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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 21, 2020 10:00am-10:16am CET

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credible story with bob, you want to start december 10th on g.w. . this is d. w. news live from berlin. a coronavirus vaccine could now be one step closer and german part now by on tax cut cost for emergency approval for their vaccine in the u.s. . they say they could begin sending out dozers within hours of approval. also on the program as saudi arabia prepares to host the g 20 summit. some of your opinion
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lawmakers call for a boycott of the event demanding saudi leaders come clean with human rights abusers . i'm told me a lot of well, thank you for joining me. u.s. drug giant pfizer and its german partner by own tack of a ploy to have applied for emergency authorization for their coronavirus vaccine in the u.s. . the vaccine has performed well in initial safety trials. and based on that, the u.s. food and drug administration could grant permission before testing is complete. and if it does, the 1st dozers could be administered next month. for many people with severe health and economic impacts of the pandemic. mean a vaccine can't come soon enough. a small pub with a big history, 60 years of just the albatross pub in california,
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once hosted intellectuals of the free speech movement in the sixty's. today, it's shutting down for good to the coronavirus pandemic where people, everybody hang out in public spaces is a community space. it's, a familiar story, not just in the u.s., but all across the world. the lives of many have been up ended by the pandemic. but on friday, some good news. german drug developer biotech and its american partner, pfizer announced that they will be asking the u.s. food and drug administration for emergency approval of a covert. 19 vaccine comes after the companies posted promising results from advanced trial. it showed a 94 percent success rate in adults over $65.00 and the park 89 months. after the start of this project,
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we have a readiness to buy new fire. sure and get approved for boxes of this. as you can see, definitely it is something of a will redefine it will start the clock on a process that could save the vaccine approved for use in the u.s. by mid december. once approved, distribution will become the focus. and there's a mixed response from americans as to whether or not they will get the shot. of course. yeah, probably soon as possible. and not really to say that i don't even take it beautifully, shot myself just because the maddening system that has been really good. yes, although i'm not personally feel like so i guess everybody's own choice, you know, because not everybody agrees with vaccines, but experts don't want people getting too excited. stressing that the manufacture and distribution of the vaccine is a complex task and will take some time. i mean, even if we look about,
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you know, 6070 percent population in the work of human eyes to see the real impact of the vaccine. we are talking about $11000000000.00. and i don't think that one of the absolute can be produced at this here for 40 ministration around the globe by on tech. and pfizer have also started applications in the u.k. and in europe for use of their vaccine. will we all soon be immunized less? ask john campbell, he's a health analyst based in college in the u.k. . john, thank you for joining us. now. let's begin by just looking at this application itself. what does it mean in terms of its emergency use? will it somehow be fast tracked? the application? yes, basically, that is the case. we know that the pfizer vaccine, for example, is efficacious the way it works and it's about 95 percent effective. it's
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remarkably effective vaccine. and we've also had the 2 month safety data or not. so 2 months, this pattern of people, since the last dose of the backseat was given. so the european magnum x. is agency is now having what we call a rolling review of this, that they're just considering the data every day as it comes in so far. it's promising and i'm expecting the u.k. will follow it is to authorize it within the next week or so. the european agency, i really don't think will be far behind in the food and drug administration, the united states. and that basically means it's legal for practitioners to inject into people's arms. this is the legal authorization we need. so i fully expect that people will be getting vaccinated. i'm developing immunity to this in december. so i think we are, the light is well and truly the end of the tunnel. now. now the european union has got 200000000 doses of this finds a vaccine on the way with an option on another 100000000. the problem is it does need quite a big, complicated coach anus to be transported at minus 70 degrees centigrade. but the
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airlines are gearing up to this now, and it's being manufactured locally. it's been actually in germany, belgium, the united states, and it will cost about $20.00 euros a dose we believe. so it's not the cheapest maxi, but this is, this is the 1st maxi, all the others are going to follow. the material won't be far behind. right? are just going to get 2 sides to that in a 2nd but people in that report we were just listening to saying they want to get vaccinated. how much of a problem will be a if there's widespread rijeka? yeah, there's been a study in about 16 countries published in the journal nature on this and the highest acceptance rate for the vaccine or it china and the lowest accepted rates for the vaccine are in russia. and europe is kind of somewhere in between. so in most european countries, at the moment, it's hovering about a 7172 percent of people say to take the vaccine if it was offered immediately. but there's more to it than people's personal preference. now this would be mandated in
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europe, but it could be a requirement for employment. so for example, airline workers might be told, well you need a certificate. and since it's a typical fascination, well, you can't fly back to work which could be told you need to sit to figure about this notional. you can't commit it mix with the colleagues in the factory, and it could be a condition of travel as well. so stray you, for example, expect to stipulate that vaccination is necessary to travel to restrain the united states even within europe. this could become possible. so even a low people can opt out of it, it may become necessary for people to take part in day to day economic life. that remains to be, it remains to be seen really. ok, and you've mentioned they're going to be multiple vaccines available. how can one person decide to use them all just to be on the safe side, and how do you decide which one of them to take? well, basically the vaccines we get to begin with will be the ones is available. so, so for december it will be the pfizer vaccine, conceivably, the middle of accident,
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the end of december, certainly by january out, expected to be to be administered. so it's availability in particular areas. but over time, what we do is we develop a profile of what vaccine is best for what people. but what age group is a particular vaccine better for people with heart disease is a particular vaccine, better for older people or for younger people. that data will come to light in time, but the big hope in this time is the opposite astra zeneca vaccine. the european union's got 400000000 doses of this organizing is being made in 20 places all around the world, including australia and south america. and the plans to make with these 20 partners over 2000000000 doses. and the big thing about the oxford astra zeneca one, is that not trying to make a profit out of it? the pfizer going to do it one after poppy back scenes. where the oxford astra zeneca vaccine is going to be for your dose. so that means you can immunize someone . and as long as this vaccine turns out to be education say, which is looking good so far for about 8 euros per person, that's going to be the real game changer for the world. great insight there,
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john campbell, health analyst, and collin, the u.k. . thank you. thank you, john. let's not take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world. in the u.s. state of wisconsin, police are searching for a suspect after a mall shooting wounded several people. according to the local mayor, several people were taken to hospital, but none of the injuries are life threatening. police described the suspect as a white male. in his twenty's or thirty's. several explosions rocked the afghan capital kabul on saturday. authorities say at least 3 people were killed and over 20 wounded after a rocket propelled mortars were fired from a van. several other similar attacks took place in densely populated parts of the city. no group has claimed responsibility. the g. 20 summit of 20 rich nations and major emerging powers gets underway in saudi
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arabia this morning. but the host country has repeatedly faced international criticism over its human rights records over human rights concerns. ahead of the event, members of the european parliament urged commission president on the line and the president of the european council shall michel to boycott it. and outspoken critic of saudi arabia's government murder in a saudi consulate. blogger arrived by darwin publicly flogged and sentenced to 10 years in prison. paul legit, lee, insulting islam activist lucchino lotro all detained for seeking the right to drive . those are just 3 examples of human rights violations in saudi arabia. the country hosting this year's t 20 summit since assuming the g 20 presidency, the government of saudi arabia has been hard at work trying to rebrand its image. so there's a large public relations campaign underway in order to encourage investment in the
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country. and yet behind these initiatives and reform, the reality on the ground is that there is a brutal crackdown being led by the a society authorities against its own nationals. that's the reason why you appeal lawmakers are taking a stand. you cannot remain silent. last month they passed a resolution calling on the u. officials to downgrade their presence of patients in the summit, even though it's only a virtual event, mokhtar a bell is spearheading, they can pain. we are asked for the don't gridding why? because an empty seat is not a good policy, it would be better to send but of the legation who is able to deliver a message, a strong message that will do so, the oto to please the lawmakers also send a personal letter to european commission president or the law funded lie and european council president shall michel we asked the commission for their response and we're told this summit was too important not to attend. we've been raising our
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concerns and we discussed further how to improve the human rights situation. the protection of human rights in the kingdom, and we will continue to pay off most attention to this question. you fishel say it's important to maintain dialogue and keep communication channels open. but human rights groups argue the leaders must use this summit as an opportunity to ramp up the pressure on riyadh and hold the country to account for human rights abuses. they demanded that at least all the women's rights activists currently in jail should be released as soon as possible. after all, one of the themes of the g. 20 is women's empowerment. coronavirus pandemic has turned 2020 into a truly exceptional year. for most people, keep your distance where facemask stay at home, you know the term, the new normal. but how have children adapted? our reporters met up with some berlin youngsters to find out what they know and how
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they feel about the coronavirus that's changed our lives. this call is a call for the b. of them exist. they're not real. every alphabet made in 55 that make me walk on the sun miss says he will soon but do not claim that this is from real money. but i had to solve the toss. nevadans, i just feel good. a specialist initially i was too hot issue the old bush would do for a good ending. let me connecting our world in the face to me it's been nice to know. none of us could stand pat. i mean women who need more mom more
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in the family or that i remember my mother that my niece is traveling in question on the ball still in the one it's been called squash in the city called not to me nor even i think there are things you find that one doesn't bring by it is equal to all our compliments cubicle one attic, one, just east of the navy fatty cola. next reminder, now the top story we're following, the u.s. farmer john fire and its german partner. biotech are seeking emergency
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authorization for the coronavirus vaccine is the 1st coronavirus vaccine to go before the u.s. food and drug administration. the u.s. government expects a decision in the midst of december the 6th and now but coming up next, rock climbing becomes an olympic sport in our show. sports live coming up next and up next. and remember, you can keep up to date on our web site. e.w. dot com. i am told me the logical fix watching is for me, greta is for you 3
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