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tv   Expedition in die Heimat  Deutsche Welle  November 17, 2020 2:30pm-3:16pm CET

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measures are being taken. what is the latest research, the information and context coronavirus of the code that special monday to friday on this is coming up today on track for the olympics in japan. that's the confident assessment of the head of the international olympics committee . but how safe will they be as the world continues to fight? plus in taiwan weapons of war, kitchen tools, we need to blacksmith, forging chinese opportunity shows into taiwanese kitchen knives and the hong kong senior, who has dedicated her life to protecting some of the territories less well known
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residents of often those ibish. welcome to it's good to have you with us plans to hold the olympics in tokyo next year in july, appear to be on course the chief of the international olympic committee. thomas has expressed confidence that the games can be held with spectators. bucky's got to be in tokyo to hold the view meetings on preparations for the olympics and paralympics . but the meetings are being held under the shadow of the outbreak. open questions on the safety of athletes and participants. and of course, the additional costs of hosting the games already defined by thomas. the international in big committee president meeting new japanese prime
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minister yoshida suga for the 1st time. but has now confident that fans will be able to attend the tokyo games next july. but they could be a catch visit, as it may have to get back sneed it in order to protect the trip. a nice of people and out of respect for the japanese people or the i.o.c. will undertake a great effort so that there's so many as possible off for the olympics. but these events and visitors will arrive vaccinated if by then a way clean is every look back. later backtracked on some of his comments. he said a vaccine is not a requirement, but that he encourages visitors to get one in order to protect the locals. not everyone was pleased to see the president in tokyo. how bad i mean. these protesters leaving back in no doubt about their feelings towards me,
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and then takes part in the rising costs of hosting this world. what are your, what is the call yourself for all of this me? i think i speak for a recent poll show that a majority of japan's public prefer another postponement, or even the complete cancellation of the games. japan has hosted sporting events with fans in attendance during the pandemic. at the international 4 nations gymnastics meet and the country's professional baseball league. for the organizers of the tokyo games, decent and show that japan can safely host competitions. in the middle of a pandemic, i joined us and also michael pena joins me now for more from tokyo. he's also president of the xing. it's a news agency, michael. it's a big unknown at this point. if the corps don't know how to spend make, we're told, be manageable by next summer. how confident are alternatives in tokyo? of being able to pull off the olympics then?
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well, whether they're confident not, it's hard to say, but what they have been made, making very clear is that the olympics will be held. i mean, they are even using phrases like, you know, it will be held at any cost. this is their own language. so you know what they've been saying is, come, what may the olympics will be held under the conditions are not sure yet, but they will be doing something. but surely some measures will have to be taken to try and keep athletes and fans safe. all these, any word on what measures we're talking about. well, what they have told us, they haven't got into specifics because of course they don't know how serious the coronavirus situation will be at that time as you mentioned. but what they have told us is that they're preparing what they call a tool box. and within this tool box,
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there will be various kinds of measures which could be implemented. and once they get closer to the event, they'll decide which of these policies to pull out of the toolbox and which ones to leave in. they have recently told us that they're very strongly committed to having the olympics in which an audience can gather and participate in some way. but again, they're not exactly sure how far they can go with that until they see what is the pandemic situation around that time. but yes, they're, you know, they're showing confidence and they're basically saying, you know, no matter what's going on, it will happen. but to japan has been able to host a few sports events and during the current fundament, such as the baseball league and the 4 nations gymnastics, stoneham. and what has been the experience with these events?
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well, you know, during the course of this year essentially, so far we've had sort of 3 waves of the coronavirus in japan. the 3rd one is basically ramping up right at this moment. and so, you know, in terms of the sports events themselves, yes, it's true that for example, even though you know, japan is hitting some of its record daily totals. for new cases, the situation remains where thousands of people are being allowed to gather at various sports and in or other entertainment events. so at a certain point, maybe around the middle of this year, the japanese government began to take the position that keeping the economy open and keep the economy moving was sort of their priority. as opposed to lock downs and things which might dampen economic development. we leave it there for the time being my compendium list in tokyo,
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thank you so much for that. thank you. tensions over taiwan have escalated in recent months with china becoming more forceful in claiming its sovereignty over what it sees as a brake of a province. a vivid reminder of the military threat hanging over taiwan is john mann, a taiwanese controlled island, just 2 miles from the chinese mainland. for decades. it faced bombardments from chinese forces. today a blacksmith has forged a korea freshening knives from the opportunity shells once fired at his home. as a 3rd generation blacksmith, maestro learned to most metal as a young boy, he follows different steps of his father who started to turn bomb shells into knifes. when soldiers began to ask for custom orders. every single step of the
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production is a vivid reminder of the threat and pain of china bombed from 15829788 total of 20 years. nearly half a 1000000 shells were fired during this period at home town, located just 3 kilometers away from mainland china. in the seventy's, the shells were duds, merely dropped for propaganda purposes. these make the best knives in shop which has become a tourist attraction. every visit is an opportunity for the blacksmith to explain the brutality. because we experienced it. it's always the relatives of friends who were killed or injured. those who have never experienced can never relate to that kind of pain. goofiest history might repeat
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itself. the current high tension between taiwan and china, where president views taiwan as a sovereign state, insisted island, as part of china. taiwanese fighter jets have increasingly been scrambling to intercept chinese aircrafts and its defense zone in the past few months. that both sides can peacefully co-exist with each other just like before, so that we can have normal relations and progress. my screw has hammered out around 400000 kitchen knives in 3 decades. he hopes they won't cut off relationships, but instead would forge peace between longtime enemies. a blacksmith shop idea or think of hong kong water buffalo may not be the 1st thing that springs to
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mind, but for decades. since the 1970 s. though many have been roaming free as other sources of income, now questions are being raised over the future of water buffalo on the island with some complaining the nuisance. one woman is determined to save the locals. call her buffalo jeanne. this hong kong woman has been caring for these animals for more than a decade. she brings them food. today, it's all arranged as a special treat or in some cases she says, this survival depends on november, the grass here is all gone. so they have to go up the mountain to find food. the old buffalo who don't have enough strength, other dogs injure themselves. so in winter all by hay to feed them i got she also tends to their wounds. the can often sustain injuries on building
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sides, so you can't all cut themselves on construction waste. saying the whole buffalo jeans real name is she began her long relationship with water buffalo after not expected encounter in her own garden. 12 years ago, one animal took shelter. there with a broken leg, she nursed him back to health, then began traveling around the island to help other buffaloes in need even make but apart from hunger and injuries, the animals face an even bigger threat. they've been a zation is causing their habitat to shrink as the government pushes for more development on the island. opponents say the water buffalo are crucial for the local ecosystem. other residents consider the base
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a pest because of the damage they do to fences and property. but plans to dedicate her life to protecting them maybe you want to keep the buffaloes safe until the government has implemented a policy to protect them. and until there are enough people who use their hearts and energy to help the buffaloes, then i can really retile then somehow she says it's the buffaloes and wetlands that make this hong kong island. so special and that's of the today, there's more no website did ever dot com for, let's less issue and you can follow us on twitter at steve after the news channel's mission to the moon, to for another step forward. today the massive a rocket, the long march 5 left. it's made the short journey to the launch site on high naan island blast off, or should you in 5 the next week? of course be here covering that on. did other news show up there back to more of
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the same time and see that part of the fight against the corona virus pandemic has the rate of infection been developing. what does the latest research say? information and context around a virus update on t.w. . and you hear me now? yes, yes, we can hear you and i last 2 years gentlemen, songs that will bring you, i'm going to man call and you've never had time for surprise yourself with what is
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possible. who is magical, really? what moves them? all some who talk to people who followed her along the way, admirers and critics alike. how is the world's most powerful woman shaping her legacy? joining us from eccles law stops. contact tracing is vital in breaking the chain apps through some of the work, but much of it is manual. great surge keeping track of endless lists of contacts is almost impossible when the numbers are going up. so fast and indications are so large that the system is simply not functioning well anymore. experts say that's not an argument against contact tracing. rather, they say it needs to be ramped up as one example of
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where contact tracing was working. but new infections are on the rise again. and critics like the government reports from the city of $16000000.00 in which the corona virus is spreading. and one of the teams that are fighting to stop it was the monster google image on is a dentist. at least she was until the pandemic started it. she's been a contact traces since march 1 of around 35000 in turkey. gonna turn a book seen from here, the size of the city can be scary. and i sometimes wonder where this pandemic is headed. but as a doctor, i have a responsibility. i try to think positively and knowing that i help people this would motivates me and keeps me going there on
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a tracing team manages around 10 house calls a day. they work in shifts almost around the clock. the goal is always the same track down test and isolate those who have been exposed to someone with 19 and all of this as quickly as possible. googles 1st case today is the collects is all family. the mother recently tested positive. now the father has symptoms to what could you call a clue? if the test is positive, gergen will also try to trace his climb to. yes, the whole family has to stay at home for the next 14 days. after each visit, protective clothing has to be changed. job is time consuming and strenuous but it's worth it. she says. few countries expound that their contact tracing capacity to
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the extent turkey did. these teams would keep to slowing the spread of the virus in spring. health officials say, but now like elsewhere in europe, the number off infections here is on the rise again. as in many other countries, people's vigilance here has slackened in a recent survey. more than half of the respondents in turkey said the coronavirus does not affect a worry them and critics also blame the government for this lack of concern. because the health ministry no longer reports the number of new infections every day. but only the number of symptomatic patients john uncuffed, of the opposition c.h.p. says the government is hiding the real scope of the pandemic. so slim here in istanbul alone, the number of cases is 20 times higher than the tally from the ministry of health
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from i'm saying this with regret, but the figures and information we have given are not correct. you know, john is on her next house call that she does not want to take part in political discussions. she knows the debate about the numbers, but doesn't want to get involved. that more and more people disregard the coronavirus rules frustrates her image is surely good. it makes me sad, we are putting so much effort into this. but what's the point, if so many act as if nothing can happen to that, what they're doing and if they're doesn't change, we won't see an end to this pandemic sticking to google in hopes that she will soon be able to work as a dentist again. but she also knows that her new job will be needed for quite
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a while. also be as court is director of the institute of public health it good to have you on the show. again, how important is contact tracing for your job as an epidemiologist? i think it's very important. it's a crucial step in fighting the pandemic. so you need to have test results. obviously the laboratories need to be in place and functioning. and then you need to have staff were actually trace track down people who may be in fact that test them and isolate them if they test positive is a very important crucial aspect. and what about these contact tracing apps? i mean, surely, we could do things. so much quicker and more effectively with these apps, but do they actually help stop code 90? there certainly is. the issue with these apps is that they will not work on all the smartphone platforms. so you need to have a relatively new generation smartphone plus the software, not all can afford to have a smartphone. so if not all of us have a smartphone,
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then it already has limitations. and so that's why it can assist the process, but it's not the solution to stop the pandemic. yeah, there's already a divide there, emerging between rich and poor. what about the skeptics though? the people who just don't trust the technology? well, there's always a, you know, you have issues in terms of the data protection, which is a very important point. but i think specially here with germany and it did a very good job in making sure that none of personal data is actually transmitted. but of course, that is a concern and some people may feel uncomfortable. so we need to work to really make sure that people understand the importance of having this app should be available for all the smart phones that we are wearing. and the importance is as well that it only functions if a certain amount of people do actually download the app. that is correct. if you don't have the, if you don't have a smartphone, the app will not realize that you are close to someone who may be infected and will not give that signal to you that you may be at risk of getting the infection or
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having a contact that is infected, so it's very important that people download and work with the app, obviously that this app is actually working. and this mechanism in turn, terms of tracing with the app is actually functioning to be talking about the functionality in the effectiveness of these apps. why? why did we get a europe wide app at the very beginning of this crisis? that's a very good question. i think the european union is not really taking a good steps in acting jointly. so we obviously need to have a good functional european solution and we should have had a european app that if you travel to france or to spain of today the, any other european country that it works there as well. and not just within your local setting. how did you stand, will manage to do such a good job of contact tracing? initially before the 2nd, why as you have shown, the report had mobile teams that going from door to those sort of say it's a lot of manual work to trace to people who have been in contact with someone who
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is in fact that. and that really helps, as i mentioned before, it's a crucial step and we're doing the same job in germany. but if you reach a point where you have just too many cases, the systems just don't work anymore. you're overwhelmed with the number of cases. and no matter how well organized you are at one point, it won't be enough, you won't have enough staff, you want to have enough people on the phone. you want to have enough people on the ground where actually able to trace and test and isolate. so that's why the system works very well up to a certain threshold and then the system stops to work. similar things happened in germany about meds and september. so where would you say germany is also overwhelmed by the situation? yes, we can only overwhelmed by the situation, so we're behind the way if you, if you wish, and we need to get in front of the wave and actually be able to test and trace. and that's why we having the measures in place to actually have the number of people who are testing positive in the range where we can start to trace and test and
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isolate again. how do you see the situation developing now in the coming weeks and months if well, what we have to understand is like the so-called lockdown is not a cure, it's a reset. so to say so you reduce the number of people who are infected to a threshold where you can act with the tracing and testing and isolating. and as soon as you open up a little bit, the number will increase again. and then the point of the question is whether you can achieve a balance way you can, you are below the trash or where the can do their work and we can trace and test. and, but the risk is that you go over and then we having the issue as we have right now . so the situation of the plant and then make will be resolved as soon as we have a vaccine available and enough people who are vaccinated to be as caught director of the institute of public health that are lynch of it, say, thank you very much for joining us today and the interesting stuff. thank you for having me. well enough from
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a time for you to us. the questions is our science correspondent there which colbert 19, diagnostics are most useful from an epidemiological point of view. there are basically 3 types of diagnostics that play useful, but different roles in the fight against covert 19. the 1st 2 are for determining whether someone has the disease or not. the gold standard for doing that is what's called a poly raise chain reaction or p.c.r. test. and it works by amplifying tiny amounts of any viral genetic material available in a sample. up to levels where it can be detected. although no test is 100 percent reliable, and p.c.r. tests are very accurate on the downside. they're also slow and fairly expensive, which is a drawback when numbers of cases are rising rapidly. the 2nd class of detection diagnostics called antigen tests work by detecting viral proteins directly.
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antigen tests are cheaper and they can deliver a result in minutes. but they're also less accurate than p.c.r. tests, which is a particular problem when it comes to what are called false negative results. that's when people actually have the virus. but because the test says they don't, they don't isolate still the speed and low cost make antigen tests, important tools and scenarios where infections are spiking and, and a lot of people need to be tested quickly and they can often be performed on site. so, sepals don't have to be sent off to specialized labs. the 3rd diagnostic in the covert, 19 pandemic, that's playing an important role is what's called a serial logical test, generally called an and antibody test, which detects proteins called antibodies that form in the body. as part of the immune response, they can tell doctors if someone wasn't fact at least in the recent past, i see
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a logical tests also play a key role in vaccine development since they can show whether a candidate is having the effect that we want, which is to prompts the immune system to produce antibodies or call us there. i've been fizzling for any other developments on the r s. h y website. if you
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can kick off. she learned the ropes. and in manchester she became a champion. now, back in the bundesliga cool leroy's sunday, offensive all round from fire trucks, we tell the story to others, new york rocks, the d. w. every day counts
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this is the new year's line from germany may have cracked the case right here. a massive early morning operation. snag 3 suspects in the green robbery case. now the search is on for the precious gems stolen from the museum. also on the program. this is to find these ignoring a government ultimatum to surrender with the government threatening
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a final military offensive. the u.s. warning of a full scale humanitarian crisis. or people dressed, president elect joe biden, who warns that lives are at risk if the trump administration refuses to coordinate with his transition team in the fight against the coronavirus. welcome to the program. it was one of the biggest in jewel heist decades. now there's been a potential breakthrough in the case of the break in a green vaults, one of germany's most famous museums last november, thieves made off with an estimated 1000000000 euros worth of precious gems. that's until early this morning when the suspects got a pre-dawn wakeup call from police. but in the early hours of the
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morning, heavily armed police stand guard on cordoned off streets. $1600.00 officers from around the country were on the scene, searching apartments. skating laptops and arresting suspects. arrested 3 people in total of 3 men on german citizens who belong to the so-called criminal clan seen. in recent years, so-called clans have become a particular focus for ballon police organized crime networks whose members a mainly of middle eastern origin. now they're being blamed for last year's spectacular heist. interested in november, 2902, people broke into the city's world famous green, felt uneasy and stealing priceless diamonds and jewels sent to reste this was where the region's royals kept their collections of trash is an art works. the robbery made headlines across the well after a year of investigations of 13th could not have found the culprits, but experts believe it's highly unlikely the stolen objects will ever be recovered,
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. it is all very exciting. scott rocks from v.w., arts and culture is here to tell us more. welcome, scott. let's start with the heist itself, which was pretty spectacular. yeah, credible study. you're going now 25th november last year, and early in the morning and 1st, the thieves are to electricity a junction point so that it cut the power to the, to the streets of the lights were out and they went to the ground floor of this museum. they tore the bars off the window, smashed the window went straight to an exhibition case, which they also smashed with an axe, grabbed the jewels and took off and only took a couple of minutes. the police were there in 5 minutes, but they were already gone. and their getaway car was found torched way away. how valuable is the stolen jewelry? yeah, i mean, the financial value that they put on is up to a 1000000000 euros. but i mean, they're priceless. i mean, if you look at these,
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these jewels, this is a collection from a collection of augustus the strong who is the sax and leader of the 18th century. and in terms of, i know it's cultural as well as probably financial worth. you compare them to the british crown jewels. i mean, that's sort of their significance cultural significance and the government of saxony said right after the robbery, that these are priceless pieces and they can never be replaced. and if we had think about all that we had a thing about this is, this is not the 1st big museum robbery in germany. is that in the sense in which the german museums are being targeted? i think definitely especially for this particular in this particular case, one of the person people who is arrested today in connection to this robbery and arrest and has already been convicted of a museum robbery just a couple of years ago in berlin. where you might remember 2017, they robbed a huge, massive gold coin of the boat of museum which who they are, who had like a 100 kilograms worth like $4000000.00 worth of gold. also a sort of
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a crude smash and grab robber. this ran and got it packed on a wheelbarrow and rolled it out. one of the people who was convicted of that crime early that early this year, but has not yet been put in prison, was picked up in the raids today in connection to this crime in dresden. so obviously, organized criminal gangs in germany are targeting these museums, probably because they see them as low hanging fruit that they're easy targets, easy to go in and grab this incredibly valuable artwork. and it does sound all very organized, doesn't it? the jury hasn't been found. so far, is that now, is that gone forever? do you think most likely? yeah, the last year when the robbery occurred, art expert said, because these pieces are so well known, it would be virtually impossible to sell them even on the black market. so they assume that they've probably been broken down and, and the pieces sold off the value will jewels, and the, and the, and the gold connected to it. there is maybe a small chance that some of the jewels could be, could be found again, but they assume they might also been riccati and so forth. so the chances of
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recovery them are very, very small. but from data and culture, thank you. now we'll take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. meteorologists are warning of the risks of flooding and landslides moves across central america. and the hurrican made landfall in northeastern nicaragua, with the winds of more than 260, kilometers an hour. it's not been downgraded to a category one storm. the region is still reeling from hurricane at which it just 13 days ago. right place in the thai capital, bangkok, a 5 water cannon, the demonstrators trying to break through a razor wire barrier outside parliament. protesters wearing helmets and masks, responded with smoke bombs and demanding reforms to the constitution and the molecule. protesters in the peruvian capital leave out calling for former interim president, manuel braden to face charges of the death of 290 government demonstrators.
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centrist lawmaker, francisco sagacity. he was named to replace money after his resignation on sunday, i suggest he becomes the envy of the nation's 3rd president in a week of political turmoil. this is d.w. new life from still to come. a german, he warns that warms up for a face off against spain with his nation in the faint on the line. can you ask you, man to get their act together after some recent uninspired performances?, personal u.s. president elect joe biden, has warned the fatal consequences to americans because of delays in the presidential transition process. is the biden has urged the trumpet ministration to allow his team to coordinate on pandemic response plans. president trump has so far declined to begin for 100 over proceedings, focusing instead on disputing the election result is joe biden. during
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a speech in delaware, more people may die. if we don't coordinate, the vaccine is important. it's of little use until you're vaccinated. so how do we get the vaccine? how do we get over $300000000.00, americans vaccinated? what's the game plan? it's a huge, huge, huge undertaking to get it done for our ties those greatest in need and working our way through it and also cooperate with the world health organization and the rest of the world in dealing with this. if we have to wait until january 20th, the start that planning, it puts us behind, over a month, month and a half. and so it's important it be done at the be coordination now now or is rapidly as we get that done. well, joe biden is not actually waiting his scientific advisors applauding to meet with drugs money factors to map out a nationwide vaccination plan without assistance from the trumpet ministration. the
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situation's becoming increasingly serious as the u.s. sees its biggest spike in coronavirus inspections, infections and deaths. since a pandemic began, new cases of more than doubled over the last month. midwestern states like north and south dakota, iowa and wisconsin have seen the shop is to increase is relative to that population size all the reporting record numbers of hospitalized patients. in terms of the new number of cases with more than a 1000000 and more than 20000 deaths, the state of texas, there continues to be one of the worst hit d.w. correspondent, carolyn, a chum boy has been to el paso where hospital managers say their facilities are close to being overwhelmed and paso is on the border with mexico, but no one is talking about the well anymore. the pandemic numbers are soaring. right now we have about 241 in-patient cope with 1000 cases. now to contrast with
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about 45 days ago, we only had 30, but a lot of those people that you see going into these tents behind me. they will wind up inside our hospital, have authorities are already arranging to move patients to other cities. if the hospitals become overwhelmed, planning for months of history, there is going to be a long period before a vaccine is here. so we have to make sure that we are ready for this winter. not only here in el paso, but also around the country. resources are finite. there is already a backlog in dealing with the to at refugee rate it more outside the hospitals serve as makeshift more tourists. funeral homes in a passel are so overwhelmed that families sometimes have to wait a week to bury a loft. one funeral director, some selves are struggling to cope earlier. this place is we are the level of
3:11 pm
stress is very high because it is not comparable to how it used to be some months ago we had to run 30 services for months. right now we're having around 18 reasons . why is this 2nd wave of the pandemic is not only hitting record numbers of people, many of whom could die local lockdowns in the basle, to try and curb the spread are wreaking havoc. a business. here in el paso, there's a 10 pm curfew, but even during the day, many people stay at home. this is where the economic effects of the pandemic and most clearly be seen downtown at basle seems abandon. also this restaurant wasn't able to keep most of its soft. now the owner has to attend to few clients himself. the current situation had a clear impact on his political decision. he voted for joe biden. i knew he could do better than donald trump, and i think we all hope the same. we hope for
3:12 pm
a different government that supports us some money, it all works just around the corner. for him, the presidential race is not over yet. no, i think president biden is not going to be the president of winter. it's going to be donald trump. he feared his business might be hit by the pandemic. but now he has orders until july next year. republicans, he says, are good for the construction sector. despite his support for trump, he has his own opinion on covert 1000, specially after he tested positive. everyone is going to get the virus and we're going to fill up the hospitals. testing is one of the crucial instruments to apply to this problem. we get chordates 10 testing centers in the past. he works for a private company that is being paid by the state of texas. but his main concern in the pentagon make is not political. i don't have full knowledge of what joe biden is planning to do in his administration, but until now we haven't had any kind of difficulties with the current
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administration. i don't think it's a matter of resources. the main concern is how to communicate to the people. what to do or not? trump supporters biden supporters to different sites that seem to come together in the past. in fear of the coronavirus. we'll take a look at some of the other developments in this pandemic starting in south korea, which is to tighten social distancing roles in the greater seoul area and parts of galle, one province from thursday, new infections. german chancellor angela merkel has cautioned that the situation in germany still very serious. the infection figures are not increasing as quickly as before. the chancellor of germany state leaders up a spode a decision on further tightening. the current lockout until next week. when france says it aims to start a nationwide coverage vaccination campaign in january, but there are fears that millions of people will refuse coronavirus shots of
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schools and stores in austria. a close from today as the country returns to a nationwide lockdown. the measures have been prompted by a shop rise in corona virus infections and remain in place until at least the 6th of december, austria, and the hospitals are said to be nearing capacity as they struggle. the fast spreading. 2nd wave of the pandemic into football on top spot in the nation's leagues up for grabs. later when germany faces spain, a group for the tournament with me, when a bounce into the next round, germany hoping to build on their victory over ukraine on saturday. they need to get their act together after some uninspiring performances. germany's nation's elite fate is in their own hands, at least according to coach, the team to a drug. and spain would be enough to top the group and book a place in the semifinals. but love says it could be tricky against
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a team like spain. the household of the challenger didn't end well as specially because the spaniards i stream you variable in the games. they are extremely confident and that can, of course, pose big problems for any opponent can. spain did pose a big problem for germany in their last meeting. they scored a late equaliser much of the chagrin of the germans. they got to keep all the trust that was any minute play us are aware of who we are playing, then it is about playing on the pitch, which is the most difficult, especially in this case with the opponent is of an extremely high level of these germany may have an extremely high level, but they don't always play like it. perhaps the players should listen to live. when he says that they fate is within their grasp. hollywood actor ryan reynolds and rob mcelhenney are the new owners of a foot.


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