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tv   Wie immer Nuhr anders  Deutsche Welle  November 21, 2020 2:30pm-3:16pm CET

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you know, it's really got something cheers. 16 w. . we speak different languages. we fight for different things. that's fine. but we all stick up for freedom. freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom before it's global news that matters. d. w. made for mines. this is a breathtaking landscape. you know oscar was considered so beautiful that it was by the chinese will see more of it later on in the show. i want to welcome to another
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edition of your own max with me, your host making me. here's a look at what else we've got coming up. how to talk sensation falco punch wows, his fans with tax cuts. and a belgian food designer makes edible art that will take you by surprise. but 1st we begin in london, which can appear quite gloomy in the darker days of fall and winter, but french, a graphic designer come in while a law is trying to change that by injecting bold colors and shapes into the city. she believes strong colors, like these have a powerful impact on people. so she turns building facades, bridges, and even cross walks into i count yours. her style is inspired by the postmodern in tiny and design movement called memphis. well, we met up with her london to see how she is transforming the city.
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can a french designer still feel colorful and playful? mission to turn london into a more cheerful place through geometric and colorful patterns. just want to change that by bringing a lot of bright corals on buildings. all i can from the space bridge i think is just you don't realize the impact of corals how he doesn't. people can meet as most famous work of art is in leyton, a working class district, and look east london to break the main streets, monotonous snow, and to add a splash of color to express the residence, raised more than $40000.00 euros through crowd funding.
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the artwork is also nicknamed the wild parade. it stretches across 8 buildings and is one of london's largest public artworks i was in the us. and you could see if you were busting one of the really in the make them smile. that was a really nice try to weigh in on this pretty proud, actually being like big scale work these days. i think other women as well, sometimes it's not always going to like, easy to get through. the french born artist is based in east london. originally, she wanted to become a textile design, a professional fast moving trends, where in a realistic style is important. but things only in patterns. to date, she rarely designs, textiles. instead, she prefers to give the facades of houses a fresh look. she fights dreariness world wide with patterns and colors prints.
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it's here at an office building in brooklyn, new york, at a gas station in the u.s. state of arkansas, where the pop up how she's designed for lego is currently touring the world. next stop will be the south korean capital. so just loves the idea of having a small but like 10 metre high building. i think it just doesn't have the same impact. and really when you work on a computer, sometimes you just keep on the details. you just have to remember one is going to be on the building does what i always tell my my client or the people commission. my work is, you know, sometime the less is more, i just kind of like make it quite simple. as work is inspired by the u.s. american pop artist keith haring, as well as the design movement. this, she grew up in the south of france, where her parents owned several designer items in this style. founded in 1980,
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the milan based memphis group. what postmodernist designers are playful and colorful styled as a reaction to functionalism, which was popular at the time. the memphis style also appealed to german fashion designer, karl lagerfeld, decorated his apartment accordingly. style of design because i grew up in the eighty's. so just on the facts, i don't know if you are going for a rules or they create their own rules in the design, which i love and is really, really vibrant in this bit of sense of you more thing in the style of myself. that's what i get from it myself, saw something a really connected she comes up with her ideas in her studio where she mixes colors, patterns and geometric shapes. current project in london's financial district canary wharf shows how she manages to remain true to her dayal while continuing to
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experiment. she's transformed a bridge and then style with stripes and lines to create up to the facts. yet another stepping stone for a woman with a plan. my big frontier plan dream to collaborate with more think i like the idea of bringing these 2 get a brain in different practice together. so it might be just a matter of time before one lala style office building at small colored to london's financial district. next up, a new found star thanks to the popular tick tock. falco punch has developed a massive following due to his fast videos using so-called transitions. now these are special codes applied to a video to trick the viewer about the action that's taking place now. i gave it a try for myself. as you can see here, just to see these effects and i must admit, it is not that easy. well,
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even though falco's videos are sometimes only seconds long hours of work, go into making them. we've got a closer look at punches clips, some a truly unique showcasing and casting already of special effects. and they have catapulted him to become one of germany's most successful to his top goal is to entertain his fans by amos. that's why we're back in our young and old people. if you give them a break from their day to day lives, they just want to watch some you tube videos or tick tocks and for 15 seconds a quake an escape from their daily routine and always have a wow moment. falcao uses technical equipment such as a camera trained to create his artistic video clips he started at a young age. i made my 1st music videos in 13 or 14,
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created relatively simple transitions, but i still keep using a lot of them today. when i didn't realize where all this was leading but gradually expanded my range, and at some point people said, oh, that's so cool. do mourn. maybe when it is particularly well known for his transition. but what exactly does that mean? it's going to have its points. and you might have a conversation and if you don't, and then there's a cut, it's always a hard cut on. meaning you constantly go back and forth between the people who are talking to work with the transition. you would have noticed the cutting of the company, this could mean that the camera pans to the right and the same thing happens in the next scene. and everything blends without viewers noticing the cuts doesn't that keep the 24 year old still lives with his parents. he often goes out to shoot his clips. most of the recordings still is how to meet his parents living live like this song,
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usually an original sound that users have uploaded and added or reacts like this one here. just mine every time this. what is, what is, what is comes we make a cut, it's more of a hard where i turn and look to the right. and suddenly the camera is also on the right. ok? camera to the right. i look into it. you know, now comes the actual effect. 31 and go, oh oh i didn't. and also happens to one go. so now i'm going back again. so see if that works. for me is how the cliff notes. one is a pen perfectionist, and is only satisfied when everything is just right from from once took
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500 shots for a cut on my phone died 3 times. it finally worked out though we were throwing a card up in the air and it kept lying on the card and it had to be right in front of the camera and just the right only when i reached out to grab it wrapped. so that was an easy, this is the average of 5 to 6 hours in total to make it on the computer for the well, some of the cuts are relatively easy, but it takes practice for them to turn out well for example, in india or on the same level and do transitions just as good as i do because they cover and imitate a lot of stuff. so i see what they're capable of. and that's super cool because i want to inspire people. he has also been composing his i music for some time. now and this year he released his 1st single,
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entitled one cool band and his vacation or training in media design and is now devoting all his time his money through advertising and sick. last year, when asked if i ever imagined this would happen if i had planned it all, it's strange to say, but i did prepare to work in the city, old and be successful at it. and my goal was to be the protagonist of my projects. his success proof, the germans who took sa seems to have done everything right. and now he's well on his way to reach the magic mark of 10000000 followers. it's pretty impressive, i must say all right, time now to take a trip. and as we all know, travel has been severely restricted, restricted during the coronavirus pandemic. but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it through pictures. we're off now to in
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a deliberate village hidden in the austrian alps outside work. the south come a region offers visitors, breathtaking views of nature with a touch of old european charm. while we filmed the next report before us straight implemented further restrictions for travellers to buy, do we still want to take you along on this beautiful autumn excursion? this is austria's sites come a good region. it's stunning. natural beauty is best appreciated during autumn, but only very few tourists visit the region. is the sights come a good? many consider it austria's prettiest town, $1000000.00 tourists from all over the world. come here each year. christiana company that has lived in hushed up for 7 years. she says social media helped to make it famous. all the photos she had on instagram and facebook. more and more popular. someone snaps this great picture with
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a lovely catholic and protestant church in the background. that inspired many of the visitors to come here to take this very picture. with me. that's quaint, 16th century buildings and market square are listed historical sites. the tiny town of $800.00 insists of little more than a main street parallel to the lake shore. this funicular ride takes visitors up and 350 vertical metres to a skywalk above the town. views from here are nothing short of breathtaking. no wonder the region's been declared. a unesco world heritage site the same for all the lake is quite large. it's one of the largest insults come a good region. it's 8 kilometers long. from here it's 2 and a half kilometers to the eastern shore. it's brilliant,
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the hike is in cyclists with a route that leads from that to the top and called the names that's come. a good roughly translated as sun chamber estate derives from the region's copious salt deposits. how to pan cup runs guided tours through a former mine locals began mining the mineral over 3000 years ago. it's still extracted today young the fish they live here, it holds that are mine. and here is a very nice old when these are bronze age tools. you can imagine how hard it must have been extracting the salt from the rock with the salt was put into baskets, brought down to town and distributed throughout europe, but the region's verdant hilly forests are a paradise for hikers. during fall,
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mushroom pickers can find many tasty morsels in these parts. hunts adding up, knows the best spots. i look out for certain kind of trees. that's what i go by. like santa rosa committee found near the beaches, though they're rare for a coniferous forests. the nearby lakeside village of town killing with your highness. back to chapel is another regional highlight. it boasts aborts house, a fine dining establishment right by the water head. chef lucas nagual loves serving locally picked mushrooms and plus a few hours earlier head chef luke has joined. i'm not on a fishing expedition on
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a nearby moon. say like a stunning location. i enjoy heading out on to the lake every day. be it summer or winter, no matter if it's $35.00 degrees celsius or minus 15 out and work to head out every single day. back at the restaurant who cuss not of prepares an exquisite dish, with freshly caught char spinach and quince marinate. he likes to stray from tradition and try unconventional recipes if you want to serve are in gradients in the purest form possible. prepare fish traditionally for example, instead will take inspiration from japanese cooking, fishes, grilled and sliced like so. we have
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a lot of potential in that sense. christian austria's that's come, a good region, has a lot to offer with its fine dining history. and last but not least, spectacular nature. the fashion label chanel represents in clear cut lines, timeless elegance and femininity. so it's no surprise that its new headquarters in paris also reflects these qualities. the design of m. or 19 m. building will not just service the offices for sure now, but they will also house other artisans and committed to luxury fashion and french know how well the new headquarters was designed by the unknown architect rudy ritchie. well, we met him at the building's construction site to hear the ideas behind his latest creation. this is the construction side dish announced new flagship building in,
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paris. the triangular building complex named 1000 m., spans more than 25000 square meters. the innovative architecture of 24 metre, high concrete threads surrounding the building is impressive. it's intended to resemble luxury fabrics, french architect who came up with this idea in the works. and karl lagerfeld. they've always worked with experts in the textile field using refined and sophisticated materials. it was important for me to honor their legacy buildings have a rather feminine character. for me, this concrete is very sensual and feminine. texture feels like skid concrete mental work is the award winning architect trademark. with the new museum
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in marsay in paris, art department in the national building should also provide optimal working conditions, the 1002 house artists masters of their craft. i only take care of the facade in this case, the dress, the person wearing it is responsible for the rest. i like that statement because we've created something similar with architecture. suspicious studios, and a facade that the people who work here to be happy. the concrete structure filters they like to reduce the amount of sunlight,
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while keeping the building eerie and bright. another example of the building that connects architecture and fashion is the museum in mara cash morocco. designed by on the architecture reflects the curved and straight lines of sauna designs. the facade mimics the texture of a rough fabric. the interior is like an elegant dress in soft and flowing harmonious colors. the fundus and paris exhibits are 2 rather than fashion. nevertheless, the spectacular megaproject is the flagship of the luxury group, l b n h. the building itself is a work of art with its curvy glass elements covering the body of the building. reminiscent of the canadian born american architect, frank gehry, was commissioned to design it by the group's c.e.o.
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. the motto was simply anything is possible. but i think we didn't have the technical knowledge to realize this project. you keep going to 100 engineers work for more than 2 leaders and created a new technology in order to implement the architects created by the new headquarters is due to be inaugurated in march 2021. the parishioners are looking forward to another architectural jam that was theirs. and finally something to eat. so what about a lion's head made out of noodles or cauliflower in the likeness of us pop singer billy eilish? well, these are just some of the food creations. by belgian cook, stocker months,
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her animals, celebrities and creatures made of rice and vegetables have gathered quite a following on social media and to according to the artist. they taste as good as they look from a potato or a new tang to us sushi to can from a pint of cartoon hero tintin to a cauliflower that looks like pop star billy eilish. the master behind these edible creations. if you land hello from belgium, before that is, and i'm going to show you how to make some incredible forgot today she's making a very in barmaid for us using the simple ingredients. 1st, we go to peel the potatoes because it's very easy to work. it's like kind of like really instantly, you can model it anyway one being that while
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the potatoes boil, she cuts the bench tables for the dental, the traditional dress and use this to make it a little secret. the designer by training, loves to cook in her home in course el ne belgium. but she never imagined she combined both have passions to become a food designer. her original plan was to make a website to teach people how to meal prep for the week. to grab attention on the internet, she make the dishes look more and more artistic. everybody are. nobody asked. everybody wanted to so i change the whole website. besides posting her creations on line, she holds workshops and takes commissions for this dish she has to mold of bags from mashed potatoes. she paints the base with food coloring and cream cheese makes the bed look from bell peppers and zucchini come together as
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a colorful dress. when i make, i feel really relaxed, like making a painting or drawing sculpture or it's comparable with you learn to stop commands is bursting with ideas for new dishes. she takes inspiration from famous movie characters, celebrities and animals. all as in today's creation, other cultures, like germany, every time i make something i already have to with a hole or with a little because i can do this all day after 4 hours of work. bavarian power made has come to life and it's ready to serve some that is, if she doesn't get eaten for the government that i get,
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how can you do q looks over the oh it's a so you have to say this, but it's not possible for us to in that case, one last shot for social media. and it's time to have the 1st, i'm sure, splines move very thing. and so, after hours of careful preparation, the dish disappears. and i worry that we come to the end of the show. don't forget to check us out on social media for more on the program or go to our website for details on our latest draw with this the backpack and these other goodies up for grabs. for me and the rest of
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us, your comments, as always thanks for watching. we'll see you again soon. player
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there any more beer? what else is there today i want to find out what munich's got to offer for trying to respond to come here for education. how about heaps of art history and culture. music's really got something. well then
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cheers. 30 minutes john w. with the earth under the sea. or just above it, the one who will be part of future living spaces. rising sea levels are threatening coastal areas. i'm swimming city, the tilted as the solution. one sounds like science fiction has long been a reality. waterworld in 75 minutes on w. . what secrets lie behind these walls? discover new adventures in the 360 degree and explore fascinating
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world heritage site. w world heritage 360. getting up now give us your country, people who will make you rich. people will provide you with jobs. the oil will take good care of my feet and think it's never too cold on the west coast of coming in 2000. so he says to me, but years later, reality looks very different. later choose good drinking or shortage of people gave up and gone. a stream of
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oil promises starts december 4th. this is the news live from perth, a 1st for an arab nation. saudi arabia opens a virtual summit of world leaders. top of the agenda ending the pandemic and tackling the global station blast rocked the afghan capital multiple explosions, kill several people in kabul, the so-called islamic state terror groups carried out the attacks even as peace
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talks drag on. and we travel to war, torn ethnic being forced to big fail will today, homeland our correspondent finds the mood one of grief, mixed with defiance. a math anyhow. welcome. leaders of the world's wealthiest countries are making online for a g 20 summit hosted by saudi arabia. king salma is presiding over the event flanked by the crown prince mohammed bin salman. proceedings are dominated by an action plan for tackling coded 19 pandemic and its economic impact. live his opening remarks, king salmon has called for equal access worldwide to vaccines and other tools for controlling the coronavirus. you really have a duty to rise
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to the challenge to gather during this summit and give a strong message of hope and reassurance to our vehicles through adopting policies. to mitigate this crisis, the presidency is realizing opportunity of the 21st century for all of though the damage has forced us to adjust our focus rapidly to face its repercussions. well, saudi arabia has faced repeated international criticism over its human rights record. members of the european parliament, a verged e.u. commission, president and the president of the european council child michel boycott, the event and outspoken critic of saudi arabia's
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government murder in a saudi consulate. blogger arrived by dar, we publicly flogged and sentenced to 10 years in prison. paul, legit, lee insulting islam activist troll, detained for seeking the right to drive. those are just 3 examples of human rights violations in saudi arabia. the country hosting this year's to 20 summit since assuming the g 20 presidency. the government of saudi arabia has been hard at work trying to rebrand its image. so there's a large public relations campaign underway in order to encourage investment in the country. and yet behind these initiatives and reform, the reality on the ground is that there is a brutal crackdown being led by the saudi authorities against its own nationals. and that's the reason why european lawmakers are taking a stand. you cannot remain silent. last month they passed a resolution calling on the u.
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officials to downgrade their presence a patient in the summit, even though it's only a virtual event mark to rebel is spearheading, they can paint. we ask for the don't gridding why? because an empty seat is not in so it would be better but of the legation who is able to deliver a message, a strong message. so the oto to the lawmakers also sent a personal letter to european commission. president also love funded lie and european council presidential michel. we asked the commission for a day response and were told the summit was too important not to attend. we've been raising our concerns and we discussed further how to improve the human rights situation. the protection of human rights in the kingdom, and we will continue to most attention to this question. you officials say it's important to maintain dialogue and keep communication channels open. but human rights groups argue the others must use this summit as an opportunity to ramp up
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the pressure on riyadh and hold the country to account for human rights abuses. they demanded that at least all the women's rights activists currently in jail should be released as soon as possible. after all, one of the themes of the g. 20 is women's empowerment of a more let's ask director of policy and partnerships at the no wage and refugee council, or they could have it with us. saudi arabia is hosting this weekend's g. 20 summit. the kingdom has recently and repeatedly been accused of major human rights violations by inappropriate host. well, you know, unfortunately there are several of the g 20 members that could be criticised for a unilateral respect for international law. and saudi arabia is among them from the, n.r.c. from their views in refugee council. as a humanitarian organisation, we have it particularly critical of the saudi led coalition's you violations of the
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loss of, or in yemen. what i think is good is that you know that these high profile international events stimulate that debate and stimulate that focus. we haven't taken a position as an organization on whether this summit should be boycott it, but it is good that stipulates that debate. now that the summit is happening, it is very important that we focus on some of the key priorities that are out there . and one of them is be to make sure that we protest and that we negate the impact that 19 as head of the most vulnerable populations around the world or the end of a key priority. i guess the summit starts as we had a critical phase of the covered 19 pandemic, the distribution of that vaccine vaccine. to what extent should competition for access to the vaccine be part of this discussion? i think it is very important that it is part of this discussion and you know,
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it respectfully heard. there is a lot of rhetoric. there's a lot of commitment. there's a lot of you know, in some ways positive things that are being said in it. i think a key is in, in the implementation. and the fact of the matter is that, you know, coping 1000 is affecting the entire well that these points. and it is extremely important that, that seem when it becomes available, will become their bailable also to the most vulnerable populations who are all in this together. and we won't be able to solve this on this. we are less, we work on this together. you know the hell off financially struggling refugees and displaced communities affected by 19 and what role can g 20 play, hey, this weekend, in solving the economic impact. what we have seen from n.r.c. from the region refugee council, in our operations in 30 countries around the world, is that 19 and the measures that governments are putting in place to curb. the
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spread of korean $1000.00 has review affect the displaced populations their host coming in. she's crew are among the most vulnerable in a survey that we recently did about 70 percent of the people we asked said that they had lost income or jobs. since the panic pandemic ever broke out, and that has had a knock on effect on many other things that people are planning it more difficult to find money to, to buy fruit to send their kids to school and to get shelter. so it's really key that the g. 20 in the years that thinking about addressing the it could not meet situation. it keeps in mind that most honorable occupation and bill spending to the economic recovery package. all this overhang director of policy in partnerships at the n.r.c. . thank you. well, the so-called islamic state terror group says it carried out a series of attacks in the afghan capital kabul, at least, people have been killed by multiple rocket blasts. president donald trump says
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he'll cut american troops in afghanistan by more than half u.s. secretary of state, was in the region to push forward. stalled peace talks. early morning rush hour in cab brought to a standstill after a series of attacks. afghans interior ministry says the mortar shells were fired from 2 vehicles. i witnesses describe the scene in the capital. this over there. it was morning and we were leaving our home when the explosion happened. 2 of my sisters and my mother were wounded, taken them to the hospital, where there was another machine gun. luckily i was having breakfast when the rockets landed, one of them had a vehicle belonging to a bakery at least 3 people were injured. and now they've been taken to the hospital the heavily fortified zone,
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which houses diplomatic missions was also targeted. iran's embassy was damaged after it was hit by rocket fragments. violence in the country is rampant as multiple insurgent groups launch assaults on afghan security forces. this despite a push for peace between the taliban and the government, u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe is in cats, are to resume stock talks with the 2 sides. his visit comes as washington announced, it will speed up the withdrawal of its troops from afghanistan. the pentagon says 2500 troops are to leave by january, but there are fears this could further weaken afghan forces. for now, people in cowboy must live with the constant threat of another attack. it was drug giant pfizer and its german have applied for emergency authorize ation
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for they could run a virus vaccine in the united states. the vaccine has performed well in initial safety trials. and the u.s. food and drug administration could grant permission before testing is complete. protests have erupted in several brazilian cities after a black man died in a fight with supermarket security guards. a video of the incident which happened in porto alegre was posted on social media. the victim died at the same one day before brazil commemorated black awareness day. well as a budget and says its troops have begun entering the areas surrounding the disputed territory of nagorno-karabakh, which were once home to a many and separatists that was before a russian brokered peace deal ended weeks of bloody fighting with the separatists. then giving up much of the territory in return for the deployment of russian peacekeepers. show when reports from the golan, i cut back, she met with ethnic calm indians facing the painful experience of saying goodbye to
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their homeland. ringback all prayer for what is lost. oh, who armenians are saying? the house of worship is in one of several regions being handed over to after a peace deal. priest here says he can only hope to leverage, be able to reach this holy site from armenia. we know that the negotiations about the road leading here are still ongoing, but we've been assured that the church will remain ours. this road should stay in service. we worship here. why should we priests leave the church? there's no reason for us to leave. monastery is ancient,
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it most likely dates from the 9th century. for days. armenians have been coming here to take a final book. the mood is a mix of grief and defiance. this is a holy place for us when we drive along this route, we usually always stop here. now we came to say good bye. we probably won't be able to come here any more. i hope this won't be a final farewell to monastery. we will come here again. i know that when you, we aren't afraid of anyone. why should we be scared if this is ours, but the world know that this church is armenian and will always be armenian. russian peacekeepers have been stationed here to guard the monastery. some of the armenian visitors bring them sweets to thank them. already the monastery stands in
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the landscape and the village around it is deserted. for days, many locals in the area have been burning their own houses, leaving only scorched earth behind for us or by john. the owner of this house was already gone when we arrived the peace deal that armenia and azerbaijan signed officially ended the war here. but it's clear that people's anger control for now is staying with relatives. she says she's waiting to find out the fate of her son. i don't know what to do here. i thought myself and was injured. i don't want them to take our land.
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but many of the ethnic say they would keep much of their homeland a 14 year old in the effects of climate change in the us will they have success if you can share africa's face for social media for
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