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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  November 19, 2020 12:45am-1:01am CET

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macqueen, coming out this week more in the minutes. also today. in our series on exxon's living here in berlin, we meet the bella, russian theater director, smits, a charge called supporting the current protests in burma. rose from a fall and dancing with a difference, a rather unique french dance troupe called geometry very, are gone. viral on social media. british british director steve mcqueen has already secured his place in movie history, in the 1st black director to win a best picture. oscar for 12 years, a slave. that film was set in 1900, centuries of america. now he's turned his attention closer to home. small x. is a series of 5 films about the history. indeed, the struggle of black people in britain between the 960, s. and 980 s. steve mcqueen return to the sounds and sense of his london childhood,
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his 5 film anthology, small acts true stories of resistance, protest and celebration from the black caribbean experience of the 1960 s. seventy's and eighty's for the oscar winner mcqueen. this is his 1st british production and his most personal for the series produced by the b.b.c. and amazon mcqueen casts some of britain's biggest stars lity to write famous from black panther plays one of the mangrove, 9 black activists put on trial in 1970 for daring to speak out against systemic racism, plays against the police. then maybe they have been the victim of injustice, of who like parasites to treat all these beliefs and seek to turn them to their own event. deliberately create and by these defendants are all guilty of the
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serious criminal offense. act of one stock john boy, you get plays leave really no can of real life police officer who trying to change and crisis system from within small acts tells the cotton stories of britain's black history in order to eliminate the injustices of today. and joining me is a film expert scotch rocks, 1st of all skull the title small acts. what does that mean? yet we heard a little bit of the music at the very end, which, which is from the bob marley song, and the bob marley. song quotes, old jamaican proverb which goes along the lines of, if you are the big tree, we are the small acts that will cut you down. so it's about, it's a metaphor for a collective struggle, which is basically what this whole series of films is about, which is really taken from real life stories about being black in britain between the sixty's and eighty's. and it's all about resistance, really resistance to racism,
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institutional racism in britain and very personal for mcqueen because this is the community he grew up in. is that? yeah, it is. i mean this is probably his most i think is most autobiographical and personal work. i mean, you mentioned some of his, somebody who's work. i mean all his other work is actually a long way from home. i mean, his very 1st film was hunger, which is about the ira hunger strikes, starring michael michael fassbender. and then his, the other films won an oscar for, of course, 12 years. a slave. as you said, 19th century america, slavery in 1000 and central america. even his very last film called widows was a heist movie, an all female heist movie. but it was set in chicago is also a long way from home. this film of the series of films small acts the 1st time that steve mcqueen is look at, his, his own neighborhood. really the, the sort of west indian community that he grew up in, in london. and it's a very ambitious series of films and 5 full length movies. but he really knocks at the park and i think what he does with this, it's not too much to say,
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and i think he puts black britons and their history back into the film history of this country. i mean, watching these films you realize how rare it is to see, see these stories on screen and even to see these faces. these kinds of faces on screen i think was incredible. and small x. is actually going to be on the b.b.c. in the u.k. and coming out on amazon and the rest. well, just this week, just this was not like, now you're here. i want to ask you about a young actress who's making huge waves in germany. not really known yet, but she's about to sort of come call hollywood is. it looks like it looks like it. yeah. you're talking about how the who, the german fans will know from her film system crash, which came out last year and sort of blew everyone away. she played a character, they are sort of a young girl with no choice. they anger management issues. she won the german film
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award for that performance and she's 12 years old. youngest person ever to win that she's now she's just been named the star a star to watch by the hollywood magazine variety. she's in the next film with tom hanks, which is a western the film is called news of the world and in it is she plays a young girl who's kidnapped by natives. and then is the found by tom hanks character. just begin the english, which is i guess, useful if you're a young german actress who isn't that great in english. but it looks like an incredible performance for her. and it could be the case that she is right now, going to become a huge global star before her 13th birthday to watch. as always, a mine of information about the movies. thank you very much. there being mass protests in every week since the elections there back in august, many people believing they were rigged in favor of the current incumbent. alexander lukashenko, the better russian theater director, smita chop,
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who has been closely following events. there from berlin is a place of exile for the last 10 years, and he's been helping organize demonstrations here to show support for his fellow countrymen. a demonstration for a free bellerose, but this one is in berlin. the teacher director's music chart is one of the organizers he's happy to be able to express his opinion freely in germany and to send a signal to those back on europe. we are showing that we are not indifferent to what is happening in bella roost right now. even in berlin, we see the situation in our homeland and what the citizens of bell are rusa doing. we are simply saying we are with you and we will help you are. we support you. hold on massive protests in belarus have continued for months.
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security forces have used brutal force against demonstrators demanding an end to the authoritarian regime in the country who left his country more than 10 years ago. he had been an active critic of the regime co organizing protests and hunger strikes and distributing leaflets. the state reacted with harassment often imprisoning him for days without giving grayson's you have to go. if i had stayed, i would probably have ended up as a professional revolutionary. i was not allowed to study and without an education, i would not have got a good job. most likely i would have ended up in jail at some point, due to participation in protests and my views. so i had to make a decision and leave because i wanted to pursue what i enjoy most is currently working with colleagues on an exhibition about civil society in
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bellerive. when he left his homeland, he 1st lived in poland, but later moved to berlin, where he says, the spirit of freedom is alive. you can think and act freely. a world very different from the one in belarus. the clipboard, there was a kind of break on the development of society if you were constantly being told what to do and why and that you have to follow the ideology imposed by the state and the whole look at schenker power apparatus. the relationship between the states in the individual is a recurring theme in charge to theater work, paranoia, pig contents, text from our area of terrorist rica mind off, and asks, how far political resistance can go.
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the performances are in berlin, but he hopes the message back home from years will be remembered. i see myself as a bridge between berlin and minsk in case something happens as a bridge between berlin and bella roots for a while. but in general, i will probably continue to plow the name should be tween the state near to and the underground, and i want to stay in this name, show them where they know mr. watson. berlin has plenty of such nations in belarus. they are still a train. music shocker. this means that for the time being, he will remain in exile. now a don't screw with a difference. the 5 man french group, j, m f 3. very arbor have developed a new dance style. it's a minimalist version of so-called charting, a street dance style immersion,, the hip hop scene in the 1990 s.,
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believe it or not. it's based on egyptian hieroglyphics and relies on very accurate movements and perfect timing. treat. take a look, see what you think. this performance is poetry in motion. these hip hop dance says from southern france, have created a mesmerizing style all of their own. they call themselves and they live up to then name their precisely coordinated moves, creates geometric forms, also has social media to thank for their success. in 2017, the 2 founding members posted their 1st video of the performance online. we stepped into our studio and started making our moves within, want any kind of choreography where we'd be doing the same thing. we just wanted to have a connection between us and create moves. and one thing led to another. or we wanted
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poetic music black and white, and on choreography. and that's what we posted on an x. day. we had over 1000000 hits a highly original style of dance, took them into the finals of a talent show on french television, and on american television. they've done is to superstars like jennifer lopez, even with this success. it's still not dancing professionally full time because the brahma lama, he's a stalker. you're an electrician who's going to a little grocery store. he's director of a dance center and a friend. and the organizers are very well even so we still managed to meet up together or thank their parents,
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things have become less frequent to the coronavirus pandemic. but that done for those of you hope to go on tour again sometime soon, i think they're really cool. and they do it in their spare time. impressive. more arts and culture stories on the website at d.w. dot com slash culture. so for now, also check out our you tube channel state of e-books and d.-w. possible music ice watching. i'm up
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to the conflict zone fronting the powerful muslims in a special edition of conflict zones on the crisis in hong kong. over the last move into several fro, beijing and pro-democracy figures reach the goal to justify what they've done and say, some of their arguments to be sent to stand the test of time conflict. so for 30 minutes to double it was the 1st international tribunal in history. the number of trials 75 years ago, a high ranking officers of the nazi regime were joined at the by the allied forces . they were the 1st war criminals to be held accountable for their crimes.
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our 2 part series, the 3rd reich, in the talks in 75 minutes on w. i think in everything challenging 1st, i'm going to be a muslim school, much different culture between here and there still challenging for if he is from a 7 year was worth it for me to come to germany and got my license to work as a swimming instructor be sure now our 2 children $100.00 just rushed. just to see what's your story? take part charity on info migrants dot com
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from the ghetto to parliament every day. go into those bobbie why. despite coming from a poor family, the pop star wants to become president. and challenges, we've got this elite hotshots incredible story of bobby was stuart's december 10th on the w. . this is news and these are our top stories. police outside the german parliament in berlin have turned water cannons on. protesters are rallying against coronavirus restrictions and arrested more than 100 people. lawmakers have approved a new measure, extending government powers to limit social contacts. infection rates have been on
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the rise in germany, prompting the government to take action. public schools in new york city will close on thursday in an effort.


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