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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  December 6, 2020 5:30pm-6:00pm CET

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w. . what secrets lie behind. discover new adventures in 360 degrees. and explore. the b.m.w. world heritage 316 get to know. the good. hello and welcome to eco africa on today's show we will talk about the problem of plastic waste and other waste and their impact the club in 1000 pandemic is having on the environmentalists and now it's i we're in lagos nigeria and i am sundra 3 nobody oh here in company the capital uganda a big hello to everybody thank you for joining us as always we have lots of
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interesting stories for you from africa and europe on a range of environmental issues but fost here is what is coming up in of the. how young people in uganda i don't think business is about a benefit to society. health german cities are preparing for the climate crisis. and why i'm on even cynical walks around covered in plastic bags. how can job speak created for young people why aren't in the same time protecting our planet and its resources close to a couple companies we've visited and learning have which encourages young people to tons of business visions into reality. our house collapsed on the bed when mother died from injuries from suffered so i
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turned to my pin for past into motivation i never knew that what i'm doing. this big to me and to the environment. i thought about i thought discriminated because of my often falling from malaria i am now part of the solution in my country. 2 people each with a vision journal the bigger producers so quick to say that repels mosquito according to the un every 2 minutes a child under the age of 5 dies of malaria. even if i'm not saving all the kids that are suffering right now i am being the ones that i can john merrick of whom are is founder and director of the green business up cycle africa which builds houses out of recycled plastic bottles consumer and elevator are graduates of the social innovation academy all senior official says. it's located in the town
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of from p.v. about 30 kilometers south of uganda's capital kampala. here young people including oftens and street kids learn how to develop their ideas into successful businesses due to the current 19 pandemic only a few students are currently able to attend classes on campus especially in uganda people are not prepared through the work together to present themselves to us critical questions to find their own solutions on answers and we are learning that unseen. and that's why often not everybody will become an entrepreneur but many of our scholars as well that have been so you know have found jobs. one of the solutions later campagna with plastic waste is a huge problem. $350000.00 tons of trash accumulates in the ugandan capital every year and only half of it is disposed of. much of the plastic lands on this
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trash dump recycling isn't coming here. john mary could be a man pays young trash collectors together bottles that he can then use to build houses. every time i come here i do like to give some money to other people to do for example if locally all keeping our environment to gives me hope that even the future dividends would will inhibit the whole of the planet that we are we have done all we have protected from plastic with. earth is pressed into the plastic bottles to make bricks many women work full to v.m.s. business giving them the chance to earn their own money. give him a says the houses are cool inside even on hot days his business has already constructed more than 100 buildings using over 3000000 plastic bottles in the process. due to the coronavirus pandemic commissions have slowed but there is
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funding coming in from abroad we are revising different solutions on the way we can be able to survive as a company and we've also got some people who came along to support us for example we go with some funding for i care to men that decided to support us and especially in the. journal of a guy has brought a few bars of soap to one of the women who supply her with lemon grass a key ingredient in her product before the covert 19 crisis no bigger charge tourists and hotels a bit more for her soaps so she could keep the price down for locals but now that they are hardly any tourists she's expanded her online princess i have a vision to make my country a become place i have a vision to make africa hated of running away from it to make it a better place. if my mother hoping to see me now i know it will be proud
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of me. protection and conservation that's also what our next report is about in recent decades ghana hospitals to foster a rain forest it is a situation that is a once in a climate change that's right sandra one local eco activist and entrepreneur decided to address the problem reforested a piece of land by practicing sustainable forestry there he helped revive the natural ecosystem he's enterprise is not only a boon for the environment it's become a popular destination for equal taurus. and i have the ladies come forward this is a moment when into inviting if you like he enjoys treats in his visitors to the intoxicating center of the lanky long blossoms example. vacs going to smell like that for weeks as well as in walking in
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a flower garden that is quite beautiful. it isn't very nice to see that there's an area like this in god that. others whether they're hearing god or even outside of the country could come to and actually enjoy nature. it started 20 years ago when biden planted all his hold in of 210 acres. he founded porto forest estates and initially just sold we'd put up so. we thought we could enter crawford food crops and keep it going by. selling those food crops to generate short term revenue except that the community and the workers kept eating everything even before its course ready to generate more income he and his team had another idea they decided to propagate local plants and extract essential oils in 2018 they added eco tourism jaring every tall visitors
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served up a typical kenyan dish that is made exclusively of local forest produce. $1000.00 baidu is also linking up with the local community in better here's hired several locals as chefs and told god's all to work in his laboratory technician isaac could joe is in charge of producing the essential oils as well as natural cosmetics such as soap. because up with. natural salt from the forest they tend to have less side effects and then the really how good are very effective treatment like for my remark therapy you can really get a feel of the size of the room from the plant and they have no side effects or anything whatever the oils are sold across the country including in the capital across retailers they're also provide interested costumers with detailed
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information about the product. on guided tours visitors here about the company's mission future plans include sustainable construction projects for their eco tourism business. this is because we want to make you loose. a couple footprints on the elderly took up construction i think. about my thought it was friendly we want to reduce that mall but unlikely friends in wellington biden attaches great importance to passing on is knowledge to the next generation. now main focus is. the experience show that i think center where we're going to teach people what we have learned over the last 20 years this is the only way that we come quickly disseminate what we've learned because it's all about training and empowering people to also go out there and do it themselves in that
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way biden's projects provide an example to local residents showing how day 2 can make a living from protecting the forests. now more than half of the population of nigeria live in urban cities like lagos and obvious organize asian is on the rise all over the world not just you know africa in europe currently more than some 2 percent of the population already lives in towns and cities but a growing problem is that searches are born noble too extreme weather caused by climate change in germany steps are being taken to protect towns on the heat and massive rainfall with the help of nature. these young trees fresh from the nursery are being planted in the new residential neighborhood complex in hamburg the leaves on some looks surprisingly green and fresh given how late it is in the year especially when compared to these beach saplings they are spain's alter
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bridge species bred from japanese and caucasian alder with many beneficial characteristics nursery owner and explains that when it gets hot the pores in their leaves close to retain valuable moisture. we haven't planted many of the space out there yet it's new here a climate change tree a city tree of the future. we still have to see how they fare in urban settings my suspicion is they're far superior to native species around the corner are some states alter that were planted in the spring the summer was very dry but they're still looking good. better than the endemic species here. 20 years ago we started to say that we're going to have to plant different kinds of trees new ones better suited to cities where they're subjected to a lot of stress it took a while for people to sit up and listen to climate change just playing havoc with
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cities around the world one reason why many cities can't deal well with heavy rain or floods is that so much city surface has covered by concrete and water can seep into the ground. environmental scientists complain that this ceiling effect means half of all rainfall is lost compared to woodlands and meadows and not available to people or nature. rainwater that's channeled straight into drains and carried away is gone they can evaporate and it's removed from the natural water cycle if it evaporation cools the air and we feel that his dog all the sealed surfaces heat up a lie. and stay hot if there's no cooling effect from of operations that's one reason we get urban heat islands an alternative approach can be found in southern brylin in a neighborhood where sponge city water management principles have been adopted here
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rainwater is collected on open ground and roofs and channeled into local pools it doesn't just disappear down the drain and get whisked away on a cougar is a geographer and hydrologist who works for berlin's own municipal water company think tank. rainwater is a very valuable resource we needed to adapt our city to a changing climate that's what our goal is to manage and use that locally. the entire project takes up 10 tears it's full of unpaved surfaces strips of garden and the roofs here are also covered in soil and plants lots of opportunities for rainwater to be soaked up and slowly released into the air or ground. that's come off the. rain which is seeps directly into the ground between the paving stones or it flows into little depressions in the ground like this one that's why there's a gap in the curve. and that water is sinks in or it evaporates that's
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benefiting the trees. then how does one set up his climate cops 5 years ago his heat resistant trees can't do entirely without water but it will take time to find out just how much water they need and how well they adapt. and form. we're still in the early stages. we're testing $61.00 species of tree seeing how they fare. we've been growing some of the species for decades so we already know their strengths and weaknesses and. his nursery has so far means 10000 trees new to germany's urban landscapes but better able to weather climate change trees like the turkey oak and new climate treaty which is being introduced more frequently into hamburg's neighborhoods all of which should make for some pretty cool cities. talking about 30 is one thing you will find in
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many homes our works of art beyond making us happy these are p.c.'s can also draw attention to social issues like and bomb and so pollution in today's edition of doing your bit for the environment we meet i mean presley of nigerian artists who do just that. life like creations made of sawdust. the material that's plentiful in lagos. to plentiful says nigerian artist all the lake on lush a can. it's a sign of how many trees are being cut down nigeria's forests are shrinking the artist uses the sawdust to highlight the problem mixed with water it can be molded into all kinds of animals and insects from spiders to big cats. crying because. it's pretty clear. living is being taken away by the monkeys the crime you see we
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don't even. ask a christian awareness program where powering people through his works cost between 20600 euros apiece he sells them directly from his studio or on mine. ole con nashik on has won numerous awards both for his works and his commitment to the environment. and how about you if you're also doing your bit tell us about it visit our website or send us a tweet. hash tag doing your bags. we share your story. we now talk about one of the world's greatest waste disposal services i'm talking about the one provided by ball chose these governors are not only willing they are eager to do
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the dirty work of cleaning up carcasses found in the wild of course and did you know that there are 23 different species of the blot of course there was suddenly 4 too many of them they are on the street but the fox vultures play a vital role in keeping ecosystems healthy which makes them well worth protecting let's take a look. oh the health of africa's 11 vulture species artists hearing on the brink of extinction the environmental and nature kenya has been observing the developments in east africa it's distressing because without these scavengers dead animals would rot wherever they dropped and that could upset. what is a very much important in. cleaning the environment we call them the. undertaker the clean the environment all the dead carcasses and by doing these these top the
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spread of diseases diseases like rocks. and all that nature can yet introduce the vulture conservation program and them aside mara nature reserves in 2014 it's a mr spread awareness of the crucial role vultures play. this group of must work is nature kenya's vulture ambassadors they explains in villages when a dead cow all go to spoil is a good chemicals in order to kill predators that threaten their livestock all of the animals that feed on the caca poisons that include vultures so as i travel into. my region for example in my location i usually go 210100 quite a flick when there is a fluke. but before its placement we we actually sometimes take the carcasses of those. and we put them aside and you can.
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actually talk to the owner of the i am not a policeman. support from villages and their leaders is key to the ngos campaign the assistant chief of one village tells us that battles between humans and animals are going issue in the area. there is a lot of conflict. or leopards people out or getting killed by elephants and lions. presents a serious challenge for us here to have a complete incident awareness of i mean to be to a few. but you often the main victims of these conflicts are vultures and that's the environmentalists message to put an end to the agonizing that nature kenya also corporates with the mara reserves ranges. i think the biggest challenge is the issue of reporting like this is of poisoning we normally don't get
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a lot of reports from the community because they know that it's a crime and so a lot of this this is the go unreported. but reporting the cases would get becomes evasion is the chance to save the birds that's why keeping communication channels open is important. also supported by bird live international the program is focused mainly on east africa because that's where vulture death rates are especially high the campaign's push to improve the exchange of information is now starting to yield results we're getting reports on a human to live conflict and also responses to. what voices because and and by these some voices have been saved because there is. a poisoning response protocol that is being followed in case off in the.
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poisoning incident. this yeah and international initiative was launched with the goal of reducing vulture mortality in africa by 50 percent within the next decade. but for it to work it's vital that the local communities are also on board right. so true you need to motivate communities to take part in vision activities especially when it gets to plastic so many cities are drowning in litter and plastic is not biodegradable it just hung around for many years in ever smaller pieces and particles so raising awareness is the name of the game let's go to senegal to meet a master at drawing attention to the problem which during coronavirus period is easier said than done. oh.
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model fall has had to change tack in his fight against plastic waste with the wild in the grades of up and they make he's only 2 right now is his smartphone but that's not likely to draw nearly as much attention. this is what he surely looks like it's in a girl's mostly non anti plastic complain for more than 15 years he's been going around schools neighborhoods and markets like this one in a car and stopping plastic bags for paper once instead the beginning of work. well some people are put off by his unusual appearance he usually gets his message across. with a good. man and he don't take this bugsy just want to show a little time a team with zaatar blasting and use this instilled the. more he ties the plastic bags he gets to his suit to stop them from polluting the enviroment. like many cities in the world has a plastic pollution problem i don't 10 percent of the cars worst is plastic best
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and most of it ends up in the streets model for doesn't hesitate to engage people in conversation is made you know goodness so she's already switched to paper cuts. through an association he heads out more do wants to achieve a 0 was sent to go and help people the. return a teams such as making their own bounce out of fabric something that's relatively easy to do here so. i literally wonder. everyone can do it go to the fabric stand and buy some fabric ask a tailor to make you a bag when it gets a bit dirty you can wash and reuse it several times it's much better than using a plastic bag that took one second to make 20 seconds to use and will cost 400 years of pollution are probably very many good moves are still recoverable will still more dues passion for environmental protection began after he completed his
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military service returning to the car he thought the city looked like a huge dump site he had to take action people thought he was crazy including his family but today his wife lisa couldn't be prouder of water husband has achieved in 2016 the country's president awarded him the national order of merit more due has also helped his community plant around 600 trees and according to the slogan one house rountree it's been a long campaign but now many have come around to do so we of thinking even the government is getting serious about enforcing laws about single use plastics for. them with i'm not telling myself to stop entirely but i have to carry on the fight and push the authorities there's still a lot to do a book with a city that i love it could take another 20 years before we pick up all the
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tapes of plastic in the ground and i'll be behind the youth encouraging them to be an example in this. piece of commerce. and. once they couldn't of a rest restrictions or leave to do we'll be able to continue his work in honest in the meantime perhaps the growing awareness of a gene will cause some. towards winning the battle against plastic waste. it is good to know that we can all make a difference even in small local ways sadly that is all we healthfully today or africa we hope you've enjoyed the show as much as we did it is a goodbye for me sundered from compiler the capital of uganda and i'll be looking forward to seeing you once again next week. we look forward to being with you for a new edition of eco africa next week in the meantime you can visit us on social media or send us your thoughts on environmental issues are concerned you goodbye
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for now for me now it's a way in lagos nigeria to take care. good . dog. the i.
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believe. it looks like a model. but it's really the work of. the wide. the 11 year old painter just like the great master himself. and donates the money she raises with her painting to a good cause. with great because. the moment me about 30 minutes beyond d.w.
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and breathtakingly beautiful. arctic full expanse of bitter cold. the sound of global warming. the journey around the north pole. profiteers and talk with people experiencing the changing environment of the ice disappears earlier and it keeps retreating ha here's the last years have been snowing rough. makes it hard. our future depends on what happens here in one of the most fragile ecosystems on earth. northern lights within the arctic circle starts december 21st w.
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. the state of the news live from berlin amid a crippling political and economic crisis venezuelans vote for a new parliament polls have opened but opposition leaders are boycotting the election alleging it's neither free nor fair with hopes for a change in venezuela dwindling president nicolas maduro is set to tighten his grip on power also coming up.


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