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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  December 19, 2020 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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on earth. northern lights life within the arctic circle starts december 21st on t.w. . this is beautifully news of live from but then the u.k. government unveils tighter covert restrictions for christmas british prime minister boris johnson warns against travel to high risk areas saying the country cannot continue with christmas as planned a new strain of the virus is fueling fears also coming up to germany remembers 4 years ago today a truck plowed through
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a christmas market in the capital of berlin killing 12 people. i'm told me a lot of well welcome to the program british prime minister boris johnson has announced tighter restrictions on millions of people to curb a surge in corona virus cases london and southeastern england will be placed in a new tier 4 level under which nonessential retailers have to close and people will no longer be able to mix with other households johnson said a new strain of the virus was speeding up the spread of infections. while we're fairly certain the variant is transmitted more quickly there is no evidence to suggest it is more lethal or causes more severe illness equally there is no evidence to suggest the vaccine will be any less effective against the new variant
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it is with a very heavy heart i must tell you we cannot continue with christmas as planned in england those living in tearful areas should not mix with anyone outside their own household at christmas though support bubbles will remain in place for those of particular risk of loneliness or isolation across the rest of the country the christmas rules allowing up to 3 households to meet will now be limited to christmas day only rather than the 5 days as previously set aside there will be no relaxation on the 31st of january so people must not break the rules that the new year must know must not be the rules a new year it's very very important to emphasize that. for more let's talk to our correspondent charles pill in london good to see you. some areas of the country.
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for classification which all these areas and how will the people there be impacted by these restrictions. for those areas are london where i am now the east and the south east of england those are the areas that have been identified as having this new variant this new strain of the virus which we just heard that is believed to be more transistors transmissible than the existing strain now just to put these new restrictions into some context for you it was just this week the prime minister boris johnson said canceling christmas here in the u.k. would be inhumane now although with the news of this new variant that is indeed essentially what he has done particularly here in london and the south east now the rules up until today had been 3 households would be allowed to meet indoors for 5 days that is now been cut back severely people in these new 54 restrictions is that quote
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won't be allowed to leave that area is that being honest just to remain within their own household and for the rest of the country while they're now being told that they can only meet for one day on christmas day and those measures people around the country being advised not to travel on to cut down socializing with with other households where possible. you mentioned the new strain of call that 19 is more easily transmissible what more do we know about it. well it's still in the early stages of finding out say exactly how this new variant was but one thing that did become clear for the 1st time today is that preliminary data shows that it is more transmissible one estimate that we heard in the press conference with boris johnson just that was that it could be up to 70 percent more transmissible than the existing variant that of course is very shocking hearing for a lot of people here but again this tends to be put into context we were told that
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there is no evidence so far that this is any more dangerous than the existing virus variant that people are more likely to have adverse effects serious effects all that they could end up in hospitalized or sadly losing their lives there is also nothing to suggest at this stage that treatments or vaccines will struggle to deal with this new variant of those that of course is being examined very closely one thing that we did hear in that press conference which of course is interesting for an international audience is that it is possible that this variant could be in other countries although no details were given on that of course though the the goal is to try and limit the spread of this virus both abroad and across the u.k. and that's exactly why people who are in areas where we're seeing this new variant already are being told not to travel the big question though is whether or not people will listen it had been sold to them here in the u.k. that christmas would be a moment of relaxation after what's been
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a terrible year for so many people christmas was really a chance to relax the rules a little bit that there are now today has been canceled ok charlotte. thank you for bringing us up to speed. israel is beginning to roll out its vaccination program and tonight the country's leader benjamin netanyahu has become the 1st is ready to receive the shot and to now receive his injection at a tel aviv medical center and he's urging all israelis to follow suit and get vaccinated from sunday medical personnel will be the 1st group eligible for the job and after that people over the age of 60 will then be allowed to be vaccinated. is outside the hospital where the israeli prime minister has just been vaccinated tanya benjamin netanyahu says he wants to boost confidence in the coronavirus vaccine by becoming the 1st israeli citizen to take it but could it be said that
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what he's doing here is he's actually seeking a shot in beyond for his own political reputation. well i think israelis look at this in different ways actually i mean the israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu tonight said it's a great day for israel and as you said he called on all israelis to come and get vaccinated once it's their time this is to kick off of vaccination campaign that will start next week with certain categories of people so on the one have here israeli said would say no this is a relief actually to know and they would credit him that he got the vaccines and at least some batches of it not all of it is yet in israel. so early on to israel but at the same time of course that comes when infection rates are going up again in israel in recent weeks and it comes also the time of the deep political crisis in
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the country because as early as next week you know we might not see the coalition government surviving there is the question of a state budget that needs to be passed and if that doesn't happen there at the moment rather deadlocked about it and the coalition then that could kick off early elections in israel next year the 4th time in 2 years but i think the main issue tonight is for many israelis is this relieved that there's some kind of timeline there can look at now with regards to the pandemic ok now turn you know we'll come back to you in just a 2nd but 1st we are going to take a look at the pandemic in the palestinian terror territories on the west bank where despite a rapid rise in the number of cases authorities have not yet secured vaccine supplies . the streets of jericho on she usually this quiet most business is a shot apart from pharmacies and bakeries palestinian police are in full swing the
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strict lockdown in the west bank. it's going to be like this till the beginning of january the palestinian controlled parts of the west bank were already suffering economically before the pandemic people are hoping they will get the job soon i know when this will of although a lot of the palestinian people need a vaccine which is certified by the world health organization it would help the palestinians who are suffering a lot from the coronavirus pandemic which is adding to the problems of the israeli occupation that elected a little light show a little bit out of me and with god's will this vaccine will be effective and we can escape this crisis which has affected every part of our life she untied me also . at the coronavirus testing labs more and more samples are testing positive for covert 19. countries in the region like saudi arabia
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bahrain and israel are beginning mass vaccination programs. but the cash strapped palestinian government has not closed any supply deals with drug companies yet. it will be many months before we receive a quantity of the vaccine sufficient to vaccinate people on math or. bethlehem is usually bustling during the christmas season christians normally flock to the holy sites on the west bank but this year the celebrations will be muted as it struggles with the pandemic. return to tania kraemer in tel aviv tania any talk of the israeli supplying the palestinians with the vaccine. well this is not really clear at this stage so we have in fact the situation that
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while the vaccination drive started in israel we see cases infection rates rising in the occupied palestinian territories so we heard just the palestinian prime minister mohammed stay here talking about that it will take months until they get their batches of vaccine to actually need from what we understand from the palestinian authority is that they're actually in talks and looking you know with the companies themselves or with states like russia or china to get vaccines from their or international organizations like w h o who has a scheme a vaccine scheme to get about 20 percent of the needs from that but at the moment cases rising in the occupied west bank and gaza and it's not yet clear whether vaccines will go from israel to the territories. w.'s tanya cram on in tel aviv thank you this weekend germany
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is marking the 4th anniversary of the terrorist attack on a christmas market in the heart of land and islamist extremists hijacked a 40 ton truck and killed the driver even around the vehicle into the crowded market killing another 11 people and injuring dozens more the terrorist escaped and was shot dead by talian police 4 days later. but lynn was unprepared for such an attack and had to learn how best to help those affected in the aftermath. eustis minster is an emergency pastor in the days following the december 26th terror attack he met many of those traumatized by the event he says their grief was made even worse by the disastrous response from official support agencies. why doesn't say it did not work well at that point from people understood very clearly that they were on their own. to
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a certain extent that's because the berlin agencies and institutions were themselves overwhelmed you know that's one of the i'm a victim of a father as a result people waited a long time for financial and psychological help a public memorial service however happened very quickly the day after the attack possibly to suit. the scenes for the memorial service was meant to be for victims' relatives but many of them had no idea at the time that they were actually the relatives of victims it was far too early. officials understood that they were not structures in place to deal with this kind of event a central liaison now coordinate support for victims and their families who will also get more financial help in the future. and we all know that money can't make up for the terrible pain that people have experienced it can only help with immediate problems. for the victims of the 2016 attack we've retroactively increase
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the payments even tripled them. trungpa says that the victims of racist and anti-semitic attacks in the cities of ha now and hala have had quicker access to support he says the agencies have learned from their mistakes. that was put to the test earlier this month interfere where a driver fatally rammed 5 people. that's the perspective of the victims is what matters are the perspective of the victims' families. at every step of the process you have to say slow down don't hurry things but many people who are suffering after an attack get immediate aid and then you have to come to an agreement with the victims' families and also the families of the. 4 years after the 2016 berlin attack used as minister still
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stays in touch with many of the victims he just wishes the changes in victim support had come in time to help them earlier. the watching news live from berlin ah series doc film is up next and you can get all the latest news around the clock on our website dot com follow us on twitter and on instagram as well. tony a lot of all the back again at the top of the hour for joining us. on the career. high value meal and i'm game did you know that 700000000000 land animals are killed worldwide but it's not just the animals little suffering it's the environment if you want to know how always look to the priests and the hunters strange to us as we think is listening to our podcast on the dream.


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