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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2020 7:00am-7:16am CET

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but the day that we neared life from berlin, the coronavirus and dominates the g 20 and a virtual summit hosted by saudi arabia. world leaders focused their efforts on finding covert 1000 and its economic consequences. countries are reportedly drawing up plans to fund a fair distribution of coronavirus vaccines all around the globe. also coming up we'll take you to the war torn region of nucor. no care about more ethnic. armenians are being forced to leave behind their homeland fondant and we share when reports on the mixture of grief and defiance there. plus,
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i'm going to go into battle royale in frankfurt after byron slip up, the lights take a look to draw level on points with the league leaders, no easy task against a fiercely committed home side. welcome to the program. leaders of the world's wealthiest countries have been meeting online for a g 20 summit hosted by saudi arabia. a virtual gathering is dominated by efforts to end the coronavirus pandemic and deal with its economic fallout. a draft declaration shows the biggest economies will pledge to pay for a fair distribution of covert $19.00, vaccines and testing. so that poorer countries aren't left out. that relief is also likely to be extended denied the opportunity for
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a face to face pageantry. this was how so dia rebiya opened the g 20 a 7 plane fly over of riyadh to mark the 1st ever summit hosted by an arab country . on the grown king solomon beckoned the world's most powerful leaders, bureaucrats, and despots. to meet the challenge of their generation, it is unfortunate that we are unable to host you in passion due to be exceptional circumstances we're all facing. as he spoke, flanked by the all powerful crown prince, some participants were running late, the russian antarctic, delegations, and particular. when vladimir putin did arrive, he backed the summits, calls for the poorest to get access to a vaccine. but yours, with russia supports the draft key decision of the current summit aimed at making effective and safe vaccine to be able to all. there is no doubt that drugs for
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immunization are and should be accessible to everyone. those new york, i'm accused of the saudi arabia's human rights record, hardly to awkward questions the faces of jailed female activists projected on the louvre in paris. but many leaders to included that working together with the gulf kingdom to tackle covert 19 was a matter of arjun singh. that's a good thing to this end. we need to sustainably strengthen the world health organization. we need reliable funding, better cooperation, greater independence, and the g 20 can provide important indeed crucial support in this area. in lieu of the traditional family food to project a more on june 18th century polish, it seemed to capture what may well be one of the strangest and most important g.
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20 summits ever. now, while the pandemic and its economic repercussions are dominating the summit, concerns over saudi arabia's record on human rights are casting a shadow over the proceedings, especially here in europe. our correspondent terry schulze reports from brussels. the european parliament urged e.u. leaders not to take part in the g. 20 summit due to the saudi government's human rights record that european commission president under lyon and council president shall michel said they simply couldn't sit out a meeting of the world's most powerful countries when there are so many crises that need global coordination. they did promise to bring up the human rights record, including specifically the brutal murder of journalist jamal khashoggi at the hands of agents links to the saudi regime. now what's on the table is very much focused on getting a vaccine for the coronavirus. ursula vanderlei and wrote a letter along with some other leaders to the g 20 meeting urging leaders to make up a $4500000000.00 shortfall in one of the w. h o's. programs that would ensure an equitable
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distribution. it's not clear what the answer to that will be. but vonder lyon and other leaders are very much pushing for the entire world to come together behind this effort. reported from brussels there. 2 years ago. saudi arabia allowed women to drive for the 1st time. the step was part of a series of sweeping reforms. the kingdom carried out. images of such changes were broadcast widely for the world to see. during this weekend's g. 20 summit, the country is making efforts to further flaunt progress regarding women's rights. but human rights groups say saudi women are still oppressed and often subjected to imprisonment and torture. it was this video that got jane. i'll have flu thrown into prison. the 1st time around, back in 2014, she was driving a car, something that was then still illegal for women in saudi arabia. and men who want
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to stop us from driving are doing us an injustice by our oppressing us. after she was released, i'll have through continued to campaign for women's rights at home and publicly while abroad. that's why in 2018, she was put in prison again. there she's been tortured and raped according to her sister who lives in exile. now lou jane has apparently gone on hunger strike. he wants to say, and the only way to do it is to break it. but mission family and i think they, they're not able to eat a strong woman who will be willing to speak about everything that had happened to her. many think that would contradict the image of saudi women. the royal family wants to portray woman who do business travel, sports, and yes, since 2018 are even allowed to drive some believe. these are simply cosmetic reforms by crown prince mohammed bin sideman to get more women into the workforce
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rights activists say, the reality is very different. what makes our eurabia extremely hypocritical on this front is the fact that they detained, went after the entire saudi women's rights movement, arresting dozens of activists beginning in may and 20 nevertheless, the saudi royals have put women's rights high on the agenda at the g. 20 summit portraying themselves as open and liberal minded leaders. leader says the west should confront riyadh on this contradiction to radio refuses to engage with us. so it's their duty of their allies and the international community to just stand by us and to us where you jane is and to ask for her. perhaps this is her last chance because until now riyadh has rejected any external intervention. let's now take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world. the so-called islamic state jihadist group has claimed responsibility for
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a series of attacks in the afghan capital kabul at least 8 people were killed by, multiple rocket blast on saturday. u.s., secretary of state, my pump aoe is in the region to push forward, stalled afghan peace talks. a federal judge in pennsylvania has dismissed a lawsuit by the donald trump campaign, alleging voter fraud. the u.s. president wanted to invalidate mail in ballots, but the judge said the campaign presented quote, strange legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations. official results showed joe biden won the state by more than 80000 votes. protesters and want tamala city have set fire to part of the country's congress building. amid growing demonstrations against the president and lawmakers, the demonstrators are unhappy with their leaders for approving a budget with cuts to education and healthcare spending. hundreds of students have
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marched in the colombian capital of bogota to protest against the economic policies of president. they also demanded improvements to health care coverage and education . some protesters clashed with police. john says its troops have begun entering areas surrounding the disputed territory of nagorno-karabakh, which was predominantly home to armenians for more than a century. that was before a russian brokered peace deal ended weeks of bloody fighting with separatists. then giving up much of the territory in return for the deployment of russian peacekeepers. w.'s emilie's sure. when reports from nagorno-karabakh, she met with ethnic armenians facing the painful experience of saying goodbye to their homeland or lol. prayer for what is lost.
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armenians are saying goodbye to the monastery. the house of worship is in one of several regions being handed over to azerbaijan. after a peace deal, a priest here says he can only hope, believe, be able to reach this holy site from armenia. we know that the negotiations about the road leading here are still ongoing, but we've been assured that the church will remain ours. this road should stay in service. we worship here. why should we priests leave the church? there's no reason for us to leave ancient, most likely dates from the 9th century. for days, armenians have been coming here to take a final book. the mood is a mix of grief and defiance. this is a holy place for us when we drive along this route, we usually always stop here. now we came to say good bye. we probably won't be able
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to come here any more. i hope this won't be a final farewell to the starry. we will come here again. i know that we aren't afraid of anyone. why should we be scared? if this is the world know that this church is armenian, and will always be armenian? the russian peacekeepers have been stationed here to guard the monastery. some of the armenian visitors bring them sweets to thank them. already the monastery stands in the landscape and the village around it is deserted. for days, many locals in the area have been burning their own houses. they thing only scorched earth behind for us or by john,
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the owner of this house was already gone when we arrived the peace deal that armenia and azerbaijan signed officially ended the war here and now. but it's clear that people's anger burns on, in nearby villages. people tell us they're still unsure which areas will ultimately be under control. for now is staying with relatives in the village of it in which will stay armenian. she says she's waiting to find out the fate of her town. i don't know what to do. my things are there and i'm here. i thought myself and was injured in the last war. i don't want them to take our land. if our house is taken, i'll go and burn it. the mountains of may now be peaceful, but many of the ethnic armenians leaving say they would rather keep fighting than lose so much of their homeland and sports, a rare wobble from going as leaders barring munich,
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saw them draw 10 at home to veteran brandon some fine player from american josh sargent set up moxie agast on. on the stroke of half time, the germany international school finished giving the visitors an unlikely lead. a pinpoint header from kings like oman in the 2nd half helped the champions save face, but it was nonetheless a surprising set. fire up against bremen handed army light 2nd opportunity to go level on points with the league leaders later on saturday. when in frankfurt it was what you really are not gods among the dead, but their hosts, but a stiff competition. an unexpected chance to go joint top gave you a reason to smile ahead of kickoff, but there was work to be done yet the job became harder after frank foote took a 1st huff lead through the moroccan international using his chest to
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fashion the perfect shooting opportunity back after the break use of pulse and with an arm also don't finish to level the scores of pinpoint, cross, and a small volley. so mike, you want to piece that power so might close to winning the game from a cooler in the dying minutes piece back post volley expertly handled by frank foote, keeping kevin trap and so where it ended in frankfurt a missed opportunity for noddles men's title chasers before we go, we have some rare footage of a wild snow leopard filmed and northwestern china you know, my things, animals more like other big cats, but their vocal chords are the same. which means don't voices sound a bit different. that's video was captured by
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a heaven camera and the sun jianrong national park in northwestern china. you're watching t w. news life on berlin. next up as a reporter with a look at the consequences of climate change on the caribbean island of crescent. i'll be back with more headlines at the top of the hour beginning to do.


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