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tv   Fit gesund  Deutsche Welle  November 24, 2020 4:03pm-4:30pm CET

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to report showing how the pandemic has led to more corruption in the country. one example is the purchase of ventilators by the foreign ministry. ventilators were purchased in huge quantities and significantly overpriced. only some of them are likely to be used in intensive care and protection against the epidemic of this. that's another concern on top of a fact that they were wired at an inflated price in the us or you're going to some other sort of stick. this man's mission is to uncover corruption at the highest level and to call it out because what has he is an independent member of the hunger in parliament. he tells me that obama's government is plagued by corruption and that it's high time for the you to take action volumnia more door and somehow this has to be resolved. the government cannot continue to steal or spend your funds uncontrolled. all one uses this money to pay his people. this is how he
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maintains this fraudulent system. but the victor all bundled flex and criticism and it's challenging the use plans to tie funding to respect for the rule of law. we wanted to speak about this with his spokesperson, but he canceled the interview at short notice. they had to go in government accuses brussels of trying to saying should it for political reasons. but the country's civil society and opposition hope for the you to stand its ground. they fear backing down now would embolden viktor orban, and encourage other populists in the you out. the journalists at club radio hoping for international support, and they are determined to continue their work if necessary, by streaming their shows via the internet. that however, would mean a much smaller audience. alexander phenomenon reporting there will in the new year for sure go would take over the e.u. presidency from germany as a corner virus pandemic rages on and divisions among you. member states continue to
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grow portugal's foreign minister. santos silva is in berlin and has been meeting with germany's foreign minister. heiko mice among the issues they have been discussing is how to solve the e.u. budget rout in order to release billions of euros to help member states hit by covert 19 removals. and joining me now from berlin is a portugal's foreign minister, a very warm welcome. mr. santos silva. the e.u. is currently as we speak, plunged into a deep political crisis member state, poland warning of a possible breakup of the e.u. hungary accusing the bloc of blackmail. and they feel they are being unfairly singled out because hungary and poland are not the only countries in europe with corruption and rule of law issues. malta bug area romania. they're also well documented to have the same issues. so don't these countries have
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a point that the e.u. is unfairly singling them out for what they call political reasons? no, i don't think so because the, the mechanism click on the chanel a t on the rule of law. we love bly to every member state. very succinct. there is a budget deadlock right now. poland and hungary being the prime member states that are blocking the e.u. budget and a very crucially coronavirus recovery plan because funding is linked to respecting the rule of law. that budget is worth a staggering 1.8, trillion euros. and is desperately needed. courtship, your country will be taking over the e.u. presidency in january. how will you get all of the e.u. member states to agree? well, we expect that the german presidency can solve this problem. of course, this problem only can be solved if the poland,
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the move in that position and the it is inevitable. because we don't, we cannot accept any kind of a veto on the crucial matter for all the europeans. if germany succeeds, the portuguese presidency will take this topic because it's in me the main priority. and i think that we can guarantee hungary, poland, or every other member state. that mechanism will be applied by the european commission and by the council. we've all the guarantees of legal certainty, the possibility of the, the fans and the possibility of building of eventual decisions. now of course, you will have to deal as of january when you take over the presidency when leaders like hungary's viktor orbán who don't even appear to believe in liberal democracy,
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let alone the rule of law. so how do you plan on, on working with em? well, there it is, the rule among us, we respect to the diversity, you know, the european union is not the block. it is a mosaic, a very versatile nations, very different nations with different backgrounds, different traditions, even different institutions, and the richness of the european union. all also lies on this diversity. so we will take a hungry poland as are any other member states, asking them to trying the collective effort to prove us and asking them not to veto or tween p. the decisions that can see that all loss of our son, the decisions that are very important for the future of our common union with all
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due respect, foreign minister, they do continue to dig in and to undermine the values of the european union. it's not a question of diversity, it's undermining the set of rules that the european union has set at its founding. so how do you deal with that kind of intractable conflict? putting in place are the mechanisms that we create. we create 3 mechanisms. the lisbon treaty has the article 7. so under this article several 7, there are already processes going on against poland than we have this mechanism of conditionality. on the rule of law concerning the financial funds, the member states can apply to and the 3rd then perhaps most important. we have now the peer review on the rule of law. and you will report prepared by the commission and then in-depth assessment of groups of member states by
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alphabetical order. so we have the mechanisms to eat, reinforce the rule of law and to reinforce the peer review. that is, these need it to guarantee that our european union is based on democracy, human values and who have law. and now of course, i wonder if the issue that the e.u. has to tackle is that if you now animists vote on every single decision. and that allows some countries to hold the e.u. hostage. almost let's for instance, in this case with the budget that is not getting the green light because of 2 member states, are you planning on maybe tackling that? well, according to our treaty is qualified majorities already rule in the majority of the decisions we have to take. but still, there are methods,
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for instance, in forming affairs that request in intimate and though a tradition is through this into the side by consensus, we have to take full profit of this tradition. and if there is a veto, there is a blockage that there is a stalemate and we have to to look carefully. it's the reasons and proceeds in conformity. in conclusion, are foreign minister want to get your view on the transatlantic relationship. now, as you know, the path that has been cleared for president elect joe biden to start the year transition. i mean the past 4 years have been very a rocky earth for transatlantic overlay sion for the transatlantic relationship. do you expect a restoration or a going back to how things were before the trumpet ministration? or does the e.u. have to re-evaluate its relationship with the us?
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no, i think there is a new opportunity right now with the election of president by them and the appointment of the future. the next secretary of state lincoln, we've brought very pro european diplomats and politicians. so we have to seize the momentum to restore the relationship between the europeans and the americans as a relationship of a life. the problem with the trump of the new station was that president trump treated it his european allies, as if they were enemies or adversities. we are not adverse to reserve america. we are good friends of america, we are allies and the transatlantic bond. the transatlantic link is a very, very important the ground for the stability and the security of the global larder. so we have to restore this relationship in
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a very close way. and of course the election of joe by then the is momentum that i think we are all going to seize portugal. so foreign minister of greece dos santos, silver surfer, thank you for joining us. thank you, nic. thank you very much. and 3 weeks after the u.s. election, president elect joe biden has finally been given the green light to start the transition process. president donald trump tweeted tuesday that he was directing his administration to cooperate in the handover process is the closest he's come to conceding defeat. meanwhile, biden has pushed ahead and begun announcing nominations of his own administration. president elect joe biden has officially revealed his picks for the top positions of his cabinet, making a clear shift away from trump's america for us doctoring. instead,
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a lot of familiar faces from the obama administration signaling biden's intention to return to a more established approach to interacting with other countries' biden's choices of policy. veterans like his longtime adviser, anthony blinken, named to secretary of state. he will be tossed with steering the country back to what the paris climate's agreement, the world health organization and the iran nuclear deal. the best known of the nominees is former secretary of state john kerry, poised to become biden's climate change envoy. former federal reserve chair janet yellen is to service treasury secretary policy, if confirmed she would be the 1st woman to take over this pivotal role and would face a difficult task of shaping u.s. economic policies at a time when the country is facing a pandemic. and the ensuing recession for the area biden appears to be making good on his campaign promise that his cabinet will reflect america's diversity. with his
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picks for the u.s. ambassador to the united nations and the department of homeland security. but confirmation in the senate where republicans still hold a narrow majority for now at least, but the transition process officially underway. some of the uncertainty and turbulence of the past weeks seems to be settling down when i find out what some of the other stories making headlines this hour in turkish court has resumed a trial in absentia of 20, saudi officials accused of murdering dissidents. saudi journalist, jamal khashoggi, the vocal critic of saudi arabia's crown prince was last seen entering the saudi consulate in istanbul, back in 2018. riyadh denies involvement, claiming she said killing on a quote operation. the u.n. has expressed concern over the safety of civilians in ethiopia is the o.p.'s to
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agree region as thousands continue to flee the area after 3 weeks of deadly fighting. there the opium military and to grain forces have both claimed advances in the past day. has not yet been possible to verify either side's claims. here in germany, schools have remained open despite the country's limit long down, but a growing number of students are being required to go into quarantine and teachers are falling out a hybrid model that combines remotes and onsite learning is one possible solution. but are schools prepared, visited a berlin school to find out but this politics class is still happening in person today in a proper classroom. but the teacher says she could start teaching the subject online tomorrow. students already have much of their class work online like this quiz on climate change. their parlin school has the technology to do hybrid
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learning, partly in class, partly at home. but we worked hard on it during lockdown. we had months to discuss the different ways we can reimagine learning with the help of new technology. it would be better for all of us time right now. there's a very tense atmosphere here, and i'm sure that's made even worse by uncertainty. written exercises could again go digital like during the lockdown in early 2020. really care actually we did it last term and i got used to it as if since the soon i think it's gotten easier now i already know what i have to do so i can learn from what i did wrong. the last time when i didn't get that much
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done, now i try a lot harder. i know how it is with the grading and everything. some students are already doing their school work from home. if they or their parents are at high risk for complications from covert, 19, their teachers hold classes via video link. the school's principal says the whole class could easily switch to online instruction. is it good for a well prepared? we developed an educational concept and we would like to do the responsible thing and finally put it into practice. now. as the school used to lockdown earlier this year to try out and test digital platforms and train the staff. official policy is to keep in class teaching going as long as possible. germany's federal states are responsible for educational policy and have agreed to do this. aiming to leave no
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child behind. but the teachers here believe they're in a better position to decide which students can study from home and which would benefit more from coming to school. death. i believe that's the decisive factor and the key to success. i know the students i deal with, i know who can't work from home and who should be here. we're keeping an eye on that. we know this very well. the authorities should have confidence that we can do this. that's mostly for us teachers at this school have taken the initiative to prepare for hybrid learning. now it wants to put all that preparation into practice. well, so more on this i'm now joined by professor dr. going to show viola just at berlin's hospital, a very good day. professor, what do you we know about hands mission in classrooms. how dangerous is it to keep
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schools open during the pandemic? now it is sin, increasing body of evidence that school. it's not the tribe us of they are more following the community infection and that means that there are no super spreading events so far observed in schools are only rare. ok, sions. but one has to differentiate between young children. that means children that are younger than to fall few years, and those that don't last sense are young adults. the difference is the following. the young adults tallest sins are more prone to infection and they are also more efficiently in passing on the virus to other persons. in contrast, younger children,
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it's many studies showing that office lea infected but rarely show symptoms and most importantly, they are not very efficient in transmitting the virus to other person. so they are, not s. contagious as adults dollars sounds. and that is a major point and that has to be reflected also in the medication procedures that implement that. they're interesting, a distinction there that you outline now. german schools are unknown to the badly equipped when it comes to air filtration. what should be done to keep schools safe? i mean, the number of mitigation measurements that can be implemented 1st of all. there's a recent study released, the chesty being that opening their window is very easy. measurement and letting in from outside can dilute thoughts that
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contain infectious virus particles so that it's a very efficient measurements. and they are also possibilities to buy ventilators, that filter spilled in. so these are important measurements, but they are also other measurements. that means stack at a raw evil of pupils are also stick at trouble from school of pupils. selwood that can all of these measurements prevent the transmission within schools, but let me at an important point, mostly pupils infected outside to school. that is also something one has to keep in mind. so many variables that you outlined there. thank you very much for joining us. professor. dr. gunter, from berlin, shouted a hospital. you're welcome. australia's largest airline
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quantas has suggested it could make a coronavirus vaccination. a requirement for international air travelers. well, the flag carrier is the 1st major airline to suggest that such rules could become common place is the aviation industry. while the news comes as the international air transport association, i at my town and now says it is developing a digital health pass that campaigns to record and prove over 1000 tests or vaccinations. and every reporter allows. the car is here with more on this story even to tell me the correct pronunciation of that is. so it's the iata. there you go. talk a story. i think we're looking here at the 1st signs of what we might all have to accept to get back on airplanes. the industry is looking for solutions. kwanza saying vaccine requirements is the solution. they're developing their digital health pass, which will contain your,
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your testing results and your vaccines. what's really at stake here, the airline industry has lost $100000000000.00 us dollars this year alone on its own has lost $2000000000.00 us dollars. they have laid off $8000.00 stuff. they've grounded $200.00 planes and this is the same across, across the industry. so the industry is really looking at whatever they can do to get people back on planes and more importantly to make people feel safe once they're on board the planes. now i understand the move that quantas said just announce has received mixed reviews. that's right. now there's a, there's a growing call this a social media campaign to boycotts quantas. and it's not just from your anti vaccination movement which existed before coke in one scene. we have, we found it's, we'd hear from an australian columnist and t.v. contributes. and she says that quantas could have done with any number of options,
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rapid testing, proof of negative test on flying, but it's attempting to force a medical decision on cost honest. i'm not anti vacs, i'm vaccinated. i'm also very mentally against corporate bullying under the guise of health. so that's, that shows really that side of the coin. of course, there are other people who wellcome the move who say it would be wonderful to feel safe on board a plane. if everyone is lax natives aren't so the jury is still out from what i gather. what does this mean for all of us passengers? i mean, i think a lot of people are eager to get back into the skies, to visit family, to go on holiday. and the more people welcome this or accept it, i think it will, you know, it, we might see this as the standard. i mean, it's not unheard of to, to demand vaccinations. for example, yellow fever vaccination is a common one. if you arrive from a country where that is a high risk, many countries say you don't need to be vaccinated against that. and the broader
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implications, of course, this might open a can of worms. many governments like the german one have said that they want to demand that people get vaccinated. so the question is, can companies do this illegal? the galaxies around, that is, of course not clear. of course, this opens a big question, which is are we seeing a 2 to society here with people who are vaccinated have broader rights than people who are not facts and so many, many open questions to and also i mean quantas making this announcement. it's kind of jumping the gun here as well because we don't know, obviously when these vaccinations will become available, is it also acting at the behest of the australian government, which is keen to keep people out until this is this. pandemic is under control at the moment, it's just quantas itself. who have said this, and governments it's still unclear whether whether the strain in government will, will approve this. all right. thank you so very much interesting perspective there
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and thank you for watching. this brings us to the end of this as shoplifters kick off with a look at the weekends of going to see the soccer action law
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cox in for the top of the deceased's question for him and the police singlehandedly the best. see me getting mine since saddam 1st 2 seasons.
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imagine how many polish muslims us right now in the world. right now, climate change event off a story. this is one less thing when photos one week how much worse can really get we still have time to ask. i'm going to success that subscribe for more news like this. it's tough. it is for me is for beethoven is for health. and beethoven is for beethoven is for everyone.
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