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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2020 3:00pm-3:15pm CET

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this is news live from berlin. donald trump tells world leaders exactly why america pulled out of a key climate agreement, bears, or tour was not designed to save the environment. it was designed to kill the american economy. i refuse to surrender millions of american jobs. the u.s. president, speaking during the online a g 20 summit hosted by saudi arabia. the main topic is the coronavirus pandemic, and how to make sure vaccines a fairly distributed, also coming up. it's 15 years ago today and the american except of the lead role in
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german politics. despite the many crises she's faced, the often called mama of germany is now more popular than ever. and a presidential election in west africa mobbed by extremist violence. people in bikini faso head to the polls today. but a growing islamist insurgency means many voters want to be able to cost of ballots . a math and how would welcome leaders of the world's wealthiest countries are wrapping up their online g. 20 summit hosted by saudi arabia. a virtual gathering has been dominated by efforts to win the coronavirus pandemic, and the global recession. a draft declaration shows the biggest economies will pledge to pay for fair distribution of coded $19.00 vaccines and tasting so that poor countries. i'm not left out. climate change and the environment have emerged
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as another theme. as the summit draws to a close, and u.s. president defended his environmental record and justified his decision to pull out of the international paris climate agreement. i withdrew the united states from the unfair and one sided powers climate accord, a very unfair act for the united states. the paris accord was not designed to save the environment that was designed to kill the american economy. i refuse to surrender millions of american jobs and send trillions of american dollars to the world's worst polluters and environmental offenders. and that's what would have happened together. we could protect our environment, promote action, clean, affordable energy, and deliver a future of opportunity prosperity and hope for our nations all over the world. well, let's go to brussels bureau chief alexander fund naaman, who is following the g. 20 summit for us. alexander, welcome with heard some of what donald trump had to say. what was of most
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significance in his address? well, what really struck me was how different his address was compared to what other of g. 20 leaders have to say. india's prime minister mori, for example, or strollers from minister morris, and they stressed how important is to work together to tackle climate change. they were talking about how they are trying to meet the piracy agreement targets. while president trump once again used as the puts unity to slam the agreement as unfair and one sided and designs to kill you, the u.s. economy, he seemed very defiant. and he once again showed how little respect he has for multilateral events and groups such as the g. 20 when you all on the think about what he did yesterday left a video conference before it and went golfing. so once again, he's showing that he doesn't respect international institutions and so working
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together with other leaders, you know, the president talked about his thoughts on climate. the hosts the talking climate. what chance is there though, of any real movement toward climate action here? well, climate change is a very important topic was on top of the agenda today. and it's of course, very important from the european perspective. the leaders today talked about how important it is to reduce emissions, to use green energy and to choose economic models that are not only standing for growth, but also are sustainable is so great a word. so we can say, however, in the past, it was always difficult to find in the agreement here, and this was because soft electing of the lack of you asked leadership. so now i think many leaders hope that it can change when, when they will work together with president elect joe biden. the other big topic
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was, of course, the covered 19 pandemic, particularly distribution of a vaccine. have any agreements, any decisions made by well, we expect expect their leaders to sign a joint declaration in which at least according to a draft that i saw. they will say that they will do anything that it's needed to support developing and poor nations that everyone will get access to the scenes and to test that they will also pledged to, to pay you for a fairer distribution of copies $19.00 of axioms. and they are also expected to extend debt relief to those countries who really need it. rustles bureau chief alexander phenomena. thank you. well, on november 22nd of 2005, exactly 15 years ago today, angela merkel was 1st sworn in as germany's chancellor when the country's crisis manager in chief wraps up her final year in office. she will have equalled the
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record of her late mentor helmut kohl for the longest serving chancellor in german history and after challenging, after a challenging decade and a half in office, she looks poised to go out on a high note president marco accepting the vote in 2005. she has been rated by forbes magazine as the world's most powerful woman, 9 times since being sworn in. during her time in office, she has become known as a diplomatic powerhouse working to build relationships with world leaders. boss watching. many of them come and go through what merkel has built up her reputation as a crisis manager from the 2008 financial crisis to this year's global pandemic. the 2015 refugee crisis was perhaps the most emblematic moment of marcos chancellorship . when she allowed almost a 1000000 asylum seekers into germany,
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the controversial policy exposed deeper rifts in german society, but she justified terry decision softened us. we can do this, we can do this. this so called eternal chancellor says she will step down from her role when her 4th term comes to an end next year. a recent poll shows more international confidence in angola marcos leadership than in any other world leader right now. ok, let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. a satellite from the european space agency has been launched into orbit from the phantom force base in california. the sentinel 6 satellite was released from a space x. falcon, 9 rocket about an hour lighter. it will monitor changes in ocean temperatures and help track rising sea levels across the world. long lines as americans travel home for thanksgiving, despite u.s.
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authorities are urging people to stay home on a holiday, usually sees millions of americans traveling across country coronavirus cases of now surpassed 12000000 there, forcing many cities to reimpose lockdown missions, thousands of people have protested against israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu in jerusalem, demonstrators brave cold and wet weather to demand his resignation of alleged corruption. and the government's handling of the pandemic. goes to the polls today as opposition parties warn of massive fraud in the general election, threatening not to accept the results. president rock cover a costs his vote in an election of a shattered by rising jihadist threats. he is expected to win reelection, the opposition candidates have criticized his failure to contain the violence will be no votes cast in one 5th of the country. they have just attacked, struck almost every day correspondent is on the ground. in fact,
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with more people are going to the polling stations today to cast their vote, both for a president and from members of the parliament for the next 5 years. however, not everyone has the opportunity today to actually make it to such appalling station due to security concerns. in fact, a government of incumbent president, concerned that nearly half of all 13 regions have limited or no access to pooling stations. the incumbent president says he has no intention of delaying this election because he says this would result in more chaos. and then there are 12 other presidential candidates on the ballot, least today. 2 of them stand out for one that's always the party, the format ousted, president bless campoli, and then there's the former finance minister and main rival of president. his name is now all of these opposition candidates are promising change to bring much needed
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stability and peace. but the very same promises made by president probably in 2015 out any significant change there is heavy security to protect voters heading to the polling stations today, like here in vodou, in the capital city of faso. now regardless who will be the next president? only a few here expect life to get better after the election. some tennis news now and then you know, medvedev and dominic team will get a chance to win the season ending a.t.p. finals for the 1st time when they face each other in the final in london tonight. that's after the shock 2 of the sport's most successful players on the doll and novak djokovic in the series through his grand slam titles. rafa nadal never won the a.t.p. tour season ending tournament. things look to be going his way against an elementary def keeping the russian or if you took the 1st sex
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for the match at $54.00 in the 2nd search, it was broken. some love that went to town. hell, medvedev went on to take the sat on a break, and then the match, characteristically felt with the adaptable mr. dav taking full advantage. thanks seemed i decided to change some small things just because they were going for it a little bit more because i felt like i had the chance to win before some games and said maybe, but if you want. so i had to change and it worked really well, and i'm really happy to make team movie medvedev suppose since in the final eventually got passed despite blowing 5 match points. but the austrian held his nerve to be, it's a man who's won this tournament. 5 times drug addiction and sent packing and many left to wonder if this is finally
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a changing of the card in men's tennis. as we touched on, the european space agency has just launched the latest technology into orbit to help scientists accurately measure sea levels. the sentinel 6 satellite is expected to help provide some of the most advanced research to date on rising seas with the hope of protecting vulnerable communities and communication for the satellite will come from here in germany. i've sent 6 such successful launch from the vandenberg air force base in california. the space x. falcon 9 rocket is carrying a european space agency satellite. the 1st joint mission between the u.s. and europe, from here out of mission control will be operated from darmstadt. germany thankfully the launch went well, it's always suspenseful. earlier this week we had a failed launch with a different rocket. but in this case, the satellite will end up in the right orbit and fear, and we've already received to signal our nasa has hailed the sentinel 6
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satellite as a game changer for measuring sea levels. it sends out greater impulses that i've reflected from the sea surface and transmitted back. the data will also be shared across europe and evaluated by scientists studying weather and climate change. when we then know exactly where the satellite is, we can determine sea levels with millimeter. precision can always call it to notice, whoops. the satellites have been providing data about the oceans. now for decades, the new sentinel 6 will work in tandem with its predecessor to jason 3. before taking over, this move transition in space is crucial. at present is the level is rising by about 3300000 meters each year, and scientists predict this number could increase to one meter by the centuries, and with dire consequences. one metres elevation in the pacific
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islands which are very flat, you would have a dramatic impact. it could mean that entire islands would be submerged and people would have to relocate. but this at no. 6 mission comes with a high price tag around 800000000 euros. it will collect data for 5 years and then the replacement will take over. before we go, we have some of a wild snow there, but have a look and particularly have a listen to what was captured in northwestern china. what a wreck if you modify these animals reward like other big cats, but good vocal chords as you can hear on the sign, which means their voices sound a bit different. a lot different. this video was captured by a hidden camera in the sun young won national park in northwestern china. you're watching. live from berlin,
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next up is shift to living in the digital age with a look at smart funny, that's next. more headlines coming at the top of the hour. in the meantime, there's the web site, if you can't wait until the dot com for now though i have to be held for me and the team here in berlin. thanks for watching. closely carefully don't.


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