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tv   Fokus Europa  Deutsche Welle  November 19, 2020 11:00am-11:30am CET

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this is the news live from berlin. germany's covert infection rate is much too high and the situation is serious. that's the warning from germany's top scientific advisor, as the country's number of coronavirus cases remain stubbornly high despite almost 3 weeks of lockdown, also on the program. another grim tally in the struggle against the pandemic in the united states, the number of americans who have died from grown a virus that tops a quarter of a 1000000 and numbers are rising rapidly and emergency on spain's transit camry
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islands. as growing numbers of migrants arrive by boat from africa, critics accuse the e.u. of turning a blind eye to a burgeoning new migrant crisis. i'm well come to the show. the number of new coronavirus infections in germany has risen again with more than 22000 cases reported over 24 hour period. that's despite almost 3 weeks of a partial lockdown. the increase comes as lawmakers in germany voted on wednesday to strengthen government powers for tackling the pandemic as lawmakers deliberated outside the parliament building, but in berlin, police had to use water cannon pepper spray to disperse crowds, protesting the coronavirus restrictions a short time ago. the head of germany's public health authority was that the pandemic situation in the country was still
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very serious. but the overall case numbers are much too high. the number of civilian cases and the number of patients in intensive care are also on the rise. it's the number of deaths is also still very high. as we know this is it lying in severe cases and it was, it was before to well for more, let's bring in our political correspondent, live on the phone. given what we've just heard from the health authority, are we likely to see even tougher measures and what could they be? well, there was a hint of optimism at the press briefing today because the number of new infections here in germany has stab allies. but it has data lies at a very high level, and that is why authorities can't speak of a trend reversal yet, which is why it's very likely that's going to america when she meets with a 16 state. premiers next week is going to discuss 1st of all an extension off the
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current measures beyond the month of november, but also maybe a tightening for the tightening of measures. and one issue that's definitely or very likely to come up is schools. because schools in germany are still open, but a lot of people are arguing in favor of a sort of hybrid model where half of the students are being taught in the classroom . and half of the students are being taught online. so from home and, and then they switch off to 2 weeks which would bring the number of contacts at school and schools down here in germany. maybe we've seen some angry protests there against the covert measures. and yesterday, against revision of the law is the government losing public support? well, you said we've seen some very angry protests yesterday, and it is very important to say that it is a minority. it's a loud minority, but it is a minority. the majority, the broad majority of germans do support the government of recent poll has shown
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that 2 thirds say measures they're effective at curbing the spread of the coronavirus and 20 to 20 percent of those even say they want more restrictive measures. so we see there is broad support in the german and the german population for the government's action. and that has been quite consistent over the past couple of months with several covert 19 vaccines now in the pipeline and nearing approval. what's the government's inaction strategy? well, the vaccination strategies is still being discussed. what we do know so far is that the government is planning 60 vaccination centers across the country. and it's bank tourists to evacuate risk groups 1st. and it's going to cover the costs. and obviously very importantly, the coronavirus vaccine will be voluntary. there's a corresponding learning from how much time. thank you. and now is the numbers
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of infected people rise here in germany, hospital intensive care units, having to kaffir, increasing numbers of critically ill patients. although the country's health sector is technically well equipped to deal with the pandemic, a lack of qualified medical staff means hospitals are now looking for volunteers to fill the gaps. the blondest talk, germany's parliament zuzana of uganda has been working here for 18 years. but she has another job too. when the corona pandemic hit germany, she volunteered to work part time as an intensive care nurse in berlin, shockey te hospital. susanna just finished a 9 hour shift taking care of covert patients. now she's come back into the office to finish off some work for her full time job commitment. i can't stay at home with, a clear conscience if my colleagues are slaving away in the i.c.u.,
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i have the training and can help. so i help. there's no question about it. and german hospitals are in dire need of help. intensive care units are stretched thin . you did chief nurse of the shah, one of europe's largest research hospitals. she has put her finger on the problem. germany's health care system is facing when you have enough ventilators, enough beds, enough masks, and gowns and gloves. but we're worried that all the beds can't be used because we don't have enough personnel food to deal with this. the shocking to have launched a campaign to rehire former health care workers like suzanne of you got she trained to be a nurse over 25 years ago, but decided to move into a different profession. in this all hands on deck situation. it's people like her
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that are needed now in the i.c.u. use are running at full capacity. if one person is taking care of 3 or 4 covert patients, that's rough. you have very little time. after work, i leave the hospital with a sad feeling because i couldn't give the patients the attention that they deserve . despite rising corona numbers, germany's health care system has not crashed yet. but hospitals were already understaffed, and the workload was too high before the pandemic. despite all the problems, zona has rediscovered her passion for nursing care. she couldn't even imagine quitting her job in the stock. but for that, she says, hospital working conditions would need to improve. the u.s. death toll in the corona virus pandemic has now surpassed a quarter of
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a 1000000 people by far the highest national toll worldwide infections are soaring to new highs across the country. new york city was the epicenter of the u.s. all this year. now it's decided to close all public schools again, it finds a resurgence of the virus. it's an unseasonably emily. last week of school for children across new york city classrooms are shifting to online learning until further notice. it's the latest in a series of new restrictions in the state. parents and students alike are unhappy. it's super unfortunate that these kids are going to be denied an education, but we can go eat dinner inside a restaurant or general to be allowed to do it kind of for a little sad. it's close by, if that's what passes for the carrots will go with. this city's mayor feels the same way workers. i want to firm as much as we are unhappy today that this moment
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was reached. we are resolved to keep fighting. that's what new yorkers do. and we will overcome this moment. cases in the state have more than doubled over the past 2 weeks. but new york is in the uni state to see an exponential rise. case loads across the country are increasing, as are new restrictions. deaths have also been mounting, passing quarter of a 1000000. since the start of the pandemic. the president elect is warning even more people could die if president trump refuses to share crucial information with the incoming administration. from the me. over 300000000, americans that are beyond our, our border guards are going to have to be taken care of. there's a whole lot of things that we just don't have available to us or to less is made available soon. we're going to be horrified by weeks or months, or even as promising vaccines raise the hope of an end to the crisis. the country
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will still have to enjoy a long winter. spoke to dr. pizza chain home. infectious disease specialist at the university of california and san francisco. as the u.s. apostles, 250000 deaths, we asked him, how did things get this bad? i think they are, it's is pretty simple. it's the lack of a national strategy. it's like where 50 different countries with 50 different strategies and 1st there's no, i mean, borders so that it's no surprise that what's happening in one part of the country happens and the other right now the whole country is exploding. so to pitch in home infectious disease specialist at the university of california, san francisco. and we turn to india now where the capital delhi is considering plans to reintroduce some lockdown measures following festive gatherings and a drop in temperatures. the nation as a whole is braced for a spike in cases,
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but residents in delhi have already seen the numbers go up. w. meets those at the frontline of the city's battle with over 90 the day is just beginning for but he knows it will be a long one. he counted 15 bodies in the morning when he left the morgue at delhi's largest covered 1000 hospital, where he works. he will spend all day at this chemical. he helped cremate the body sifi and ensure that people suffering the shock of losing a family member to the could. one of my it is have proper protective gear as they see their last goodbyes for the last week has been bringing in twice the number of bodies that delhi is experiencing its 3rd spike in called 1000 cases. because 200 deaths every day was assigned to the mortuary after many vocals before him quit. overwhelmed by the number of corpses coming in.
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i had to step over bodies to sort through the names of the victims. i had to summon all my courage. of course i was scared. i've never seen anything like it in my life . i've never seen so many bodies. still, he soldiers on. he says someone has to here at the local hospital, delhi's largest coronavirus facility. the spike is evident. the severity of the cases has also risen as many more seek admission. while this hospital still has a high number of designated coronavirus beds available, they only have a handful of free ventilators and intensive care units or i.c.u. beds left. this after i.c.u. beds at this facility alone have been for drupal during the pandemic. authorities here are confident that things are under control,
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but they are also bracing for more cases. more and more people are coming out of their home. so we have to make provision for this is because of the number of people in the market was pictured halls and sources getting the authorities are now mapping out ways to prevent the health care system from being overbid and with daily guesses in delhi. crossing the 8000 mark, the national government has now stepped in at party's plan to significantly ramp up testing, increase the number of i.c.u. beds and also deployed emergency health care forces. elsewhere in delhi to the morgue. and the board are stokley distant worlds. even after the recent volley festival crowds continue to try on the markets. the state government denies chances of another lockdown, but is considering closing down markets where norms are being flouted. dress against think this is unnecessary. because you is no need to worry,
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cases are going up there, keep rising, even during a shutdown. people go out anyway, you want to make a difference. it's not so would be interesting to eat. and right now, if you take some precautions, so it becomes you people back at the crime, adored him, strongly disagrees. his is the kind of book that makes him vince when he sees the market over flowing and people shouting together on the street. memories of the last don't need be feeding for those out and about, but is still afraid to come close to his 3 young daughters and his aging mother who recently underwent a cancer procedure, is upset that he hasn't really spoken to her in 8 months. but he's not giving up. lockdown fatigue is not an option. it's only been the pandemic ends that are jewish can truly go home as well. reporting. now let's take
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a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. u.s. secretary of state mike compare was says he plans to visit the disputed golan heights. territory captured by israel in the 19 $167.00. the visit would be a break from prior u.s. policy. on wednesday he met with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and bahrain's foreign minister up to latif yani. the 2 countries agreed to normalize ties under a deal backed by the u.s. . thailand's prime minister is threatening a tough response to protesters demanding his removal, new constitution, and reforms to the monarchy. he spoke after another night of mass protests in bangkok with activists marching on thailand's police headquarters and defacing the walls with paint a day earlier. police used water cannon and tear gas on demonstrators injuring dozens. at least 7 people have been killed and others injured in protests. in uganda, the unrest started after the arrest of ugandan presidential candidates and pop star
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. what we whine. he was detained in the capital, kampala on wednesday for allegedly flouting covert 19 rules, while campaigning, police fired tear gas to disperse ones. supporters and you migrant crisis is emerging on spain's cannery islands where just last month, more than 8000 africans arrived by boat hoping to get to europe human rights group said people are being kept in dire conditions when they arrive, while local officials say there's simply overwhelmed by the whole situation, the journey by sea to the spanish island is arguably europe's most treacherous for migrants to w.'s young. philip showed spin to gran canaria to see what awaits them . from here, journalists can go no further. some 2000 african migrants are being housed in this camp in the ports of 5 times as many as were expected. aid groups have spoken of squalid conditions, but it's impossible for d.d.
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news to find out. he must on tanna work for the refugee council. his colleagues have been inside the camp. everyone seems on the floor. some intense and some out in the open. weeping criticizing this from day one, but we didn't think it would get this bad. there are 2000 to 300 people in the camp, and the numbers are growing every day. 2000 migrants arrived in the canary islands. last weekend alone. the crossing is dangerous, but the coronavirus pandemic has cut off other migration routes. the government has started housing new arrivals in hotels near the camp. human rights activists say they're not getting a fair shot at the asylum system. a group of migrants from senegal, say they fear they'll soon be deported. but proud
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journalists are not welcome here either. d.w. news is told to leave in mid conversation. he's angry at the spanish government, but also feels abandoned by the european union. i'm disappointed with spain and with europe. this is shameful. what a lot of politicians and representatives have come here recently. but we have no clue what the government's strategy is to deal with the migration crisis here on the canaries. spain's government refuses to relocate the migrants to the mainland. critics say this is turn the islands into a prison. for months, the trend of increasing migration numbers has been visible here on the canary islands. nevertheless, everyone involved seems overwhelmed by the current situation. valuable preparation
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time has been lost. instead, the island's government, the central government and the european union, starting to shift responsibility for the situation to one another. the spanish government has now started to procure further accommodation for the migrants. many fear that this housing was philip before long. of a more this story can all speak to some of the routine from the international organization for migration. he joins us from madrid. miss overloading. why is it that so many african migrants are now heading for the canary islands instead of the european mainland? well, ben stiller for producing interview, actually as you know, migration is a complex phenomenon and so we're beginning to see dead. there are a lot of the factors at play in the region, especially in central and western africa. there are, of course of this issue are going to be factors that are used to migrants to,
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to look for a better day. there obviously are some of the, this taboos and the established snubbing goops that have to have basically reactivated the normal existing woods towards their canary island. there is also of course there are the governor 19 the on break, which have led to the basically induced the border closures, the restriction movement. and there may have to migrants to pull these routes instead of the i would say more traditional with their traditional hoods with their western military one that just gives you good to speed. could this is this, this have been anticipated by the authorities should, shouldn't they have been better prepared? well, i actually did the dog where to the bended knee was a surprise for everybody. we know of his to actually scenes. i think, 2 years there was a slight increase of
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a rival's defect. he's a bad snowden who show no real capacity to adapt to the challenges imposed by the car with 19, the restriction of movement to the border closures. and you know, seems the fact they go and have any scruple to push my guns in a very dangerous foods. earth these arrivals have increasing scenes demands a ferry, births scenes. july august again observed significant increases. what do you expect now from the spanish government and from e.u. leaders actually? well, i think that spain has a, i would say, a more dirt stand in experience and downs of migration. and then just we call the experience here 2 years ago in 2018 when almost
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60000 migrants arrive. but the thing is that in canary island, they just don't have the suitable capacity and facilities to in order to properly menashe those. a migration flows in order to apply what is foreseen, who's in the know? what should they do? how was the interruption, what, what, what, what should the spanish government actually don't know yet? so there are now a set of measure there has been decided we could go demarc important to our opinion is just to establish, i mean, a space for that affiliation and did for migrants. just to ensure that all the proceeds would be applied and demented. we established a month after said it is me,
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72 hours. so there has been a lot of needs from towns have creaming in sounds of the nobility. assessment of prediction that they should meet. these has to be very shortly because the situation is very critical. we cannot accept the fact that those persons are the conditions there are just and you can find a road from the international organization for migration. thank you very much for joining us here on news. armenia's leader nickel pushing me on the presented a plan to resolve a political crisis that began after he signed a truce with by john ended ending fighting over the disputed to go on a car bomb region by minister for she is facing mass unrest for agreeing to the
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ceasefire brokered by russia armenia last significant territory under the deal. some ethnic armenians have begun leaving their homes in areas said to be handed over to a ferry control. emily show and is in the armenian capital yerevan. she just returned from the got the car back and here's what she had to say about the situation on the ground there just got back from the going to car about yesterday and the situation on the ground is peaceful there. we saw convoys of armenian soldiers who were seemingly leaving some of the regions that we crossed through. but there are traces of this recent conflict, this recent war, basically everywhere you look, they even line the road. there were burnt out cars cars that were clearly thrown from the road side by blasts during the war. we also saw a rocket that was basically just sticking out of the road. disarmed rocket. and
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that cars were kind of driving by. and the same can be said in the towns and cities, including the biggest city in the carriage, where many of the windows were blown out. there were traces of bombs. i saw one man who was taping closed, his windows with cellophane. he said he is preparing for his grandchildren to return to step on their carriage. and the anger at what has happened is really real on the ground. as you said, some people leaving districts that have been under armenian control, even though they're very under international law. and they're now being handed over . some people who lived there have been burning their houses. we saw one of those houses burning on the roadside. they don't want to leave anything behind for azerbaijan. sherman reporting sports news. now in basketball, the n.b.a. held its 1st ever virtual draw off. the event was delayed multiple times due to the
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corona virus pandemic with last season only ending in october. the minnesota timberwolves, the 1st pick, selecting of the james wiseman, chosen for the golden state warriors. and then it will begin on december 22nd before i let you go, the pandemic, of course, isn't just affecting humans. the lives of many animals also being disrupted, particularly those in captivity. this is ray, a 6 year old african penguin home is in the monterey bay aquarium in california. but because of coronavirus restrictions, it's currently close. so ray has taken to explore, you know, a sea wardle's around following the stuff, just like the usual visit to the usual has. it is rather rare as this kind of, there's lots to see. some species must look good enough to eat and she's clearly
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taking plenty of exercise hard work for one of the smallest species. it's that's your news update. stay tuned now for one of the joel. she has the business news for you. i'm god help us. thanks for coming
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in the crosshairs of turkey secret service kurdish austrian green party member bearing asan doesn't go anywhere anymore without police protection. history and politician worked to bring attention to human rights violations in turkey. now
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i mean what happened to gonna stream of black gold oil? thomas' starts december 4th. w. led china will seek openness in trade while that's the message of judging, paying sent out of the virtual asia pacific economic cooperation. 4 of countering suggestions to the beijing my to decouple from the us that other trade pot must be to rise to inflict action is also coming up national interests. so.


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