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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2020 8:15am-8:31am CET

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well, at half time, top one forced into action after the break. alan holland, sports 4 goals, as the visitor stormed to a $52.00 victory. that leaves them breathing down byron's neck. and the bonus lighthouse you're watching news live from berlin next up as world stories with a look at how countries around the world are handling the 2nd wave of the and i'll be back with more headlines at the top of the hour. but meantime, there's always our website dot com for me and the entire team. and for turning i've been told it is for me, and beethoven is for beethoven is for beethoven is for every one
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beethoven 2020, 5th anniversary here on d. . don't you know, the line to us is on its way to bring you more conservation plays. how do we make see the screen or how can we protect habitats? we do make a difference. good morning, genius. learn to series again, blew through the photos and on to you. don't want to go online this week on world stories. another strict lockdown in france, fighting indifference to grown up in turkey. but our journey begins in the usa. this city of the ok paso, texas,
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is one of the country's corona hot spots stretching hospitals and funeral homes there to their limits at best. so it's on the border with mexico, but no one is talking about the wall anymore. the pandemic is raging here. numbers are soaring, right now. we have about 241 cases. now, to contrast with about 45 days ago, we only have 30, but a lot of those people that you see going into these tents behind me. they will wind up inside our hospital, have authorities are already arranging to move patients to other cities. if the hospitals become overwhelmed, planning for months of strain, we have to make sure that we are ready for this winter. not only here in el paso, but also around the country, resources are finite. there is already a backlog in dealing with the dead. referee generated more outside, the hospitals serve as makeshift more to every funeral homes in the past,
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so are so overwhelmed that families sometimes have to wait a week to bury a lost one funeral directors themselves are struggling to cope earlier. in this case is the level of stress is very high because it is not comparable to how it used to be. some months ago we had around 30 services per month. right now we're having around 18 of sort of issues. where is this is where the economic effects of the pandemic can most clearly be seen. downtown el paso seems abandoned by some money of all works just around the corner. for him, the presidential race is not over yet. no one from president biden is not going to be the president of the immigrants. going to be donald trump. he feared his business might be hit by the pandemic. but now he has orders until july next year. republicans, he says, are good for the construction sector. despite his support for trump, he has his own opinion on covert 1000,
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specially after he tested positive. everyone is going to get the virus and we're going to fill up the hospitals. testing is one of the crucial instruments to avoid to this problem may get cordy needs 10 testing centers in the past. so he works for a private company that is being paid by the state of texas. but his main concern in the pandemic is not political. i don't have fully knowledge of what joe biden is planning to do in his administration, but until now we haven't had any kind of difficulties with the current administration. i don't think it's a matter of resources. the main concern is how to communicate to the people. what to do or not get annoyed. trump supporters biden supporters to different sides that seem to come together in the past. 10 european countries have reacted to the drastic increase in chrono infections.
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recur queues and lockdown, it's france's new regulations are strictest of all impressions from paris even under lockdown, the french are taking to the streets as opposed to doing the 1st covert. 19 way for schools here are staying open, but teachers don't feel safe. we have between $20.25 pupils per class. we are trying to impose social distancing. but in our classrooms, we can, it may still have a distance of 40 centimeters between each pupil in the town that she's the most similar. as you said, you see, we were hoping the government would reinforce sanitary measures, but they haven't or at least not sufficiently. so we don't understand that we fear the government is abandoning us to lash. they are getting support from their pupils who have been blocking school and trances and posting videos online that show
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a lack of social distancing. also unlike during the 1st private $1000.00 ways, more shops open and large parts of france's industry are still up and running. and yet, this is still one of europe's strictest. lockdowns with people only allowed one hour a day and only within a radius of one kilometer of their homes. most french think the government was right to confine them, but many criticize the method. i don't understand why big supermarkets are no longer allowed to sell books, clothes or toys, just because small shops that sell the same things are closed. the government is just not good at explaining itself. this will cause lots of unemployment and bankruptcy. why are they leaving big supermarkets open by closing smaller shop? megastores often take in hundreds of clients and small shops, only one or treat them much safer. and yet the government is staying the course.
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even though the spread of the epidemic has been slowing down. in turkey, despite an increase in infections, there's been widespread indifference toward the corona, regulations. the government is trying to change that the city of $60000000.00 in which the corona virus is spreading. and one of the teams that are fighting to stop it was the last image on is a dentist, at least she was until the pandemic started it. she's been a contact traces since march 1 of around 35000 in turkey. and here in your book, that scene from here, the size of the city can be scary, and i sometimes wonder where this endemic is headed. but as a doctor, i have a responsibility. i try to think positively and knowing that i help people is what
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motivates me and keeps me going there on a tracing team manages around 10 households a day. they work in shifts almost around the clock. the goal is always the same. track down test and isolate those who have been exposed to someone with 90 and all of this as quickly as possible. google's 1st case today is the collect says all family. the mother recently tested positive. now the father has symptoms true. could you call a close up closer if the test is positive? good. and we're also trying to trace his contact. yes. the whole family has to stay at home for the next 14 days. after each visit, protective clothing has to be changed. good job is time consuming. and strenuous,
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but it's worth it. she says. as in many other countries, people's vigilance here has slackened in a recent survey. more than half of the respondents in turkey said the corona virus does not affect a worry them. and critics also blame the government for this lack of concern because the health ministry no longer reports the number of new infections every day. but only the number of symptomatic patients john uncuffed, undiano of the opposition c.h.p. says the government is hiding. the real scope of the pandemic is thought so slow. here in istanbul alone, the number of cases is 20 times higher than the tally from the ministry of health. i'm saying this with regret, but the figures and information we have given are not correct. we're going to,
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you know, john is on her next house call. she does not want to take part in political discussions. she knows the debate about the numbers, but doesn't want to get involved that more and more people disregard. the coronavirus rules frustrates her winning, which is surely good. it makes me sad. we are putting so much effort into this work . but what's the point, if so many act as if nothing can happen to them? and if this doesn't change, we won't see an end to this pandemic sticky because of google hopes that she will soon be able to work as a dentist again. but she also knows that her new job will be needed for quite a while. germany is currently in the midst of a partial lockdown. schools. stores and businesses are open,
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but the government has restricted social contact among people. many oppose the measure. in the alexanderplatz, in the popular areas for shopping in strolling a safe distance is not guaranteed safe. all the titians that's why there are compulsory mosques even outside. that's finished its own for i find it terrible. why should i put on a mosque out here now? when nobody's working behind me, you have to be able to bring fresh air. i'm with mine at all. no one i do not find it. ok. and mosque has to put on in certain places because i mean that it's really going outdoors. what is actually supposed to happen in public buildings. i'm just church train everywhere, but not here in a public square. and you can cats do politicians need to explain more clearly what
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they're doing to combat the can think in my view, the whole thing doesn't only depend on the politicians. the whole thing is, a social g.t. like many others in a democracy, all people have to support it in some form or another. in the law. we will have to live with this far as somehow and we actually need a social debate. the public's going to look exactly through a few corruption gets most mobile storage because don't talk so much. something has to be pushed through. now will it go on like this with the wave get higher and higher. and of course one has to austin question, what we still have to do with the money to lose do for news. and we're doing not mom doing even more hardly possible for the rest in cafes in the capital. they have to close for a month. again. this can be seen almost 5 kilometers away in the trendy
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district of friedrichs, on there are usually hundreds of people in this pub district, tourists, but also lend us as i think everyone who is not affected is fine with it. so i don't have any big problems to do without now for a while. but also because i don't walk in the hospitality industry and have nothing to do with that. i can understand that people are angry and secure and that the act i went to sapps the impression i sounded like that's left, but will they show up the same time? most restaurants have invested a lot of money in hygiene measures. some officer had to go to at least a little money your
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life when it's no longer forbidding it's your career when you're finally allowed to pursue it. it's your opinion when you can finally say it is freedom more important than homeland. we need artists in exile, living in berlin. next, d.w. wanted by law enforcement and forgotten by society. discarded children on the streets of the philippines, searching for home. but what they find is persecution and prison and violence dominoes,
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homeless children who are fighting for survival every single day in 45 minutes on t w. w's crime fighters are back to africa's most successful radio drama series continues to hold up. a sos are available online,, and of course you can share and discuss song, w., africa's facebook page and other social media platforms, crime fighters to mindanao. to go, i'm an author and witness to world events. you know? that's all. it was the hardest things in my life because i didn't want to hold on banking to germany and was like a child and half blind from the.


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