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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  November 29, 2020 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin, french police under scrutiny. prosecutors in france call for criminal charges against officers who were filmed deeding a black man really for this week. the incident has, has prompted out range, also coming up, record temperatures, grip, southeastern australia as scorching heat fuels. more and more wildfires and you, south wales authorities are calling for caution and vigilance.
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i'm married to evanston. thanks for joining me. prosecutors in france are calling for criminal charges to be brought against 4 police officers who were filmed, beating a black music producer earlier this week, the paris public prosecutor said 3 of the officers will remain in custody, pending an appearance before an investigating judge. the 4th officer who arrives at the scene later has been freed, but suspended from duty security camera footage of the beating led to accusations of an institutionalized racism within french police ranks. well, the video also helped drive opposition to a draft security bill that is working its way through the french legislature and has cost concerns over civil liberties. one clause in the bill makes it illegal to post videos or photos online that might cause police officers harm. we asked
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paris correspondent lisa lewis, just how serious the threat of violence was for french police. well, there is a general trend towards more violence towards the police, according to figures from the police themselves. they are saying that the police officers on active duty that got injured actually that the number of these incidents doubled within 15 years to reach about 77400 in 2019. there hasn't been any major incident recently, but many people obviously agree that police officers here in france need to be protected when they are on duty. however, the big question is, is this law, especially the article 24 that would limit the right to broadcast images of police officers? is that really, really proportionate? is it justified or what it actually take away the right from people who want to
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protect themselves against police of a lot of violence. now let's have a look at some of the other stories making news this hour. the u.n. says more than 100 people have been killed in an attack in northeastern nigeria, men and motorcycles are said to have gunned down civilians in the town. of course show bay and other villages in borno state. no one has claimed responsibility, but the militant group boko haram has attacked the area in recent years. thousands of people have been evacuated from the slopes of an erupting volcano in indonesia. officials have created an exclusion zone around the area on the bottom island and closed the nearest airport. indonesia has more than $100.00 active volcanoes due to its position above a seismic hotspot. david prowse who played a darth vader in the star wars movies, has died. he was 85,
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a bodybuilder turned actor who stood almost 2 meters tall, played several film and t.v. roles before being cast as the star wars villain. the character's voice however, was that of another actor, james, earl jones. well, parts of australia are in the grip of a record heat wave in the southeastern state of new south wales. the mercury rose above 40 degrees celsius for a 2nd straight day on sunday. the scorching temperatures are already fueling wildfires, and officials say the risk of more breaking out is high. authorities are urging residents to stay alert. this fire is in the sydney suburb of north me. it's just one of dozens of wildfires that have been burning across the state of new south wales. it's also reminiscent of the scenes that played out during the devastating bushfires in australia last summer. huge swathes of land were destroyed
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and the authorities are warning australians not to become complacent. this time around. we cannot fall into a false sense of security. the community out there unfortunately thinks that after the last season, we had not at risk. the reality is 90 percent of the stuff i still untouched by heat waves are not unusual in australia at this time of year. but with the late november temperatures, searching records, residents of australia's most populous state being asked to be extra vigilant. the state's fire service, total fire ban for large areas of the station over the weekend, saying there was a very high to severe fire danger. residents of new south wales will have to stay alert with high temperatures, forecast in parts of the story. for several days to come. in bangkok, hundreds of protesters have gathered outside the headquarters of an army regiment
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controlled by thailand's king. the accuse the unit of being loyal to the monarchy rather than to citizens. the protests as part of a long running a wave of demonstrations in the southeast asian nation. protesters are demanding the resignation of prime minister prior ciancia. the amendment of the constitution and curbs to the monarchy has power. and joining us now from bangkok is journalist provident jennifer of hello to you. thank you for being on our program. now we've seen months of anti-government demonstrations in thailand. why was this particular army regiment targeted today? well, it's part of the demonstrative proposal or demands for reform. the monarchy, you know, they want the 2 units in which the one they visited today is one of the 2 to be returned and the government's control and not directly under the king's control
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. because we're supposed to be in, you know, under a constitutional monarchy and not absolute monarchy. and now i have to ask you, we keep seeing in footage of the demonstrations in thailand, these large yellow inflatable docks. can you explain to us the significance of those stacks while the demonstrators have always tried to present themselves as peaceful cute. and this robert that was use about a week and a half ago to, in an attempt to blockade the parliament by, by, by water. but eventually they used it in a clash to prevent themselves as a shield against the police and demonstratives from the other political divide. so it became a symbol of protections and struggle for the snow. and
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just how much public support is there in thailand for these demonstrations? are they still going strong, or are there signs that people are getting tired of them? well, it's difficult to answer the as still going strong, but there's a vast majority of the tire public who haven't really clearly expressed themselves where they stand. but it's clear that the demonstrative enjoy ball people on the streets compared to the royalist there was a journalist, private rajon, a frock, and bangkok. thank you very much. thank you. well following the death of football legend, diego maradona police in argentina have reportedly raided his doctor's office. mary dunn died of a heart attack at his home and well as i had it is on wednesday. witnesses have
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reportedly seen a struggle between maraton on his doctor just days before his death. local media cited a source on sunday saying the searches were ordered as part of an investigation into culpable homicide akkad to the bundesliga. now and all of the weekend's matches have been played. so let's take a look at the results so far. in sunday's early game, liver couzin has a berlin ended in a draw in the late game mindset. hoffenheim also finished in a tie. on saturday, byron munich were too much for stood guard. it was a poor result for a host dortmund against cologne. leipsic be to be the fed when you're in berlin and frankfurt, finished all square and freiburg. also ended in a draw for a cement thrashed, shall go back on friday votes for it. be to bit of braman in 8 goal thriller. and after a long wait, germany's national women's football team is finally back in action. with this
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qualification for the 2822 euros already confirmed, the pressure was off against a recent opponent, greece. nevertheless, some new faces on the team were eager to make an impression. honors success stories and finally football again, albeit without spectators. but the german women's national team has had another recipe for success at the atmosphere. the atmosphere is great. we have really top girls among us, and great to see, they really do everything to make us feel good, and that is important. communications also finds martina, does that just great, she has good contact with the play is, and that is extremely important. and this is an obvious during the pandemic, germany's women have been sensational. 7 victories in 7 matches with 43 goals scored conceding none. the corona virus has disrupted the atmosphere,
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but the national 11 are managing just 5 thought it would have been sad for us, but that applies to everyone and where making the best of it happy, we can continue to play football. we have a lot of young talented players on the team. that's why i am happy to have the girls with us on this finish for the middle talents like 17 year old claro who were selected to suit up for germany. but the team will need even more experience moviefone. nexus of the next year will be a big deal for us because we have no competitive games. even sir, the friendly's will be extremely important for the air play in tampa and they'll help us prepare. and so be good to play against big at nations. and that soon spirit on tuesday, the last competitive match of the year for germany's women is against ireland in dublin. not the most fearsome opponent, but also not a cakewalk. after all,
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germany's women don't want to ruin their perfect for in formula one racing lewis, hamilton sped to victory at the bahrain grand prix. but the race was overshadowed by a fiery crash which french driver a man goes on, was able to walk away from her city's driver. hamilton, who was recently crowned world champion, notched up his 95th formula one win ahead of red bull paramedics for a stop. and alexander of vaughan, london norris of mclaren came 4th, his teammate, carlos saints' junior, finished 5th, and boxing of the so-called battle of the ages between mike tyson and roy jones jr . didn't end up packing much of a punch. the exhibit on a saturday night between the over 50 boxers was ruled a draw. tyson was the aggressor during the ballad and was in control the entire way by jones did a great job staying away from tyson's punch-out power of 54 year old tyson said
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he'd like to fight again after going 8 rounds with jones to pakistan. now where an elephant has finally been freed, after spending around a decade alone in a zoo called cover, he spent most of his 35 years in chains and is set to have been showing signs of severe depression. but that all changed on sunday, have a look dubbed the world's loneliest and the front. for many years, kevon was forced to entertain the crowds at his soon in the slum about his story could melt, the hardest of hearts. living on a barren patch of learned his handlers would prod and poke avan with rusty hooks to force him to perform. the pull, elephants lost his female partner. in 2012, she died of blood poisoning after her skin became infected, and gunn, going to have on has been grief stricken and single have a sense of his plight reached an international animal welfare group.
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cavani is now looking forward to a peaceful and loving existence. in southeast asia. we are able to build up on the podium. we are going through what you have begun to believe and we have also a reason we are here, maybe even what we were looking to see. for example, the board here. but there you would be was already we've all got to see if we can. maybe we would have 5000000 for many of the in dispute. it's taken 4 years to get this far and several more hours to coax into a cage, ready to fly, the only other front to a safe space under place in the sun. you're watching news coming to you from berlin and up next dr. phil takes
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a look at how russia's millennial view their president vladimir putin. and don't forget, you can also get the latest news and information on our website. just go to dr. marion at evanston on the back at the top of the hour with another news update for you from me and the entire team. thanks for watching new year mean own here's we're going to need you and how the last 2 years german chancellor will bring you. i'm going to call as you've never surprise yourself with what disposable cameras medical really want to move. and i want to talk to people who follow along the way. maurice and critics would like join us for michael's last august.


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