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tv   Spatschicht  Deutsche Welle  November 18, 2020 6:30pm-7:15pm CET

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sure, if you're gonna drink water cooler, starts december 1st. this is day to every news africa on the program today. the conflict in no man's land, fresh fighting has broken out between polish sario and morocco in whiston. so hard . a goal that separates territory controlled by each party is at the center of the dispute. how solar power with irrigation technology is replacing fuel burning irrigation pumps. in one day
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i'm christine one, but it's good to have your company. fighting has erupted between moral clothes on me and the polish sario front along a buffer zone, patrolled by the united nations. and this brings an end to a cease fire that was nearly 3 decades old in the disputed territory. ownership off, west and sorry, but the palace already a front is demanding independence. tensions have simmered, forgive is and on the whole fairing up the newest flashpoint in an old conflict. the algo get out crossing a border point in the south of western sahara. it controls a highway that runs all the way from morocco to mauritania, a vital route to the rest of africa. in recent weeks, there's been reports that protesting separatists blocked off the road. last week,
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the moroccan army posted these images to its facebook page. it says they show burning tents belonging to the police, sorry, of front police arias says those targeted were not fighters, but civilian protesters. now that conflict seems to be spreading along the buffer zone between the 2 sides. morrocco next to the former spanish colony in 1975. but the indigenous police are a front began an armed resistance for independence. the war raged on until 1991, when both sides signed a ceasefire, they now split control of the territory. they're kept apart by a fortified fence built by morocco and extended since the early 1980 s. . it's believed to be the longest strip of land mines in the world, velo in the renewed hostilities. the moral qualms have scenes mobilized their forces,
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and the policy is also rallying its fighters and calling for volunteers. and i'm now joined by jose, and tanya was a, is a journalist who does have a day at the region extensively and visited the policy area controlled areas., welcome to day w. news africa jose. so there are reports that both sides have begun a mass mobilization and that the fighting is going to change. what are you hearing from, from your sources on the ground? well, as you know, in any conflict, we had a lot of program that bad would the american people, he said, your sources say the same weight is they who are these back. even if he's the supposedly didn't want to reach these point. there are some fires now between both armies, even if they are not very big this moment in both also seems that once the u.n. mission in this region or, you know, russia lease the place, de conflict,
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we'll reach a higher level in it. and jose also just does this explain that data because one of my questions he was late of the about that u.n. mission. and you're now implying that that u.n. mission could be just explain that for us. yes. as you know there since 1991 and the u.n. mission universal has been there in their place in both today with their 2nd under control of miracle in also the sahara. we played the place under control of police earlier in the mission is to keep peace and to organize referendum following the un resolutions. but as the police are you of felt that maracle have broken the peace agreement? and as they were back again, the police said he says, came to the u.n. to leave the place in morocco is trying to keep the u.n. people on the field. but if there were heaps in the time and it,
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it seems, it's what it's going to least for a long time. the u.n. people, we have to leave the place both in their place when trouble under control of miracle and also under control of police. are you in both forces from both sides, agree that the conflict will go higher and higher and higher. once the u.n. people that you mentioned, you know, still leave the house. a cease fire has been in place now for 25 years. why has it now seemingly collapsed? well, there around 2 weeks ago, a group of syrians, sahar, we civilians went to the south of mr. sattar, in the border between mary cheney and mr. sattar. in the luck route. an important route in terms of trade, connecting westerners sat under control of miracle in mauritania. these group of syrians was fired from this place because the morricone government sent the
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army to a place an we, so there are some images. so in that, the american army opened fire, not against people, but there was a fire, there was fire that was with their weapons. and the police are you in their place or you will be responsible. and this student, these movement have broken the peace agreement, reached in 1991 and they declare it broke and they say that there is a remain. the smoker is broken so they were, he's back again since then we see the friday small movement in, in fire. you didn't notice, we have a family of seconds, they have to add jose. and jim, what is there a sense that this could be solved diplomatically? somehow you were talking about the fact that it could escalate, especially if the u.n. mission, what's it be? recreate it. well, we don't know, it depends on the u.n.
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. it also depends on spain and mostly on the members of the security council and mostly france, which is a main ally of miracle in the un in the security council. but it's important role to that since the beginning of 200-1000 the last year there is no, we don't have any special envoy from the u.n. . the meters are still there, but there is no one interrogation of the mission. so these are the magic waiting in to reply and quite finished. ok, that's jose antonio about his death. thank you for your insights. thank you. i wanted story is in rwanda, where if honest can no longer rely on grain to grow their crops, increasing changes in rain passes have forced most farmers to use fill pumps to irrigate their farms. now that of course causes cobban emissions. a group of young
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london scientists said to take advantage is, have devised a solar powered irrigation technology to replace the field based irrigation pumps. we, that corn husks aren't uncommon in ground are these days. the current drought has lasted months and they increasingly extreme weather threatens their livelihoods, of local farmers, especially those in the eastern part of the country who are not call him to capitulate it. it's apparent that climate change is real and increasingly dangerous . the farming seasons that people are used to are not longer predictable. at times it trains will one expected drought route instead of rain on. so it's confusing. you can just farm and have hope over having harvest and what it will bring issues. and when you aren't a couple you eat is one family who has been fortunate during these hard times have filled our knee a roof. so she's been able to pump sufficient water to her crops. but they do so
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you need it to par. their palms is expensive and the exhaust that is a need to the sounds out contributes to a greenhouse effect. no rhonda is increasing its reliance on solar power over the researchers and technology experts from a random start up developed a solar powered irrigation system that has a high tech project, was financed by a us aid organisation and they run the government so they knew irrigation plants came at just the right time for 40 families from a pirate in the district that god made agricultural, more difficulty. and the cost of renting the diesel pumps nearly consumed the on my thirty's reason was that today's science and we ended up spending much of what awnings on buying. still, while using the fuel pump into narrators ira with 2 of the,
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those little left for our livelihood. now, we have gotten great of all those expenses. we only need to replace someone to water the plants, british of the kurdish, just due to the more affordable litigation promise cannot attend a larger areas of land and keep farming they yield a much higher as a result of what i did call a hole. i was only have a sitting 50 kilograms of beans in 2 bags of saddam in season. now, with solar irrigation, the yield volume has multiplied by 3 when i am considering expanding my farming even more now. and i mean, if a town that solar powered irrigation system should be out in drowning in all of the party districts in the country by the end over $20000.00 to me, an official from the agriculture ministry sees that rhonda hopes to have a climate neutral economy by 2050 and his role for the country as i booked it,
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does solar system. they get through this solar system because off for cheaper in terms of for energy cost option. and secondly, it, yeah, they claim it to smart climate smart also means a more plentiful way of one aging water. one of the arts most valuable resources, the startup that builds the solar irrigation system, has also developed a system to measure the temperature and moisture of the site. sensors calculate the exact amount of water needed by the plants. farmers, i've been notified by and up about when and how much they should water, their crops, their plants need to get the optimal of what they knew. that's what we believe when they use this technology to improve their production. and it does been tested to be
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a success in the play. which fears robin doing these pilot system is powered by solar energy, a swell. now the farm is not exactly which plants need water and how much of for the time being, they improvising with plastic bottles, which will soon be replaced by what a horse's local solutions will challenge as i love to see it. that is it for now be sure to check out our other stories on the dot com, forward slash africa. we're also on facebook and on twitter we'd love to know what you think about the stories of a couple on the program. and perhaps even the stories you think that we should be covering today will leave you with these pictures of agricultural riches produced by round us on this. in spite of the unreliable rains in join in and we'll see an extract of
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what secrets lie behind discover new adventures in 360 to explore? fascinating world heritage sites world heritage 360 get married now i knew you. i mean there are years. there's really only you and i last 2 years just one song. so that when you bring your uncle out mad cause, i mean you've never heard her before. surprise yourself with what possible. who is
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medical really what moves and also who talks to people who follows her along the way, admirers and critics alike. now as the world's most powerful woman shaking her ticket . joe knows chemicals last, stop. on a big established look, this isn't anything. but this is again, we've got a taste of it, of small acts, the new 5 part series of films from oscar winning director steve mcqueen coming out this week more in a minute. also today in our series on exiles living here in berlin, we meet the belorussian theater directors meets
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a charter school supporting the current protests in better rows from afar and dancing with a difference, a rather unique french dance troupe called geometry. vavi are gone viral on social media. british british director steve mcqueen has already secured his place in movie history, in the 1st black director to win a best picture, oscar for 12 years, a slave. that film was set in 19th century america. now he's turned his attention closer to home, small acts as a series of 5 films about the history. indeed, the struggle of black people in britain between the 1960 s. and 1980 s. . steve mcqueen returned to the sounds and sense of his london childhood for his 5 film anthology, small acts true stories of resistance, protest and celebration from the black caribbean experience of the 1960 s.
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seventy's and eighty's for the oscar winner mcqueen. this is his 1st british production and his most personal for the series produced by the b.b.c. and amazon mcqueen cast, some of britain's biggest stars to teeter right, famous from black panther place one of the mangroves 9 black activists put on trial in 1970 for daring to speak out against systemic racism, plays against the police there and maybe so that they have been the victim of injustice. there are others who like parasites, feed on these beliefs, and seek to turn them to their own event, deliberately create and by these defendants are all guilty of the serious criminal offense. acted john, boy, you get plays libral, you know, can of real life police officer who trying to change and crisis system from within
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small acts tells the cotton stories of britain's black history in order to eliminate the injustices of today. and joining me is of course g, w, film, expert scotch rocks, 1st of all the title, small acts. what does that mean? yet we heard a little bit of the music at the very end, which, which is from the bob marley song, and the bob marley. song, quotes, old jamaican proverb which goes along the lines of. if you are the big tree, we are the small acts that will cut you down. so it's about, it's a metaphor for a collective struggle, which is basically what this whole series of films is about, which is really taken from real life stories about being black in britain between the sixty's and eighty's. and it's all about resistance, really resistance to racism, institutional racism in britain and very personal for mcqueen because this is the community he grew up in. is that? yeah, it is. i mean this is probably his most i think is most autobiographical and personal
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work. i mean, you mentioned some of his, somebody who's work. i mean all his other work is actually a long way from home. i mean, his very 1st film was hunger, which is about the ira hunger strikes, starring michael michael fassbender. and then his, the other film that won an oscar for, of course, 12 years, a slave. as you said, 1900 centuries, america, slavery in 1000 century america. even his very last film called widows was a heist movie, an all female heist movie. but it was set in chicago is also a long way from home. this film of the series of films small acts the 1st time that steve mcqueen has looked at his, his own neighborhood, really the, the sort of west indian community that he grew up in, in london. and it's a very ambitious series of films and 5 full length movies, but he really knocks it out the park. and i think what he does with this, if it's not too much to say it, i think he puts black britons and their history back into the film history of this country. i mean, watching these films you realize how rare it is to see,
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see these stories on screen and even to see these faces. these kinds of faces on screen i think was incredible. and small x. is actually going to be on the b.b.c. in the u.k. and coming out on amazon and the rest, well, just this week, just like now while you're here, i want to ask you about a young actress who's making huge waves in germany. not really known yet, but she's about to sort of come to hollywood, isn't she? it looks like it looks like, you know, you're talking about how a single a, who a german fans will know from her film system crash, which came out last year. and sort of blew everyone away. she played a character, they are sort of a young girl with a anger management issues. she won the german film award for that performance and she's 12 years old. youngest person ever to win that she's now she's just been named the star a star to watch by the hollywood magazine variety. she's in the next film with tom
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hanks, which is a western and the film is called news of the world. and in that she plays a young girl who's kidnapped by natives and then is the found by tom hanks character. just speak any english, which is like, it's useful if you're a young german actress who isn't that great in english. but it looks like an incredible performance for her, and it could be the case that she is right now, going to become a huge global star before her 13th birthday to watch scott rocks as always, a mine of information about the movies. thank you very much. there being mass protests in every week since the elections there back in august, many people believing they were rigged in favor of the current incumbent. alexander lukashenko, the better russian theater director meets the chart. kerry has been closely following events there from berlin, his place of exile for the last 10 years. and he's been helping organize
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demonstrations here to show support for his fellow comes from a demonstration for a free bellerose. but this one is in berlin. movie theater director, sneezer charge, who is one of the organizers he's happy to be able to express his opinion freely in germany and to send a signal to those back on we are showing that we are not indifferent to what is happening in bella. ruth right now, even in berlin, we see the situation in our homeland and what the citizens of bella rusa doing. we are simply saying we are with you and we will help you are. we support you. hold on massive protests in belarus, have continued for months. security forces have used brutal force against demonstrators demanding an end to the authoritarian regime in the country.
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chantecler left his country more than 10 years ago. he had been an active critic of the regime co organizing protests and hunger strikes and distributing leaflets. the state reacted with harassment often imprisoning him for days without giving grayson's you have to agree with, but if i had stayed, i would probably have ended up as a professional revolutionary. i was not allowed to study and without an education, i would not have got a good job. most likely i would have ended up in jail at some point, due to participation in protests or my views. so i had to make a decision and leave because i wanted to pursue what i enjoy most adult who is currently working with colleagues on an exhibition about civil society in bel arose when he left his homeland. he 1st lived in poland, but later moved to go allin where he says, the spirit of freedom is alive. you can think and act freely
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a world very different from the one in bella ruse. the good thought there was a kind of break on the development of society. if you were constantly being told what to do and why, and that you have to follow the ideology imposed by the state and the whole look at schenker power apparatus. the relationship between the states in the individual is a recurring theme in charge to theater work. paranoia pig contents text from r i f terrorist reka, mind off and asks how far political resistance can go to performances are in berlin, but he hopes the message is back home was music to be remembered.
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i see myself as a bridge between berlin and minsk in case something happens as a bridge between berlin and bella roots for a while. but in general, i will probably continue to plow the nashville tween the state media to and the underground. i want to stay in this name, show them where they know that mr. watson berlin has plenty of such nations in belarus. they are still a train. this music, this means that for the time being he will remain in exile. now a don't screw with a difference. the 5 french group, j, m s 3, very arbiter, have developed a new dance style. it's a minimalist version of so-called charting, a street dance style that emerged in the hip hop scene in the 1990 s. . believe it or not, it's based on egyptian hieroglyphics and relies on very accurate movements of perfect timing. intrigued, take
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a look. see what you think this performance is poetry in motion? these hip hop dance says from southern france, have created a mess, memorizing style, all of their own. they call themselves and they live up to their name. their precisely coordinated moves creates geometric forms, also has social media to thank for their success in 2017, the 2 founding members posted their 1st video of a performance online. also mean, we stepped into a studio and started making our moves. wouldn't want any kind of choreography where we'd be doing the same thing. we just wanted to have a connection between us and create moves, and one thing led to another. or we wanted to be poetic music black and white, and on choreography. and that's what we posted,
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and i stay we had over 1000000 hits a highly original style of dance, took them into the finals of a talent show, one french television, and on american television. they've done is to superstars like jennifer lopez, even with this success. they still not dancing professionally full time. these are the drama you're an electrician who's going to live in a grocery store. he's director of a dance center in iran. and the organizers are events, you know, and so we still manage to meet up and well formed together. there apparently is have become less frequent due to the coronavirus pandemic. but the down for those of you meant to leave out the opera, have to go on tour again. sometime soon. i
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think they're really cool. i may do it in their spare time. impressive. more arts and culture stories on the website at d.w. dot com slash culture. so for now also check out our you tube channels t.w. books and b.w. classical music. thanks for watching. i'm up to
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the conflict zone fronting the falcons or the special edition of conflict zone on the crisis in hong kong. over the last move into several probe, aging, and pro-democracy figures, we chose the mole to justify what they've done and said some of their arguments to me said to stand the test of time conflict. so for 90 minutes, w. in the book, you are now going to keep going, lengthy, medical, research, exposing and justice global news that matters. w. made for minds from the get go to parliament to come to know bobby, with the pop star grails against corruption, violence to take on despite coming from
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a poor family wants to become president and the challenges america does a credible story of the wind, starts december 10th on g.w., frankfurt, international gateway to the best connection, self road and rail. located in the heart of europe, you are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers. triallists services. biala, gassed at frankfurt. airport city. managed by for
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this is the dublin years line problems, but i led police in the german capital to use water cannon to discuss the thousands of demonstrators protesting against a new law. extend government powers to impose coronavirus restrictions. security forces move it after groups of activists ignore hygiene rules. also on the program . police in uganda, i arrest opposition. politicians. i'm using. why sparking protests in the capital he was detained while campaigning ahead of next year's presidential election time. the taliban welcomes the news of president. trump is ordering thousands of u.s.
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troops home from afghanistan, but the move has been criticized by america's nato allies and by members of mr. trump's own i'm still going to welcome to the program. lawmakers here have approved a controversial new law, extending the power of the german government to limit social contact as part of the fight against coronavirus. outside police turned water counter. protesters opposed to lockdown restrictions, many of whom had ignored calls to wear masks, crowding the crowd including far right groups of conspiracy theorists and 19 denials. more than a 100 arrests and critics say the changes in fred civil liberties and bust through, we get more from d.w., political correspondent, and young. welcome,
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simon. let's start with today's protest. so what happened? yes, there's been a pretty noisy afternoon in the center of berlin with as you mentioned, several 1000 protesters, some of them pretty angry. some of them throwing bottles at police who responded with water cannon. there was a big police presence again in and around the parliament and the brandenburg gate and so on. the diverse group of groups of people, as you said, some of opposed to all sort of corona measures of others saying that what they're really worried about is the erosion of civil liberties. but the police indeed they stand in straight after a couple of hours. partly because people weren't wearing masks, or socially distancing, but a lot of the protesters were still hanging round blocking traffic just
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a short distance away from where the politicians were discussing legislation about coronavirus. so i think that's what's led to some of these agitated scenes in, in berlin today. but well, let's take a closer look at the legislation you've just described, which parliament has now approved before 2020. who could have imagined germans might have a be forced by law to cover their faces. just one instance of how lawmakers did not foresee the extent in detail of many measures introduced this year. some such as bans on people from certain regions, staying in hotels, were overturned by the courts. the new law aims to clarify the rules limiting contacts between people, including the closure of cafes, bars and restaurants. it also provides a new basis for police to enforce distancing rules and the mosque requirement and makes clear on the want circumstances. schools and kindergartens might be shut for
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politicians. this is about ensuring public support and keeping parliament in the loop in most of the, in all these health protection measures which are going to be hard over the coming months. we have to take people with us. we can't just impose them by decree, it can only be done with dialogue. the law, the new laws should mean events such as demonstrations can only be banned if experts agree, such a move is proportionate. but already plenty of people are saying, such legislation cuts too deep into basic freedoms and its aims are insufficiently clear. as to more about those objections than simon, because on the face of it, this sounds like it's the new law. it's just clarifying the current situation. so what are demonstrators so angry about? i think up for a lot of people, it's really about letting the politicians know that they are hurting. and of course, people are suffering as elsewhere, particularly business owners,
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or people who had to rearrange their lives. and obviously families have been heavily disrupted, but a lot of these hardcore protesters are a real corona skeptics that maybe some with links to the far right. and as far as this piece of legislation is concerned, it doesn't actually prescribe any specific measures that the government has to take . it just puts any measures that they do take on a more solid legal footing. so from the government's point of view, they would say this is democracy in action. so briefly then, simon, how much support do these measures have amongst the public? well, the lockdown, the germany is in, at the moment, has got very significant support about 54 percent. anyway, over hoffa of germans say they think the measures that are in place now the limited lockdowns are sufficient and appropriate to deal with the virus. indeed,
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18 percent say they don't think the measures go far enough. so there's a lot of support, and i think that's been pretty solid throughout the last 8 months since we've seen the government having to take some extreme measures to deal with a pandemic. i simon, thank you, simon. you. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. thousands of anti-government protesters gathered in the thai capital, bangkok as lawmakers rejected their demands for sweeping changes to the constitution. demonstrators what the prime minister to step down and curbs, on the power of the monarchy protests a day earlier, left more than 50 people injured. police in hong kong have arrested 3, former lawmakers for disrupting legislative meetings. they were detained after splashing pungent liquids in the chamber. the arrests of raise more concerns over the crackdown on hong kong's pro-democracy movement. the u.s. federal aviation administration says boeing's 737 match jet will be allowed to fly
7:07 pm
again if planes are fitted with new software. the aircraft was grounded in march last year after 2 crashes killed nearly 350 people. congo has declared its most recent bowl, an epidemic to be at an end. $55.00 people died in the outbreak in june, north western province and the world health organization says widespread vaccination help to curb the disease. protests have broken out in the ugandan capital campagna after police arrested. the pop star bobby white, who seeking the presidency in next year's election supporters blocked roads and burned tires, prompting police to fire rubber bullets. disturbances broke out after mr. wine was fossil into a police van, while campaigning in the east of the country, police would warn the candidates face arrest if they broke pandemic guidelines. limiting rallies to $200.00, bobby one's been arrested many times in recent years,
7:08 pm
but hopes to replace uganda's long, long serving president yoweri museveni. let's go to the countries that capital, then kampala, where we join d.w. correspondent, julia, welcome, julius. one of the charges facing bobby wind. this time that is actually a word. most people who inspire news are asking, what's the charges from what's aniston and what do i need to be charged? chances are that's the police when they got to be at any time from now tops that make up the art more about. what is important to note is that as an individual, he's not used to being very since he joined up to 42. it's actually sri as they go yes, previously have been charged with cases those related to treason which his followers believe that these are lies to trumped up charges to punish them for a challenge of being come to place concerns him. but for now,
7:09 pm
no one knows the challenges, maybe we're going to know that our or many of us are not. so i'm not pointed about he's many arrests. what is it about him that makes him such a target? many observers and commentators as a parser, gunnels only to quote landscape or to the way it's not in the said it, i get, it isn't indicate you're is to get it because it's a challenge and please don't share in the servant who has been so more than that he has now this has previously hopped into a challenge. yes. that kept up. he said basically, or has been in place and most of it is made there. i go for the last full for the last look. presidential elections and he's, he's not coming this time a book you are not sticking up that space. so many people, many commentators which it will. you are in just any heritage that from the previous trade, of course the jury missed it and so they are targeting him mainly because he's one of the gifts of these insurance companies who was plant city. i mean,
7:10 pm
does he stand a chance? i think probably one stands a chance, it really stands a chance, especially because of his appeal to the people who've seen him guttering many of the mobilizing, many of them during the study to karate, which could look up to mr. but that is not enough. he has a responsibility, has a challenge to translate, does the gatherings these crowds into force and is a big difference there, having many people following you during cup in this meaning this segment that they're going to vote for you. but who knows? but still answer your question. there are, yes it does. you have, it shows who waits to see you to contend with crowds in 2 respects i will say the 2 has a chance i can. your point will be, uganda is as a young country and one wonders what won't be incumbent president yoweri must have a house to appeal to the youngsters, many of whom will never have known any other leader in the country. so i think
7:11 pm
looking at present, you're innocent in his money, fish stories trading that he could experience. he's using the as chief of the last budget for you as to what the n.c.a.a. on the books and the a couple of a couple of other projects that the government that's was sick use that speak directly to the young people. but bobby white is telling the young people that don't know it for the artist in there. this is his time to go. but praise insurance that he's also telling young people who do not or that they can experience to be deaf. so everyone has his message speaking today, and people who wait to see that decision they're making good talking to thank you for doing it and come up just 2 months left in office. u.s. president donald trump has caused international along by ordering a sharp reduction in american troop numbers in afghanistan and iraq. by mid january
7:12 pm
numbers will be cut to 2 and a half 1000 u.s. soldiers that each country looks to make good on his campaign promise to end what he's called for of awards. but he's facing opposition from leading republicans and from nato allies. the sun could be setting on the u.s. presence in afghanistan. american soldiers have been fighting here since 2001, helping stabilize the country after overthrowing taliban rule, but suffering over 2000 deaths over time. the numbers have waned. now outgoing president, donald trump will reduce them to a skeleton force that's raising fears among afghans over the future. security of that country. in my opinion, and the withdrawal of foreign troops from afghanistan will cause the taliban to escalate their violence across the country. and it will also cause women to suffer more for nothing. but
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when u.s. forces withdraw from afghanistan, it will create a power vacuum. and the taliban will escalate the violence in a bid to seize more political power in afghanistan. as u.s. troop numbers to fall and extremists have gained in strength. this attack on couple university earlier this month killed 22 people. it was claimed by the so-called islamic state, which has emerged as a rival to the taliban. the taliban themselves have stepped up their attacks on security forces and civilians violating an agreement that foresaw the withdrawal of all u.s. soldiers. by may next year, criticism of the latest drawdown even came from within the president's own party. to train really important here in the next couple of months. not to have any
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earth shaking changes with regard to defense and foreign policy drawdown in either afghanistan or iraq would be a mistake in iraq. the u.s. military presence was greatly reduced after the defeat of isis in 2017. this is increased the sway of neighboring iran and militia groups aligned with teheran. as u.s. soldiers head home, they could risk leaving the field to america's adversaries. she talked a reminder of our top story, this hour police here in bethlehem use water cather to disperse protesters, demonstrating against measures to curb. the spread of coronavirus security forces moved in after groups of demonstrators refused to comply with the safety measures, including wearing masks and social distancing. a search of up
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to date a bread doctor up moving up the top of the hour. our business updates with fab prob, what's his next? i've heard in the light of climate change conference to see what's in store for the future for the major cities in sight.


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