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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  November 27, 2020 7:30pm-8:00pm CET

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and on part language courses and or, you know, to be aware, wu center this is data being used in africa on the program today. countries are racing to secure doses of the covert 19 vaccine. but world health officials say africa is not brady logistically. to roll out its not just ever immunization drive and we need a family from ethiopia's to grier's region. not only have they been displaced and left traumatized from the ongoing conflicts. they're also still trying to make sense of why one of their own was bludgeoned to death in an early november massacre .
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hello, i'm kristie wonder it's good company, a continent wide assessment to measure preparations for the covert. 19 vaccine has shown that africa is far from being ready to roll out the vaccination drive 40 countries reporting analysis which revealed that the continent has an average score of 33 percent readiness. and that's well below the 80 percent benchmark. now africa's c.d.c. says mass vaccination against cova 19 is unlikely to start on the continent until midway through next year. but the rich countries to ramp up there if it's months of intense research, have brought a coronavirus vaccine even closer. but experts say that's just one phase done. getting a vaccine out to the most vulnerable, a quick africa will be expensive and the world health organization is concerned
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about the logistical challenges to hand guns bring order. they are even the good of our reach, those as well need to be monitored and the public educated many on the continent simply want the best deal possible to a far more about the issues in nigeria who make me to be skeptical things too.
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while the continent has reported relatively low infection figures, the corona virus is on the rise again, prompting calls for greater urgency in the response. south africa has the virus infections in africa with more than 760000 confirmed cases and more than 20000 deaths. i am now joined by the chief advisor to south africa's response team is and if it's just an infectious disease specialist, welcome to africa professor, so we have the w.h.o. saying that africa as a continent is not ready to roll out the vaccine. how does the south african government plan to vaccinate all its 58000000 people? looking at this particular unlike anything else we have done is a complete different situation. fortunately,
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the 1st set of vaccines we're receiving will be held to really easy to implement because those are going to be among health care workers. so they're only done through a hospital pharmacies and so far it's the next groups that are going to be challenging that interest action, those they're planning as well of the way in several countries, including south africa. ok, professor where hearing governments around the world and now and saying the vaccine orders that they've secured for their countries, and we're not hearing so much on governments in africa. why is that the case? so country is in africa, most of them actually is qualify under the kovacs rules, as vast as county is there prove to see vaccines that are subsidized or donated. and all of those countries have opted to secure their vaccines through kovacs rather than go to individual companies. and the challenge of going to individual
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companies is that, and each country can afford to go to 5 different companies and hold out at least one or 2 of those bassim as well. poor patsy green has in a position to do that. we will have to wait to see which vaccines are you fictive and go to those at that time. so we have preorder and prepaid because that is too high, a risk and we would do not have that kind of. so that's why you haven't seen african countries talking about security bilateral individual or the jack country. rather, we're going through the kovacs. but there's a, you have been quoted as saying that africa will not be a dumping ground for, for vaccines. what did you mean by that? i was made in reporting that we will simply not accept a vaccine because it's 2nd class and nobody else wants it. we
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will choose vaccines based on the 5 criteria that we have set our nose for a 3 tier 1st of all safety. the 2nd is if you can see it, then we look at cost, ease a bit ministration, the storage. and then finally, really seeing the order of those. so, we're not just made to accept vaccines because people are provided to us or sell them to us cheaper. we will choose vaccines because they are appropriate and they are the best choices that region meet within the constraints that we have to face says that in a bill curry, thank you. the ethiopian region, up to cry, has been besieged with fighting that broke out of him. before when federal troops, launched a military operation, targeted at the region status, the t.p.m., if the government imposed a communication blackout on to crime,
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making it impossible for the wall to know what was happening. and days off to the conflict began, amnesty international reported a massacre had taken place in the region where what is now known to be at least 600 people was stabbed and hacked to death with knives and machete. a family whose father was killed in the massacre. we are at the year end camp called village 8 up 212000. refugees live here under harsh conditions. running water and food scares, toilet facilities have yet to be built. here, there are many refugees who fled from the town of my car, but i crossed the border in ethiopia. according to a record by rights group, amnesty international. a massacre took place there early november, 600 people were slaughtered with machetes and knives and says, according to witnesses, forces loyal to the t p l f were responsible for killing ethnic, i'm her residence. but reportedly the m. herrick army and with european forces retaliated and also killed civilians. it's very hard to very fight either side of the earth. your government doesn't allow any
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journalists inside to cry. refugees here tell horrific stories of a family in mourning 13 days ago. they lost their home o'connor, who was husband, father and brother, a brutal killing committed by am herrick soldiers. the victim's brother believes he didn't have a problem with anybody. he was an old man. he was killed just because he's too good . i am really said they believed his death was part of a revenge attack by m. herrick soldiers after 2 graine militias killed over 600 millions. the victims. why is a surface still in shock? i'm afraid i'm afraid of war. i'm afraid of these people who killed us was knifes machetes and access for both sides to its european army and forces have been accused of committing atrocities against civilians. but both sides have rejected. any responsibility for the my cadre massacre suffered doesn't understand why the killing started. so suddenly, the m haro, whether friends and neighbors, she says,
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the right now had a between the, to green, you know, and the, i'm hard. there was no problem before we are born together, living together and marry each other. but suddenly they came and start killing the children and youth in the old people. and now more than a youth, she fears for the to grown people and the children who are now displaced. these children have no future. they don't have anything here. in my car, we had everything we needed water medicine and treatment, but not here in this camp. and what can i do? he does a big problem in my country. and her biggest hope now is that this war will come to an end soon and that she and her family can go back home and rebuild their lives. and i geria many children dream of becoming football stars so much so that fake agents have been known to young hopefuls with false promises of fame and fortune of
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being met. a scout who is genuinely wants to help develop future talent of the country is disadvantaged communities. nigeria has long been a hot spot for football talent. like many youngsters, always dreamt of becoming africa's best football player. but it would have it. john is now a quarter of a unique star soccer academy. the program has reached out to about $800000.00 youth in disadvantaged communities across africa, social ministry to kids, in communities. most of the important issues are vices such as drug abuse and harassment and so on. so i said, how, how can i come up with strategies on how to solve all of these challenges? so i said ok, i want to evolve. most i want to tell you the energies into sport activities. john has successfully humping over 64 young football players in 15 different communities, including here on community. he moves from streets just treat,
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identifying players with potential. this is one of the young people would you think from this long unknown international. this is also the ball freestyle. are we picking from one community? i'm known for. most of the difference is now global. so i think it will give us a little piece time. this is, i want of arguments you want to belong to all the tricks international about what alston kind you, who's the freestyle i want. and if it interests international competition, he's quick feel for the chance to pursue a career in football. i wasn't in the ghetto before i think very smelly when i was pushing to not give me a lot that you could do one present in south africa and then you know, ok yes. if you want. i want, i want of course, every success story comes for challenges. confinement good place to practice, to find justice and i'm going to quit and taking care of the kids
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a form of pious money. that's why i don't see the money relies on funding leaders just for the new stars. academics is totally free, doesn't this young people actually need phones that what we did was we got a grant of 10000 years to allow us to force times to, to buy football boots and also buy other things the need for bows on coon's, for, for training and also we got what about our 2000 us dollars grant from the us embassy in up, which i use is that money to support the project? they need me. she won both local and international awards. john's team a saudi $11.00 time amid aiming for creates a success and we wish them all the best and that is it for now, be sure to check out all of the stories on data for its cash africa. we're also on facebook and on twitter today. well, leave you with music from the central african republic where the orchestra is
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making people don's with an old music style. we'll see you next time you move your lips. give us your country. the will make you rich. people will provide you with jobs. people will take good care of, you may see changed the world forever too cold on the west coast of going up in 2007. investors make promises, but years later, reality looks very different later. choose good drinking water shortage.
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i mean, what happens if you're gonna stream for coal oil thomas' starts december for the parents of oscar season is upon us the time where holly would usually pumps out its best movie in the hope of winning some awards. but what does an oscar season in the year 2020 even mean with cinemas, either closed or on the brink that's coming up on arts and culture? the european union youth orchestra gets its dues for decades of international music making. and later on,
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ever innovative chile gonzalez, hip hop, a little twist to arts and culture critics are starting to weigh in on contenders for next year's oscars. and a year when hollywood held back most of its major productions, are there any front runners amid the flurry of online releases? away i don't even have a laptop. so, i'm going to put that question now to my colleague adrian kennedy. a dream, this is usually a good time of year when people are starting to place bets. what might be getting an oscar? what might not be? can we even start doing that in the year 2020, where it's much more difficult movie journalists will be movie journalists if they want to speculate stuff, and there are a few. no brainers. one of them is one night in miami. as we will see in the
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trailer, this is a film that focuses on, a meeting between 4 black figures, malcolm x., the american football player, jim brown. and so seeing sam cooke's, the movie, based on a play. this is by real life events to take place. the movie suggests is a night that showing the world with malcolm x. galvanizing use of their lives, right. this woman that we are is called a struggle because we are fighting this thing about civil rights. they give a black people what they really want was a pound
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like that it would work. so i could go ask around on it. what do you think? that's why i'm king, who already has an acting oscar, and she could become the 1st black woman to get a best director. oscar nomination. what else is hard? a dram? another hot contender is no man's land. this is 3rd feature and it stars frances mcdormand as a woman who in the recession following the 2008 financial collapse, leaves her small town home and becomes a band welding, morton de nomad in the u.s. . it also features real life and well as i think one of the top prices at both venice and toronto, it could bring dormant best actress. oscar. he and it doesn't give too much online release on december 4th. ok, so we've seen some really are contenders there. what about the new movies that are
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just going online now? any, any buzz there? well, one of the happiest sees this is the 1st coming . chris spin the love story. it features kristen stewart and mackenzie davis as abby and harper the couple. and dan levy as abby's a friend, and we can take a look at that. i think you would have a perfect relationship. everyone. i want to marry her rescue a friend. yes. very sexually attracted to her. here, i suppose. and she is a good, very nice film for the coming difficult holiday season. and it could be up for a golden globe because they have a comedy musical category. in terms of the film, does it have a happy ending?
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what has been released? so viewers can find out for himself, holiday season coming out. thanks so much. so many artists and institutions have worked tirelessly this year to keep culture alive. and the european cultural brand award recognizes this year, our youth orchestra, a state of the art norwegian library, and a ukrainian center for urban history to name a few. let's see who won top prize. an elegy for a cultural scene under threat in an empty hall with no audience or applause. the 15th cultural brand award took place in a tough year for the sector. but a covered safe ceremony was held nonetheless, to honor exceptional cultural providers and investors live strain from the nickel izod in pottstown. we want to make it clear, the culture is still there. still,
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it hasn't gone silent on them. and culture can still unite people across borders. and build bridges over the winner of the main award. cultural brand of the year is the european union youth orchestra. the cultural brilliant 2000, the trinity and the orica goes to the european union, u.s. orchestra. only 2 representatives of the orchestra were allowed to receive the award in person violinist money in class and clarinetist thompson, founded in 1960 e.u. y.-o. is one of the oldest international youth orchestras in the world. it's played more than $1000.00 concerts under the baton of the world's leading conductors as they always playing it as a 1st of the last time they gave ever sing it every moment. it's 100 percent and above at every single that it's also very challenging for
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a conductor. they will never forgive you if you are not giving this 100 percent. the orchestra is made up of europe's best young musicians each year 160 new members are chosen from thousands of hopefuls from all even member states. candidates are between 16 and 26 years old, and are chosen by a jury in their home country. for us talented students. he's just inspirational, moves all of us to tears, places in a world that is very troubled. the orchestra has experienced both highs and lows in its 4 and a half decade history, but the sense of community among the members has remained strong. the y. o. is like a family, which is one reason why the coronavirus pandemic is hard for the musicians who can't perform or even rehearse together, winning the 2020 ward for best european cultural brand, is not just
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a highlight. but also yet another milestone in the orchestras, long line of successes saw great. i mean we are always putting so much heart and effort into every single project. everything that they, everything are rehearsed. and sophia's amazing. i mean, and this is where the people behind it, the management and the board. everyone is working all year. not just the products. so yes, it's a great we enjoy the evening because these kind of evenings this year are cup quite rare. so we try to enjoy them this weekend. so it seems 2020 had at least one pleasant surprise in store for the european union us orchestra. staying with music for now and one of the most innovative, versatile, and sometimes just plain silly composers around is the comedian head. popper and classical pianist, chilly gonzales. we met up with him at a studio here in germany. chilly
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gonzales in his trademark robe and slippers playing one of his piano compositions. the artist's quirky breaks with conventions set him apart. while he does respect, classical music genres potential for stuffy news is really not his style. ready thank you i i thank his performances are provocative, crowd surfing at an orchestra concert, inconceivable until he just did it. because i was isn't someone who hides behind the music. he's a showman. and i thank all these rules and all these things that limit your
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kind of spontaneous reaction to what might be happening. it's profoundly unsexy. it is against all the notion of what i think music should be with, should have a strong contrast and emotions under a giant umbrella of fun. and who can respect someone who doesn't want to have fun? i can't and gonzalez has fun experimenting with different genres. classical jazz, rock you name, and surprisingly classical music is where he finds the most freedom more so than in pop or hip hop.
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let me just quickly play a reference to rap song, let's say, still great by dr. dre. the classical musician would find this to be far too flat. i believe a classical musician would say you're missing opportunities to put expression into the music, their version of still dre might be something like this. then silence says that the great composers of the past, such as mozart or beethoven, loved to improvise and entertain just like he does. that's why he says, we shouldn't treat their works as holy or beyond. i think the idea of taste in classical music is really problematic. because these
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profits, these old dead white men, have really been sort of, you know, projected into a kind of pantheon of untouchable genius. you can't even decide for yourself if you really like them or not. really gonzales takes what's often seen as a stiff and old fashioned deconstructs it, and fills it with new life. is an unconventional approach hashan for music. you can watch a whole half hour with gonzalez on their you tube channel d.w. classical music. he also talks about his new christmas album, even though he says he doesn't like christmas. and i'll leave you now with one of the world's top art fairs that almost didn't happen. art basel, hong kong, normally future is around $250.00 galleries this year because of the pandemic, it's just 22 year of the artworks that made it to care
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for trash into treasures is
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a massive challenge. even if we should know better, the amount of electronic waste produced worldwide is greater than ever before and what could the solutions look like? so we now almost always assume it's a good climate. we're decided to come pick the household, find all sorts of this point in africa. he's quite insulting. as it seeks to understand the world better, we need to take a closer look at the experience knowledge
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tomorrow. today. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language, but the 1st word published in the book, rico is in germany to learn german and why not with him, it's simple online, on your mobile and free to sapps. d, w z e learning course. nikos fake german made easy in the us of climate change clothes to make the city people want to use today. how for their future d.w. dot com, african lego city. the looking to get a clear cut answer. such
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as a w. mears live from iran, says one of its top nuclear scientists is being assassinated, or a good old fart has blamed israel. governments have long suspected the program. the number of corona virus infections in germany.


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