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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  November 19, 2020 12:45pm-1:01pm CET

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is that we are sucking. 2 the atmosphere through this machine and the c o 2 steps to a specific chemical. they're within this year with it and see what comes out about this so much again, there was fear, but with much nowhere near the fact that they began using this kind of vacuum cleaner for carbon dioxide peak years ago. and one of the pumping stations here explains what happens to the c o 2. from here, we have our own underground pipes, transporting this year 2, that was captured after kupchak bought. and there is all the water, and this is done what we inject into the subsurface, 700 meters underground. to see you to then react with the bass rock and the stored there permanently. it's a method that works especially well in the volcanic rock here. this is a piece of course of the quarter. we see the c o 2,
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both feeling famous within that, within the course of the factors, but also on the force. so gradually this, all of these, these still open pores could fill up with monogamists. you, depending on how much we interact, the technology is still very expensive. it also consumes a lot of water and can only be used in specific terrain. still conflicts is convinced that this technology will eventually help to reduce the amount of c o 2 in the atmosphere. worldwide, few countries in the world are feeling the effects of climate change as acutely as iceland is once mighty listeners are shrinking continually. so iceland's environment minister is taking action. the icelandic government instrument, the country c o 2. neutral by 2040. to do this, they are relying on new technologies and the belief in engine sagas. we have these
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stories and i some thought troll spit came storms if they were exposed to sun we can save us 3 are trying to turn c o 2 into stone where our strolls were turned into stone to match the sun. icelanders knew that they can save the planet on the moon, but they're developing technologies. the other countries can employ in the future. and the idea that believing in elves and trains can also help us not bother anyone here. this man doesn't take criticism well, turkish president trichet by you know, on is known for cracking down on opponents and critics. and it's not just those living in turkey. people who've spoken out against the president are not safe from the government even when they live abroad. like a politician betty van asten, she lives in austria and appears to have surfaced on the radar of the turkish intelligence agency,
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which allegedly is trying to silence her. the bodyguards never leave barry bannan downside for weeks she was mostly too scared to leave her home. now, she enjoys her 1st visit to a traditional viennese coffee house. she gets protection because an assassination attempt on the green politician is said to have been planned by turkey. you know, take a, comes and turkey. they've intimidated and silenced all critics by suspending them or locking them up. and so a lot of anger, it's now only the european based critics remain a thorn in their side, the critic of the numbing think. because you know, of all turkey's intelligence service m i t, he is said to have ordered attacks on foreign based critics, at least according to one suspected, mit employee who was interrogated by austrian police. he reported meeting a middleman code named q. i think this is designed to spread chaos.
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you told me it doesn't matter if she dies or is injured. all that matters is that the lawmakers get the message. their piano son has been a member of vienna city government since mid october. given her kurdish turkish roots, she has also been committed to human rights in turkey for many years. as a result, she has already suffered threats and insults in the past. security experts are shocked by the alleged assassination order. they say austria's government must finally act against turkey's intelligence agency. it's a really different attempt is being made to infiltrate these communities, so chaos and destabilize the political system. then a red line has definitely been crossed, and therefore policymakers here must clearly state so far and no further. we wanted to discuss the allegations with the turkish embassy in vienna. but our
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request was turned down. instead, the embassy sent a written statement, calling them untrue. austria's government says there is evidence turkey's intelligence service is deliberately creating tensions. for example, between turkish nationalists and kurds living abroad in june 2020, right when turkish teenagers attacked a kurdish cultural center in vienna, mammal near zani, and dozens of others were inside the building when the attackers set fire to the entrance that evening. there was a blaze right there. all these cables burned, club members and other guests on the upper floor noticed the fire and put it out in time. otherwise, things could have been even worse. if the staircase, our emergency exit and caught fire, things could have become really bad. austria
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is no isolated case for years german political scientist who are uk show poor has warned that uncle rod has been trying to infiltrate turkish communities in europe. but now he's concerned for his own safety. several weeks ago, his parents who live in turkey received an anonymous phone call that scared him to buy these oppose. all of the callers seem to have information about me. my father and family that was not available in the public domain. that's why i took this phone call very seriously and saw it as a clear threat. as i did back at vienna city hall, where barry vonn house lawn is also accompanied by bodyguards. she says she won't let herself be intimidated, even though the death threats have left their mark on her. to mention,
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it's only human to ask yourself again and again. why are you doing this to yourself? but then i think ok, all delicate matters in human history involve political risks. this year i'm probably paying a higher price than other politicians. but i am paying for human dignity, decent pious, and very fine asanas fighting for free speech. but for this, she needs constant protection in the heart of europe. it is a steep price to pay. if you see horses on a street of a european city, they are probably pulling a carriage with tourists. but in brussels, some more says have been assigned a different task and these 2 are helping keep their city clean by collecting garbage and they may not be as fast as a regular garbage truck. but they definitely are. and i kits,
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and they always make sure they look the best before heading out for some belgian public service employees enjoying a hearty breakfast and of this of personal grooming, little or setting off to work. this is the city of scarf, it speaks to the team of trash collectors. the 3 horses are assisted by 7 people today. the 2 youngest horses are on duty, new york and other relaxing star. there's human colleagues pulling for carsick and sebastian, although are already hard at work, suggests that reassure them we have to look after the horses 7 days a week. but i like working with animals, so it's not a problem for me. after about an hour their coat shine and their mains are combed, now the harness horses can be hitched to the carts and to to work. starbucks
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has a range 130000 residents, so hauling all their trash would be too much for 2. horses trucks take care of that . the horses are responsible for keeping the public squares, bus stops, and parks clean out of the dog. it's better than jogging. i walk several kilometers a day in the fresh air. it really keeps me fit. the team empties almost $750.00 trash cans. week after week, they've been doing this since garbage for close to a decade now. the municipal council is proud they made that brief decision. if you know your president has now ended, and there are several reasons, both financial and ecological for one, it's environmentally friendly. we can empty the trash cans without producing any c o. 2 emissions. the other reason is it costs less horses last longer than
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a vehicles at a card costs less than a garbage truck at the local musharraf. the only disadvantage is that the forces are somewhat slower than the garbage trucks. but then they've never been involved in an accident either the engine, your attract attention wherever they go. there. local celebrities, businessmen stop by to say hello. but it's the children who are most surprised and excited to see them in the people of the horses and the clumping of their hooves. many come up to our window or want to stroke them. and sometimes they even get it. while you also have to show that they work unless they're on holiday like 30 min counterparts, the forces in the public sector are also entitled to 30 days of vacation. i wonder
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what horses do when they are on holiday? well, that's all we have time for on today's show. thank you so much for joining us. take care of the back. i'm going to the food
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truck complex confronting the folks most consider a special edition of comfort zone on the crisis in hong kong. over the last mention in several probate, janan, pro-democracy figures, let me challenge the whole to justify what they've done. and the said some of their arguments to me fell to stall the rest of the conflict. so for 30 minutes on t.w. a whole
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want to see what's going on. the knowledge of the emergence of the, you know, what you have to do to fight it, the sharp microscope that have been spent, the knowledge there will come better and better and better over the years. but meanwhile, on the bad ol, for example, of the viral infection about the molecular. these though, and therefore a lot of a lot of the fight is much more easily work to speculate about what's going on than 2050. i can't imagine that you will in the sand, the cause the count much better. and then to do with the number of cancer cases. there is the opportunity to live a much more fulfilling life because many people see the shortcomings called the self aging. and the counteract that the large degree at because they are sick or along the field, adult life. this
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is the news live from berlin, despite almost 3 weeks of germany's covert infection rate is the situation is serious. that's the warning from germany's top scientific adviser, as the country's number of new coronavirus cases per day, with brains above $20000.00. also on the program. another grim tally of the struggle against the pandemic comes from the united states. the number of americans who have died from coronavirus tops a quarter of a 1000000 and i'm still rising.


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