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tv   Maybrit Illner  Deutsche Welle  November 21, 2020 6:00am-7:01am CET

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be our guest managed by for this is do w. news wire from burley in a corona virus vaccine could be now one step closer. pfizer and german partner bio, intake of ask for emergency approval for their vaccine in the u.s., and they say they could begin sending out doses within hours of approval. also in the next 15 minutes in germany marks 75 years since the start of the nuremberg
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trials. president from my urges the world to honor the legacy of the proceedings. the prosecution of top nazi officials helped pave the way 50 mutual war criminals to be tried under international law. and ethiopia says its forces are closing in on the capital of the rebellious teen growing region in a conflict which has caused hundreds of lives and forced thousands more people to flee. i'm jarid radio. thank you for joining me. us drug giant pfizer and its german partner biotech have applied for a merge and c. authorized the nation for their corona virus vaccine. in the united states,, the vaccine has a high safety record. and based on that, the u.s., food and drug administration could grant permission before testing is complete. and
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if it does that, the 1st doses could be administered as early as next month. across the world. the severe health and economic impacts of the pandemic. maina vaccine can't come soon enough. a small pub with a big history. 60 years of the albatross pub in california, once hosted intellectuals of the free speech movement in the sixty's. today, it's shutting down for good jude to the coronavirus pandemic. where people, everybody hang out, communities. it's, a familiar story, not just in the u.s., but all across the world. the lives of many have been ended by the pandemic. but on friday, some good news. german drug developer biotech and its american partner, pfizer announced that they will be asking the u.s. food and drug administration for emergency approval of
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a covert 19 vaccine. it comes after the companies posted promising results from advanced trial. it showed a 94 percent success rate in adults over $65.00 and the shark 89 months. after the start of this project, we have a readiness to bite you for sure and get approved for boxes of this efficacy. definitely it is something of a will redefine it will start the clock on a process that could save the vaccine approved for use in the u.s. by mid december. once approved, distribution will become the focus. and there's a mixed response from americans as to whether or not they will get the shot. of course. yeah, probably soon as possible. and not really just i don't even to get a flu shot myself just because i'm out means this town that been really good. yes,
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although i'm not personally feel like so i guess everybody's own choice, you know, because not everybody agrees with vaccines, but experts don't want people getting too excited. stressing that the manufacture and distribution of the vaccine is a complex task and will take some time. i mean, even if we look about the, you know, 6070 percent population in the world of human eyes to see the real impact of the vaccine. we are talking about $11000000000.00. and i don't think i want to reproduce at this here for 40 ministers from around the globe. but on tech, and pfizer have also started complications in the u.k. and in europe for use of their vaccine. but take a look now at some of the other developments in the corona, virus pandemic. donald trump jr. the oldest son of the u.s. president has tested positive for corona virus,
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is the latest family member to contract. at 19, the president and 1st lady recovered from their infections in october, and a large scale study at all to do university shows that people infected with the virus are unlikely to catch it again for at least 6 months. has been 75 years now since the nuremberg trials brought nazi leaders to justice in what's been called the birth of international law. 24 ranking high ranking representatives of the nazi regime were invite indicted for war crimes in the southern german city of nuremberg. it was the 1st tribunals of its kind and the 1st time any country's leaders had stood before an international court. a year later guilty verdicts lead to prison sentences and 12 death penalties. the trial paved the way for the creation of the international criminal court in the hague. and for future war criminals to be tried under international law. or d. w.
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spoke to 2 men, one in auschwitz survive, and the other, the son of a nazi deputy. they told us about the impact that these tribunals had on their lives in 1904 peter gard. osh was 14 years old when he, his mother and his sister, were deported to the auschwitz concentration camp. one year later, at the nuremberg trial, he recognised some of the men who sent them to the gas chamber. it was pure luck that he survived. i followed the trial and felt great satisfaction, that at least the main were brought to justice by the allies and that they finally received their just punishment. nicholas frank also experienced an unexpected end to his carefree childhood. his father, hans frank, was hitler's deputy in occupied poland. hans was one of the main war criminals
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dubbed the butcher of poland. nicholas was only 6 then. he was teased at school at school, some kids made up rhymes minister, minister gas canister. because i was the son of a heist minister, but that wasn't so bad. other one said to me, nicky, nicky, that was my nickname. your daddy will be hanged soon. so i just answered. yes. up until the very end, the main war criminals denied the systematic extermination of jews. they tried to deny everything and said they knew nothing. but during the trial, they were shown films of the concentration camps with the mountains of corpses. and afterwards, even putin himself was dazed. none of the accused at the nurnberg trial to credit for their actions. they pushed the
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responsibility up the chain of command. they said they only have bad orders. they blamed everything on hitler or himmler who were both dead by then. nicholas father was sentenced to death. his and 11 more death sentences were carried out on october 16th, 1946 at the movies. back then, they showed not how they were hung, but how they lay in their coffins with the white and black stripes noose around their necks. and i thought they all deserved to wear that next time. nicholas fong always carries a photo of his hanged father with him. and whenever he feels just a touch of pity for his dad, he thinks of auschwitz. and then he affirms the verdict of the nuremberg trial was just let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world today. police
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have used tear gas and water cannon to repel anti-government protesters on the streets of the chilean capital. santiago, demonstrators were marking the anniversary of a protest movement that began last year, demanding greater equality in chile, through for through reforms to the pension health care and education systems. the united nations has warned that yemen is in imminent danger of facing the worst famine. the world has seen fit decades and that millions of lives could be lost without immediate action. yemen has enjoyed a 5 year war between iran back to the rebels and its saudi backed government. police in south africa have clashed with anti racism protests does. in cape town, hundreds of members of the left wing economic freedom fighters group were demonstrating near a school said to have held an all white dance party in october. south africa's president has called for an investigation into the clashes,
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calling them deeply regrettable ugandan opposition presidential candidate bobby wian has been released on bail after being charged with holding rallies likely to spread the coronavirus. the arrest of the pop star turned politician earlier this week, a triggered protest that led to the deaths of at least 37 people. uganda is jews to hold presidential and parliamentary elections in january to the conflict in ethiopia. now where the central government says it will soon have the northern state under control said it captured 2 more cities in the rebel held region on friday and was closing in on the capital. it comes at a cost of hundreds of lives with thousands of people fleeing the fighting. seas are alarmed and calling for a temporary ceasefire to deliver these people fled the fighting in northern
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ethiopia by crossing the border into sudan. most escaped with just what they could carry. there we managed to escape the bombs, but some people were hit. we were covered in dust. we made it out. we had no food. we were hungry. people welcomed us here. we had no clothes, and i know the people who saw us gave us this sudden influx of ethiopian refugees is beginning to overwhelm groups. the united nations refugee agency says around 32000, people have crossed into sudan in the last 2 weeks. it's now preparing to take in as many as 200000 people over the next 6 months. serious concern is there, if you look at the resources needed you know, so they're already facing dramatic economic crisis and challenges. this.
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not only if you're but also on friday, u.n. secretary general antonio echoed that statement. he said the situation was very concerning and called for a cease fire. we have been asking for the full respect of international method in law and also for the opening of humanitarian corridor. through says that might be necessary for humanitarian aid to be delivered in the areas of conflict. but the carnage in the tikrit region continues on friday that he cried. people's liberation front accused the government of shelling a university in the region, injuring several students. but there was no immediate response from the government openly admits that drones are being deployed in the conflict. but it says, all of its airstrikes are aimed at military targets. it's accuses the rebels of firing rockets into a neighboring ethiopian state on friday. and as you know,
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a 52000000 so far the government has rejected any calls for external mediation, saying the conflict is an internal one about law and order. but that internal conflict could now be running the risk of destabilizing the entire region. to sports. now it's time feed him a barista dot com player. he just turned 16 on friday and soon he could have something else to celebrate. that's because he's on the brink of becoming the bundesliga is youngest ever player. he has a closer look at germany's next wunderkind. you super mukoko is already used to breaking records. he scored 46 goals in one season, playing for dortmund's under seventeen's team when he was just 14 years old. born in cameroon, macaco is not your average academy product. i was a street footballer in cameroon. and there wasn't any local team you just played
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with friends in the north on it. for in 2014, he moved to germany to live with his father and 2 years later joined a club with a tradition of playing young talents. the current record for youngest boy in this league a player was set by another dortmund academy product, nor a shine who was then one month shy of his 17th birthday. this january coach lucien fall of the cold mco go up to the senior team, but league regulations meant he could not play until he turned 16. he's also caught the eye of germany, coach, you know, he lived and is already playing for the country's under twenty's national team. you know, to go to the ocean and problem. i've seen a few videos of him playing so it's almost unbelievable how someone his age can score so many goals against players 2 or 3 years older than him. so he does have these qualities that i very rarely come across before you get what you feel
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like are citizens of for you can relate to how once in a generation, talent who may still be on bowl collecting duty after his professional debut. but the future certainly looks promising. that's it. you're up to date more at the top of the hour. world stories is next. remember, you can always get the latest news on our website and our very take at face. we know that this is a scary time for us. the coronavirus is changing, the world is changing our lives. so please take care of yourself. keep your
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distance and wash your hands if you can stay and how we're d.w.b. for here for you. we are working tirelessly to keep you informed on all of our platforms. we're all in this together on together. make it free. stay safe. everybody in the stacy. stay safe. stay safe. increase in stay safe. this week on world stories. another strict lockdown in france. fighting indifference to corona and turkey. but our journey begins in the usa. the city of el paso,
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texas is one of the country's carona hot spots stretching hospitals and funeral homes there to their limits. and paso is on the border with mexico. but no one is talking about the wall anymore. the pandemic is raging. here . numbers are sorie. right now we have about 241 in patient cope with 1000 cases. now to contrast with about 45 days ago, we only have 30. but a lot of those people that you see going into the stands behind me, they will wind up inside our hospital, have authorities are already arranging to move patients to other cities. if the hospitals become overwhelmed, planning for months of strain, we have to make sure that we are ready for this winter. not only here in el paso, but also around the country. resources are finite. there is already a backlog in dealing with the dead, referee generated morgues outside the hospitals serve as makeshift more to reese.
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funeral homes in the past so are so overwhelmed that families sometimes have to wait a week to bury a loved one. funeral directors themselves are struggling to cope with this is the level of stress is very high because it is not comparable to how it used to be some months ago we had around 30 services per month. right now we're having around 18 to be sure. this is where the economic effects of the pandemic can most clearly be seen. downtown el paso seems abandoned by some money of all works just around the corner. for him, the presidential race is not over yet. north of president biden is not going to be the president of the immigrant's going to be donald trump. he feared his business might be hit by the pen demick, but now he has orders until july next year. republicans, he says, are good for the construction sector. despite his support for trump, he has his own opinion on covert 1000,
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specially after he tested positive. everyone is going to get the virus and we're going to fill up the hospitals. testing is one of the crucial instruments to avoid to this problem. we get cordy nate's 10 testing centers in the past, so he works for a private company that is being paid by the state of texas. but his main concern in the pandemic is not political. i don't have fully knowledge of what joe biden is planning to do in his administration, but until now we haven't had any kind of difficulties with the current administration. i don't think it's a matter of resources. the main concern is how to communicate to the people. what to do or not? trump supporters biden supporters to different sites that seem to come together in a passable 10 european countries have reacted to the drastic increase in chrono infections with
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curfews and lockdowns. france's new regulations are strictest of all impressions from paris even under lockdown, the french are taking to the streets as opposed to during the 1st covert. 19 wave schools here are staying open, but teachers don't feel safe. we have between $20.25 pupils per class. we are trying to impose social distancing right in our classrooms. we can, it may have a distance of 40 centimeters between each pupil in the town that she's the most similar to how fussy we were hoping the government would reinforce sanitary measures, but they haven't or at least not sufficiently. so we don't understand that. we fear the government is abandoning us, and shockingly only lashing they are getting support from their pupils who have been blocking school and transfers and posting videos online that
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show a lack of social distancing. also unlike during the 1st cave in 1000 ways, more shops open and large parts of france's industry are still up and running. and yet, this is still one of europe's strictest. lockdowns with people only allowed out one hour a day and only within a radius of one kilometer of their homes. most french think the government was right to confine them. but many criticize the method. i don't understand why big supermarkets are no longer allowed to sell books, clothes or toys, just because small shops that sell the same things are closed. the government is just not good at explaining itself, crossly, but this will cause lots of unemployment and bankruptcy. why are they leaving big supermarkets open up about closing smaller shop? megastores often take in hundreds of clients and small shops, only one or treat them much safer. and yet the government is staying the course.
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even though the spread of the epidemic has been slowing down. in turkey, despite an increase in infections, there's been widespread indifference toward the corona, regulations. the government is trying to change that the city of $16000000.00 in which the corona virus is spreading. and one of the teams that are fighting to stop it was the last image on as a dentist, at least she was until the pandemic style that she's been a contact traces since march 1 of around 35000 in turkey. and surely, a book seen from here, the size of the city can be scary. and i sometimes wonder where this pandemic is headed. but as a doctor, i have
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a responsibility. i try to think positively and knowing that i help people is what motivates me and keeps me going at the moment. the tracing team manages around 10 house calls a day. they work in shifts almost around the clock. the goal is always the same track down test and isolate those who have been exposed to someone with 90 and all of this as quickly as possible. first case today is the clock says all family. the mother recently tested positive. now the father has symptoms. truth will put, you call it will clear the clutter. if the test is positive, google will also try to trace his contact. yes, the whole family has to stay at home for the next 14 days. after each visit protective clothing has to be changed. good job is time consuming and strenuous,
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but it's worth it. she says. as in many other countries, people's vigilance here has slackened in a recent survey. more than half of the respondents in turkey said the coronavirus does not affect a worry them. and critics also blame the government for this lack of concern because the health ministry no longer reports the number of new infections every day. but only the number of symptomatic patients john uncuffed, undiano of the opposition c.h.p. says the government is hiding. the real scope of the pandemic is so slow here in istanbul alone, the number of cases is 20 times higher than the tally. from the ministry of health from i'm saying this with regret, but the figures and information we have given are not correct. we're going to go
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google an image. john is on her next house call. she does not want to take part in political discussions. she knows the debate about the numbers, but doesn't want to get involved. that more and more people disregard the coronavirus rules frustrates her been, which is surely good. it makes me sad. we are putting so much effort into this work . but what's the point? if so many act as if nothing can happen to that one. and if this doesn't change, we won't see an end to this pandemic sticky because of google hopes that she will soon be able to work as a dentist again. but she also knows that her new job will be needed for quite a while. germany is currently in the midst of a partial lockdown. schools, stores and businesses are open,
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but the government has restricted social contact among people. many oppose the measure. linda alexanderplatz in the popular areas for shopping in strolling a safe distance is not guaranteed safe. all the titians. that's why there are compulsory mosques even outside. that's finished all in for i find it terrible. why should i put on a mosque out here now? when nobody's welcome behind me, you have to be able to bring fresh air. i'm with mine at all. no one. i do not find it. ok and mosque testament put on in certain places because i mean that it's really going outdoors. what is actually supposed to happen in public buildings? i understand that church train everywhere, but not here in a public square in cuts to politicians need to explain more clearly what they're
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doing to come back on them at the front. think in my view, the whole thing doesn't only depend on the politicians. the whole thing is, a social g.t. like many others in a democracy, people have to sports in some form or another. in the law. we will have to live with this virus somehow. and we actually need a social debate, how it's going to look exactly. it can be through a few corruption get through with mobile storage because don't talk so much that something has to be pushed through. now will it go on like this, with the wave get higher and higher. and of course one has to austin question, what we still have to do not to lose do for news and what did not mom doing even more hardly possible for the rest cafes in the capital. they have to close for a month. again, this can be seen almost 5 kilometers away in the trendy district of
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there usually hundreds of people in this public district, tourists, but also i think everyone who is not affected is fine with it. so i don't have any big problems to do with out now for a while, but also because i don't walk in the hospitality industry and have nothing to do that. but i can understand that people are angry and secure and that it directly affects them perception. i don't like the theft but will finish up the same time. most restaurants have invested a lot of money in hygiene measures. at least a little money in
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good shape and sometimes brushing your teeth doesn't make a difference. and white spots on the t.v. . it can even make the teeth crumble away. does your child have this problem too? it's called chalky teeth. every 7th child worldwide is affected, and the dentist puzzling why. find out how to combat this condition. that you plug in. charge on and pedal to the metal. doug, n.-g. thing they're going with. plug in hybrids are good
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choice, but look 6, see red or green 16 s w happiness beers for everyone. szymon penises are very different from primates. we have a totally ridiculous size, view nature. and this is climate change. crisis sex, happiness in books, you get smarter for free to go where you books. i welcome you in good shape coming up, high heels. what do they do? 2 feet. beards a cozy home for germs and bacteria. and why
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some children's teeth are soft course. well, welcome to the brand new edition of in good shape. there's a new disease bringing more and more children to the dentists world wide. it's called chalky teeth, with brown creamy brown patches and white spots on the teeth. it can even make the teeth crumble away. every child worldwide is affected, and the dentist a puzzling why? victoria and patricia brushed their teeth after every meal. then their mother makes them do it again. despite good dental hygiene, the 8 year old's 1st permanent muller's were brown and cavity ridden. their baby teeth were perfectly healthy, but the new ones look like this. it was only 6 when it became painful for her to chew. as hard as it hurt when i ate fleas
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that i teach came out later and eating candy hurt me too. i guess i didn't like it when they were so brown and victoria both suffer from a condition called chalky teen. dentists refer to it as my age or molar incisor, hypo mineralization. the surface of chunky teeth is rough and discolored. their painful to touch because the enamel is only 110th as thick as it is on healthy teeth. dusters today. ok, then you can lie down here. how are your teeth? good to protect the poorest enamel on her teeth. patricia's molars are sealed with silver caps. can you drink hot and cold drinks without it hurting you? yes, i scream. yes. and so when i do this, that ok to yes. this is,
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it's actually a bigger problem than tooth decay. we have more children with m i n h than children with tooth decay. their parents can't do anything about it. so it's important that we let the parents know that because they often feel guilty and think their children haven't brushed their teeth well enough or that their kids' diets are unhealthy. and my age of backs, adult teeth. they form in the jaw during the period between a child's birth and their 3rd birthday. that's when calcium and phosphate build up on the teeth, which hardens their enamel, making them suitable for daily line. but am i h. disrupts this process? d.n.a. animal remains tender and some teeth are already completely destroyed when they are wrapped tight. norm is a professor of pediatric dentistry,
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who's researching the causes of chalky teeth all over the world. he's bringing attention to the spread of m.i.a. syncope, and you could say it's a problem in all industrialized countries. europe is doing better, especially the scandinavian countries. that's not so surprising since the condition was 1st identified in sweden. in 1977 borden, researchers remain unsure about the exact causes of chalky teeth. but they think it could involve the chemical by spino, a high doses of antibiotics, respiratory diseases, and vitamin d. deficiency may arise due to the interaction of these and other substances. we have contact with some of them on a daily basis by sybian all day isn't plastic containers and tin cans. it can be transferred to food and then enter our bodies. chalky teeth
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remain porous and are especially susceptible to tooth decay. the only thing that can be done is to clean them very carefully. that includes brushing with children's toothpaste with fluoride and using florida salt in the kitchen. children 6 and up should use a mouthwash or a jelly with a high floor and contents. and glad to see that things are in good shape, again in 3 months and keep on brushing your teeth so well at home. with good dental care, even chalky teeth can last a lifetime. so what can you do if your kids have chalky teeth? all tips here on in good shape. and i sent medical peter out to dr. alex who knows everything about kids, teeth. hello, this is me. this is my camera. this is not my cobra. and this is dr. alex,
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our global l.o.l. . let's talk about rugby teams. is there any new was about what, of course this was the father was not a big main effect or a risk factor that course of that. but there are many different risk factors. for example, something that a curious premier parry not to post battle. for example, if you have like on and off such an efficiency during the birth, or if you have dioxin in breast milk or when the kids have infectious diseases. until the age of 3 years off take gets antibiotics. they have also a queue up to get chocolate tea, or if you have to mean the fish, well the dentist can help to get a read off the hypersensitivity. so he can give the kids like some fool rides, or carts and phosphates or other minerals that tops to use the sensitivity. what
6:37 am
and if the teeth like getting broken, we can put like a filling on it, like on a different bus torture from a t.v. outs to keep the truth and also we cover it if you should defer to us is also hyper sensitive a team. another important topic is scary. what's the difference between, talkative and tooth decay? while talking t.,, that usually only occurs to us in specific t.v., like the motorists and from cicero's. that's why it's also a card holder. and sysop hype about isolation because less hype about i want it sized, that means like the animal has just appeared structure because after friend, risk factors. and the carriers are curious because often infectious disease. so we needs the truth and we need bacteria from specific microorganism. and we need also
6:38 am
substances like carbohydrates, so birth, and you also need time. and when this all comes together, then there is a deal with our isolation process on the truth. and that causes a cavity that carries who wired to, especially through the room has a lot of carries. while it's often the reason that kids don't like to brush their teeth or let them get crushed from their parents. and so it's like a deficiency of the mouth and all the primary teeth, they are standing in the motor area quite tight together. so at best,, where we often happening and into a dental coverage t., i can show you on this model. so if this is a really tight and you don't take floss, cleaning in between, they can have a team on the side through going to be protected against it. well, 1st of all,
6:39 am
they show it to brush their teeth at least twice a day, and the parents should also help them. and they should use a toothpaste or fluoride for their remain on his face and off the tee. and they parents would take care of the 40 of the kids that's not included so many shuras. and then the kids would also come to a record every check up to the dentist, especially if it's recommend that the kids come when the 1st tooth is already there . so that means in the age of 6 or 8 months, what is too important? i would say baby, keep true for all of you. and so for done through hard work so important on 2 of you get your butt or 2 teeth. cleaning baby teeth, it's important for dental help and also for, for you tick and acidic reasons. and the baby teeth have all of all very important space holder function. so that means parts of
6:40 am
a song on the smaller the baby teeth. they are the program emptied, and when a baby tooth gets sick or infection, kerry has this, can have a pair influence on the problem, menteith, on the road. and also when we have to extract one of those to europe quite early, then we have to make sure that the gap is, stays open because if not, then due to work cannot hop into the gap. and then there is not enough room for the new t.v. on steve, thank you for this interesting talk. and both of you to stick a has been around for ages. skull findings have shown that even our stone age and sisters had cavities. but not that frequently. like today, with around 2 and a half 1000000000 people affected worldwide. tooth decay is the most frequent in
6:41 am
such as disease worldwide. and what's to blame, sugar. so how can you prevent it? seeds regular really, and stay away from sure. good foods and soft drinks and see a dentist because he can help you with the sealant. when sometimes knock upon her, son paul r. i mentioned about it. they rarely have sweet snacks. and paul knows exactly why i use cavity. i've never had them but cavity their teeth. decay. it's like drilling holes in your teeth. and you can eat sweets but not too many. and you always have to brush your teeth properly. and in the movie, tina puts and paula ready has several adult. the surfaces of his new molar is in the rear have find deep grooves to pull them fishers. they're hard
6:42 am
to clean. the doctors doesn't mean you can't always clean these issues properly because you don't know exactly how deep they are. even if you brush them thoroughly, or for a long time, put, bacteria can build in the fissures causing tooth decay. children often get cavities in their molar is which appear between the ages of $6.12. 1 way to guard against this is to have their teeth sealed up or left, or today, the other teeth haven't come in far enough. that will take another 3 or 4 months. the dentist fills the fissures with a synthetic feelin's to prevent tooth decay. the procedure takes about 10 to 15 minutes and is painless. dentists recommended for children who have a heightened risk of children have already had cavities in their baby. it
6:43 am
makes sense to seal their adult teeth. the bacteria living in the mouth can also attack other teeth. hasn't had any cavities in this baby teeth, but with him, the adult teeth that are now erupting have very, very deep fissures. and that's why it's a very good idea to apply sealant as a preventative measure. dental sealants have proven effective against tooth decay. a plastic sealant about 5 to 10 years for good dental hygiene doesn't provide complete protection against cavities because other teeth can also become affected. but it certainly provides additional protection. it's also important for the sealant to be examined regularly . because if there are signs of sealant loss to be reapplied, otherwise,
6:44 am
cavities can develop very quickly underneath the sealant. if the sealant becomes detached over the years, the risk of tooth decay you may increase. first the surface of paul's tooth is cleaned and then come from the dry. that's important for the feel and density and longevity. gel is applied to roughen up the surface of the anomaly. next, the liquid sealant is applied to the fissures. it that hardens when exposed to ultraviolet light. allergies to the sealant are very rare. the last step is to apply floor. it will come back and for months to have the other cheap sealed. so how does paul now? i'm totally fine. paul must wait one hour before eating again. but still
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dental hygiene is as important as ever. that means don't eat too many sweets and drink water instead of soda pop and above all proper brushing and flossing, as well as regular dental checkups. this way pulls teeth, should stay healthy in the future. the road is fighting the novel coronavirus. so i say, please stay safe. and patrick balloon says, please shave and the man knows what he's talking about because he's the head of the french association of emergency doctors. and he says that the beard can be a health risk. facial hair can diminish the protective effect, so face masks, and the beard or moustache as self can be the host of a lot of germs. but is this really true? beards come and go according to fashion, in some places, and others tradition plays
6:46 am
a role. in leon gyno from nuremberg has had one for 5 years. but how hygenic insist on a statement. i think that beards are high. jim. i think that all the rumors about germs and bacteria and beards are just prejudice . i don't know for sure, but i'd say my beard is very clean. is that really true? when men with beards touch their faces, they can spread bacteria from their hands onto their facial hair. there have even been reports of fecal bacteria, in beards. we want to find out if there is any truth in those reports and we accompanied me on to the micro biological institute of the university hospital. and professor spence has agreed to do something for us. in
6:47 am
principle, we say that beard hair is longer and this hair covers up areas of skins that might make it harder to clean those areas under the hair. and of course, in a purely mechanical sense, some particles, traces of food can get in tangles in a beard. it's not unusual to find bacteria on our faces. thousands of microorganisms live on every single square centimeter of skin. most of them are harmless. some, however, for example, certain can cause inflammation. to tell, many germs contains professor petri dishes the plan is to grow the bacterial cultures laboratory conditions and then examine
6:48 am
them for their fecal bacteria. for example, or germs you might find in a wound which could under certain circumstances, pose a danger. i'm curious to see what comes up we'll have the results in a week. in the meantime, we go with the lay on to his regular once a month, barber and nuremburg his beard to ensure it stays clean healthy. and what does head barber? think about the danger of bacteria and beards. because keeping a beard clean is easy enough as long as you soap up your beard. well, when you wash your face and you reach the skin below, the skin usually presents the biggest problem, not the facial hair itself. and if you wash your hands well after visiting the
6:49 am
restroom before you touch your beard again, then there shouldn't be any problem. after lathering up his client, the barber uses hot towels to make lay on the skin and beard softer that he opens the corners of the skin and dead skin particles are sloughed away and then he starts to trim the beard. laying on does try to keep his beard in good shape at home, but he prefers going to the barber. it's much more relaxing a week later, the swab samples are ready for analysis. 1 we're curious to see whether spend coppermine does actually detect anything suspicious. the bacterial growth in this station is visible to the naked eye on the researcher now wants to identify the bacteria more closely, but the mass spectrometer does laon,
6:50 am
spirit contain dangerous germs. and somehow we were able to identify stuff in a caucus epidermis, which is a part of the normal skin flora and it belongs there. it's good that it's there. the other bacterium here stoffel a caucus already. this isn't usually part of normal skin flora. but as we've taken it from the region of the upper lip, and it's normally present on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, then it's no surprise that it might be found on the facial hair on the upper lip. so there's nothing to worry about. it all kind of, it was all the way on and his beard at the all clear those little things that yes, i'm definitely relieved you do wonder what my i'd be detected and i'm glad to know that the analysis has only turned up normal bacteria and normal germs for the good
6:51 am
work. our little chance has shown that the bacteria found in periods aren't generally completely harmless. and men have roughly the same number of germs on their face. whether they have periods or not. elton john david bowie and john lennon was them. just like the cowboys in the wild, wild west, and the writers in medieval persia, i'm talking about how heels, so high heels are not for women only. but it wasn't until the 18th century that men started to wear no heels. and they did a great job for the health because all feet, whether male or female, don't like high heels. 24 year old tyler sutton loves shopping. and she loves high heels. this talk or show off from down if i like wearing heels, especially when i go out. there are certain occasions when you feel better wearing
6:52 am
heels. you instantly feel more confident. but as many women know from painful experience a day spent in kielce can take its toll. tyra wants to know if heels are actually bad for the feet. dr. nicholas is an orthopedist. first he has his patients walk on a treadmill that measures how much pressure is being placed on the feet. particularly intense pressure shows up, red dust problem is torn up. so the basic problem with high heels is that they place more pressure on the 4 foot because for the pressure there is up to 5 times greater than normal. the end of the and even weight distribution with high heels triggers pain much faster than with flat shoes. on a flight, and in the long term, it can cause damage to the feet in the form of halleck's vulgus, also known as a bunny and or claw toes. in a worst case scenario,
6:53 am
the meditational bone can actually break the, the fish tyra's feet look normal. so far, there's no sign that her heels are causing any damage. but if she notices any signs of strain, such a swelling, recurrent pain, or discoloration of the skin, she should go to the doctor straight away. tara would also like to know if different types of shoes can cause different problems. she's brought along a selection to show the doctor. yes, this will put a lot of pressure on the forefoot. as much as 90 percent of your body weight will be leaning on the front 3rd of the foot. so of course it will give you some trouble with the damaging effects of high heels vary according to the height and width of the heel. cords, orthopedists like this sort of heel better, 3 or 4 centimeters high at the very most and relatively wide. and of course the shoes are much more comfortable if you doing more walking and standing around.
6:54 am
wearing thin layers can also help distribute the pressure on the feet and make high heels more comfortable than it was silicon inlay, for example, reduces the pressure on the feet. the toes are often crushed together so that in lay spaces them out. feels like the toes are being pushed outward and it hurts a bit in other places because there is no room but something else might help in place. can't correct deformed feet, but can bring relief goods as it is and isn't really therapeutic. it's more about comfort and reducing pain. it means a shoe can be worn for longer without discomfort. basically, the higher the heel, the more the wearer should make sure she sits down. yes, it's anyone determined to keep wearing heels despite the risks can take
6:55 am
a few precautions to limit the damage. for example, regular moisturising. this could help prevent this while boosting circulation. foot massage also helps relieve tension, massaging the area that sorkin eased the problem. and a foot roller can also help improve, and it's good to remove calluses. the taken skin can be unsightly and painful. to do foot exercises while you're cleaning your teeth, for example. it won't fix a deformity, but it can help strengthen the foot muscles and improve flexibility. have a footpath softer, supple skin can withstand pressure, better lip balm can also help keep the toenail short that also reduces shoe pressure. ultimately it's also a good idea not to wear heels for long periods. carry a change or shoes with you,
6:56 am
or alternate heels with flaps. so you give your feet time to recover and don't develop short. and ideally, go barefoot when you can so i made the right and the healthy. and let's all try to stay in good shape. i'm going to
6:57 am
come what's going on here? oh, no. house of your very own from a printer. computer games that are healing. my dog needs electricity, shift explains, delivers facts and shows what the future holds for living in the digital world.
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credible story of bobby one starts to simply tell the c.w. this is the dubby news live from a coronavirus could now be one step closer. fire. and gemma popped up by on tech, help os for emergency approval. vaccines in the u.s., they say they could begin sending out doses within hours approval. also on the program. shocking conditions inside a naples clinic shed light on mismanagement and underfunding and saw them at least
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health sector. we hear from a woman whose father died from covert 19th that.


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