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tv   Projekt Zukunft  Deutsche Welle  November 30, 2020 4:03pm-4:29pm CET

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it's the most violent attack on civilians and bonus state this year. the region in northeastern nigeria has been gripped by a jihad just insurgency for a decade. both the islamist group boko haram and a rival group, the i.a.s. affiliated so-called islamic state west africa province operate here. the 2 groups have been blamed for attacks on fallen isn't fisherman, and they accuse of spying for the army and pro-government militia. but so far, there's been no claim of responsibility. i don't want us. i came down work around it, killed many of our people. we need assistance. we need weapons because we have young men who cannot guard our farmers while they work. please please, for god's sake. the democrats don't like it when the nigerian military has been unable to quell the insurgency in which tens of thousands have been killed or abducted. there are reports that several women may also have been kidnapped in the
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latest incident. and the number of men remain missing, raising fears that the death toll from this brutal attack could still rise. and it every so west africa correspondent, funny fish are, says this attack follows government airstrikes, targeting the hardest insurgents in the country's north. it remains unclear just how many people have been killed in this horrendous massacre on saturday in borno state in the north east orphanage area. the state governor there speaks of at least 70 people killed. and regardless of the actual death toll, one thing is certain. this is one of the worst attacks in recent years. he nigeria, a country that is suffering because of violence because of jihadism because of the uprising that began in borno state in 2009. now, so far, no group, no militant group has claimed responsibility for this attack,
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but it definitely does carry to trademark the signature of or of its splinter groups that associate themselves with isis. the nigerian army has actually carried out several air strikes in november saying that they do see and observe a resurgence of terrorist activity. and president, who are you seeing that the all me has received all necessary support to protect the citizens, to protect the population of nigeria. unfortunately, this massacre tells you a different story. and that is that this situation here in a remains very volatile, very unstable, very secure. unfortunately with no improvement in the fish are reporting there. want to turn our to our nature is a researcher in the africa division at human rights watch a very day. i mean, how in secure is northern nigeria undoubtedly in the area where these attacks occur, which is as you know,
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the correspondent has said this area has been warm to balance for the last 10 years in the final, not area of or in the state reports and that it is completely in a state support for our government forces anyone humanitarian work. because you have pockets of villages and communities in that area completely in control by insurgent groups. now it's many community members who may or may not want to be associated with these groups are left with very little, very little, very little chance to say no, essentially, because they fear for their lives. and in parts of the state that are controlled by security forces, you find that there is still a sense of insecurity because people cannot go out into violence outside of their immediate vicinity of security forces. or else you have massacres. like what you saw, what we've seen
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a cope with the weekend now being reported. and what can be done to stop these massacres like the one that we sadly saw from happening again? well, i think there is no simple answer to this. it is a multifaceted issue. on the one hand you have the issue of the ability of the nigerian security forces to actually respond to the violence and ensure that they're protecting civilians while carrying out this counterinsurgency operations. and there's really no sense of the ability to be able to do that. and there is a problem, chance ben, see in terms of military action and you know, what kind of support they have are lacking or a need. and then there is also the question of what some of the main drivers of the insurgency is the question as to why you still have, you know, the groups recruiting and having, you know, the sort of presence that they have in many of these communities. and it's essentially a fundamental question of, you know, trust in the wondering authorities. and as opposed to, you know,
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these answers that have taken over fears of a lot of the country and are controlling, you know, arrogance and a few moments that we have left together. now, nigeria's army has been heavily policing and to police brutality protests in a recent weeks. have they been too distracted to police to north? i mean, there's no clear indication of the fact that they've taking considerably considerable on attention away from the north east conflict of humans are responsive and i please print silence and protest. and in any event, the question of whether or not they should be responding to the un 5 rounds. with the protests, we've done that. the judgment calls by citizens for accountability and reform of a completely abused it police unit is one that has been the onset of these protests which took place in major cities across the country where largely peaceful and the sort of brutal spots that have come from here. parties have been majorly criticised,
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but nationally and internationally. all right, i'm here to along are from human rights watch. thank you for joining us. thank you very much for having me. and would like to turn our attention now to east africa, where the top rebel leader in the to grier region of ethiopia insists his troops are still fighting government forces. on this a day after ethiopia's government declared victory, their military leaders say they have seized control of key installations, including the region's main airports, and that they are now trying to track down any last rebel holdouts. the red cross as civilians are struggling with shortages of food and medical supplies. earlier we spoke to the ethiopian minister for democratisation and asked him if in fact that to grow a region really is entirely in the government's control. we are in control of the already very demure last holdout was mohammed. now we have control of each and
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every element of i want to status at the wonder wrong with the state. by the way, we are not the one who got the really competitive bid. you get or it is, it is a list that's got the illegal going to be with a view to keep that example in going to go through the rest of the world. was of do going to be going to be paid when the force is really propaganda. now, we are working with that expertise to recall it at the local connectivity and then sample it is it has already been restored. well meanwhile, the fighting and to grind has sent tens of thousands of refugees streaming into neighboring sudan seeking a safe haven figures. show that half of the much shorter did of yours. maria miller reports now from a camp just outside the sudanese border. a year likes to sing songs he learned growing up in tikrit and he misses playing with
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his friends and especially with his older brother in law. and i miss them all and i want to go back home because i want to play with my brothers. i miss my friends and my brothers. and it's been 3 weeks since a of last saw his family. his mother had brought him to his teachers doorstep when the bombs started falling on the hometown and home area. she said she had to search for her 2 older sons a safe way yasser recalls without a 2nd thought. she took him and ran recess again and i saw we jumped over dead bodies, our neighbors were dead, but we couldn't bury them. so we just kept running as europe saw a lot of things, a 70 year old shin, the sea says i see for us over seas close friend of his mother has known him for years. he trusts her many other children who fled to die when not so lucky. the u.n. estimates almost half the 40000 refugees from the region. actually,
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it's not clear how many of them arrived in sudan on their own, but the health ministry is currently registering all these especially vulnerable. we face multiple problems. 1st, an important one. we have to find out whether the family came to sudan or not. if the family was killed, we need to explain that to the child. after that we look for a solution a safe way? yes, the hopes that she will never have to explain that to a europe. she believes his parents live, but with no phone and no communication blackout in today. she can't reach anyone in their hometown. if god lets me live long enough and if there's peace, i'll take the boy back to his mother. now i'm a refugee, but i will do what ever i can for this boy. he's like my own son. life at the campus, heart open a safe was still wearing the same clothes as when they left home. often they have to try 3 or 4 comes to get water, but still sometimes a safe or manages to get
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a up something special that i love her because she takes care of me. she buys me this quits fruits and candies. i really love you. and let's start over some of the stories making news around the world. iran has held a funeral for the country's top nuclear scientist killed in an ambush last week or so. in fact, as the day was credited with establishing iran's nuclear program in the early 2000, tehran is going to israel for the killing and has vowed revenge french media say authorities are charging 4 police officers a connection with the beating of a black music producer. the incident sparked outrage after the release of security camera footage, showing the assault nationwide rallies against police brutality have been overshadowed by clashes. dozens of demonstrators were injured and more than 80 arrested. and the riots sparked by rising groan of virus infections broke out at
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a salon, going to jail on sunday. at least 6 and mates were killed and dozens injured. it follows weeks of growing unrest in prisons across the nation, over surging violence cases and overcrowded facilities. on us news of the corn, a virus pandemic which has caused the deaths of nearly one of the half 1000000 people around the world. most of the 62000000 who have been infected, however, have made a full recovery. still some patients show symptoms for weeks even months. that one covert 1000 patient who told us about the long term effects she's endured . piggy good and is battling the long term effects of coby at 19 when she became sick in march. she had few symptoms, but it's now devastated her life pretty confident traffic to the moon, even. i only became really ill months later in june. but at the time i thought that
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everything would eventually be fine, but things didn't improve. i was extremely ill for many, many weeks, which turned into months and i never got better. is what a nice piccy is one of 40 called did survive me again. as a covert survivor, peggy has officially recovered from the illness. but she says it feels like coronavirus has stolen her healthy body and left her with a sick one in its place. where he has been here for 2 weeks. now, her main goal is to get her mental health back on track. so more you live your life, 5 days, it was a weekend and so on. my life might be more intense than it was before. on the one hand, i'd like it to be like it was before on the other. the world is just falling apart
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because of the pandemic right now. at the moment, life is dramatically different for everyone. i think i'll be a different person than i was before. but that's ok. peggy grant has 3 more weeks of rehab ahead of her. all she wants to do is get back to her normal life again. on business news, turkey reports that its economy has rebounded from a dramatic coronavirus slump earlier in the year. all these 6.7 percent expansion in the 3rd quarter is some good news. there's also gloom to turkey's currency. the euro just keeps on falling, and foreign investment remains weak. and now coronavirus infections are rising fast . the stumble streets are empty are than usual. turkey has reported record numbers of new coburg, 19 cases. that's led the government to impose more restrictions. they're pushing
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many restaurants and small businesses to the brink of ruin. fast food store owner of used to have 6 employees. now he has only 2 left and he can hardly pay them because you don't, which we've been struggling for 7 months, but now are really thinking, what should i do lock up and go to i might have no other choice if the government of president regift type everyone had cut interest rates in this temp to boost the economy, but the country's central bank has no change course. in mid november, its new governor hiked the main lending rate by 4.75 percent to 15 percent. it's an attempt to attract foreign money and stop the slide of the turkish lira. but some analysts say the steps come too late to lift confidence in turkey's political and monetary system. turkey needs big structural reforms and we have needed
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them for some years now. and actually 3 main reforms usually come to the front, one should be an independent judicial system that there still staying the rule of law for turkey to there has to be much more transparency in terms of data sharing. so actors, economy directors to make their decisions based on transparent data and 3 of course there should be a bigger participatory democracy in the concrete so that people can trust in the democracy. climate of our country, the president. everyone is often accused of cronyism and the roading, turkey's democratic institutions. the country's many problems are being compounded by the coronavirus pandemic, shattered tourism, a major economic factor. these are hard times for many turks. inflation stands at nearly 12 percent, and many people can't even afford essential goods. australia has demanded an
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apology from beijing after senior chinese official posted a dr. image on twitter in an attempt to criticize australian soldiers. all the fake picture appears to depict an australian soldier killing a young civilian holding a sheep together with the words. don't be afraid we're coming to bring you peace. follows a report earlier this month about the conduct of australian soldiers in afghanistan . discuss the now of this controversy with the data reporter, joel del right. joe. what's behind this tweet? well, there's 2 major issues that are colliding here. 1st, there are allegations of war crimes against australian troops and 2nd. there is a major diplomatic dispute between australia and china. let's talk about the war crimes allegations 1st. a strain that has been reeling by the findings of an official report into the conduct of the special forces troops, the s.a.'s in afghanistan, and up until 2016. now this inquiry found that there was credible allegations that
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australian forces were involved in the murder of up to $39.00, afghani prisoners and civilians in what might amount to war crimes. and further that new troops were encouraged to kill afghanis as part of initiation rites. now these terrible allegations are being investigated by police and may result in prosecutions. and australia's prime minister has apologized to afghanistan. tell us about the tweet and question. also. this inquiry report was released over a week ago. well, today, an official at the chinese foreign ministry tweeted to say that he was shocked by the murder of afghan civilians by its training soldiers. now had the tweet stopped there. a strategy might have had little to complain about except for the fact that these crimes are allegations and haven't yet been proven. but the official went further by adding this doctored image, which appears to show a soldier killing or threatening a child. now that gave the astray and prime minister the opportunity to go on the front foot and he called this images repugnant and offensive. we can have
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a listen to more of what he had to say. it is absolutely outrageous and it cannot be justified on any vices whatsoever. the chinese government should be totally ashamed of this post. there are undoubtedly tensions that exist between china and the struggle. but this is not how you do with them. joe, he is in dignan to talk to us about the tensions that he referenced there. what is he talking about? well, diplomacy between australia and china. is that really one of his lowest points in many decades that a strain made allegations against china as it has demanded a global inquiry into the origins of the covered 19 virus. and that has infuriated china. in response. china has slapped trade tariffs and many goods from australia such as based bali and wine and it has left exports. basically sitting in shipping
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containers are off ports. and this is hugely damaging to this trade economy, which is highly dependent on china. now this diplomatic dispute does not appear to be getting any better. in fact, it is escalating today. the chinese foreign ministry has refused to apologize as scott morrison demanded there and says, the straight is, should be ashamed for the actions of its troops. how is a book by using that doctored image? china really gave the prime minister there the chance to claim the moral authority in this, in this whole dispute. and instead off the weeks of being on the back for a reporter, jill dougherty. thank you. as ever at least 3 people have been killed and a further 2 are missing. after flooding triggered what's lies inside. the italian island had been inundated by heavy rain and i thought is now are now evacuating people from low lying areas. and the hardest hit town. a rescue operation is underway. much slower rates have buried everything in their path. in the morning
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firefighters and volunteers look for missing people in the small town of beatty in north east in sardinia. that have a little drizzle came down. we feel it inside the mud slid down from them through the hole. far as to where we are. get your results or the design talent is shocked . we didn't seen anything like it. during the day, the rheumatiz still rushed through the town. the school rolled in from spain overnight to wrench arranged flight if the streets destroying the bridge. 313000000 meters of rain fell within 6 hours. this is $3.00 to $4.00 times north, the litigious dating storm to hit this area in 2013. so the storm also moved across sicily, a tornado and heavy rainfall caused considerable damage near to tanya leaving residents stunned. it was a lot of noise and after 5 minutes everything was gone with the wind. in sardinia,
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the cleanup operation will last a few more days. it isn't yet clear how much damage has been done to this force now in a formula, one racing at sunday's, barring on play, was overshadowed by a fiery crash. french driver was slightly injured and he's been ruled out of next weekend's race. but he was happy to walk away one piece. this was the moment when formula one held its breath careers into a crash barrier, and is in ghost in a ball of flame miraculously group a marriage to relatively unscathed from the inferno. but this was an accident that seemed to come from a bygone age. no car had been split in 2 and a crushing 1991. while a crush had caused the car to cut fire since 1919. but there was an angel english on the shoulder, the halo. the titanium structure protects the driver from head injury. yet there
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was much skepticism when it was introduced in 2018. not least from the money whose life it's almost certainly saved for the halo some years ago. but i think it is a great thing that both the was there with me. it would be, they think they will be there stuff to see if it is good and hopefully i want you. what susan, this is tell you is good. another former hill skeptic world champion lewis hamilton thanked the sport's governing body for what he called the must have strikes. they taken in try for safety, but well, the sport rightly cuts itself in the back. the post-mortem has already begun a 6. have a crush that made scrap iron of car and barrier alike was able to happen at all. all right, around an hour of our top story, this hour sources in nigeria say more than 100 people have been killed in a brutal massacre in the country's northwest. no one has claimed responsibility for
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a child as groups have attacked the area in recent years. they're watching the daily news coming up next, our science magazine tomorrow today, which focuses in part on why people are lazy. don't forget you can get all the latest news and information as he does the dot com on my life and remember half of all of us here. thanks so much for watching
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every day counts for us and for our planet. mobile ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how to make cities scream, how can we protect our attempts to make a difference in the mind to its environmental series of the little sleep on t.w.? what's the secret behind this classic visit to ses? soon as you hear beethoven lose your mind, or the story behind the music was for the ages,
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greatest peace process. beethoven's 9th symphony for the world starts to simmer on, t.w. was the feeling and did you know that even bees are being factory farmed? but fortunately, they're 10 attempts and we look at the dilemma of facial recognition. what's more important, public safety or personal privacy and is the world going from bad to was not really, but why is arbor.


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