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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  November 26, 2020 12:45pm-1:01pm CET

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if you challenge it, but in truth, this is the principalities official currency. but we still hear zeroes, of course, as we don't have all the different points yet again, on the production costs for one cent would exceed its value for the money. the prince. a policy of supporting is it all just a marketing strategy to encourage tourism? locals late for the ogoni? reject this claim or to be cynical, drew, and this is a whole tradition, not a terrific one. of course is tourism helps us. it makes this place nice, retargeting, and the fact that people come here gives us the possibility to make things work better in our principality right through me. but surely, m.p. pushing for the principle of these independence in this idyllic corner of italy the number of europeans dying from cancer has been going down in recent years. but
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there are still a lot of people who are hit by the disease. it's particularly tough for parents whose children have fallen ill in the small town of cent. in western france, dozens of children have been diagnosed with leukemia over the last years. parents are alarmed by these mysterious cases and are now desperately seeking answers from the authorities. good guys, this is radiograph with a new video. this is the one used to run a you tube channel with lego tutorials. deserves a name was described to my child. so this is my only, but one day, everything changed. and one's mother 17 has the date tattooed on her arm. why did we went to a restaurant that serves good organic burgers? a long took a bite and suddenly ran off to the toilet. she spoke to. he called for me saying he
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felt unwell and couldn't keep anything down. so that's when i realized something was very wrong because everyone was hospitalized and diagnosed with leukemia. that's when his 2 year battle with blood cancer began in that it's heirloom, wanted to protect. he kept many things to himself to stop us worrying. he wasn't scared of death. the psychologist told us, but he was scared that we would be very sad after his death. only one died in his mother's arms at age. 1117 is a nurse and doesn't believe his death was a coincidence. several children in then around the french town of some prison have developed blood cancer, including 4 children at this elementary school. among them, the son of man,
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treatable sex and the sun at both ends. 20 certainly not 6 months have gone by without a child getting leukemia once she was or 6. tomorrow it could be yours or yours and mine you don't know which child is next, but you do know there will be another case against them on this. so we decided to ask the parents were desperate to find out what was causing cancer in their children. could the transformer be to blame? it was built beside the school in 2015 for the wind turbines. what about pesticides? medication or local waiting up? the parents are urged regional health authorities to investigate why so many children were suddenly falling ill with cancer. but the study showed there to be nothing unusual about sun design.
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took about 600 samples. that knocks out tens of thousands of data values. we tracked the air quality of the different buildings, studied, the soil and water quality. we tracked for radiation levels and electromagnetic fields. we found no dangerous levels of anything. 17 couldn't believe it. she shows us the survey she was asked to fill in for the study. there are no place i was a bit less gins about substances, but how are you supposed to find the cause when you don't ask about the manufactures you use for baby food diapers, milk powder inside all year. since then, more cancer cases have been recorded in and around town. the most recent one was reported in august. since 201522 children and teenagers have been diagnosed with
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cancer, say their parents, local men have been our mother y'all, is in 2 minds. can understand the parents who have to go through this. this is about their children's health after all. but i also think we should blow this out of proportion in the media. and you need it in their studies. so we can get to the bottom of this in the not so distant future. we know nothing, but that needs to change fast. parents say they have hired researches to look into the problem. who think a so-called cocktail effect may be of work? when several environmental factors combine and become toxic. other french municipalities are also reporting a rise in we kimi among children. many can recover after treatment, but not everyone. 17 still looks after a once a little guinea pig. no one will bring that my boy.
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but we're certain that we can find out what's causing this since save other children is awful. 17 says she owes that to her son and the one meets a 17 year old from southeastern turkey is one of the most successful food in federal in his country. now, if you're on instagram, then you know that pictures and videos of mouthwatering food are very popular, and that is exactly to has passed and what has made him a social media sensation. hundreds of thousands of people watch his posts. apparently the key to his success is simplicity. the 17 year old lives to cook. his little sister men like is capturing his every move on video. today they fired up the clay oven known as the tan deer,
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is making particularly make a traditional flatbread. it's a famous did here in turkey. oh, i prepared the dog. now we just need to add the topical. this black bread is much like now it needs baking. i hope it will taste good. i'm going with this has around a 1000000 followers on instagram. he's been uploading cooking videos since last spring. the turkish teen shows viewers how to whip up a lot from a few ingredients. and in the coronavirus era. he's clearly struck a chord with you because it became a social media star almost overnight. here's village of goo that she is a world away from most social media influencers located at the southernmost tip of
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turkey. most of the 500 residents earn a living, working the fields or doing odd jobs behind this wall on the opposite hill is syria. tell how grew up in these parts as the 11th of 12 children. she's from the middle. i've been interested in cooking since i was a child. the older i got, the more i liked it, and the more i got involved in a few of those around me were against it in my family as well as we've never been well off financially. and they didn't want me using up so many ingredients. hard, almost his family's poverty is one of the reasons tell how left school at age 10. well, another is that he suffers from anxiety, which makes it hard for him to travel in cars or buses. so he spends most of his time at home with his mother, mary,
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him helping her with the cooking and baking. that's often made him the subject of cruel comments. the neighbors would often say, why just tell how do you think they never approved? so i told them why shouldn't he? because whenever i cook, he always came running in and watched me so enthusiastically. and now he's better than i am. have almost forgotten how to cook, because he just doesn't know. well, hopefully america has become so famous that he's earning a bit of money on instagram from ad revenue. his local community has also taken notice and fixed up an old house for his family. as it is, i hope that now my followers will stop making jokes about how old and small our kitchen is. i had to hear that a lot. they'd say your kitchen is dirty. hopefully that won't happen anymore. i'm so happy. i don't know what to say. all that lives it has been almost
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destroyed, must attend church, if it weren't for my little brother would be going hungry. you know, you are nothing but you are serious, right? you're absolutely in this area there's no work. there are no one that unity's toher knows his internet success won't last forever. so he's planning his next move . my dream is to become a real chef to be i want to have a restaurant or snack bar where i can serve my dishes to people in person, help them some hopefully i can make this dream coming. sure. mention of how do i most has already been offered an apprenticeship. now he just needs to overcome his fears and move to the city, to chase his dreams and show he's no flash in the pan. and we wish him all
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the best that brings us to the end off today's show. thank you so much for watching . i'll be back next week with more stories from across europe until. 2 then good bye and take it. yes, thank you. thank you. yes, thank you. yes.
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i'm going to go into the complex of the seroquel in the eurozone crisis mode after paul is a hungry below the blocks, much needed new budget and coronavirus recovery fox. my guest this week here at the berlin foreign policy forum is polish member of the e.u. condiment. richard, the good of the law and justice party. can the polish government afford to be our
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colleagues looking at its core values? let's look at the flip. top 30 dollars from the get go to parliament. every morning going to bobby wallace upstart bring us against a come up shot. 5 times the topic. thanks. despite coming from your family close to become president. the challenges are not the same. the big, credible story of bobby was the 5th starts december 10th on g.w. . hundreds off gives in my hugs where i
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come from. rajoy remains an important means soft transmitting, spend for miche and when i was young, my country was drawing many conflicts. the more troubling of people, most people would cause of our own project to see if it was my job to turin. want a lot of just say it's sold out to everyone in the column. listen to those against letting caused in france, admired known codea, enjoying nothing more design even us. i was, it's worth it for me. my choice to be scottish. it was given away, told transmitted to the troops, men in the best mom much. and i will keep up
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the good the for the big this is deja news live from berlin. german chancellor angela merkel issues a warning. she tells parliament the number of covert 19 cases and debts is too high and the restrictions must be tightened and may have to continue well into next year . also coming up, fans pay their last respects to diego maradona, who has died unexpectedly. we look at the ups and downs of the life of one of the
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world's greatest footballers and speak to someone who was close to him at the height of his bank. past the court in turkey.


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