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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  November 21, 2020 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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this is g.w. news, a live shot from berlin and saudi arabia opens a virtual summit of world leaders, top of the agenda, ending the krona virus tent, and tackling the global recession. concerns over human rights cast a shadow over the online gathering. but the european union says it was right to take charge. also, coming up on the show blasts rocked the afghan capital multiple explosions. they killed several people in kabul. the so-called islamic state says it carried out the attacks, even as peace talks of crack on. and an election not marred by terrorism,
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for kenya, faso in west africa is heading for the polls. but extremist violence means many voters won't be able to cast their ballots and play richardson welcome to the show. readers of the world's wealthiest countries are meeting online for a g 20 summit hosted by saudi arabia. the online gathering is dominated by efforts to end the covert, 1900 pandemic. and to deal with its economic fallout, china has pledged to step up international cooperation over the virus while russia is offering to make it sputnik vaccine available to countries that need it. opening the virtual summit, a saudi king, solomon called for equal access to vaccines. we have a duty to rise to the challenge together during this summit and give a strong message of hope and reassurance to our peoples by adopting policies to
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mitigate this crisis. the theme of our presidency is realizing opportunities of the 21st century. for all follow the covert, 19 pandemic has forced us to adjust our focus rapidly to face such repercussions. let's bring in correspondent, teri schultz for the view from brussels. hi, terry. saudi arabia is hosting this weekend's g. 20 summit. so let's talk about the elephant in the room. the kingdom has been accused repeated the of major human rights violations. but the e.u. is still taking part. what is their rationale? well, claire, that was a big question. and in fact, lawmakers, the european parliament asked european commission president ursula wagner lion in kelso presidential michelle not to take part because they felt that would be rewarding. this study regime for a record that simply can't be tolerated under law in a show, michelle said look,
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this is a meeting of the world's most powerful countries. we've got some very big crises to deal with, and we simply can't sit it out. the leaders, the e.u. leaders did say they would be bringing up these rights abuses, including very specifically the brutal murder of journalist jamal khashoggi at the hands of agents linked to the saudi regime. now in a statement german chancellor angela merkel has said the goal is to distribute 2000000000 doses of coronavirus vaccines by the end of 2021. a. let's see if we can take a listen. both. it's also an all out interests to improve global pandemic preparedness in the long term. to this end, we need to sustainably strengthen the world health organization. we need reliable funding, better cooperation, greater independence. and the g 20 can provide important, indeed, crucial support in this area. if we stand together across the globe, we can control and overcome the virus and its impact, it's worth redoubling our efforts to achieve this. so terry, this is of course,
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a critical juncture for figuring out how to distribute promising vaccines. what discussions have been taking place with regard to how to ensure that they are shared fairly? this in fact was a side of event at the g. 20 today in which chancellor merkel french president mccaughan the italian prime minister and several other world leaders along with the w.h.o. discussed exactly these issues. how to get a vaccine. and then how to make sure that it's distributed, not just to those countries that can afford it, the g. 20 countries, but also to the most vulnerable populations in fact, are still of underlying and some other leaders wrote a letter directly to g. 20 leaders asking them to make up a $4500000000.00 euro $1000000000.00 using shortfall in one of the w.h.o. programs that would do just that. and that's one of the things that was discussed on the sidelines of course, important to european leaders will be bringing in the united states after the election of joe biden. the u.s.
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has set out global efforts to achieve an distributive vaccine. and e.u. leaders will be very much be hoping that will change. now speaking of the united states, this could well be donald trump's last appearance on the world stage as u.s. president, what are other nations expecting a from the outgoing american president? it's not exactly clear how trump will appear on this stage, because while his official schedule says he's taking part in the virtual summit, he was seen golfing during this side event on pandemic preparedness. so it's not clear whether he will be making a speech and if so, of course, it's impossible to know what he will say. it could be a little bit awkward even virtually because of course many of these leaders will have already congratulated trump successor on his selection and event, which donald trump himself has yet to acknowledge. tensions for us there in brussels, thank you very much. now the so-called islamic state says it carried out a series of attacks in the afghan capital kabul at least 8 people have been killed
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by multiple rocket blasts. this as u.s. secretary of state mike pompei, it was in the region to push forward, stalled afghan peace talks. 6 'd that was genial at that kaberle brought to a standstill after a series of rocket attacks targeted different residential areas. early in the morning, afghanistan's interior ministry says mortar shells were fired from 2 vehicles this over the edge of what they go at. it was morning and we were leaving our home when an explosion happened and 2 of my sisters and my mother were wounded. we've brought them to the hospital. but they're going to come up. i was having breakfast when the rockets landed, one of the rockets hit a vehicle belonging to a bakery. at least 3 people were wounded and have been taken to the hospital. violence has surged in recent months as multiple insurgent groups launched assaults on afghan security forces. and civilians. this despite peace talks between the
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taliban and the government, the u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe has been in qatar to kick start the stalled talks . he met with the taliban, co-founder mullah abdul hamid bardon, our pump ayos flying visit comes after washington announced it will speed up. the withdrawal of u.s. troops from afghanistan 2500 are to leave by january. there are fears this could further weaken the afghan forces and in bold in the taliban. for now, people in kabul must live with the constant threat of another attack. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. the republican party in the u.s. state of michigan is calling for an audit of election ballots in wayne county, the party is requesting
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a 14 day delay in certifying the state's results to allow time for the check point county, which includes the city of detroit, voted overwhelmingly for joe biden, in the presidential election, the european space agency is preparing to launch its latest satellite to monitor changes in the oceans. sentinel 6 will help to track rising water levels across the world. the cracked is set to lift off from the vandenberg air force base in california. spain is to begin setting up emergency refugee camps in the canary islands. more than 18000, people from north and west africa have reached the islands this year. after a hazardous sea crossing more than 10 times as many as last year in the west african nation of burkean, a faso is about to vote in elections overshadowed by escalating extremist violence . more than 2000, people have been killed and a 1000000 more have fled their homes. president rock cabaret is widely expected to win a 2nd term as main rival eddie come boyko has been endorsed by the long serving
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a former leader blaze. she had just insurgency has left large areas, cut off, leaving many voters unable to take part another day. another early start for bernadette trying to provide for 4. children means spending most of her time here, but there's not much to sell. the main fridge stopped working. so she can sell fish or rice. 8 that just doesn't work. there is no money in this country, and i cannot afford the repairs that either way, there is no guarantee shall have customers. with an absolute militant attacks, people are keeping together what they have their jihad, this is the poverty. this must stop. i want to take care of my children.
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bernadette is one of so many in the country trying to survive with very little hundreds of thousands don't even have a home displaced in their own country. they are clustered on the outskirts of the city. more than 1000000, people have fled their homes. so this year, due to spiraling violence, that's twice as many as it was at the start of 2020. but these people here have little or no chance of casting their votes in the upcoming elections, but at the same time, they are the ones who most want stability and peace in this country. the government of the incumbent president couple e says that nearly half of the country's 13 regions have little to no access to voting because it's unsafe. does not want to delay the elections. but how can the winner be a true reflection of the people's choice when hundreds of thousands of potential
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voters do not have the chance to participate? she says, the election itself is legitimate. the question is whether the outcome will be election will take place on sunday, november 22nd. the crisis could start on november 23rd. so if there is voter fraud, if the results are not compliant with what the people put in the ballot box, we could have a crisis now. you don't need 2 or 4 months. all will depend on how the election will be carried out. we stopped by the restaurant that was attacked by islamists in 2016, killing 30 people, both locals and foreigners. it serves as a daily reminder to everyone of the point when work enough tipped into chaos, especially in the north. the restaurant owner decided to stay, he says so that the jihadists cannot win. he also decided to stop talking on camera
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too much to bear for his family since that fateful day. but back now that would not hesitate to leave. she's already had to do that in the past 2016, she left without her family to neighboring talk with everything she did wrong, things were not working out here. so i thought i would go there and see. but after a month, it did not regard either. i do all of this for my children. her husband does not earn much either from his job as an assistant in a shop. it's tough. i adore my children. they are a gift of god, but i'm too young to handle children. i want to see them happy. this is haunt hard for me. now know that like many others will try to leave.
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again for a whole long this time, it's unclear what is certain. hardly anyone here expects life to get better after the election. sports now and our rare wobble from bundesliga leaders, byard munich, saw them draw one all at home to better bremen. some fine play from josh sargent to set up maxi irish time on the stroke of half time to germany internationals cool, finished giving the visitors an unlikely lean and of pinpoint header from kingsley . komarr rescued a point for the champions in the 2nd half. it was nevertheless a surprising setback for biron when you take a look now at all the results from the going to sleep early games on a saturday. as we saw byron a drew with braman bielefeld loss to leverkusen, wolfsburg hoffenheim and drew with
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a stretch cart while gladbach and augsburg assured the spoils. frankfurt versus life, which is already underway. and in saturday's later game, heritage parlin hosted dortmund on sunday travel to freiburg. and cologne, a face on early and in tennis novak djokovic blew a chance to match roger federer's record of 6. a.t.p. finals wins after he was beaten up by dominic team in the semifinal and london team took the 1st set 754 joke of each one, a tie break in the 2nd to level the match, but even won another tie break in the 3rd set to settle this fierce contest, the austrian up plays either rafael, the doll, or daniel medvedev in sunday's final. and reminder, now the top story we're following for you. saudi arabia is hosting a virtual summit of the g. 20 group of beating nations. top of the agenda is ending the pandemic and chuckling at the global recession and concerns over human rights of cast
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a shadow over the online gathering. but the european union has defended its decision to reject its use update us this hour, coming up next, a d.-w. documentary on the nuremberg trials of the nazis, m. k. richardson in for them, for me and the whole team here. thanks so much for joining us. in london home many poor soon old love shall certainly in the world climb a tree, a different whole story. this is my plan for when film goes one week before it can really just we still have time to work on doing this.


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