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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  November 28, 2020 10:30am-11:00am CET

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i'm david and this is climate change. happiness in 3 books. this is the book for you to get smarter for free books. our reports are handwritten belling looking for whales and dolphins find out which beautiful island he visited later in the show. but 1st, a very warm welcome to the euro box. today we have a colorful bunch of topics for you. why?
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out of all the cases are all the rage in russia. and how do you, signers on malta include their islands, traditions in the works. but 1st, lots of people are crazy about cars and some of them collect or build crazy cars. and our new weekly series going into overdrive. we will be presenting some of these petrolheads and they're met machines. we start off with at china, from britain who's managed something most inventors can only dream off he regularly at guinness world records, and he does it with roadsters that don't really look like cost and all, but believe it or not, all of them all street legal, racing along country roads at $100.00 and 11 kilometers an hour in the world's
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fastest that china from britain set a new world record in 2008. doing this. he specializes in the construction of completely crazy cars. anything is possible. i do like exploring stuff. i'm very curious about how things work and i really, really do love sort of dragging things together. that shouldn't be together. could i make a call that was nothing like a car but still be street legal or show you that some of the control will, syria will spot conventional and then you've got, you know, indicator of stuff you're lying on. and the whole as well as all on here. so everything is nice and close. easy to get hold of. he's made it into the guinness world records 8 times because nobody else is really doing that. so it's quite nice to be in a strange space, but it's also about pushing the limits and it just seeing how far you can take that . and i think, you know,
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that's really where i guess some of the record started to come in. and i would say the, the record was just naturally curious for represents to me and said, you know, you know, just, you know, if i could have a moment on the, so you think he's a well read the sofa is steered by a pizza pan and breaks with a beer can, its gas pedal is knee operated, and china earned his 1st world record when he drove the sofa around a track at a motor show and a spectator time 10. i set the record of boston's finest, are about 20 years ago at 19 lines. and it was it with that was kind of well set the whole thing in motion. negligible one record a guinness world record isn't enough. you need to have lots of long lines or start building crazy cars and going crazy records. like the world's fastest motorized bathroom. it's fixtures and fittings are attached to a motorcycle frame. when it comes to creating new forms of mobility and china likes to break with convention and simply let his imagination run wild creations like his
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mobile are the result. he's constantly updating it and actually get it printed. so it looks like a little bit of same as well, maybe with a magic jelly bean and given that really nice going to orange juice and engineering product design, he became famous as a car expert on a british t.v. show. and for over 2 decades, he's been constructing his mad machines near london by can. this is a total madness of money that most of us can't go to man ice cream van. this is the old school with a scream that his latest record pushing the all electric vehicle to a top speed of 100 in 1000 kilometers per hour wasn't a problem. but there were a few additional challenges. there are quite
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a few rules of beginners down and then also cause you're going to serve ice cream before and after the event. and that was really the nub of the problem. that's because he had to develop a new technology to allow his ice cream machine to run on battery power rather than diesel. he's patented his green ice cream machine, and now it's being employed in conventional ice cream trucks. in the meantime, his record has now been broken, but his electric ice cream van project still gives him the drive to do more. change the world and make it a better place. i mean, who wants to feel as though there are right now? i mean, the guinness world record thing is fun, but there is now, there's always been an engineering purpose behind it. and that's part of the challenge is just nice to do stuff for fun. but at the same time has a 2nd or 3rd purpose as well. i think really that's really where this is going. i mean, you got to do stuff for music people, but it has to have a point. and china could provide valuable impetus for new kinds of mobility. the
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record breaking rebel is used to getting things moving even things that normally stay put. legend has it that the gods used to spring from one island to the next to cross the wools seas and oceans and to get from europe to america. they once set foot on the islands of the azores and they are really set to call them home to this days because the islands are so beautiful and i can totally understand why the azores on a thomas region of portugal. they are located at some 1500 kilometers away from the mainland in the middle of the atlantic ocean. and that is where we sent our report to hendrick welling for our next report. he takes us on a voyage of discovery around these paths in aiding and very beautiful volcanic
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islands. i meant to tell england today i'm going to show you how to spend the perfect day on the azores. it's a paradise that's been shaped by volcanoes. the azores are part of peace archipelago in the middle of the atlantic, some 1500 kilometers from the mainland on the main island of so me give me the best way to experience the island's natural beauty on food. it's first we make our way through what looks like an enchanted forest. a few steps further on
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. we are on the edge of a volcanic crater on the head of us plus the cult there are set to see dodge, which means 7 cities in new york. and in jeddah view, this huge cull, there are posts to different color, shimmering lakes. you get a great deal of them on many of the islands, dozens of hiking trails. i really like the hikes one are challenging. and here, since there's a lot of mountains on in one single hike, you can do a bit of everything up the hill flats down the hill slippery you can you, can i across a forest and a few minutes later you're, you're already outside on a field like this so i guess our very,
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i would say my opinion there are very complete. there's a bit of everything. well, there's always also whale and dolphin watchers paradise. the various ocean currents around the island make these waters a playground for them. i'm joined marine biologist inish tavo on route. she tells me more about the way it's scouts on land that the boats know when away it's been sighted as they are starting their migration. nourse, just feeding grounds where it's a lot, a lot of food available and here it is always there. one of the 1st stops are the 1st places where they can find a bit selfish because they spend our winter having their babies and almost not feeding at all. so here we are, a nice coffee break, that's what it is. but before we actually get to see any whales, we spot dolphins. first one,
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and then the whole school. but then the moment arrives. it's a huge sperm whale. about 16 meters long. the whale disappears in search of food and i continue my journey around, saw me get the cow there. i village up park stretches along the volcano. it's hot springs give off the smell of sulfur. and that's fun.
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the island's volcanic origin can be seen everywhere and saw me give, but it's especially evident in the village of footage. located inside a volcanic crater, it's famous for its $22.00 hot springs fire to test the waters at point out a fair idea where hot spring water mixes with the cool currents of the atlantic city. part of the bay is the perfect spot to wind down in the natural thought that it was just a fantastic rose the dixie chicks. you know, if you go into the right to the day, it was just fine. leon
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lived taught who lives and decided off began painting at the age of 7 and quickly became the child prodigy of the german ot c. . now 22, he has become one of the most popular visual artists in germany. his style has even been compared to that off the cuff. so for example, live in tell its latest work is now on show in a very unusual place. let's find out more its creators call it the biggest mobile work of art in the world. this is the global gate on display at frankfurt international airport, and crafted by one of germany's most renowned artist and top the 22 year old you did his latest work as part of the un campaign, art for global goals. an art project whose aim is to grant everyone
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a fair future and in a world worth living in the centrality sustainability, which has never before been such a crucial theme. since we have to have a clear idea about how we plan to out and how we will and the bigger the overall project and the bigger remove visible. the more attention the project, which i feel is a good thing. the global game was built in just a few days out of $37.00 c. containers decorated on the outside with brightly colored works by lay on live and out. the piece was inspired by the world famous brandenburg gate in berlin . the idea to construct this 21 metre high gate in frankfurt was the fruit of a child's imagination. 9 year old son has
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a little toy shipping container he started stocking with and used to build the brandenburg gate. and it's an interesting coincidence that each pillar of the bronx has 13 meters long, just like a 24 foot shipping container, which is also 13 meters. meaning the resemblance is very, very clear. the artist layer live in taht was commissioned by the united nations 3 years ago to depict its global goals for sustainable development in a creative piece of art for each of the 17 goals he painted a picture meant to illustrate gender equality and climate action. for example, these paintings have already been on display in paris and new york, and the proceeds from their previous sales were used to build a school in senegal. and here's the end result in frankfurt with the artist 17 motifs presented in large scale on the global gate. the walls are adorned with texts on the un objectives in 12 languages. but how does
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the topic of sustainability fit with an air you can use to draw attention to the topic of sustainability and hopefully promote great sustainability when it comes to flying. but salt is my passion. and as an artist, i've done everything in my power to at least build awareness regarding sustainability. and this impacts the entire world, which is why i abhor the symbolic play on live in talk. photo campaign for my future can be seen throughout the corridors to complete it. he asked over 200 children how they imagine the future and photograph them. but how does the artist himself imagine a future i think digitalisation will certainly play a very, very key role in our lives and daily routine with a different image and understanding
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of how true is, especially in light of the difficult period we're going through now. is global gate the gateway to a new world. the sculpture will be on display at frankfurt airport until the end of february, before embarking on a journey around the world. but without the containers because they can be found anywhere. and besides, that wouldn't be very sustainable. this is the nicest bouquet i have ever been given, and it is perfect because i was planning to make beds. it will soup for dinner. but what would you favor of summer? offered you a bunch of vegetables like this. instead of flowers in russia, food bookcase are the latest trend. the capital moscow is home to several through laura studios which make beautiful bookcase from strawberries, nuts, gummy bears,
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cheese and even sausage. and if you want probably all of them at the same time, i'm sure their creations are guaranteed to leave you hungry for more. without any flowers, they can be made into smoothie or snacks, or even be set up for supper. in russia, the latest trend in forestry strawberries instead of roses. the florist cuts arena cosmina being a visit to the food markets in moscow is just a normal part of the trial. she's been creating head to for 5 years now. with the end of the stick at the bust need a new board. it's a new trend that's grown more popular in recent years. above all, we do this to see how customers react. we witness
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a broad range of emotions among people who give or receive these bookcase, which she should or they're always surprised how they work at all. and they're amazed when their notion of what a bouquet is. suddenly goes out the window. but i didn't have the book more than a book. together with a friend, i cut to mean a cousin enough found that of the culture studio in 2015. not 10 women will appear creating arrangements to suit every taste in the creation . 3rd get well bouquets and ones to surprise those with a sweet tooth. the studio now receives up to 30 orders a day. perfect ingredients, creativity and patience. a key to creating the arrangements which take around 2 mouths to mike leach in 9 months. we start at the bottom of this homemade form and work our way to the top of my
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field. i've inspired by restaurants and unusual tastes combinations. i also keep an eye on fashion and what the latest trends are. and i collect ideas from projects that use fresh flowers as decorations. so it's not much of a few of the cuts arena also creates pain because by adding a few special details, these tools might from chocolate turn the bouquet into a suitable house warming gift. but the studio is number one, best seller because it's made from one and a half kilos of food. cecum poignant. although the ingredients you see the bread, it's all edible. so when you don't conceal anything or use any chemicals,
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he me present the freshness of a natural thing. it's made from various parrots, like cheese and coconut has now finished off taking a photo. it's a piece of the studio. it's roughly $60000.00 fans on instagram. it's a livery. the cuts are in the cousin means feed because it's become something that she now gives online courses on how to make them supposed to supposed to located around the clock. like you have to leave the trend to spread. but the bouquets themselves are the 3 hours the latest. they need to be stored in the fridge. if people still plan on eating, if you're looking for ideas on how to create surprising and tasty things with food and paying
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a visit our you tube channel d w is made up of 3 islands in the middle of the mediterranean. over the centuries malta was conquered by the romans arabs, the french, and the british. given this colorful influence, many residents have struggled with their own cultural identity. but now look of the zionist, an architect, a rediscovering their traditions of their home. their work is attracting international attention from the european highlands something typically design architecture is a rediscovering their identity. charles from poor chinese husband wrote form the fashion charles and draw their creations are inspired by tradition. they present me twice
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a year of your current collection showcases a famous maltese 17th century being small and in the middle of the mediterranean. it's not really associated with fashion. but then when we, when we go abroad and we show our collections, especially the new york fashion week, when they see our vibrant colors, the fact that we can tell a story with every gallon that we make, it makes it more interesting. colorful balconies, or typical of monks artists, couplets of a letter to make an appearance on charles and wrongs gone wrong, could be moved from the netherlands to malta or in the 1990 s. . using the tradition as an inspiration to fashion was his idea. to start for sometimes it was difficult for us to, to sort of explain why are we using these maltese traditions in clothing.
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but i think over the years, people have come to appreciate much more culture and they're much more proud as well to show their culture. and we're told that the details of malls are longer. this is the 16th century fortress in the port of the maltese peninsula. was transformed into a luxury hotel, opened its doors, and 28 teams from architects had been mentally carried out the project together with this team, with the aim of restoring and reviving this part of the island's for protection. heritage morton has a very unique it's extremely interesting because the history of the structure and why it was hard with the reconstruction project took 17 years and was awarded the renowned pre-birth
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aside from architecture in recognition of the house standing exterior design, anticipate the restoration would take so long parts that i'm not quite sure where they were from historic buildings, to traditional titles. they were used to decorate multis houses for generations before going out of fashion. you know, for the designer stuff from the porsche, to return to malta in 2000 to rediscover a cultural groups after spending 10 years abroad. since i was little and i had this fascination for the monte sets, i used to draw them and sketched my life better in that color. and i thought it's was a shame that we were throwing away part of our heritage. so for me, it was a way of preserving part of our heritage and making people aware of the
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the old handcrafted doors are multi, one of the cool motifs and of them have been exhibited. so several times. stephanie borscht is glad she's not the only one drawing attention to the country's culture of life. and i just hope it's not just a phase. i want that the trends to last on the basis that it is big. it's is ingrained in our culture or something, but that's we should preserve, cherish, celebrates, and shoulder while they were small to the whole capella, go in the mediterranean to history. cultural tradition continue to inspire at least and that's all we often time for today. but if you would like to receive this d.w. backpack, then our current draw, as always, you can find all the information on our website. thanks for watching and see you
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again. next time.
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going to what's going on here? oh no, it's a house of your very own from a printer computer games that are healing my dog needs electricity. shift explains, delivers facts and shows what the future holds over just living in the digital world. shift in 15 minutes on d, w. cosmopolitan downslope nations
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believe has never been as sexy as it was in the cool of the 20 most new car stayed in a sense out of finance, traces in the city to still have fun with our little tour for the little good mornings check in 30 minutes on w.'s crime fighters are back africa's most successful in radio drama series continues this season. the stories focus on hate speech color of prevention and sustainable chocolate production. all of a sow's are available online, and of course you can share and discuss on africa's facebook page and other social
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media platforms, crime fighters, tune in. now, why are people forced to hide in trucks? there are many reasons. there are many answers and there are many stories make up your own job. you made for mines.
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this is a deed of you news live from berlin. iran's president blames israel for the assassination of a top nuclear scientist, etc. how he said his country's peaceful nuclear ambitions would not be slowed down by the killing of mosques in factories that it in an ambush. western intelligence officials called him the mastermind behind a cloud based on bomb making program.


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