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tv   ZDF Bauhaus  Deutsche Welle  November 21, 2020 10:00pm-11:01pm CET

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base is d, w, news alive are from berlin and saudi arabia opens a virtual summit of world leaders, top of the agenda and in the coronavirus and demick and tackling the global recession. concerns over human rights cast a shadow over the online gathering of the european union that says it was right to take part. also, coming up on the show blasts rocked the afghan capital multiple explosions, killed several people in kabul. the so-called islamic state says it carried out the attacks, even as peace talks drag on and an election marred by extremist violence work
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enough also in west africa is heading for the polls. but a growing islamist insurgency means many voters won't be able to cast their ballots . i'm claire richardson, welcome to the show. leaders of the world's wealthiest countries are meeting online for a g 20 summit hosted by saudi arabia. the virtual gathering is dominated by efforts to end to the coronavirus and demick and to deal with its economic fallout. a draft a declaration declaration, excuse me, shows that the biggest economies will pledge to pay for fair distribution of covert $1000.00, vaccines and testing. so that poor countries are not left out of debt relief is also likely to be extended denied the opportunity for a face to face pageantry. this was how so dia rebiya opened the g 20
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a 7 plane fly over of riyadh to mark the ever summit hosted by an arab country. on the grown king solomon beckoned the world's most powerful leaders, bureaucrats, and despots. to meet the challenge of their generation. it is unfortunate that we are unable to host you in person due to the exceptional circumstances we are all facing. as he spoke, flanked by the all powerful crown prince, some participants were running late, the russian and turkish delegations, and particular when vladimir putin did arrive, he backed the summits, calls for the poorest to get access to a vaccine. but yours, with russia, supports the draft key decision of the current summit aimed at making effective and safe faxon to be able to all. there is no doubt that drugs for immunization are and
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should be accessible to everyone. those new york, i'm accused and of the saudi arabia's human rights record, had lead to awkward questions the faces of jailed female activists projected on the louvre in paris. but many leaders to included that working together with the gulf kingdom to tackle covert 19, was a matter of arjun singh that's a good thing to descend. we need to sustainably strengthen the world health organization. we need reliable funding, better cooperation, greater independence, and the g 20 can provide important indeed crucial support in this area. in lieu of the traditional family food to the whole project, a more competent on to an 18th century polish, it seemed to capture what may well be one of the strangest and most important g. 20 summits ever. strange indeed,
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a well while the pandemic and its economic fallout are dominating the summit, concerns over saudi arabia's record on human rights are casting a shadow over the proceedings, especially here in europe. our correspondent, teri schultz reports from brussels. the european parliament urged e.u. leaders not to take part in the g 20 summit due to the saudi government's human rights record. that european commission president has lived under lyon and council president, shall michel said, they simply couldn't sit out a meeting of the world's most powerful countries when there are so many crises that need global coordination. they did promise to bring up the human rights record, including specifically the brutal murder of journalist jamal khashoggi at the hands of agents links to the saudi regime. now what's on the table is very much focused on getting a vaccine for the coronavirus. ursula vanderlei and wrote a letter along with some other leaders to the g 20 meeting urging leaders to make up a $4500000000.00 shortfall in one of the w h o's programs that would ensure an equitable
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distribution. it's not clear what the answer to that will be, but vonder lyon and other leaders are very much pushing for the entire world to come together behind this effort. one other thing on the table, it's not clear whether president trump will appear and speak to his counterparts. everyone's waiting for joe biden to take over because he has said that he will rejoin the w.h.o. and the global effort to get a vaccine and distribute it, including to the most vulnerable populations in brussels for you there. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. more than a 1000 people have marched through the german city of lights, demonstrating both for and against coronavirus restrictions. protesters were led away after the upper limit on numbers was reached. the government has new powers to enforce rules on masks and social distancing. coded 1000 infections in japan have hit a record high for the 3rd consecutive day. just might,
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the surge thousands have flocked to train stations and airports to make the most of a traditional long weekend. the government is scaling back a campaign, encouraging people to travel and out. and the european space agency is preparing to launch its latest satellite to monitor changes in the oceans. sentinel 6 will help track a rising water levels across the world. the craft is set to lift off from the vandenberg air force base in california. meanwhile, tens of thousands have turned out for the funeral of a radical cleric in pakistan. was dane visit he terrorized religious minorities and called for the destruction of european nations. it's not known how he died, but huge crowds ignored coronavirus restrictions to mourn his death. now the so-called islamic state says it carried out a series of attacks in the afghan capital kabul at least 8 people have been killed by multiple rocket blasts. this as u.s. secretary of state is in the region to push forward
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a stalled afghan peace talks. a lot of good, so terrible brought to a standstill after a series of rocket attacks targeted different presidential areas. early in the morning, afghanistan's interior ministry says mortar shells were fired from 2 vehicles this over the edge of what they go at. it was morning and we were leaving our home when an explosion happened and 2 of my sisters and my mother were wounded. we've brought them to the hospital. but you're going to come up. i was having breakfast when the rockets landed, one of the rockets hit a vehicle belonging to a bakery. at least 3 people were wounded and have been taken to the hospital. violence has surged in recent months as multiple insurgent groups launched assaults on afghan security forces. and civilians this despite peace talks between the
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taliban and the government, the u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe has been in qatar to kick start the stalled talks . he met with the taliban, co-founder mullah abdul hamid bar dar pump. ayos flying visit comes after washington announced it will speed up. the withdrawal of u.s. troops from afghanistan 2500 are to leave by january. there are fears this could further weaken afghan forces. i remember the taliban. for now, people in kabul must live with the constant threat of another attack. while the west african nation of dark enough aso, is about to vote in elections overshadowed by escalating extremist violence. more than 2000, people have been killed and a 1000000 more have fled their homes. president rock is widely expected to win a 2nd term. his main rival, any convoy, though,
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has been endorsed by the long serving former leader. now, a jihadist insurgency has left a large area is cut off, leaving many voters unable to take part in another day, another early start for bernadette trying to provide food for children, means spending most of her time here. but there's not much to sell. the main fridge stopped working, so she can sell fish or rice. that much money just doesn't work. there's no money in this country, and i cannot afford the repairs either way, there's no guarantee she'll have customers with an opposite. she militant attacks, people are keeping together what they have the jihad, this is the poverty, this must stop. i want to take care of my children. bernadette is one of so
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many in the country trying to survive with very little hundreds of thousands. don't even have a home displaced in their own country. they are clustered on the outskirts of the city. more than 1000000, people have fled their homes in this year, due to spiraling violence. that's twice as many as it was at the start of 2020. these people here have little or no chance of casting their votes in the upcoming elections, but at the same time, they are the ones who most want stability and peace in this country. the government of the incumbent president couple e says that nearly half of the country's 13 regions have little to no access to voting because it's unsafe. does not want to delay the elections. but how can the winner be a true reflection of the people's choice when hundreds of thousands of potential
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voters do not have the chance to participate? she says, the election itself is legitimate. the question is whether the outcome will be election will take place on sunday, november 22nd. the crisis could start on november 23rd. so if there is voter fraud, if the results are not compliant with what the people put in the ballot box. as we could have a crisis now, you don't need 2 or 4 months. all will depend on how the election will be carried out. you stop by the restaurant that was attacked by islamists in 2016, killing 30 people, both locals and foreigners. it serves as a daily reminder to everyone of the point when broke enough tipped into chaos, especially in the north. the restaurant owner decided to stay. he says, so that the jihadists cannot win. he also decided to stop talking on camera. too
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much to bear for his family since that fateful day. but back now that would not hesitate to leave. she's already had to do that in the past, 2016, she left without her family to neighboring to with everything. things were not looking all here. so i thought i would go there and see, but after a month, it did not regard either. i do all of this for my children. her husband does not earn much either from his job as an assistant in a shop. it's tough. though i adore my children, they are a gift of god, but i'm too young to handle children. i want to see them happy. this is holland heartfully better know that like many others will try to leave.
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again, for a whole long this time it's unclear what is certain. hardly anyone here expects life to get better after the election which is sports now and a rare wobble from buddhist legal leaders. a buyer in munich saw them drop one all at home to verify braman some final play from a josh sergeant. set up maxi, i guess shine on the stroke of half time to germany, international school finish giving the visitors an unlikely then up pinpoint a header from kingsley coma rescued a point for the champions in the 2nd half. but it was nevertheless, a surprising setback for byron. we're going to sleep as early as saturday games are done and dusted it, so let's take a look at all the results. frankfurt held a light switch to a draw. as we saw braman, health of byron felt a loss to leverkusen,
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to beat shaka hoffenheim and drew it with a shot guard bach and share the spoils and saturday's late game. however, when against a dortmund is currently under way now on sunday minds travel to freiburg and cologne face a young. early in tennis novak djokovic blew a chance to match roger federer's record of 6. a.t.p. finals wins after he was beaten by dominic team in the semi final in london. well, team took the 1st is that $75.00 before djokovic? one, a tie break in the 2nd to level the match, but team won another tiebreaker in the 3rd set to settle this fierce contest. the austrian plays either rafael nadal or medvedev in sunday's final and reminder of the top story we are following for you. saudi arabia is hosting, a perch world summit of the g.,
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20 group of the nation's top of the agenda is ending the pandemic and tackling the global recession. concerns over human rights have cast a shadow over the online gathering of the european union has defended its decision to return stuff. that's in europe at this hour, and a richardson in berlin. thanks so much for watching. in the heart of climate change for what's in store for the future. contests are going to go super bowl to insight into what's the secret to this classic case of the sun or the story
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behind the music? before the british and up to the tobin's nights before the world starts to tsunamis on g.w. robots that harvest fruit, drones that fight. pests house with smart collars can new technology help us feed the world's growing population and prevent climate destruction smart farming. our topic unshift farming is one of the oldest professions in the world. according to one survey, 82 percent of german pharmacists use mart farming technology. big data makes animal breeding more efficient and artificial intelligence is used to identify the best
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conditions for growing crops. farming sensors communicate with one another on line to improve efficiency and algorithms. process data gathered by jones robots have the potential to harvest and do much more. at this, california farm robots are autonomous. lead transplanting saplings, monitoring their growth and moving heavy parts, which way up to 400 kilograms from a to b. . the farming company says it grows 30 times as many vegetables perfecter as conventional agricultural businesses. and people only play a secondary role. and i think robots will not replace but complement humans, the agricultural industry group, which will help some of the industries changing. farmers are becoming agricultural knowledge years. robots are increasingly being used to tend crops. this autonomous vehicle, for example, sprays,
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pesticides directly onto weeds. cutting back the use of harmful chemicals by up to 95 percent. other farming robots destroy weeds using lasers or brute force thanks to image recognition technology. does. this technology usually relies on machine learning, which is commonly referred to as artificial intelligence. by processing many different images, computers can learn to differentiate between wanted and unwanted plants. and then the strong hold was robots are also being trained to carry out more complex tasks. because farm helpers are increasingly hard to find. machines are learning to pick, strawberries, and harvest grapes. this has many advantages. robots never tire,
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and can work through the night. robots are also being used in cattle and dairy farming, but some people claim that this is harming animals. in any case, livestock and dairy farms are forced to boost efficiency to remain competitive. one dairy farm in the southern english village of shepton, mallett, is leading the way and using 5 g. connectivity to enhance efficiency. this might look like a conventional british t.v. far. plus it's not. these d.v. cars are integrated into a smart farming system that utilizes 5 g. technology. callers that send them to milking robots assume is there others are fooling the group bots, then analyze the amount and full duty of milk. sickness trackers in the animals ears monitor their health. we've got a lot of wearable technology on the counters which monitors their activity in
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a whole number of different ways. and information is fred back to their computers on the farm, but also to the phone. so the guys running the herd have planned so they can see very early on the earliest indications when a car might not be so well. a farmer can check on his times and run the top of his smartphone. we're looking at $66.00 just for the so she this red spike use spot about to vittie. basically it's telling me her activities increase so i can see that she's to get a label stuck in the right to fit the interactivity dropping down. so i can interpret that as she's quite safely. she's can take the teachings of me, give you much more efficient. but what does this mean?
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animal welfare. tomas black from the german veterinarian for animal welfare says that farmers were initially too reliant on high end tech farmers placed a lot of trust in these technologies and cut back on checking their animals well being. they spent less time monitoring if the animals had injured themselves or smart farming technology when properly and definitely improved animal wellbeing. there are more and more we can use for that virtual pastures to prevent cattle getting hurt on wire fencing. farmers can program g.p.s. collar trackers to keep cattle in a certain pre-defined area for smartphones. if an animal ventures outside this area, it's called a warning signal. if it keeps going, the collar gives it a low energy electric shock. as an electric treads water. small electric shocks still sound painful. these days,
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farmers also his johns to monitor crops. among other things this, their mo, imaging drone can spot photons hiding in tall grass that can be rescued. so combine harvesters don't mistakenly run them over this drone drops pods of wasps over cornfields. the insects destroy the eggs of european corn borer moths, a pest. in a single day, drone can service a vast area equivalent to $22.00 soccer pitches. and this autonomy drone helps protect greenhouse crops from moths, a base station scans the environment with infrared cameras and then dispatches the drone to kill the insects. the
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world's population is expected to grow by 2000000000 people over the next 30 years . so feeding everyone is a huge challenge. the agricultural sector cries a lot of water, land, fertilizer, and energy. how can we use these resources efficiently? precision farming might be the answer. it's all about calculating the exact resources needed to grow plants and feed animals. that's researchers and companies already applying this approach. this is the so-called food valley, the dutch agricultural equivalent to silicon valley. here, researchers like leo marcellus are studying the optimal conditions for different crops to flourish, their tweaking the intensity and color of lights, room, temperature, humidity, and air circulation to achieve optimal growth. and they use sensors to monitor how the plants react. we integrate that knowledge in simulation models and computer
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models of how the plan is growing. the researchers want to enhance agricultural productivity to boost the yield of vitamin rich vegetables. vertical farms near big urban centers are one way to cultivate plants independently of local soil and climate conditions. the netherlands are famous for their huge greenhouses. companies like rigger are working to deploy autonomous high tech solutions to optimize plant growth. sensors help monitor how they're doing to me, the vision is that controlled environment. agriculture is one of the main solutions for producing food in a economically good way, but also in a sustainable way. this means using as little water, energy, pesticides, and fertilizers as possible. this is sucking air from the green inside this pool, there's
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a temperature you needed to seal to censor the computer calculates exactly how much water and fertilizer plants need. and when fresh air is required to control those mold or they can control different relation to the roofs. for cooling, because the cold screen to some tree will be dishonest to watch. thanks to the data gathered by the sensors and smart watering technology. these tomatoes need 110th of the resources ordinary tomatoes require. the plan is to one day make this technology available for everyone's benefit. in the future. everybody can become a grower with the rights of every place in the world. that sounds like a great idea, but not everyone can afford this kind of high end tech. and without a stable internet connection,
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agricultural sensors can't communicate with each other. does that mean small scale? farmers can't become smart farmers. they might have to so smart farming, expert, ranveer, chandra, the impact of climate change or not the culture is going to be much more for the smallholder farmers. that is even a few degrees of radiation in temperature in the weather is going to affect smallholder farmers much more. we're not aware of what's going to come. so the need for smart farming the need for using data in any early hour is much more for small or the farmers who can you start up when tara is helping local farmers adapt to climate change? it provides a smart phone service that collates data gathered by crop sensors. drone data on light intensity is also fed into the system. with a drone, you can actually see crops just 2 weeks before you can see to their naked eye. so it helps the farmer make the right decision in time before the crop has lost. some
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200 cheney and smallholder farmers are already using one terrorist crop data. they say that their crop yields have increased by up to 40 percent. the most fundamental problem we need to have asked is, how do you really democratize technology? how do you really get some of these sensors, some of these drones look, these technologies are the point where they can be used by everyone that around the world by the smaller world. but so far, only a small fraction of smallholder farmers in developing countries are tapping into smart farming technologies. but this could well be the key to feeding the world's rapidly growing population. ranveer chanter is looking into ways to make these technological advances widely available. one of the biggest problems is cost when you put an additional sensor in the car, when you buy an additional robot with you by the still cameras. these are all additional cost for the smaller partners. we want it to be at
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a price point so that every grower can start making use of data that will help us solve the world's problem. fighting global hunger with high end tech sounds very promising. in 2800 other rhythms decoded, the complex sweet genome. now we can work on optimizing this crop to feed the world . but 2 questions remain unanswered. who owns this agricultural data? and how do the makers of sensors and farming equipment use it? i think that would make sense since this can protect our planet and global food supply. what do you think about smart farming? should robots manage life's talk and harvesting? let us know on you tube and facebook. goodbye and see you soon. come up. now for
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a go so more energy to burkina faso. this doesn't just mean transitioning to new energy. here, it means having access to electricity. currently only about 5 percent of the population has this privilege. the government project is seeking to change that code for the way of norway. it wants to fight climate change by storing carbon dioxide emissions in the ocean floor. problem solved. the project promises to be a lucrative business. but critics of the technology fear it new problems and are calling for a return to natural c o 2, storage rooms to study w. every journey begins with
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the 1st step. and every language with the 1st word published in the eco is in germany to learn german. why not play with them? simple online, on your mobile and free to set d w z learning course, nico speak. german made him seem to claim new ideas are needed for eco friendly mobility in big cities everywhere. but of course, in africa and europe and on the show today we'll be sharing some exciting new developments in bad sector and then welcome to eco africa. and there are in nigeria, and i am sondra to, you know, video here in the capital of uganda company. hi everybody. welcome to the letters.
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if you sort of africa. yes, it is true. we have a lot of interesting stories for you. and here's a quick preview. we hope to begin a fossil to take a look. i want to move on a production plant will also visit a company in germany. the host created a way to cycle with used oil from cars and plug to me. and also see how some people right here in company want to make transportation more eco friendly like many other west african countries became a fossil has difficulty meeting its electricity needs. in the rural areas, less than 5 percent of the population is connected to the great schools and medical centers are especially hard to fit in 2017, iraq union policy report highlighted the centralization and
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a most sustainable energy mix as possible solutions. and now things in booking a fossil seem to be moving in that direction. the solar kitchen on this roof is reliable and doesn't require much maintenance. who says the 2000 euro investment was money well spent for him and his family? he had to save up for a long time to be able to afford it. i installed the solar panels 7 years ago. now we have lights, a television set, a fridge, so we can drink cold water. it's very useful. since we never know if or when we'll be hooked up to the grid, we turn to solar for only 15 percent of the population and linked
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to the national electricity grid and back in a fast way. so people buy solar kits instead, they can now be found at small local shops and street night. so major roads are also solar powered nowadays. here in one of the poorest countries in africa, a local business, the fossil energy company has set up a plants to produce a list systems. it's the 1st in west africa. the factory opened a few weeks ago. the manufacturing equipment and components of the solar systems are imported from europe. the government waived import duties. the production equipment is the very latest. it's very complex and enables us to make high quality products. the panels we make are basically the same as models that have been certified in germany. certain much of the manufacturing process is automated. but some steps, a done by hand. 170 people work at the plant. the hof of them are
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women. the solar cells have to be sold and to the panels manually to create the modules. the entire system has to be robust enough to withstand high temperatures. it can be 45 degrees celsius in the shade. so this is where we test the panels. when a panel comes out of the machine, we check all the solders to see if there are any cracks anywhere. if everything's ok, we wire the strings of cells together. finally, we attach a serial number to prevent counterfeiting, because of the company has stepped up on components in case supply chains are interrupted. there's a lot of competition on the market for solar panels in west africa, especially from companies in asia. fossil energy aims to serve
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not only domestic market, but neighboring countries to threaten the producers. the production line ends here. this is where we store the finished products classed by our put up with interdependent. we produce 200 panels a day, the equivalent of 30 to 80 megawatts annually. in the company's main customer is the government which aims to boost the sheriff, renewables in the national energy mix. it wants to reduce and tricity imports and cut down on the use of diesel generators to reduce costs and minimize pollution. so the energy ministry launched the backup solaire program and our agency is implementing it. it enables citizens, as well as small and medium enterprises to buy solar panels by providing them
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interest free loans. since we started the program last year, more than $4000.00 companies and people have benefited from it as it shifts from generating electricity with fossil fuels. the government is promoting solo with we need to figure out it's planning to build 16 large solar farms over the next 2 years to provide green energy to entire city neighborhoods. every year the world generates tons of used funtime. it's all, well, the question of what to do with it. it comes from many sources including cars, trucks and what is it be great if we could do recycle? well, congress in germany has developed a technology to do just that. oil
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is used for a 1000 different things, but when it's old, it has to be discarded. much of it is just burned or ends up in rivers, lakes, and oceans that poses a huge problem for the environment. what can be done about it? there might be a technical solution, a machine that recycles oil. to put it simple, the oil vaporizes in just a few milliseconds it's, he did, and the vapors are collected and processed into the oils. basic constituents of 3 days range from base oil to a diesel component and a petroleum like component. and these can be recycled onsite, in other words, made into new oil products and sold to a dealer. or they can be turned straight into electricity and used to produce
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energy. so if the machine can process up to 2 tons of wheat story of the day 90 percent of it is turned into a usable oil. 10 percent ends up as residue that can be used in breaux construction. the machine is transportable and fits a standard cargo container and $350000.00 euros. it doesn't come cheap. and how about you? if you are also doing your big, tell us about it, visit our website, or send us a tweet. hash tag doing your bit. we share your story. if you look at traffic jams in places like lagos, or in other big cities in the world, it's clear that we must make changes to the ways we transport both people and goods . so it's a good that research researchers around the world are working on alternatives that
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are environmentalists friendly and sustainable to enhance the way we live. they are indeed there is such is not only about the way we policymakers like cystic hydrogen, bio gas and so on. but also about the different kinds of vehicles where the cars, buses, or trains. let us visit some university so many to see what they're dreamed up and ask in technical university or are w t 8. scientists are working flat out they want to develop new kinds of environmentally friendly mobility for the future . leading the charge there is its director going to shoot a man with big ideas. history who was an electric car that everyone can afford. he believes this comic has weren't interested. so in 2017,
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she founded the company ego. and the actually, overnight, the scientist became a comic. you know, how engineers don't have the privilege of conducting research, only with the aim of gaining new insights. unlike other disciplines were obliged to carry out research according to its relevance. we take that very seriously here at our university. so whatever we dedicate our resources to researching it has to be of use to society. and you also have to be strong enough to fight for things that you think would be good for society. even if the establishment doesn't want them. ginter shoot and ego change the german automobile market. the trailblazer success is inspiring his colleagues at university to realize their own ambitions for them. he's a pioneer that opens doors for others to go through. that's what my grandmother,
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unfortunate people would always say, you researchers or academics, you all sit in ivory towers. you broke the stereotype to show that universities can also bring new products to the market or to successfully bring new products to the market. and we profit from that. of course. it's showing the way for all of the issues surrounding mobility. we're very happy that he is here in arkansas and that he is helping, even if just subconsciously take us all to another level, in my opinion, without going to shoe and he go, we would not have secured the funding for this project and the team is developing an innovative project with its routes to space in order to connect the cabin of an electric bus to an overhead cable. a highly complex clamping device was developed from satellite technology by 1000 traffic jams from above. that's the vision. under the direction of professor. they've come up with
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a new concept that has really taken off i'm now of the opinion that we have found the key to what mobility might look like in the future. because we've solved so many problems. by lifting transport of the ground, we freed up the space below and can return it again to the people. it's helped, the people mover will be at the center of the university's cable bus project. the small electric bass is the latest innovation from going to shoot. when the earth and university crews work on mobility ideas, they often examine how autonomous driving technology can be integrated. for that reason, project leaders on these with colleagues from the institute for automotive engineering at university. they're at the forefront of research into autonomous driving yes, we aren't working on systems that need to be put in production tomorrow. but we can
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take our time to find something for the future. and blick davis is just testing the concept in one of the most modern simulate his in the world. here they're looking into how the movements of the driverless bus impact the senses of its passengers. this pleasure type called speedy, has already passed through the simulation process. kitted out with the latest technology. it aims to provide a driving experience fit for the future. it's about improving mobility, not restricting us, and making it environmentally friendly. my job is not only to make that happen, but to try it out and test it with my young team so that they're excited about this journey and then want to pursue it their whole lives. because that's an excitement that drives innovative ideas. and that can change the way we travel
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in the city and beyond those i really interesting ideas and inventions. well, what about here and now to graduates of that same university in germany have come up with a modest project that could make a really big difference in kampala. it's already helping quite a few people and could well help. many more. once the pandemic is over and the roads even be 0. 0 for us, this is one of the few people in uganda, driving an electric motor bike. he sees a lot of advantages to it. and i wanted to silent number 2 doesn't consume fuel at all. number 3, claims very well. okee has food deliveries being eagerly awaited play a pregnant customer since he serves them few, well,
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he can charge less than his competitors. he's actually very cheap to pay them in the end. i think they go there that people are doubling their praise. so literally it is inconvenient for me in kampala alone. there are about a 130000 motorcycles open borders. the masses of motorised fake cause generate a huge amount of air pollution. that is why the united nations environment program provides advice and financial support for electric mobility in eastern africa. we need the media response. we need intermediary interventions. and electric mobility is one of those because it is easier to, i'm not going to infrastructure the needs. they don't need so you can have a computer and go on development past that path requires pioneers like been located korea and the
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graduates of arc in university in germany. how do you take few ready, existing fuel motorbikes in kampala and transform them into electric bikes? so all we remove the petrol powered train, petrol driven, we poured an electric, can see it's the same bike. fuel tank is empty, of course. and what we put inside is mainly a controller and the electrical solar electric motor. a battery as a source of power, replacing the fuel tank or some digital controls of throttle. the theory i invite she's become an old laptops, are assembled into rechargeable battery units for the e. bike. and the recycling loop continues,
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even when the batteries become too weak to use in the e. bikes. so what we do get in your batteries, use it for your mobility. after that, when they lose a bit of power, we ate up with it. we put it in storage systems like our power resolves, one loses again, bit of power. we go through tortures and other small obligations before it goes through to be disposed. delivery month francis will clear is one of the 20 drivers testing the transformed bikes. on average, he has to return to board a walk twice a day to recharge. he rents the batteries for the evening to have less than 3 euros a day. all in all. these has cut his operating costs by half, but there is still one thing that bothers him. world of one place where we,
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where we swap their batteries. but they decided when they don't need to get the feedback or we are getting in front of what are geysers also also because it doubles their income, saw family is full fee. we see kids being brought from the village that are now schooling income, because the writers have more money. this right days, germany genea done udrih. he had worked for solar energy company for several years before he decided to try to make company as motorbikes cleaner. with his startup zembla, he now imports cutting edge electric motor bikes from china. each one sells for about a 1000 euros. that's quite a bit of money. but the drivers can pay over a period of 2 years. and the bikes are tailored to their specific needs. here our driving mode is different than chinese person commuting to work. here we really
10:49 pm
look and productive. he was hundreds of kilometers every day with the only possible if you will or delivery. this startup 20 bikes so far and they expect a 10 more within the next 2 months. the same boys are already creating employment, sorrow, tabel couldn't find a job for 2 years. now, she's in charge of marketing. actually, it makes me feel very proud of myself, that i'm contributing a lot to be part of the great team, which is actually part of getting to immobility for a small fee of just over half. a euro is imber driver can exchange and into botching playfully charged $1.00. this important likes of live green
10:50 pm
since the electricity comes from the solar energy on top of the company's beauty. these green technology behind frances appears deliveries is a sign of hope in 2 ways. providing for people's needs in the local, down and for clean the country. once the pandemic is over, i hope the sun could choose to shine. they'll soon be lots more rich charging stations. electric transporters on taxes could make a big difference in terms of pollution, especially when the traffic picks up again. and now we move on to ghana to learn more about yet another evil they said. can you tell us more? yes indeed. sandra, it's something that was designed to help tackle a major problem in the country. illegal logging, farming and mining are driving right before a station, but nowadays, where there's a problem, it's usually an app to help solve it. and that is the case here to an app that lets
10:51 pm
you pull money for what's going on in the area. and we will be legal logging back to the man using this wants to remain anonymous because his life would be in danger. if the wrong people caught him collecting data here, he uses to report teams who felt legally in north western uganda, and ideal for many of us have been trained. so when a passer by sees any felled tree, we are unarmed and then we collect data. that's how we found this stream on this tree. an endangered species was filled illegally. so in 2 pieces from a large part of it was taken away, there must have been between 5 and 10 men evolved with heavy equipment to track down the would put the end nature and development foundation. since local of service into particularly affected areas across the country,
10:52 pm
the project is financed with the you. support force from the over $200.00 observers are collected are going to efficient headquarters in the capital across most of the or less recorded on the platform. in going to this lot, this project has been able to identify some sites which have no real need to the forestry commission for action to be taken the glass if you pay for it is one of the monitors working for the organization. today. he's checking up on reported cases and documented the damage that team, but these have not yet finished. the i went here there still would, waiting to be transported and even a kind of star of drinking water through this guy. thousands who appreciate what's on the ascendency. but when the advent of the put it
10:53 pm
off, since all oppression happened in office, there has been some press behind the truth and capacity building programs, which where we organize for community members. and one case that symmetry is one of governance most important industries. tropical wood sauce, sold all over the world. they include red to invest, that sell for high prices. don't be taught and company is the largest was a sin fam. in north western government, it says it's committed to forest management such a vacation enabled guarantee. some would put out, come from sustainably money forests. initially, there was a lot of local resistance to the giant timber company in the region, even though it pays a special tax that goes straight to communities. there wasn't much friction between the country and the communities. one were about to start
10:54 pm
a log of their ways, dances where it's about right where it would be blocked by right by different communities. but right now we're doing is you. and if there were doubts, there is the understanding between the investor that's going to tie the company and the forest print quality to the nature and development foundation. not only what's to prevent illegal deforestation, but also to mediate between local people and industrial resistance to the team. but monopoly has eased and instead there is more cooperation in the village of badly in the south of the country. residents using taxes from the industry to build hospitals every day. hundreds of transports from the region head for market throughout the country to places like shaima, a suburb of a crop, big market, your region of the wood. it's not too closely. but the head of the market association insist that a proportion of wood with
10:55 pm
a certificate of origin is on the rise. and we have taken the business. one does not demand for its business. so we doubt this is proof that there were goblets that thinks may be changing forestry sector, but there's still plenty to do for the local fresh discoveries of illegally filled trees almost every day. we have reached here and on this technology partition of equal africa. as you can see, there are so many innovations that could help us protect the environment and enhance our lives. but for now the time has come for me to say goodbye. and now if i may signing up, i do by sandra by, i do look forward to seeing the once again next week, and it is a good bye to all of you out there as well. the duke. be sure to tune in next time until then. it is a good bye for me. sounded 3, no, go here in company. uganda. the
10:56 pm
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bank. beneath the waves, norway wants to fight climate change. during carbon dioxide emissions in the ocean floor. problem solved. the project promises to be a lucrative business, but critics of the technology fear it new problems and are calling for a return to natural. the team story, it's coming up in streets,
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sparking with color one houses are down and the artworks are beautiful and tasty. and it's time for your home x. . this time it's the street art stylish masterpieces. a romance for him. a duel with words where i come from, you don't run away from a confrontation. when i was 5 years old, my father took me to his friends and a lot was full on the spot. a sport, a few months old, early twenty's,
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who all sold fencing as a language and a good swordfight is a conversation. just leave your opponent, understand that thinking new of the main to get close. otherwise you can score a hit. it's not unlike a tough interview really. when interviewing politicians or corporate c.e.o.'s, you have to wait for the right moment just to get around their defenses. then make your own fear, you have to take risks to get results. i've got alphas and i work at d, w. frankfurt, international gateway to the best connection self in the road and rail. located in the heart of europe,
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