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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  November 17, 2020 7:30pm-8:01pm CET

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we tell the story of this new york 16 d. w. literature invites us to see people in particular that i like to see as the kids might try to share with a friend who does the books on youtube. this is state of the news africa on the program today. ethiopia's prime minister thracians a final military offensive in the to gripe profit. this is footage of finance strike in the region. it has ignored a government also nice interest of rand paul has comments from that. if you will,
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to his defense minister in a moment, also on the program, even of the country locked in conflicts, a new report shows, ethiopia is the only country in africa that's made progress in governance. over the last 10 years. we'll take you to the arena, of course in lagos, the local government wants to populated with more quotes in a bid to divert traffic from the city's current jested roads. hello, i'm christine wonder. it's good to have your company. if you o.p.'s prime minister may have, has said government troops are about to launch a final offensive into cry. it comes off the t.v. and their forces in the northern region missed a 3 day deadline to surrender on his facebook page. the roche, following the exploration off the state line,
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the final critical actual law enforcement will be done in the coming days. you spoke earlier to his defense minister, can they get data? we asked him why ethiopia was rejecting mediation office and also now when journalists or humanitarian aid into to cry. this is an issue related to the so the only people are internal affairs. so and also if it doesn't that many, many times it is really be going to be completed within a week. therefore we don't consider it. it is a big, it's something internet muck. we fire the press the minister and asked how long this so-called final operation against that's a cry and was to go on the shore side and, and they should just to give the hunch to the problem. so if they are willing to
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surrender, the operation will be completed. ethiopia's defense minister there. now the latest report by the mostly by him on they shit on african governance shows a decline for the 1st time in a decade. this has been driven by worsening security and the rule of law. now only one country, and that is ethiopia, has made progress across all areas as measured over a decade. but the continent's 2nd most populous country isn't broiled. in the midst of conflicts that many fear could reverse the gains, it's made over the last decade. if you have, you had this issue of social cohesion, you have some laws may go to pieces. it's new, different ethnic groups had something a little different for the people who need to dial it after a day or 2 about this is 42 for you to do. but if you are, this is, this is key, but also too deep. this is a belief of citizenship and there's no contradiction between full mall on
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governance in africa following the status report, i am joined by dr. dean affordable. she's a senior lecturer in international relations at middlesex university, and she also specializes in governance. welcome to news africa, dr. quotable, save me, start with this situation in ethiopia. as we've been hearing many people comment on this, what do you make of prime minister? need to shift at this time? and perhaps what do you think needs to happen in ethiopia? so prime minister as the ethiopian prime minister's leadership of them on it is a hot topic of discussion and it's related to governance not to is. and he is in peace prize winner as well. and that he's being scrutinized in relation to how he's handling the conflict in the country. so moving forward, the focus should be on negotiation and you know, peaceful to looks that should be the way forward. and that will help us as well.
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good show leadership off if you can, prime minister coming back the latest report. now, it is saying that overall progress on governance has snow. and that for the 1st time, the scores have actually gone down. and what do these indicators reveal about the state of governance in africa? in the report over the last 5 years, they have noted that overall the violence has been on the decline. because the rabbit has slowed down, and in 2019 for the 1st time, it has declined. so it's, it's very alarming because it's pointing out to indicate a is where areas of improvement really aren't needed yet. he only in security right in this sector because he almost is coming to the question i was going to ask you next in terms of what are the main or major problem areas you were just getting into. i think you mentioned security focused yes. 2 indicators where we see an
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increasingly increasingly deterioration which is in the red zone at the moment is the part supervision rights and inclusion indicator. and then the one which is slowly deteriorating as well is the security and role of floor these 2 indicators. now they are deteriorating and the others are slightly improving. but why security? who last fall and bought supervision, inclusion and rights are important. it's because even these rights and these indicators, they are not improving. they are going to affect the on human development and it will economic, fortunately is. so what is, why don't you write one more for you before we go? i do have a few more seconds left with you and i wanted if you could tell us about what is a good example in africa that, that perhaps the other ships are to follow. a good example to follow. there
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is say shows of the moment those chad and the us, well each whose names are on the rise and they are improving in different indicator is. so it's good to look at such countries where yes, there are deterioration. but there are areas for improvement, that is why it's good to scrutinize all the data presented in the latest report by index does. a lot of us here are part of the brain foundation's now generation. this is 237 young african citizens from 43 countries working to know what would be your personal vision for the future african governance. so from the engine post 50 years and not generation network best 50 years of our vision for future governance is the one where actually the youth, our ideas and voices are heard. and that's where we are. identifying good
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practice says of governance. we are going to sate out loud, and i suppose where areas are needing improvement and saints are declining or there are abuses of power. these things need to be highlighted invoiced out. so the future of governance basically is won by these accounts, a vote. that is, there are leaders that are going to show transparency, accountability, and they are hearing the voices of africa's citizens. that's how governance should look like in the future. all right, that's not set in a court of books. thank you so much. lagos in nigeria, faces massive transportation challenges. africa's most populous city relies on roads for most of its transport, but was always, are a viable alternative, especially as the 3rd main bridge connecting the mainland with the economics of lagos island remains under construction. now the city spirals of several irons all
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connects. if i was a ways which could be used much more. but the number of residents who commute way below capacity beating device is probably the hardest thing to do in their groups. and the estimated 6000000 people commute every day that creates extreme congestion. on out she was used to transport is one of the few who do prefer the waterways. she travels by board and for private troops. i prefer that what she wrote transports because 1st it's really fast. so we're going somewhere that's supposed to take 30 minutes at max and use him to both. i'm very certain we're going to get that sign. but he, by where to go by road, it would take me 3 to 4,
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ours to get to descend destination more than tenfold. and people use this port of there goes every day. but this is a time fraction compared to the biggest corporation, a very close to 2000000 or so the majority still use the road transport, which they said that it's overcrowded and it is secure. more than half of their good state is covered by water only covers 35 percent of nigeria's most populous state. official figures show that more than 100 people move today goes every do. investments in the transport sector have not kept. engineer bill has been working got the money now for 25 year as he sees significantly more people switching from road transportation. but he wants the government to do more to help cope with the rising number of passengers to defend argument
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is more bored. and when i get up early versions, the government says it is already working hard to ease the transport headache. but they're on this bridge that connects to parts of new goes under construction. this means the government has had to divert commuters off the road. they go, state has called on private investors. the authorities said the process is going well. and by next year there will be enough boards for passengers who are currently refining the license, simple c.d.o. . so we have enough operators to call all of the locations. the demand evolved out the supply. so coralie deal right now is also invites in bids for private operators who can bring a bigger boat. but there is another program, passenger safety. this will drive our struggles to start the engine,
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though he's confident that he's machine works well. and actually there is no passenger yet on his boat engines quite often die in the middle of the water, posing a danger to cross into lives. then he, which is moving in the bodies that we are all over. would you travel with us in the us? does not like it shows people have died in the water recently. now the government has offices in all ports to make sure all passengers and both drivers have life jackets, with you mostly alive. because in the case of any emergency allowed to keep you secure tomorrow in a port, it's time for and have friends to take off to cross to the other side. and that's when i'll be sure to check out all of a story. dot com for its nash africa. we're also on facebook and office visit today
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. we'll leave you with images of people in nigeria, at least in the niger and wash away every day for us and for our planet. the ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities screener? how can we protect animals and their habitats?
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what to do with the waste? we can make a difference by choosing reforestation over the forest recycling for disposable smart new solutions. oberstein said in our earth is truly unique, and we know that uniqueness is one allows us to live and survive. why do you assume the environmental suits soon, global 3000 on t.w. . i'm going to touch with news that arrests of being made a year off of the daring raid of priceless treasures from dressed in screen will be asking if germany's museums are secure. all also coming out today famous celebrity, photographer rankin changed
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the country. welcome to arts and culture. germany is a treasure trove of cultural delights, with over 6200 museums, but with a number of infamous robberies in recent years. what is security like in these museums? this question comes after the news of that. they're finally being arrested one year on from the daring raid on one of europe's greatest treasure troves the green vaults museum, addressed a massive police deployment in the district of noise. kern in the south of berlin. hundreds of police raided homes, cars and garages on the lookout for evidence of involvement in what has been described as the biggest heist in modern history. last year's green vault robbery. and incidentally,
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we have arrested 3 persons of german nationality. they belong to the so-called clan mill, you and they're also on the lookout for the stolen artifacts themselves. among them 3 sets of 18th century jewelry from the collection of saxon roller coasters, the strong value added up to a 1000000000 euro dressed green bolt houses. one of the largest treasure collections in europe, the security here it was said to be state of the art that is until november, the 25th 2019. in the early hours of the morning, a small fire was started allowing the museum's alarm system to malfunction. the thieves then got in through a barred window and used an axe to smash display cases. officers were on the scene 5 minutes after the alarm sounded. but the thieves skate. it's the old, the thieves may have had help from inside the museum. the treasures of the green
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vault survived allied bombing raids in world war 2, only to be carted off as war by the soviet union in their return to dresden. in 1958, though, it's thought all the channels will be brought back intact. this time. what color is with me now scott, looking at those pictures many using pictures of the green vault. you call put a price on what was done? no, i mean there's been the financial evaluation of the, of the, of the stolen jewels, some people, but the up to a 1000000000 euros. but really, no, they're priceless. i mean these, this collection is from the strong saxon leader of the 18th century. and if you want to compare, i mean the collection itself, its value prop, its cultural value as well as comparable to the crown jewels in britain. and this is exactly what the saxon cultural minister said, right after the robbery said this is, these are priceless pieces. they can, they can never be replaced. we've got arrests. so far the jury hasn't been
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found. what do you think of the chance of getting parts of it back? yeah, i mean, this is also last year after the robbery. various art experts said these pieces are so well known to be impossible to sell them on the market on the black market. and so most of assume that they have been broken down stripped for their, for the jewels. and the precious metals. there is perhaps a mall chance that some of the jewels could be recovered, but not if they've been, if they've been cut up or been they've been lost forever. as i mentioned earlier, this isn't the 1st such as we've seen in germany in recent times. they've actually been quite a few are museum. seeing as soft targets are these criminals, they seem to be, i mean, one of the people arrested in this current raid for the green bolt. a robbery
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had actually been arrested, convicted, but had not yet been imprisoned for another museum robbery a couple of years ago, where remember maybe the boat, a museum, a huge gold coin that was stolen from the boat museum in another dramatic a sort of smash and grab operator, we'll borrow a wheelbarrow exactly a lateral we're a barrel. and the thing to look at these, these are not sophisticated oceans 11 style heist sia. these are very simple smash and grab jobs by these criminal gangs. obviously they see german museums as, as easy targets as low hanging fruit that they can easily break into and, and steal is incredibly valuable pieces of art. now has this robbery. another has indeed had any impact on museum security across the country. well, i mean, what comedians do. yeah, it's a big question because we've seen and even with just recently, the condition where a vandal smeared oil on in the program on museum and on paintings in the national gallery. how easy it is for people just to get access to these very valuable pieces
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of art and do damage to them or even steal them. in some cases, i don't really know what museums can do because museums are public spaces. they need people, the whole point of them is that people have access to this, these works of art and we don't want them shuttle shot away as if they're in bank vaults. these pieces are shot away as if the bank felt so i'm not sure what museums can do. they have to do more obviously to secure these pieces. but i'm not sure what they can do because we don't want to see them lock the pieces already. we've done that. thank you very much. rankin, the british photographer, best known for his shots of celebrities and supermodels, has turned his lens to the subject of death in all 9 exhibitions. just ironically, it's been sponsored by britain's largest mutual life and pensions company, royal london. of course, death is a very relevant subject at the moment as we are being confronted by our very existence jew to the corona pandemic. lost for words,
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giving voice to the last taboo. knew that one or 2 things are out and so everybody is you but you're born a good die. we all talk about birth like it's going out for sure. none of us talk, but that's for the exhibition ranken took portraits of people with images of their deceased loved ones projected on to them, including the mother and brother of stephen lawrence, the black london, teenager who was murdered in 1993 in a racist attack. alongside the photographs, interviews about death and dying, rankin subjects share their experiences and what they have learned from losing a loved one. through talking about death, the exhibition restores grief and sorrow to its rightful purpose in our lives as part of the healing process and part of life itself. some of the subjects of celebrities, others with chosen for their stories like london mother of 4, we joked with grandma right there, we lost a 17 year old disabled son daniel to covert 19 in april,
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talking about death and, and grief is very important. i was looking at my son's picture today, and that picture was taken in spain on holiday last year. he was in the sea and he loved it. he absolutely loved it. he was vocalizing very loud and lots of happy sounds, a river all in the sea with him. so talking about grief, evoked those lovely memories. and then i looked at him and i felt proud of him, and i could celebrate him. with his exhibition ranken wants to open up a conversation about death, so we can be better prepared for. it would be brilliant if people can stop talking about death. we talk, we talk about the conversation when we talk, but it is everyone's business to talk about death and have a conversation about it. and also, just for me, personally, i didn't have those good bye conversations or what parents need to have the
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last 4 words. now, online in our series on x. of assets now living in germany today, the kurdish iranian poet and writer, shahabuddin shakey, was jailed in the notorious evin prison in tehran for his views, but managed to make a daring escape 1st in iraq. and then on here to germany, being in exile from your own country must be emotionally and psychologically very difficult. as he explained to us when we met up with him. shall have a dean. shaky came to germany 10 years ago, leaving everything behind. he had been established writer in iran and leading intellectual who took active part in social debate. he lost an important part of
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his identity when he fled is happy. if i had everything that people desire, i had achieved a high status. as a journalist, i worked the best newspapers and gave lectures at top universities. then i came to germany and i am like a child who is deaf and dumb and half blind has occurred shakey belongs to a minority in iran. his father taught him his mother tongue. kurdish became the language of his soul. is in a most being, shall have a done, shaky writes, poetry, simple and true to life. in iran, he became known as a modern poet and a critical voice. he fought for equal rights and for human rights. he became a very vocal activist in 2009 when iran's youth revolted against the regime shaky,
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became part of the green revolution and put his own life in danger. if you're arrested, there's no guarantee that you'll get out after 2 or 3 hours, or after 3 days, or after 7 days, or after 7 months or up to 7 years. or at some point at the death penalty. who knows? he was arrested but managed to escape from prison and initially to get to iraq. then, with the help of journalists, he received an invitation from the german government and left iraq. a stroke of good fortune. never the less he feels uprooted. it took a long time for shaky to find his feet. he's made a radical break, trying to build a new life to find a new identity and new words. his most important tool. he wants to communicate that in which language and now 70 percent of the people
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around me are germans, or people who speak german in the streets of my streets. these walls are my walls. this cafe is my cafe. you are my journalist, the people around me and my neighbors. they are german, all speak german, that makes it exciting, but also difficult to write about it. but for the time being, it's also about finding peace, finding a secure job, and obtaining a residence permit. shaky has found employment as a social worker in a shelter for refugees in berlin. his new home, he feels an affinity to the city. this type of man as in the berlin is the city of my soul. and berlin has a soul, something very crazy, wounded and brought only berlin works for me because it has such a similar soul to mine. at least that's how i feel. as a city that is stateless,
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stateless like shaky. when he returned to iran one day, he doesn't know, he prefers to look at the step ahead and wants to write his next book in germany. incidentally, mole from show, how about in shakespeare and other exiled a special edition of off trying to one program this weekend on the subject. but that's all for this edition of arts and culture. thanks for watching syria. gunson
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kick off. he learned the ropes. and in manchester, he became a champion now back in the bundesliga leroy's sunday, offensive all rounder from fire. we tell the story. others new york rock kicked off 30 minutes on t.w. . in mexico many pushed homeless us, thrown out of the water. right now. climate change to break off the story. faces much less the way photos one week. how much worse can really get
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we still have time to ask. i'm going some crimes like this. thank you.
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this is from berlin tonight. huge police raids across germany in connection with an elaborate set of precious jewels. here in berlin, police called 3 suspects in last year's green vault robbery case, but they say no sign of the spectacular stole an 18th century gym worth more than a 1000000000. you're also coming up
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this is exclusive v.w. news, a video of an airstrike in ethiopia's province.


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