, but i mean, we're fortunate these vaccines are very effective. who was just going to need about 70 percent to take it up. now there's only been one major international study on this, published in the journal nature that looked at 19 countries. and they graded all of
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these countries with how people, how likely people were to accept the vaccine when it 1st came out. and the overall international average at the moment is just about 71 to 72 percent in europe. it's around about that level as well. so we know that most people are prepared to take it, but i think that number is going to increase when people realize it's safe and also being vaccinated may well be a requirement for some types of employment. it may well be a requirement for certain types of travel. so i think once people realize how important this is and that they see all the people around them being vaccinated and it does appear to be safe, as we believe firmly that is going to be at the moment. and i think uptake will greatly increase from that 70 percent. germany, for example, is around about that 70 percent of the moment, but i do expect public confidence to increase as people see this working. john, temple health analyst from col in the u.k. . thank you very much. for joining us. thank you. go. you're watching news still to
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come. germany warms up for a face off against spain with its nations' league fate on the line. can your home lives, men get their act together after some recent rather uninspiring for us? but for us, it's a never space 1st that nasa hopes will soon become routine for astronauts half borders for the international space station after rocketing into orbit in a private spacecraft. the crew took that 27 hour flight on a capsule made by the u.s. company space x. by a long musk. it's a milestone that's been a decade in the make. it looks like a slow motions on since space, but this link up is happening at 17500 miles per hour as the dragon capsule in the international space station orbit. the private company space x. and u.s.
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government space agency nasa worked together for a decade for this back in 2011, nasa began partnering with private firms to replaces discontinued space shuttle program. the u.s. astronaut kate rubens prepares the hatch to let her 4 new colleagues on board among them. u.s. astronaut, victor glover, the 1st african-american to work a full term on the space station. no social distancing here. but the new crew members were in quarantine for weeks in the run up to the flight because of the risk of corona virus infection at the and so we are so excited to be here. we are humbled and we are excited to be a part of this great expedition. and so we are looking forward to the next 6 months
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. can't wait to get started. but this mission is far from complete. you own your own space. x.'s dragon capsule's will continue to ferry astronauts to and from the international space station since the demise of the space shuttle program, u.s. astronauts had been hitching rides on russian spacecraft in the next 15 months. we should be flying roughly 7 dragon missions. and this mission represents the initiation of a dragon in orbit, continuously knocking on wood. and certainly is really the beginning of a new era in human spaceflight. with private companies sending more capsules into space scenes like this on the florida coast on monday will become more common, but no less spectacular sports
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news, no football to be precise. the top spot in the nation's league is up for grabs. later today, when germany faced spain in group 4 of us tournament with a win advancing to the next round, germany hoping to build on that victory over ukraine on saturday. but they need to get back together. after some, rather on inspiring the foreman says, germany's nation's elite fate is in their own hands. at least according to coach, the team to a drug in spain would be enough to top the group and book a place in the semifinals. but love says it could be tricky against a team like spain, you know, as for their own, the challenge didn't end well i, especially because the spaniards i stream you variable in the games. they are extremely confident and that can, of course, pose big problems for any opponent can. spain did pose
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a big problem for germany in the last meeting. they scored a late equaliser much to the chagrin of the germans. are they going to keep the trust that the team in the playoffs are aware of who we are playing? then it is about playing on the pitch, which is the most difficult, especially in this case, where the opponent is of an extremely high level. these germany may have an extremely high level, but they don't always play like it. perhaps the players should listen to live. when he says that they fate is within their grasp it you're watching news coming up now in news asia, the international olympic committee is confident of a tokyo summer games next year. but will the pandemic play ball? a taiwanese blacksmith turns chinese are tillery shells into the kitchen,
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not just in hopes of promoting peace and buffalo gene, the hong kong woman trying to save the territories while buff. all that coming up later in the news asia, don't forget, you can always get to do w. news on the go. just download our up from google, play all from the op still that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well. as push notifications of new breaking news, if you happen to be part of a news story, you can also use the to send us your photos, your videos. and remember that as always, our website dot com there. you can find all the latest news information in 30. it's also follow us on instagram. i'm on twitter. thanks for
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the being
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subdued is for me is for the beethoven is for help the above. beethoven is for her is for that the beethoven destroyed by saddam is for the big beethoven 2020. the 250th anniversary here
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on display at we know that this is very time for us. the coronavirus is changing the world, changing our lives. so please take care of yourself. good systems wash your hands. you can stay at how we're d.w.b. are here for you. we are working tirelessly to keep you informed on all of our platforms. we're all in this together and together to make it free. stay safe. everybody, stay safe, stay safe, stay safe. please stay safe. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing?
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measures are being taken. what does the latest research say? information and context. the coronavirus and the co, the special monday to friday on t w this is the dow good use a show coming up today on track for the olympics in japan. that's the confident assessment of the head of the international olympics committee. but how safe will they be as the world continues to fight over emerging pandemic? plus in taiwan weapons of kitchen tools. we need the blacksmith.


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