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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  November 18, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm CET

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ever people, information they want to express on facebook and twitter today to touch base is g.w. is a show coming up today. troop reduction from a country security team. the united states is to merely haul of the number of its troops in afghanistan by january of next year. but is it a draw down from a country seeing increasing levels of violence? we get the view from kabul and the capital delhi where years of battle against
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another spike in the frontlines wacko's facing the odds on a daily basis. 5 british welcome to news asia. glad you could join us. the u.s. decision to rapidly reduce the number of troops in afghanistan has set off alarm bells amongst those following events in the country. some of trump's own military leadership, including the u.s. commander responsible for the middle east, marine general frank mackenzie, have warned against too hasty a pullout from a country that is yet to see a stabilization of levels of violence in a deal agreed with the taliban. earlier this year, the u.s. committed to a complete troop withdrawal by me next year. but the fear is the latest move to end america's longest running war could strengthen the hand of militant groups,
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including the taleban in the country. the sun could be setting on the u.s. presence in afghanistan. american soldiers have been fighting his since 2001 to help stabilize the country off to overthrowing the taliban. a mission that's cost more than 2000, u.s. lives over time. u.s. troop numbers have waned now. outgoing president. donald trump wants them reduced to a skeleton 4th by january 15th, 2021. our forces, their size in afghanistan will be $2500.00 troops. this is consistent with our established plans and strategic objectives supported by the american people, and does not equate to a change in u.s. policy or objectives. as american forces disengage extremists
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a growing bolder, this attack on kabul university last week killed 22 people. it was claimed by the so-called islamic state, which is emerged as a rival to the taliban. is how about themselves have stepped up attacks on security forces and civilians violating an agreement that foresaw the withdrawal of all u.s. soldiers by may next year. criticism of the latest drawdown even came from within president trump's own party. really important here in the next couple of months. not to have any earth shaking changes with regard to defense and foreign policy. but as drawdown and a, there are afghanistan or iraq would be a mistake, the move comes at a critical juncture for afghanistan as peace talks in doha between the government and the taliban hang in the balance. there are fears a hasty u.s.
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withdrawal could undermine the fragile negotiations. the u.n. warns consequences of that could be dire. if this peace effort collapses, then we could see it big humanitarian disaster in the country. that is for sure. i hope it was president trump made a pledge to end what he calls quote, forever wars. but in doing so, he risks fanning the flames of conflict in afghanistan. shares of uk button features of god, his son's independent human rights commission. she was previously deputy of the national security council on peace and civilian protection. she joins me now from kabul. ms. are but welcome. does this troop reduction that has been announced? benefit the people of afghanistan. thank you. no, i am not in this. mine are not their friends that this immediate troop reduction
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without considering conditions on the ground, would actually put a lot of pressure on the government and worsened ongoing conflict. as you know of the spike to ongoing peace talks and the violence staging across our honest and, and, and i shouldn't fighters on both sides in effect that the civilian population is also affected. a great deal by the violence has spoke about the peace talks that are currently underway with the taliban in doha. does this move strengthen the negotiating hand of the taliban? a group you yourself have met in doha, in the past? yes, there is actually what's tencent all of on is that they're currently and that i believe will not benefit the peace process as a whole. because for the peace process to succeed, both sites needs to need to make concessions. and what takes me to believe that the
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peace process or the negotiating table is the best way to reach an agreement. however, if there is, it's will but trouble. without looking at the conditions on the ground, taliban would be reinforced and their ambition to focus more on winning the war and militarily and it would actually take away from the center of the process itself. and the idea is that all actors act now international community, us in the lead, should focus on making the peace process a success. this process that was initiated by us taleban talks and scouts that the team does. i think that the peace talks are no longer important for the united states because based on what you're saying, the ground situation is not conducive to withdrawing u.s. troops, which are, in a sense, i've got a lot of security. the question is, what are you this is and tennyson's is the use and tension just of
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a troll and but not all, not your pension being given to us as national security interests, long term and to peace and stability, not one a stunt. if they've been shown is just drawing for cock forces at any cost that can have implications late at both for afghanistan and us national security. then this would be the book. but if the intention is long term stability in afghanistan, afonso being a good ally for international community and for the us, this move while i think really badly affect the peace process and what end they're mine. but if it's that we have all put together for ensuring that the peace process sexy, it's that it's a meaningful process and that afghans have some hope. and that actually also sense that it must such 2 countries in the region about us parties. not hans, have confidence of afghan security forces can keep the peace in afghanistan.
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afghan security forces have been the main people on the back of the battleground since 2014. as you know, there has been gradual reduction of u.s. and that's enough on that. in afghanistan, u.s. military is not and felt in actual combat. it's an announcement in assistance to all but reaction of troops paying attention to reality on the ground conditions. it's more symbolic, it's more about amassing about we have the u.s. plans in terms of plans and engagement in afghanistan. we'll leave it there for the time being, but thank you so much for joining us. shadows of afghanistan's independent human rights commission. thank you. after the steady fall in delhi coronavirus cases, over the last month, india is anticipating another spike following festive gatherings on a drop in temperatures. but residents of the national capital delhi have already been dealing with increasing numbers of cases made potentially worse by seasonal
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air pollution. those are the frontline of delhi's battle with corbett. 19 the day is just beginning for but he knows it will be a long one. he counted 15 bodies in the morning when he left the morgue at delhi's largest school with 1000 hospital, where he works. he will spend all day at this chemical area. he helped cremate the body sifi and ensured that people suffering. the shock of losing a family member to the coronavirus have proper protective gear. as they see their last goodbyes for the last week has been bringing in twice the number of bodies done earlier. delhi is experiencing its 3rd spike in called 19 cases, but close 200 deaths every day. was assigned to the mortuary after many workers before him quit. over the vent by the number of corpses coming in,
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i had to step over bodies to sort through the names of the victims. i had to summon all my courage. of course i was scared. i've never seen anything like you see my life. i've never seen so many parties still, he soldiers on. he says someone has to here at the local hospital, delhi's largest coronavirus facility. the spike is evident. the severity of the cases has also risen. as many more seek admission, while this hospital still has a high number of designated coronavirus beds available, they only have a handful of free ventilators and intensive care units or i.c.u. beds left. this after i.c.u. beds at this facility alone have been poor drupal during the pandemic. authorities here are confident that things are under control,
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but they are also bracing for more cases. more and more people are coming out of their home. so we have to make provision for this is because of the 1st 2 or more people in the market was picture the halls and getting the authorities are now mapping out ways to prevent the health care system from being over bend with daily gases in delhi, crossing the 8000 mark, the national government has now stepped in at parties planned to significantly ramp up the thing, increase the number of i.c.u. bets and also deployed emergency health care authors. elsewhere in delhi to the morgue and the board are stokley distant words. even after the decent volley festival crowds continue to troll in the markets. the state government denies chances of another lockdown, but is considering closing down markets where norms are being flouted. dress
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against think this is unnecessary. because you is no need to worry, cases are going up. so keep rising even during a shutdown. people go out anyway, you want to make a difference. it's not so would be interesting creation right now. if you take some people feel so good because he put them back at the crime. adored him, strongly disagrees. his is the kind of book that makes him vince when he sees the markets overflowing and people shouting together on the street. memories of the lockdown maybe feeding for those out and about. but still afraid to come close to his 3 young daughters and his aging mother who recently underwent a cancer procedure, is upset that he hasn't really spoken to her in 8 months. but he is not giving up. lock down, fatigue is not an option. it's only been the pandemic ends that are jewish in truly
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well that's it for today. there's more the website did over dot com forward slash. now china's tourism sector is slowly recovering from the don't know what to spend. that includes major attractions like junkyards year, the inspiration for the movie avatar, which also boasts the world's highest outdoor lift leader with those images for back to more of the same time to do that. but i'm scared that the my work. and in the end it's, i mean, you're not allowed to stay here anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this? with the smugglers with lions and the what's your story. ready
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i mean, when i was a women, especially in victims of violence, take part and send us your story. you are trying always to understand this new culture. another visitor, nothing yet. you want to become sitting in for migrants, your platform for reliable information. i know that's a taste of of small acts, the new 5 part series of films from oscar winning director steve mcqueen coming out
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this week more in the minutes also today in our series on exiles living here in berlin, we meet the belorussian fisher directors meets a charter school supporting the current protests in better rows from afar. and dancing with a difference, a rather unique french dance troupe called geometry. gone viral on social media. but british british director steve mcqueen has already secured his place in movie history. being the 1st black director to win a best picture, oscar for 12 years, a slave. that film was set in 19th century america. now he's turned his attention closer to home. small acts is a series of 5 films about the history. indeed,, the struggle of black people in britain between the 1960 s. and 980 s., steve mcqueen returned to the sounds and sense of his london childhood for his 5
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film anthology, small acts true stories of resistance,, protest and celebration from the black caribbean experience of the 1960 s., seventy's and eighty's, the oscar winner mcqueen. this is his 1st british production, and his most personal for the series produced by the b.b.c. and amazon mcqueen cast. some of britain's biggest stars is going to be pretty to write famous from black panther place. one of the mangrove, 9 black activists put on trial in 1970 for daring to speak out against systemic racism, plays against the police. there may be a group that they have been the victim of injustice, and there are others who like parasites to treat all these buildings and seek to turn them to their own advantage, deliberately created and by these defendants are all guilty of the serious
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criminal offense. act of i want to start john boy, a good place leave really no can of real life police officer who trying to change and price the system from within the small acts tells the cotton stories of britain's black history in order to eliminate the injustices of today and joining me is of course g, w, film expert scott roxboro, 1st of all the title, small acts. what does that mean? yet we heard a little bit of the music at the very end, which, which is from the bob marley song, and the bob marley. song, quotes, old jamaican proverb which goes along the lines of. if you were the big tree, we are the small acts that will cut you down. so it's about, it's a metaphor for a collective struggle, which is basically what this whole series of films is about, which is really taken from real life stories about being black in britain between the sixty's and eighty's. and it's all about resistance, really resistance to racism,
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institutional racism in britain and very personal for mcqueen because this is the community he grew up in. is that? yeah, it is. i mean this is probably his most i think is most autobiographical and personal work. i mean, you mentioned some of his, some of his was work. i mean, all his other work is actually in a long way from home. i mean his very 1st film was a hunger, which is about the ira hunger strikes, starring michael michael fassbender. and then his, the other film that won an oscar for, of course, 12 years, a slave. as you said, 1900 centuries, america, slavery in 1000 in century america. even his very last film called widows was a heist movie, an all female heist movie. that was set in chicago is also a long way from all of this film of the series of films, a small x. the 1st time that steve mcqueen has looked at, his, his own neighborhood, really the, this sort of west indian community that he grew up in in london, and it's a very ambitious series of films and 5 full length movies, but he really knocks at the park. and i think what he does with this,
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if it's not too much to say it, i think he puts black britons and their history back into the film history of this country. i mean, watching these films you realize how rare it is to see, see these stories on screen and even to see these faces. these kinds of faces on screen i think was incredible. and small x. is actually going to be on the b.b.c. in the u.k. and coming out on amazon and the rest. well, just this week, just this week. now, while you're here, i want to ask you about a young actress who's making huge waves in germany. not really known yet, but she's about to sort of come call hollywood, isn't she? it looks like it looks like, yeah, you're talking about how a single who, the german fans will know from her film system crasher, which came out last year and sort of blew everyone away. she played a character there, sort of a young girl with no choice, a anger management issues. she won the german film award for that performance and
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she's 12 years old. youngest person ever to win that she's now she's just been named the star a star to watch by the hollywood magazine variety. she's in the next film with tom hanks, which is a western the film is called news of the world. and in that she plays a young girl who's kidnapped by natives. and then is this found by tom hanks' character? she doesn't speak any english, which is like, it's useful if you're a young german actress who isn't that great in english. but it looks like an incredible performance for her, and it could be the case that she's right now quite a, become a huge global star before her 13th birthday to watch scott rocks as always, a mine of information about the movies. thank you very much. there being mass protests in every week since the elections there back in august, many people believing they were rigged in favor of the current incumbent. alexander lukashenko, the better russian theater director meets
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a chop who has been closely following events there from berlin, his place of exile for the last 10 years. and he's been helping organize demonstrations here to show support for his fellow countrymen. i demonstration for a free bella, bruce, but this one is in berlin. the teacher director's music chart is one of the organizers he's happy to be able to express his opinion freely in germany and to send a signal to those back around europe in need to be showing that we are not indifferent to what is happening in bella roost right now, even in berlin, we see the situation in our homeland and what the citizens of bell are rusa doing. we are simply saying we are with you and we will help you and we support you. hold on. massive protests in belarus have continued for months.
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security forces have used brutal force against demonstrators demanding an end to the authoritarian regime in the country. left his country more than 10 years ago. he had been an active critic of the regime co organizing protests and hunger strikes and distributing leaflets. the state reacted with harassment often imprisoning him for days without giving grayson's you have to go to. if i had stayed, i would probably have ended up as a professional revolutionary. i was not allowed to study and without an education, i would not have got a good job. most likely i would have ended up in jail at some point, due to participation in protests or my views. so i had to make a decision and leave because i wanted to pursue what i enjoy most adult who is currently working with colleagues on an exhibition about civil society in
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bella ruse. when he left his homeland, he 1st lived in poland, but later moved to berlin, where he says, the spirit of freedom is alive. you can think and act freely. a world very different from the one embarrass. the group thought there was a kind of break on the development of society if you were constantly being told what to do and why, and that you have to follow the ideology imposed by the state and the whole look at schenker power apparatus. the relationship between the states in the individual is a recurring theme in charge to theater work, paranoia pig contents text from r i f terrorist or rica meinhof and asks, how far political resistance can go.
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the performances are in berlin, but he hopes the message back home from years will be remembered. i see myself as a bridge between berlin and minsk in case something happens as a bridge between berlin and bella roots for a while. but in general, i will probably continue to plow the nashville tween the stately it and the underground, and i want to stay in this name, show them what they need for mr. watson. berlin has plenty of such nations in belarus. they are still a train. this music shop could this means that for the time being, he will remain in exile. now a don't screw with a difference. the 5 french group j, m f 3, very obvious, have developed a new dance style. it's a minimalist version of so-called charting. a street dance style immersion, the hip hop scene in the 1990 s.
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. believe it or not. it's based on egyptian hieroglyphics and relies on very accurate movements and perfect timing it treat. take a look, see what you think. this performance is poetry in motion? these hip hop dance says from southern france, have created a mess, memorising style all of their own. they call themselves that they live up to their name. their precisely coordinated moves create geometric forms, also has social media to thank for their success in 2017, the 2 founding members posted their 1st video of a performance online. we stepped into a studio and started making our moves. within wants any kind of choreography where we'd be doing the same thing. we just wanted to have a connection between us and create moves. and one thing led to another. or we
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wanted poetic music, black and white, and on choreography. and that's what we posted. and the next day we had over 1000000 hits a highly original style of dance, took them into the finals of a talent show, one french television, and on american television. they've done to super stars like jennifer lopez even with this success. it's still not dancing professionally full time result. if you're an electrician going to a little grocery store, he's director of a dance center in ohio and the organizers are very real. and so we still manage to meet up together their parents,
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things have become less frequent to the coronavirus pandemic. but the down for those of you meant to you that you have the hope to go on tour again. sometime soon . i think they're really cool and they do it in their spare time. impressive. more arts and culture stories on the website at d.w. dot com slash culture. so for now also check out our you tube channel state of the books and d.-w. classical music. people
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looking for me, there are many answers. there are many there are many alternatives to make up your own mind for minds. hey, there, i'm david and this is climate change sprague's itzhak happiness in 3 books. this
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is the book for you will get smarter for free to leave books on the house in a drama competition rival marketing number 5 at a time and technician hates money and sinusitis and only because we love
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football to golf on you tube. joining us this is the end of the news live from but then police in the german capital used water cannon to dispose thousands of demonstrators protesting against a new law, extending government powers to impose coronavirus restrictions. so forces move after groups of activists in hygiene. also on the program, government forces claim victory in the conflict in ethiopia,
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regions both sides continue to resist calls for a cease fire as the fighting forces, tens of thousands to flee their homes.


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