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tv   Tresor fur CO2  Deutsche Welle  November 21, 2020 8:30pm-9:01pm CET

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m. de s.s. functionary d. to visit saini, an assistant to adult iseman, also testified on the genocide of the jews. among other things. he was questioned about the deportation of 450000, hungary and jews. but he carried out the jews to work on you are already preparing their backs, my daughter to grow nicely about 450. soon as they were all taken to auschwitz and brought to the final solution, did you mean they were, you know? yeah, i said yes, except about 25 to 30 percent and who were put to work of it prevented more gráinne responded angrily. it makes me sick, he said, when i see germans selling their souls to the enemy. day after day, the prosecutors of the 4 victorious powers presented their incriminating evidence. that it is for that. for the 1st time,
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the world saw film footage from auschwitz presented as evidence by soviet prosecutors, but i thought the pictures were taken when the red army reached the extermination camp. in late january 945, who defeated its official, the fleeing germans had forced most of the surviving prisoners on death marches to the west. with those left in the camp where the sick and those physically unable to march was, she didn't get it. and so was its only need 50 cities, but soon the will is still worse in the city. this time, not all the accused seemed affected by the film and during pretended to read, yawned, and now and then made sarcastic remarks to hess and ribbentrop to him. it was all just soviet propaganda. lao one was out. i'll be like the owners act. i saved our heads. tatted the entry number on our
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left for arms. then we were taken to a large group that to have a steam bath and an ice cold shower. it was all done in front of s.s. men, women, and even there we had to strip naked. if the arcade times when i did any of the thing, that was how one witness described the arrival procedures that auschwitz marie viola terry a was a communist resistance fighter. from france on january 28th, 1946, she gave a detailed account of the daily horrors in the concentration camp. separation based on fitness for work, forced labor and the gas chambers. when the judge called for the defense to question the witness, the only response was shamefaced silence. there in the courtroom at nuremberg, the holocaust had become an undeniable fact that
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going to work in spirit are faced with harrowing testimony like that. the defendants united front began to waver during a lunch break. during its declared at 1st i was angry about being dragged into court because i knew nothing of these atrocities. now i'm satisfied because there was good reason to get to the bottom of things. you know only months, 946. after $76.00 days of hearings, the prosecution concluded the evidentiary proceedings. for weeks, the defense attorneys had followed the prosecution's arguments occasionally making comments. so cross-examining witnesses. now it was their client's turn to either
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confess or to refute the evidence. in room 57 at the palace of justice, lawyers for the defense had the opportunity to talk to their clients. one in particular had been waiting for months for his moment in the spotlight. on march 13th, 946 hammond gurning presented his version of the story, showing no remorse on the witness stand. he used the trial to convey his personal mythology to the german people. the right smush had overcome his drug addiction and lost a lot of white fish there and it got us. i know personally, i can only speak for myself. i have done everything in my personal power to strengthen and expand the national socialist movement. no matter the circumstances,
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i just work and see singly to drink it. and it's a loon trying. and if you think jackson is not very worried about carrying his burden of proof on the crimes charge, he doesn't need confessions from her. they have an extensive document, true record, including many things growing had signed, but jackson's very concerned about not letting gurren turn this examination into a platform from which he'll be able to rally the german people to a renewed enthusiasm for nazi is a robot. jackson was an accomplished prosecutor. he knew exactly how to reduce the mass of a but instead down to the essentials. how to separate important facts from an important ones in order to establish the crucial points. after 3 days of unrestrained self promotion from good,
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the american lead prosecutor began his way to cross-examination of the man who jackson was determined not to give any more opportunity for grandstanding that you set up in germany and concentration camps was one of the things you found immediately necessary, upon coming to powers. and you set them up as a matter of necessity. to speak only translations. it was a bit too quick for me. but i still think i understood the meaning of the statement . you're asking me and i'm to consider it necessary to eliminate your position. that's correct. especially as jackson pressed him, caring, saw what was going on. and he became very worried in the face. and his answers were a long explanation, and he would say, well,
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you do the same thing in great britain and so for there's no difference. and so all of these things were necessary things, as i understood you to protect this, these things became necessary because of the existing opposition when we got carried into the matter specific crimes that he committed, searches, persecution, of the jews. well then he collapse. then he fell and he was at work because we had him so, so devastated in the jewish issue that he, in the interests of jackson had achieved his goal. going didn't step off the stage is the new euro. instead he's own words, had condemned him. regarding the cross-examination during said, i had the best lawyers against me.
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if you have on march 28th, 946, it was hitler's foreign ministers turn you on him from ribbentrop was despised by his co-defendants as a pathetic weakling. the prosecution primarily charged him with war crimes and ordering deportations. rybin trumps main defense was that he always unconditionally placed his own opinions below those of adult hitler. to prove his innocence, ribbentrop sent his secretary margaret a blank to the witness stand. but i want to feel that beneath our feet, even with that one feed, the fact i have the fear is, trust was the greatest satisfaction for him. and his greatest goal was to justify that trust through his attitude in the performance. he was completely devoted to that goal by no effort was too great for him to achieve it. he was ruthlessly and
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unsparingly hard on himself when it came to carrying out the tasks the futurist set him up to his subordinates. he spoke about hitler with the greatest veneration than on what was in the dock. there was unanimous agreement that the foreign minister's fate was sealed going said simply, ribbentrop is finished. they got it there, but they can get that beat up. won't get everything down on the bottom, but he kept on but in the context of the foreign ministers questioning rudolf hess is defense, counsel of friends idle trying to introduce the secret german soviet non-aggression pact. the invasion of poland was part of the trial and introducing the pact would show that military aggression against poland had, in fact, been jointly planned by germany and the soviet union. the soviet delegation tried
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everything to prevent the embarrassing document from being read out. but in the end, zydeco had his way. vilhelm kind all stood before the tribunals, the highest ranking officer of the van marked unsurprisingly, he was of the opinion that he shouldn't be called to account. nevertheless, michael didn't hide behind the defense that he was just following orders. although he said he had protested against unlawful orders. he would now bear responsibility for carrying them out. by god, i was a soldier. i was not a growth because of my aptitude for it. and my belief in it either, i believe, gave him, let me explain. very good. i am, went through it in groups of both non specialists and professional officers,
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found headless studying of staff reports, military literature, and tactical operational and strategic studies. incredible to behold your corrupt. he possessed a military knowledge that can only be described as astonishing. what i just don't get that i got a general found great that i already told the court, he had no authority, said goering mockingly. of keitel statement. i guess he had to say it himself to the poor devil really had nothing to say. many people simply don't belong here. bruno wouldn't be here if himmler, where he carried out was ordered by the actually purity man are presented with his signature on countless documents and helton burner, either trying to play down the fact or he denied their authenticity. he's stubborn denials, true admiration from some one defender called him the man without
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a signature film shown by american cameramen during the liberation of the mauthausen concentration. camp near linz, was still fresh in the memory of those in the courtroom. the prosecution accused culson burna, among other things of having taken part in executions. during his visits there ordered the construction of the gas chambers and in 1945, forwarded him order to eliminate the surviving prisoners. the army make a profit. it will be feed. you asked me, who gave the order to kill the prisoners at the end of the war amount housing given how i replied that i don't know of any such order, like if it is finished, because if you have it, i don't think in defeat. i gave one single order to mauthausen, you know,
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you have had at the entire camp and all prisoners were to be handed over to the and i mean that without any maltreatment or on a year to mishandle, i'm going to you leo strike had been editor of the n.t. semitic hate magazine dash derma, he stood accused of inciting the murder of jews. drawing his defense was that as a newspaper man, he had nothing to do with murders for him, the trial was an outrageous injustice. and if a page trying to complained in the courtroom that the prosecution had refused him an anti semitic defense counsel, the shambolic, it makes him good. if that's it, i wish to make the following statement to the court. that's real. i theer, by declaring that i have been provent it from having an unrestricted and therefore just defense for this international military tribunals.
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khaldoun it said none of his naval officers would have touched the reprehensible strike here with a 10 foot pole. the grand admiral complained about the long hours spent sitting in court saying he was glad his case would soon be heard. the prosecution accused the former submarine fleet commander of giving orders to shoot at shipwrecked enemies instead of rescuing them a war crime. do in its vehemently denied any involvement his defense was able to nullify a major accusation by the prosecution. that doing it says submarines had sunk merchant ships without any warning. us. admiral chester nimitz confirmed that the
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american pacific plate had acted the same way. former minister of armaments adopted a defense strategy that was rejected by other defendants assuming general responsibility. while denying personal guilt should be as calculation was that fritz zokol, who provided slave labor for the armament factories, would take the heat for their shared crimes. as chief representative for deployment of labor had provided his superior with 8000000 foreign, forced labor is also used to concentration camp prisoners in his factories against his better judgment. he denied knowledge of their cruel treatment and incriminated, for example, the fact that it should be a strategy seemed to work. he also exaggerated his own record of resisting hitler. after all, he reasoned,
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it was he who had stopped the furious scorched earth policy at the last moment. without proof should be a said he had even wanted to assassinate hitler towards the end of the war, famine going's response. we should never have trusted him. robert jackson was satisfied that albert spears' defense had broken through the united front put up by the others. it seems that good man is a friendly demeanor, and public remorse were enough to have an effect on the court. after more than $200.00 days of hearings, the 8 judges retired. they alone would decide on convictions and sentences. their decisions would help. and so the question of whether governments could now be held accountable for state crimes. robert jackson felt that his team had produced the
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necessary evidence to prove the accused guilty. the case had been made, the evidence was overwhelming. the defendants had not been able to exculpate themselves or deny their signatures their presence in meetings, their knowledge of all of the aspects of the charges. and so jackson, by the close of the case, is very confident that he has done his job as a prosecutor. jackson had some concern about what the judges were going to do. he didn't really entertain the possibility that the case would be lost or that acquittals would occur in a large number of individual or particular charges. robert jackson was certain that from now on no state leader or general would be able to explain away war is simply the continuation of politics. by other means,
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31st 1946, the accused were given the chance to make final statements. most claimed that they personally had acted in good faith or were banging orders, him and going now except to defeat in the last battle, his fear of hitler, he told the court psychologist, had condemned himself. i think if i didn't want, nor did i bring about a war that i did everything i could to avoid it through negotiations. i might when war broke out, i did everything i could to secure the country, kill him kind of have a good catch. i was wrong. i did wonder if i didn't, i wasn't able to prevent what should have been prevented. that that's what i'm guilty of. i guess it's a tragedy to have to realize that the best things i could give as a soldier,
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obedience and loyalty were exploited for unforeseeable intention. that i did not see that there is a limit to the soldierly performance of one's duty. and that is my fate. that if i could not bear all of privation and misery has fallen upon the german people who after this trial will despise and condemn hitler as the present author of their misfortune. however, what has happened will teach the world not only to heat dictatorship as a form of state, one of but furious. that was just
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the judge's deliberated for 4 weeks. the charge of conspiracy which was at the heart of the trial, made the americans are uneasy. was it possible to see in a farias conspirator in a powerless? yes, man, like vilhelm keitel, or all those involved in the boundless crimes merely using hitler as a shield. for some verdicts were passed quickly. other defendants cases were hotly debated. the french judges shied away from the death penalty, as well as from acquittal. the soviet judges were convinced that all the defendants, without exception, had full featured their lives. october thurst, $946.00. once again, the whole world looked to nuremberg international military tribunals was to announce the fate of the accused nazi leaders. the accused entered the hall
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individually filming was prohibited, but radio reporters and newspaper journalists were allowed. kammen during was the 1st to appear on the current 100 year with the internet. and here is your member here on the ground of the indictment on which you have been rendered. your own account of the indictment on which the progress there you're right. i would have been
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right each the fed came in and receive the setter's some 3 were acquitted. 7 received very in terms of imprisonment and 12 for ex receive the death sentence that very solid room. they took the census lead. there was no outbursts in the courtroom of any kind. very formal of it. alfred yodel, vilhelm keitel fritz, zokol, and skulking broner huns, frank and alfred rosenberg were also sentenced to death by hanging. martin borman was sentenced to death in absentia bulger, fun chirac, and albert speer. escaped with 20 years in prison, calderon, it's got 10 years. hitler's vice chancellor franz fun, poppen right. spang, president, shocked,
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and yosef goebbels associate hans preacher were acquitted. their relief was plain to see in the prison in nuremberg, security precautions were once again tightened. to avoid the risk of the death row inmates committing suicide officials wanted all 11 to be ready for the gallows in their cells. the nazi leaders prepared for their execution. hammon during asked to be shot, but his request was rejected. months earlier, he had made friends with an american guard, takes wheelus. the u.s. soldier was apparently willing to fetch during items from the luggage room in exchange for a signed photograph. the executions were scheduled for october,
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16th lights were kept on around the clock with the prisoners under constant observation. but during saw his chance, suddenly a guard saw him put an arm across his face and begin to gasp. he died within a few minutes. in his suicide note, going claim to have had the cyanide capsule with him since his arrest. another one was later found in the luggage room. only a few journalists were allowed to report on the executions that night. reporting from marin berg for the combined american network. i regret for the execution of their 37 which have been your games execution chamber 7 minutes after
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european prime sergeant. and here's the mountains the birth platform and took up their positions with real bundle of letters were sent back to the prison to bring in johnny's one progressive separatists and minister, you're talking from riven from, from, say, 7 or lonely. the 13 stairs remnants of ribbentrop responded: brain surely to the permission given to make a last statement, bargain and plea. likewise, god protect germany. god have mercy on my soul. then came the trap. on ribbon bread died at 129 minutes too late. already the green passion, great 62 year round built around title as been braben with asghar supreme military men and the protestant chaplain. the trap of sprung on the apple number 2 and 119
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and death came at 133, appearing police believe that they're doing very much already brunner there is and may, will be thrown out. i regret the crime were committed and we're trying our, your money. we are like fact, but some time during the procedure would ring out your paper, throw your writer, greeting card with a word for one of them out of the get free with difficulty him and bearings body was brought in with the others and photographed during the night the corpses of the nazi leaders and
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military personnel were transported to munich and burned. their ashes were scattered into a branch of the east river. those sentenced to imprisonment were taken to the war criminals, prison in the berlin suburb of spandau in the following years. general telford taylor would go on to prosecute the subsequent 12 nuremberg trials against doctors, military personnel, industrialists, ministry officials, and the henchmen of the s.s. robot jackson's goal had been to ensure that dictators could never again hide behind the mask of a sovereign state. the involvement of the soviet union hampered his efforts, but the nuremberg verdicts went on to be enshrined in the charter of the united nations. i think probably the major contribution of the international military tribunal was to declare war on terror, all war as
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a literal national quote. it's a war, it's the aggressive war that flies behind these other crimes that we produce gets a number defender's office century later would robot jackson's vision receive a new life in the form of the international criminal court in the hague. your life when it's no longer for did your career when you're finally allowed to pursue it. it's your opinion when you can finally say it is freedom more important than homeland we need artists in exile,
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living in berlin, 20 30 minutes on d w. s. and it's as if they don't need to keep a day about the people go for all the rats and home the force and flew the whole of the closer seaman that we came up with. that was the bottom of the valley, that the last dragons as were, as we called our 3 degree books on the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, has the rate of infection been developing what measures are being taken? what does the latest research, say? information and context?
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the coronavirus update the code with special monday to friday on learn to play this is g.w. news, a live shot from berlin and saudi arabia opens a virtual summit of world leaders. top of the agenda, ending the coronavirus pandemic, and tackling the global recession. concerns over human rights casts a shadow over the online gathering of the european union says it was right to take part. also coming up on the show blasts rocked the afghan capital.


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