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tv   Kultur.21  Deutsche Welle  November 30, 2020 2:03pm-2:31pm CET

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i asked, affiliated so-called islamic state, west africa province operate here. the 2 groups have been blamed for attacks on fondness and fisherman, whom they accuse of spying for the army and pro-government militia. but so far, there's been no claim of responsibility. i don't know what cause i came from, work around it, killed many of our people. we need assistance. we need weapons because we have young men who can guard our farmers while they work. please, please, for god's sake. the democrats don't have that given the nigerian military has been unable to quell the insurgency in which tens of thousands have been killed or abducted. there are reports that several women may also have been kidnapped in the latest incident. and the number of men remain missing, raising fears that the death toll from this brutal attack could still rise. our
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correspondent on, if a char isn't lego's, najarian joins us now from there. funny, there's some uncertainty about the death toll. what else can you tell us? there are conflicting numbers. the state's governor is speaking about at least 70 people killed. and the united nations reports at least 110 people killed in this horrendous attack that was carried out suspected by a book or a militants on saturday. regardless, not just ha ha, of this death toll is obviously one fact is clear that the way this has been carried out carries unfortunately, trademark the hand signature if you will, of the militants that operate in this region, in the north east of nigeria, that could be a book or a splinter group of a book or i mean self. they're also very active in the neighboring countries income ruined in chad in nigeria. now the problem that nigeria is facing is a problem that this country is facing for more than a decade. now. the military here. 2 the oath or it is in this country have not been
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able to call in tain this op rising, this insurgency that started 2009, not just recently. in fact, this month, the military carried out in this region with this massacre happened. various asked strikes and they're speaking about a resurgence of a terrorist activity. but at the same time, the people here on in the grass on the ground here in nigeria are disappointed because they're saying that the government is not able to contain this violence to fulfill their promise. and to reduce at least the violence if they can stop it completely hot. this is not the 1st massacre of this kind of nigeria, as you've mentioned. and nigerians are happy. what does that mean for the stability of the government that well, president warry actually spoke through his spokesperson yesterday, that he's saying that the nigerian military has received all support necessary to
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make sure that the population of nigeria is protected. when you look what's happening on the ground, the situation is rather any control beyond the control, it seems of the nigerian authorities not only since the massacre obviously, but these attacks happen almost daily in various parts of the country, especially in the north east. so the question really is, what is the solution for this? and when you talk to people here is that you in lagos, that has been shocked by another masaka as they called it, a terrible shooting a couple of weeks ago. but the military was deployed to actually disperse a peaceful crowd that was a protesting the government and their inability of containing so many problems there saying the military should really get their act together and make show that they are focusing on containing terrorism and not containing peaceful protesters
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for example, that we have seen during the past weeks here in nigeria, protesting the nigerian government police brutality, but also their inability to contain terrorism in the northeast of the country. to finish the job in lego's, thank you. funny. in ethiopia, the leader of to cry on rebel forces says he's still fighting one day after. if your peers government declare victory in the province step at sea and cover, michael told reuters news agency, his forces are operating the other regional capital mckayla, which ethiopia says it has captured european government forces say they have seized control of key installations there, including the airport and that they are now trying to track down any last holdouts the fate of civilians remains a concern. the red cross says with a careless, struggling, with shortages of food and medical supplies, you can try to act earlier. we spoke to the ethiopian minister for democrats as
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ation, as i think a prompt, we asked him if the region really is in the hands of the government, where in control of the order of the day and your last little note was make of it. now in front of each and every minute, i want to set this one only thing straight. by the way, we are not the one who got the really competitive eating you get or it is. if you believe that's got the illegal going to be hit with a view to keep that in deepening, going to go from the rest of the world. was absolute, going to be going to be if it were to force it into propaganda. now we are working with that expertise to wreak when is it illegal going to be ending? sample it, it has already been restored. meanwhile, the fighting in ethiopia has sent tens of thousands of refugees streaming into, neighboring sudan seeking a safe haven that according to the u.n.,
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almost half of them are. children filed this report from a camp just inside the sudanese border that's a year of likes to sing songs he learned growing up and he could and he misses playing with his friends and especially with his older brother in law. i miss them all and i want to go back home because i want to play with my brothers. i miss my friends and my brothers. it's been 3 weeks since saw his family. his mother had brought him to his teacher's doorstep when the bombs started falling on the hometown and home era. she said she had to search for her 2 older sons a safe way yasser recalls without a 2nd thought. she took him and ran recess again. main. we jumped over dead bodies, our neighbors were dead, but we couldn't bury them. so we just kept running. and europe saw a lot of things,
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a 70 year old shouldn't see, says i see for us all she's close. friend of his mother has known him for years. he trusts her many other children who fled to die when not so lucky. the un estimates almost half the 40000 refugees from the region. actually, it's not clear how many of them arrived in sudan on their own, but the health ministry is currently registering all these as especially vulnerable . because we face multiple problems 1st, an important one. we have to find out whether the family came to sudan or not. if the family was killed, we need to explain that to the child. after that we look for a solution to a safe way. yes, the hopes that she will never have to explain that to europe. she believes his parents are alive, but with no phone and no communication blackout into guy. she can't reach anyone in their hometown. if god lets me live long enough, and if there's peace times,
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i'll take the boy back to his mother. now i'm a refugee, but i will do what ever i can for this boy. he's like, my own son in a life at the campus heart. up in s.f. was still wearing the same clothes as when they left home. often they have to try 3 or 4 comes to get water. but still, sometimes a safer manages to get a up something special that the only i love her because it takes care of me and she buys me this quits fruits and candies. now that i really love you, and i saw the world news in the headlines. this hour iran has held a funeral for the country's top nuclear scientist killed in an ambush last week, was in fact, result, it was credited with establishing iran's nuclear program in the early days in tehran has blamed israel for the killing and has vowed, with the french media say, authorities are charging 4 police officers in connection with the beating of
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a black music producer. the incident sparked outrage after the release of security camera footage, showing the assault nationwide rallies against police brutality have been overshadowed by clashes. dozens of demonstrators were injured and more than 80 arrested. us president elect joe biden has fractured his foot while playing with his dog. the 78 year old was taken to a clinic in his home state of delaware. biden's doctor says a scan shows alan fractures to 2 small bones in his right foot is expected to wear a medical boards for several weeks astray. unaware, prime minister has condemned a fake image posted by china depicting an australian soldier, apparently murdering an afghan child. australia has demanded china apologize for the picture which was or sit on a government twitter account. meanwhile, china australia to apologise to the afghan people of this follows a report earlier this month about the conduct of australian soldiers in afghanistan
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. it's the latest series of disputes between the 2 major trading partners. i spoke to journalist roger maynard in sydney, he had more of the australian prime minister's furious reaction to the chinese with the post. he branded the image as as repugnant. any demanded what he called this truly offensive image be removed from the social media site and he demanded an immediate apology for what he described as an outrageous and disgusting slur. now the post alludes to the findings of a report into the alleged murder of afghan civilians and prisoners of war by members of australia's elite, special is services group while they were based in afghanistan, several years ago. now these allegations have not been proven in a court of law and are china's insensitive response as had the capacity to further
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damage relations quite seriously. between the 2 countries are furious. marzan said the chinese government should be totally ashamed of this post. but of these 2 countries are big trading partners, is there any sign either side will try to make amends? well are not at the moment, certainly the row with further, obviously further damage relations between camber in beijing. both countries are middle of a trade war which has led to the suspension of australian exports, including yet they've barley, shellfish, timber, and wine. and china is one of australia's, if not australia's biggest export market with sellers of coal on or, and group cultural goods worth billions of dollars. so there's this little at stake here if things deteriorate any further,
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but you made it in sydney. thank you for that. thank you. you're watching the news still to come. america's going after bahrain grand prix for mangroves walks away from a great deal of fun. but 1st here in germany, rising covert infection rates have triggered tighter restrictions on public life. in some areas, residents in the southern town of possible only allowed outside if they have a good reason, such as going to work or buying food. and the ban on public assembly is now in force in another hot spot. his book house in the country center of the hundreds of presidents and residents that demonstrated against locked on restrictions last week . these images have attracted nation by detention in germany. people singing, walking side by side, ignoring coronavirus restrictions. right?
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around 400 people took part in the protest against rick pandemic control measures in his book housing, a coronavirus hotspot, district administrator to miss mina was shocked by the demonstration rulon sing in its macabre that people operating through the town singing at the top of their voices. when people are dying in hospital with something needs to be said about that, and that's what i did. and then to be threatened, that makes it even was true. none of those place and home and no under police protection. you've received death threats on social media . after criticizing the demonstrators, when we visited several days after the protest camp had returned to the center of his book house of the lock down this keeping many indoors. a few people out on the
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streets, aside from the police, we decided to find some locals to hear what they have to say about such demonstrations in that town. and without the protests and denials, maybe it would be possible to make a fuss, no progress with it's stupid, considering everything when and things are as they are. and we just need to get through this. so if you mention a few too many people too much ignoring of the restrictions, it's simply irresponsible for unfolding story. the town has now imposed a ban on unprejudiced public gatherings. but right here, the next demonstration looks likely to happen soon. thirty's have boosted police presence, so they'll be able to respond quickly to any violations of the law. to mass murder hopes that won't be necessary. he's calling on people to be reasonable.
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saying it's dangerous. it's dangerous, not only for yourselves, but also from others in the united does not help the situation and his book housing hopes that infection rates will go down soon. and within the nationwide attention from corona virus situation in germany, i'm now joined by the chief political correspondent, linda kramer. linda germany was considered to be a relative success story compared to some of its neighbors with lower rates, its actions mortality at the beginning of the year. what's changed now? well, one thing that changed is simply the advent of colder weather. as you know, infection rates started to rise in early october as people began to essential we moved indoors and we know now that the virus is transmitted by aerosol droplets and the transmission is simply much more effective in closed rooms. so that's one thing
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that changed, and the fact is that whereas in spring, the authorities acted pretty quickly and firmly and uniformly here, it took a lot longer for the federal states and the federal government to agree on the measures that needed to be put in place they were put in place in mid november, and we have seen splat to some degree since then. but the other thing that is certainly the perhaps inhibiting the kind of compliance that we saw in the spring is that there's been a lot of public disagreement between different states about how many rules to put in place and how strict those rules should be. and therefore, i think some citizens are simply confused about what rules they ought to be obeying . and therefore we hear remarks like the one in the report that at the where she said, you know, there's just too little full compliance. well, germany has been,
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as you mentioned in the, in a partial lockdown for months now. and yet, numbers all stubbornly high. how serious is the situation in germany right now? well, just to put it in context, we are seeing daily infection rates as high as 4 times what we saw in the spring rates on some days 23000 new cases, where in the spring the highs were 6000 new cases. however, the mortality rate hasn't actually gone up when on approach, capita basis. what's been put in place limits on gatherings, gatherings of families. 5 people only in december, going up to 10 over the christmas holiday bars. restaurants, closed fitness studios, close schools, still open for now. but there's a lot of discussion about whether it should stay that way. so we do have partial restrictions in place, such that we saw in that report. some people have, of course, been protesting. do they reflect the overall mood?
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no, absolutely not. no matter how you break it down, whether you look at families with children or without children, whether you look at people across the country or simply in the eastern part of the country. there is why spread support for the measures with 70 to 80 percent of germans saying they think restrictions are correct and that they will be complying with them voluntarily anyway, that they don't intend to meet big family gatherings at christmas. and interestingly enough, a big majority of germans also saying that they don't feel their personal economic situation, or their job is really at risk. so also a lot of public confidence about the path forward economically, melinda crying. thank you. fun out of a look at some of the other developments in the coronavirus pandemic. the united states top infectious disease expert dr. anthony fauci is warning of surge after
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surge of new cases related to holiday gatherings. the he said, spike 2 to 3 weeks after thanksgiving was lighted, to be followed by another one. after christmas. american drugs may come with diana says it is applying today for emergency authorization for its coronavirus vaccine in the u.s. and in europe. but donna said, final results from testing showed 94 percent effectiveness, with no serious safety concerns. the 1st international students have arrived in australia since the country closed its borders. in march, the $63.00 students from various asian nations will now undergo a 2. we quarantine before starting classes in business news, turkey reports that its economy has. we bounded from a dramatic coronavirus slump earlier in the year, but the 6.7 percent, especially in the 3rd quarter, is some good news. but there's lots of gloom to turkey's currency. the lira keeps
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on falling, foreign investment remains weak. i'll crawl a virus infections are rising fast. the stumble streets are empty are than usual. turkey has reported record numbers of new coburg, 19 cases. that's led the government to impose more restrictions. they're pushing many restaurants and small businesses to the brink of ruin. fast food store owner of dolla actually used to have 6 employees. now he has only 2 left and he can hardly pay them because you don't, which we've been struggling for 7 months. but now we are really thinking which way to lock up and go to i might have no other choice. and the government of president reginald type, everyone has cut interest rates in this temp to boost the economy. but the country's central bank has now changed course. in mid november, its new governor hiked the main lending rate by 4.75 percent to 15 percent. it's
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an attempt to attract foreign money and stop the slide of the turkish lira. but some analysts say the steps come too late to lift confidence in turkey's political and monetary system. turkey needs structural reforms and we have needed them for some years now. and actually 3 main reforms usually come to the front, one should be an independent judicial system that there sustain the rule of law for turkey. we have to, there has to be much more transparency in terms of data sharing. so actors, economic actors to make their decisions based on transparent data and 3 of course there should be a bigger participatory democracy in the concrete so that people can trust in their democracy. climate of our country president, everyone is often accused of cronyism and the road in turkey's democratic
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institutions. the country's many problems are being compounded by the coronavirus pandemic and shattered tourism. a major economic factor. these are hard times for many turks. inflation stands at nearly 12 percent, and many people can't even afford essential goods. sports news now and formula one lewis hamilton race to another victory at the bahrain grand prix, which was overshadows. a fiery crash involving or moghul, the french driver has been ruled out of next weekend's race, but he was happy to walk away in one piece and grateful for a safety device that he had previously been skeptical off. this was the moment when formula one held its breath careers into a crash barrier and is engulfed in a ball of flame. miraculously, girl shown a marriage to relatively unscathed from the unfair. no. but this was an accident
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that seemed to come from a bygone age. no car had been split in 2 in a crash in 1991, while a crash hadn't caused the car to catch fire since 1919. but there was an angel on groschens shoulder, the halo. the titanium structure protects the driver from head injury. yet there was much skepticism when it was introduced in 2018, not least from the man whose life it almost certainly saved the hey do you think getting rid of those who was there within the it would be the they think they want to see it and want you soon as a good another former hill skeptic world champion lewis hamilton thanked the sport's governing body for what he called the must have strayed to the taken in try for safety. but well, the sport rightly cuts itself on the back of the post mortem has already begun a set of a crash that meets fire and of car and barrier alike was able to happen at all.
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that's it from me on the news stream states valid. she has a lot of interesting stories from asia coming up off the show. all right, let's get all the latest news information. all of you got it up to god. oh, that's fortune coming
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to us the secret in this classical music. the sound as soon as you hear me talking, lose your mind the way or the story behind the music. was that for the
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agencies bridges? oh, i hate tobin's nights before the world starts to simmer down on g.w. . imagine how many push ups right now in the world right now. climate change, different story basis, much less leeway for just one week. how much worse can really get we still have time to an ongoing success to subscribe like this. and you hear me? no. yes, yes, we can hear you and how the last 2 years gentlemen's house. now remembering what uncle a man called do you never have before surprise yourself with what is possible to
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this magical, really what moves who talk to people who follows her along the way. i have my runs and critics alike. how is the world's most powerful woman shaping public and joining us from eccles last stop? this is the wus coming up today, is hong kong's pro-democracy movement. from moscow's admission of hong kong, all positions all because now removes any resistance in governments to beijing. we follow one lawmaker who joined in this time defiance. but the protester tells us this defiance is to listen to it. the best time for that resignation has already passed and the impact here now in the distance is minimal state, you know why he believes hong kong's pro-democracy movement.


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