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to the u.s. , they don't see settlements, no longer inconsistent with international law. the same also actually with the golan heights. last year the us administration recognized israeli. so vanity over the golan heights, a very controversial move that is not supported by most of the international community who sees it as a violation of international law. and also for the palestinians as an obstacle to peace and an obstacle to establish ever a state in the occupied west bank and gaza. now we've seen a few protests by palestinians who saw that as a provocation, just opposite in the town of beer, which is part of ramallah. some of the owners actually of some parts of the land where this winery is built on this area. now of course people are asking, you know, what does it mean, what impact it will have? now we're understanding that the, you secretary has reportedly announced that the u.s. no longer will allow, know that products on the settlements in the occupied west bank could be labeled as
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made in israel. that would be another major u.s. policy shift. that is something very you know, in real time, but again, it's blurring the lines, you know, his visit, what is permissible, according to international law, here. relations between benjamin now and donald trump. between these 2 administrations were pretty cozy. what's the view there in israel? will that change u.s. president joe biden? well it's certainly no secret that the israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu and u.s. president donald trump had a rather close relationship, although it was also perceived as you know, the u.s. president not being really predictable in what he does, but the israeli prime minister had always said he had an open door or the keys to the white house, so he can certainly no longer talk about that. but at the same time, you know,
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people in israel has said, you know, they're welcome the biden ministration, although they were known as being very, you know, trump is very popular in israel. there were polls last week saying that, you know, they're expecting also by not ministration. to be very friendly towards israel. biden himself is known, has described himself as a friend of israel. so i don't see really a problem here between the 2 governments in jerusalem. thank you tom. time now to have a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today. australia's special forces unlawfully killed $39.00 afghan civilians and prisoners according to a damning new report. the inquiry heard evidence of summary executions in afghanistan as part of initiation rituals. the chief of the australian defense force has apologized and the case is now being referred to
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a war crimes prosecution. at least 7 people have been killed and others injured in protests in uganda. unrest started after the arrest of ugandan presidential candidate and pop star bobby wine. he was detained in the capital kampala wednesday for allegedly flouting covert 19 rules. while out complaining police fired tear gas to disperse supporters. thailand's prime minister is threatening a tough response to protesters demanding his removal, a new constitution and reforms to the moment he is spoke after another night of mass protests in bangkok with activists marching on thailand's police headquarters and defacing the walls there with paint a day earlier police use force cannon and tear gas on demonstrators injuring dozens . tokyo has raised its coronavirus alert to the highest level after recording a record number of daily infections. there were 10534 new cases reported
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in the japanese capital this thursday with concerns the number could grow. although no state of emergency has been declared, the government is working to tighten some of its guidelines. for example, on eating in restaurants. then look at our experts have a pointed out at the risk of infection at the eating and drinking it is said, we should wear a mask when tom in even eating and drinking well, the one you asked why? i'd like to ask that everyone dine quietly with her mask on must. i will also be doing the same thing today. only by simon denny. he's the village chief for the washington post. and so up until now japan has made it through this pandemic, comparatively unscathed. what's changed?
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well, you're right, we're seeing again what we're seeing. record numbers now of infections. and you know, it's really the limits of japan's strategy. japan strategy has been almost surgical in a way. you know, you wear and masks, you avoid risky situations and we work have to last look down the whole economy. if you just to hate yourself, this is kind of the mantra. everything's going to be ok. and we won't have to going to go through the situation that we see, you know, where and to some extent it's work. you know, japan is you said is be less than to hear it. but i think you're seeing real taxi with this. now. i was out, or really actually i was out seeing sentients kelley last week. and you know, people was where everyone was, mosques out doors. but if you look inside the doors of the restaurants and bars, everyone is in the restaurants and bars without, without any muslim. exactly, mask off. as soon as they go inside, which is kind of defeating the object of the mosque, really seeing people just tired of these restrictions?
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well, the promises we heard him speaking earlier that said, japan is on maximum alert. why many countries that's become synonymous with the lockdowns and school closures? what's the situation in japan? yeah, i mean schools are still, peeps, kids are still in schools are still wearing masks in schools, but they're in schools. there's no economic closure. bizarrely japan is still subsidizing domestic travel. so if you travel somewhere within japan, you can take roughly how often your flights hotels eating your meals, how to contain the back of the government. so the government on the one hand is saying that's an alert and on the other hand is actually paying people to go according to travel across the country in a bit to stimulate tourism. but that of course, and to keep your quality going. but of course, it's actually also spreading the disease in many countries. we've seen protests
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against coronavirus restrictions. how have the japanese so far acted? yeah, i mean we haven't really seen protests here, but ok, you know, there was, there was a sort of a semi lockdown, a state of emergency in april may, and there wasn't happiness, a lot of small businesses with that. so i think the government has decided that you just can't have, there's no political mileage and looking down the economy again. and they're trying this kind of, i say this finessed approach. but you know, the behaviorist is pretty stubborn and he's, he's pretty good at getting around whatever you put in his way. so finessing it did work for a while. thoughts have it's not necessarily working now and of course we're coming into the, into the doors in the restaurants are closing. the ventilation is getting harder and the whole situation flu is around the corner. is getting is getting worse as it is everywhere in the world. sun and any of that ability for the washington post in tokyo, thank you for joining us here on to w. news. thank you very much. in the u.s.,
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the death toll in the coronavirus pandemic has now surpassed a quarter of a 1000000 people. that's the highest national toll in the world. many u.s. governors and mayors, preventing stricter measures ahead of next week's thanksgiving holiday. up with infections soaring to new highs across the country. little relief in sight for health care workers. another day on the front line. doctors and nurses are doing all they can to help the growing number of covert 1000 patients. but the death toll keeps rising. 250000 americans lost to the pandemic. that exceeds predictions by the country's top and experts say hundreds of thousands more could die in the coming months. health care workers are pleading with people to take the virus seriously. understand that we have so much on our plate as nurses, there's not enough. we have been one of those is just
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a place for people to go and pass away seriously where man and i hope as the pandemic keeps sweeping, the u.s. the midwest has become the latest hot spot. the dakotas and neighboring states have some of the highest per capita death tolls, but every state in the contiguous us is seeing rising numbers. some are blaming the lack of a national strategy. each state has its own response plan. in new york schools closed again on wednesday, just 8 weeks after reopening, california is considering a curfew. other states have introduced mask mandates. president elect joe biden has called for a strong federal response and he has warned even more people could die if president trump continues to refuse to share crucial information with the incoming administration. on wednesday biden held
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a virtual meeting with frontline workers who told him about chronic shortages. they still suffer under tell me a look at the camera. i misdoubt this hell have held that he had that guy in patients who are crying out for their family that they can't see you know, we nursed as we know that we are b.c. immense death and suffering in the coming weeks. and we will be there. but we need to act now. i'm sorry, i'm so much. and in many places the morgues are filling up again. in texas. prisoners are helping move the deceased to refrigerated trucks. a quarter of a 1000000 dead is a bleak milestone. and even with hopes of a vaccine on the horizon, the disarray and hurt is far from over. here in germany, the public health authority says that the rate of coronavirus infections is still
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too high, even though there's been a stabilization in taste numbers. there were more than $22000.00 new cases in germany in a day, but there are signs that the latest measures to curb the pandemic are working with case numbers flattening. this hopes that the positive trend will continue. the head of germany's health authority says the situation is still very serious because the overall case numbers are much too high. the number of severe cases and the number of patients in intensive care are also on the rise. the number of deaths is also still very high. as we know, this is certain lank in severe cases and dance too well for more. it's bringing our political correspondent loony. given what we've just heard from the health authority, are we likely to see even tougher measures and what could they be? well, there was a hint of optimism at the press briefing today,
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because the number of new infections in germany has stab allies, but it has double eyes at a very high level. and that is why authorities can't speak off a trend reversal yet, which is why it's very likely that when she meets with the 16 state premiers next week is going to discuss 1st of all an extension off the current measures beyond the month of november, but also maybe a tightening for the tightening of measures. and one issue that's definitely a very likely to come up is schools. because schools in germany are still open, but a lot of people are arguing in favor of a sort of hybrid model where half of the students are being taught in the classroom . and half of the students are being taught online. so from home and, and then they switch off to 2 weeks which would bring the number of contacts at schools and schools down here in germany. then we've seen some angry protests there against the covert measures. and yesterday, against revision of the law is the government losing public support?
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well, you said we've seen some very angry protests yesterday and it is very important to say that it is a minority. it's a loud minority, but it is a minority. the majority, the broad majority of germans do support the government, and recent poll has shown that 2 thirds say they're effective at curbing the spread of the coronavirus and 20 percent of those even say they want more restrictive measures. so we see there is broad support in the german, in the german population for the government's action. and that has been quite consistent over the past couple of months with several covert 19 vaccines now in the pipeline. and during the approval, what's the government's inaction strategy? well, the vaccination strategy is still being discussed. what we do know so far is that the government is planning 16 vaccination centers across the country. and it's
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going to receive vaccinate risk groups 1st. and it's going to cover the costs. and obviously very importantly, the coronavirus vaccine will be voluntary as a correspondent live only for how much time. thank you. and in poland, thousands of people are staged. a fresh rally in warsaw to protest and the temp to tighten the country's abortion laws. last month, poland's top court outlawed abortions for fetal abnormalities amounting to a ban. on nearly all abortions in the country, the proposed changes have unleashed the largest demonstrations in decades of driving more women to seek abortions abroad. another night of protests in poland. thousands of women took to the streets once more to voice outrage over a supreme court ruling that could further tighten the country's strict abortion laws. already many women have been forced to travel abroad for the procedure. polish kind of college is youngish read since he works in germany. he's inundated
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with hate mail from compatriots for performing abortions on polish women. this is 1st and foremost, they want to insult you. they tell me i'm a murderer. i'm used to that by now. given. he also gets letters from women, thanking him. you've saved my life, this one reads. he says he's horrified by the proposed changes, modifies when a baby would die after birth. it is torture to force women to have it anyway. for polish women can count on a network of european organizations providing health who is with teen, who works for a pro-choice organization based in berlin. she has come to the train station to pick up. a woman arriving from poland is about the time
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she was really anxious and cried for 2 days. she doesn't want to give birth to a disabled child, but she's being forced to do so. with full shot, she helps women find a clinic organizes accommodation and collects donations. mara clarke, founder of the international network, abortion support says many of the women reaching out for help are polish. and when this ruling happened, on the 22nd of october, we went from getting 300 polls a month to in one case 300 calls in one day. and i know because people are terrified, fueled by desperation to protest in poland, show no signs of abating a new migrant crisis seems to be merging on spain's canary islands where just last month small that 8000 africans arrived by boat hoping to get into europe human rights groups say people are being kept in
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diet conditions when they arrive, while local officials say they're simply overwhelmed by the situation. the journey across choppy waters to the spanish islands is a treacherous one for migrants to. philip schultz has been to gran canaria to see what awaits them that from here, journalists can go no further. some 2000 african migrants are being housed in this camp in the port of more gone on 5 times as many as was expected. aid groups have spoken of squalid conditions, but it's impossible for the w. news to find out. j. my son tom now works for the island's refugee council, and his colleagues have been insipid and put another minutes when everyone sleeps on the floor, some intensity and some knowledge in the openness of those who have been criticizing this from day one. but we didn't think it would get, and this is bad. most of the middle, the 2300 people in the camp and their numbers are growing every day. in the only
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2000 migrants arrived in the canary islands. last weekend alone, the crossing is dangerous, but the coronavirus pandemic has cut off about migration routes. the government has started to housing new arrivals and hotels near the camp. human rights activists say they are not getting a fair shot at the asylum system. these migrants from san diego fia, that they will soon be deported as a lawful order. but throughout the world by journalists are not welcome here, eva g, w n. u assist told to leave in that conversation may know is angry at the spanish government, but also feels abandoned by the european union. i don't know how that will manage, get it. i'm disappointed with spain and with europe. this is shame for
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a lot of politicians and representatives have come here recently, but we have no clue what the government's strategy is to deal with the migration crisis on the canary islands. but the government buying it, got me got the idea of spain's government refuses to relocate the migrants to the mainland. critics say this has turned the island into a prison for months, the trend of increasing migration numbers has been visible here on the canary islands. nevertheless, everyone involved seems overwhelmed by the current situation. valuable preparation time has been lost. instead, the island's government, the central government and the european union, starting to shift responsibility for the situation to one another. the spanish government has now started to procure for of accommodation for the migrants. many fear that this housing will fill up before long. corresponding young. philip shaw,
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let's see, is on the to marry islands of banks and now we're following the latest developments for us and joins us now from day one. philip, why is it? is it that so many african migrants are now heading for the canary islands instead of the european mainland? well, i think we have to look at a variety of factors that 1st of all a lot of african studies siting to migrate at the moment. coronavirus crisis has devastated economies, and there are a lot of political crisis about the continent. at the same time. a lot of traditional migration routes have been blocked because of the pandemic. for example, the central mediterranean route between libya and italy and spain signed the deal with last year. and that basically says that no rock and try to keep migrants away from, from the northern shores which are close to the spanish mainland. but this has had a paradox to thank you because now the migrants are not giving up,
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but they are simply starting to see crossing progress and arriving on the island instead of the mainland. so while he's on the situation, well, that's a very good question. i was on another island very close to going out to the 2 months ago because it was already miserable. migration numbers were starting to rise, but the local authorities where it's still very, very relaxed about the issue. i think it has a lot to do with the fact that there are many crisis on the islands here at the moment. it's a typical tourist destination. and authorities have also been very busy fighting the devastating impact of the pandemic on the tourism industry. is an industry one of average people living and making the situation well, it's not the 1st time that a lot of migrants are rife on the island. and traditionally,
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people here have been very welcoming, but i have the feeling that this time it's a little bit different. the situation, it's a little bit more tense because this is visible every day because there are new protests. i could witness a lot of conversation of people complaining. there's too much attention on the migrants now and their own problems here. the problems of the local residents are completely ignored. i mean, we have to keep in mind that this is really a crisis on the island because a lot of people lost their jobs due to the pandemic and tourism industry. very important for the islands here has been completely destroyed, shots reporting from the canary islands. thank you for that. when nearly done, but before i let you go, the pandemic, of course, isn't just affecting human lives. many animals also being disrupted,
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particularly those in captivity. this is ray, a 6 year old african penguin home is in the monterey bay aquarium in california. coronavirus restrictions that's currently closed, so take it, exploring a home following a star, just like the usual visitors, right, has discovered there's lots to see some species are just too good. and she's clearly taking plenty of exercise hard work for one of the smallest species of its you watch a v.w. news coming up next in good of you news, asia, and eyewitness to the inside of china's reeducation camps. engine john tells us what she experienced a lot more with bureaus biology and just a few still doubt. we'll have a world news update for you in half an hour to number. you can always get the
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latest news and information such as languages or a website that's 2 w. dot com. and also recommend you follow us on instagram, on twitter all harmless as a deed of union search for me in the news team for now. i'm going to office thanks for watching. the the
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truth be told if it is for me is for children is for me to and beethoven is for beethoven is for everyone on beethoven, 2022, the 50th anniversary here on d w.
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i'm still the be more than tired and in the end there's a me, you're not allowed to stay here anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this? with the smugglers would lie and say, what's your story. 'd 'd on what numbers of women, especially of victims of violence, take part and send us your story. we are trying all with to understand this new culture. another visitor, another yet. you want to become a citizen. in for migrants, your platform for reliable information. and you, your peers. yes, we can hear you and how last year's german sounds. now when we bring you an angle that matter cause as you've never had have before,
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the surprise still sells. what is possible? who is magical, really, what moves and what also up, who talked to people who followed her along the way, admirers and critics alike. how is the world's most powerful woman shaking her legacy? joining us from eccles last stop. this is the wus a show coming up today and i've written a psychologist of the nightmare of unfolding in trying does reeducation camps. also one thing that i can't stand a time thinking these guys telling a very young girl she got raped a lot of their lives.


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