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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2020 2:00am-2:16am CET

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thank you this is do w. news live from berlin? the coronavirus pandemic dominates the g 20 in a virtual summit hosted by saudi arabia. leaders focus their efforts on fighting covert 19 and economic damage. countries are also drawing up plans for a fair distribution of vaccines to include poorer countries. also coming up in blocks, proff, the afghan capital multiple explosions killed several people in kabul, the so-called islamic state says it carried out attacks, even as feast talks,
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drag on. and a presidential election in west africa extremist violence. people in brooklyn, a fast head to the polls today by their growing islamist insurgency, means many voters won't be able to cast their ballots possible in this legal battle . royale in france 1st off the bike and sleep pop live, look to draw level, want points with illegal leaders. no easy task against the fiercely to music side. i'm jared reed. thank you for joining me. leaders of the world's wealthiest countries have been meeting online for a g 20 summit hosted by saudi arabia. the virtual gathering is dominated by if it's 2 in the coronavirus pandemic, and deal with its economic fallout. a draft declaration shows that the biggest economies will pledged pay for fair distribution of $19.00 vaccines and testing,
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so that poor countries are not left out. debt relief is also by clean to be extended. denied the opportunity for face to face pageantry. this was how so dear rebiya, open the g 20 a 7 plane fly over of riyadh to mark the fashion ever summit hosted by an arab country. on the grown king solomon beckoned the world's most powerful leaders, bureaucrats, and despots. to meet the challenge of their generation, it is unfortunate that we are unable to host you in person due to be exceptional circumstances we're all facing. as he spoke, flanked by the all powerful crown prince, some participants were running late. the russian and turkish delegations, en particular, when vladimir putin did arrive,
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he backed the summit's calls for the poorest to get access to a vaccine. but yours with russia, supports the draft key decision of the current summit aimed at making effective and see facts to be able to all. there is no doubt that drugs for immunization are and should be accessible to everyone. those new york, i'm accused of the saudi arabia's human rights record, had lead to awkward questions the faces of jailed female activists projected on the louvre in paris. but many leaders to included that working together with the gulf kingdom to tackle covert 19 was a matter of arjun singh. that's a good thing to this end. we need to sustainably strengthen the world health organization. we need reliable funding, better cooperation, greater independence, and the g 20 can provide important indeed crucial support in this area. in
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lieu of the traditional family food to the whole project, a more competent rule on to an 18th century polish. it seemed to capture what may, well be one of the strangest and most important g., 20 summits ever. well, while the pandemic and its economic fallout dominating the summit, concerns over saudi arabia's record on human rights are costing a shadow over the proceedings, especially here in europe. our correspondent, teri schultz has more from brussels. the european parliament urged e.u. leaders not to take part in the g. 20 summit due to the saudi government's human rights record that european commission president ursula dandelion and council president shall. michel said they simply couldn't sit out a meeting of the world's most powerful countries when there are so many crises that need global cornish, and they did promise to bring up the human rights record, including specifically the brutal murder of journalist jamal khashoggi at the hands of agents links to the saudi regime. now what's on the table is very much focused
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on getting a vaccine for the coronavirus. ursula vanderlei and wrote a letter along with some other leaders to the g 20 meeting urging leaders to make up a $4500000000.00 shortfall in one of the w h o's programs that would ensure an equitable distribution. it's not clear what the answer to that will be, but vonder lyon and other leaders are very much pushing for the entire world to come together behind this effort. one other thing on the table, it's not clear whether president trump will appear and speak to his counterparts. everyone's waiting for joe biden to take over because he has said that he will rejoin the w.h.o. and the global efforts to get a vaccine and distribute it, including to the most vulnerable populations. that was our correspondent, teri schultz reporting there from brussels. ok, let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. today. protesters in guatemala city have set fire to part of the country's congress building and the growing demonstrations against the president and legislature. the
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demonstrators are unhappy with their leaders for approving a budget with cuts to education and health care. thousands of people have protested israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in jerusalem. demonstrators braved cold and went with it to demand his resignation over alleged corruption and the government's handling of the coronavirus and in the so-called islamic state says it carried out a series of attacks in the afghan capital kabul at least 8 people have been killed by multiple rocket blasts. now these attacks came as u.s. secretary of state visited the region to push forward. stalled peace talks between the afghan government and the taliban. 6 'd regime that might cavil, brought to a standstill after a series of rocket attacks targeted different presidential areas. early in the
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morning, afghanistan's interior ministry says mortar shells were fired from 2 vehicles. this over the road. they go at, it was morning and we were leaving our home when an explosion happened. and to my sisters and my mother were wounded. we brought them to the hospital. what you're going to call my. i was having breakfast when the rockets landed, one of the rockets hit a vehicle belonging to a bakery. at least 3 people were wounded and have been taken to the hospital. violence has surged in recent months as multiple insurgent groups launched assaults on afghan security forces. and civilians this despite peace talks between the taliban and the government, u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe has been in qatar to kick start the stalled talks . he met with the taliban, co-founder mullah abdul harney bar dar pump. ayos flying
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visit comes after washington announced it will speed up. the withdrawal of u.s. troops from afghanistan 2500 are to leave by january. there are fears this could further weaken afghan forces. i remember the taliban. for now, people in kabul must live with the constant threat of another attack. well, people in the west african nation of birth today, elections, overshadowed by escalating extremist violence. more than 2000 people have been killed this year and a 1000000 more have fled their homes. now, president is expected to win a 2nd term. his main rival in the goal has been endorsed by the long serving former leader already. and how does it? insurgency has left large areas, caught all of leaving many voters and eyeball to take another day.
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another early start for bernadette trying to provide food for children means spending most of her time here. but there's not much to sell. the main fraiche stopped working, so she can sell fish or rice that much money just doesn't work. there is no money in this country, and i cannot afford the repairs either way, there's no guarantee szell, have customers with an absolute militant attacks. people are keeping together what they half the audience is. the poverty in this must stop. i want to take care of my children. bernadette is one of so many in the country trying to survive with very little hundreds of thousands don't even have a home displaced in their own country. they are clustered on the outskirts of the
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city. more than 1000000, people have fled their homes for this year, due to spiraling violence. that's twice as many as it was at the start of 2020. and these people here have little or no chance of casting their votes in the upcoming elections. but at the same time, they are the ones who most want stability and peace in this country. the government of incumbent president couple e says that nearly half of the country's 13 regions have little to no access to voting. because it's unsafe. does not want to delay the elections, but how can the winner be a true reflection of the people's choice when hundreds of thousands of potential voters do not have the chance to participate? she says, the election itself is legitimate. the question is whether the outcome will be
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election will take place on sunday, november 22nd. the crisis could start on november 23rd. so if there is voter fraud, if the results are not compliant with what the people put in the ballot box, we could have a crisis now. you don't need 2 or 4 months. all will depend on how the election will be carried out. we stop by the restaurant that was attacked by islamists in 2016, killing 30 people, both locals and foreigners. it serves as a daily reminder to everyone of the point when work enough tipped into chaos, especially in the north. the restaurant owner decided to stay. he says so that the jihadists cannot win. he also decided to stop talking on camera too much to bear for his family since that fateful day. but better now that would not hesitate to leave. she's already had to do that in the past. in 2016,
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she left without her family to neighboring to live with everything she did, things were not working out here. so i thought i would go there and see. but after a month, it did not regard either. i do all of this for my children. her husband does not earn much, either from his job as an assistant in a shop. it's tough though i adore my children. they are a gift of god, but i'm too young to handle children. i want to see them happy and this is haunt hard for me. better know that, like many others will try to leave again for a whole long this time it's unclear what is certain. hardly anyone here expects life to get better after the election. let's go to sports now. a rare
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wobble from blunders. legal leaders by and munich saw them draw one all at harm to a very braman, some fine player from josh sargent. set up maxi biggest giant on the stroke of half time. the germany, germany international school, finished giving the visitors an unlikely lead. a pinpoint header from kingsley rescued a point for the champions in the 2nd half, but it was nevertheless a surprising setback for by and by and slip up against bremen handed rb leipsic an opportunity to go level on points with the league leaders later on saturday. a win in frankfurt was what you, leonardo's months sided needed by their hosts put up stiff opposition. an unexpected chance to go joint top gave you leonardo's man a reason to smile ahead of kick off. but there was work to be done yet. the job became harder after frank 1st took a 1st half lead through a man was the moroccan international using his chest to fashion. the perfect
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shooting opportunity might see a bit back after the break use of poulsen with an arm orthodox finish to level the scores was a pinpoint cross and a shot volley to make it one apiece. manpower, someone close to winning the game from a corner in the dying minutes. his back post volley expertly handled by frankfurt keeper, kevin trap. and so all square it ended in frankfurt. a missed opportunity for noddles men's title chasers. ok before we go, take a look at this rare footage of a wild snow leopard filmed in northwestern china. you might have thought that these animals rolled like other cats bought their vocal
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chords on quite the same, which means they voices sound a bit different. but you can hear this video was captured by a hidden camera inside the sound, genuine national pock in northwestern china. and here the snow leopard he can see is marking its territory with its own set. ok, thanks for watching. what secrets lie behind its walls? discover new adventures in the 360 degree and explore fascinating world heritage sites. e.w. world heritage 360 get kidnapped now from a ghetto to parliament every morning and go into those bobby wine.


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