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tv   Vom Vogtland nach Pennsylvania  Deutsche Welle  January 9, 2021 8:30pm-9:01pm CET

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york city when things are like this never not everybody has a choice the city is one of the most innovative places with the virus right now and also. we're so fortunate to have a backyard to go out on and a lot of people are just stuck in their apartments. the virus reaches the hamptons in april that arrives most sundays in a new city within a kilometer radius around the beacon high 90 percent of residents to find themselves as winds. around 2.6 percent live close to the publishing line and preparing to make unemployment levels well under 2 percent. at the peak of the crisis sit in times more people dying in new york than in the hamptons. so how do societies more privileged members deal with such social injustice to new deadly pandemic. is it ok to carry on showing off ones will. be facing me. i'm sensitive about what the girls post on their instagram all the
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time i'm like really why i never before you know them coming i mean but that's my opinion it's their brand and they should you know what they want to do with their with their instagram you know it's not for me to say or to control it it's their brand just don't like i mean people sometimes. if it was my brand i wouldn't i wouldn't do what they do but that's not that's not what i'm talking about i'm not going to my gang i'm talking about we don't i'm like no no i'm just saying your brand is about you guys your lifestyle young you know that's what that's what it is that's what i think is magnetic about it and what attracts people and and i'm just saying it's not it's not my particular brand or lifestyle or what i would choose to post if i you know you've seen my instagram i guess i do that and that i own brand and my ok well i got it you got it. kim and. leaves the performing but now his life
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is an intermission an actor in senior without any endings and perhaps more importantly without a stage. not exactly. the armor. was down. to her to kevin church's taking the place of the theater. still on the world even if it was to chart. for. the 1st few were like oh this is kind of weird this is kind of kooky and then i got you know used to it as best as i could it's just it's not as fulfilling you know to be able to look into people's faces and and and hear them singing along with you and standing up and clapping and waving their hands it's. it's a much different experience so it's been
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a challenge for me to to try to keep my performative energy up speak and only as a pastor i'm like maybe i shouldn't preach maybe just single time because it's so you know spirit filling you know and so uplifting or. honest people have lost mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers people are suffering they feel lonely they feel isolated they've lost loved ones and so there's kind of a very it was a heavy heavy mood and it was difficult pasturing in that context we call who is. source of comfort and strength what the sunny not is the real religion isn't and cafe kevin especially now. like for so many others in forced isolation is tough being able to come here and still getting to worship in our own getting to sit and listen to the pastors you know simon like firsthand in and be in the space you know has been amazing for my anxiety levels and my stress levels.
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after church back in queens kevin's neighborhood the story. of this neighborhood is fine in collecting ethnically mixed and diverse it's there it's a great shopping area and shopping district. there is that it's great middle class neighborhood lots of families lots of young people young transplants. in the one kilometer area around kevin's apartment 74 percent of residents define themselves as white. the average annual household income is around $74000.00. 11 percent live around or below the poverty line. before the pandemic around 5 percent unemployment. the number of coronavirus cases here in april was around
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40 percent below the new york city average. i felt very safe actually during the pandemic i felt like this is a good neighborhood to sort of weather the storm and sort of and i felt a little bit protected i felt really lucky that we were not at the epicenter of infection. but economically the slowdown has been. just harrowing. and the reach of the moon doesn't feel it all safe in the bronx but now she's got something to look forward to the youngest son isaac is coming home in 4 days time. has just finished his school year on line with my dad he made it. should be very proud of yourself and what are the circumstances you would put in at the truck or the times and you really lose focus on anything you fell behind a little bit which was able to you know catch up and it's not how you start it is
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how you finish it you finish strong you kill yourself around the cause. a full disability and everything else is like i say has been living with his grandmother. answers so i'm very excited for her to come home i lost mother my kids i just live nothing you know this different there here is no one there nat has it's something about our kids now you know and it just takes me back to when he was a baby like oh my goodness i. it's june and after almost 3 months of total lockdown new york cautiously begins to i phone up again some businesses like headdresses allowed to reopen got it under certain conditions. at the same time the effect the pandemic has had on new york is becoming clear. unemployment has risen to above 20 percent almost level it was at the time of the great depression our research shows that in my one nation new yorkers were suddenly
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left without work the number of people who could no longer afford to feed themselves doubled to over 2000000 a crisis already existed the coronavirus exacerbated as. anyone who can afford to do so has already left the city by only my almost a quarter of new york's uptown apartments are empty. and this country is very very wealthy the reason that we. don't meet the needs of our poor citizens is not that we don't have the money it's that we have had years of tax cuts and tax loopholes and. you know quite lax treatment toward outright tax evasion there are people actually who are literally getting richer as pandemic before and we are afraid to ask them to do civic duty by just paying their fair share and we merely
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have to ask people for true money for 2 to bumi of fairness fees to tell deal with this but. it's july the 1st not far from the b.k. residence the poor of new york protest at the gates of the city's rich legislation has been passed cut welfare spending the savings to plug the massive fiscal hole left by the coronavirus pandemic. the protesters are demanding that instead of punishing the poor the city should tax its beginning its. mark your honor the march can continue to live their lives now we have to queue up in endless moans for a meal. the coming year. approaches doesn't make it as fine as the b.k. family's house the movie prepared to pay higher taxes he tries to play. his pot hippy how are you doing all he's become a mentor to people like james his former intern who's just finished college work
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for growing and came in for 20 exciting for me as i'm looking at my job search now it's it's challenging this is what i try to also say to myself. every day you know i think this is a moment in time yeah that's it i want to do something that passion about that i'm excited about. that that there. was at that precise feet the everyday life of an influence a doesn't stop because of the current a farmer's market. in southampton shopping is allowed again with the mosque. in this bastion of the ultra rich has been a sign of the catastrophe ravaging other parts of the country. i would say it's like an idyllic seaside town because remember the ocean is just around here and
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it's a summer place but it's a year round as well if you're in york city you go to the hamptons and that's pretty much what it is so any equivalent of like a summer town in germany that's what band is for us. the next day back in the bronx in the ratio waits to see his son isaac for the 1st time in 3 months by his brother brings him hard. how did. he leave. the room just really a fan of my back the last time i see my baby was like in march or something. and now he's actually here so that's good he's healthy he looks tall he looks amazing my son was like right now he's here my son hoping that life can get back to new.
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found me yeah you got that right good good good you go. oh my god i use violence in my home. i like you and like to hear it's use to for you to feel so much safer than before and much larger to. get away with that today nothing's going to spoil them both and the rita move financial hardship is already looming on the horizon. camera rolling takes it. march 11th 2020 was the last day of what i knew is no kevin is putting on a performance in his own front room it's part of a seizure project that combines monologues and documentary new york his experiences of the pandemic to direct to gives instruction. conference call. i was kevin's
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wrong a choreographer who feels totally blown off cool spawn the lockdown. as an artist i have i connected with being lost at the beginning of cold not knowing where my art and inspiration was going to come from to take this art and use it to help work through our fear my own feelings it was really awesome and that's that's one of the beautiful things about what actors get to do. right. through the dance might help kevin process the experiences of the past few months but it would have been him much money the good. thing just for you to answer a text you get in addition to unemployment benefits kevin gets around $600.00 a week coronavirus subsidy but now that scheme is to be wound down i'm optimistic i
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generally am positive. i don't think they're going to be be able to justify cutting that $600.00 totally i think so many americans would fall off literally fall off a financial cliff i wouldn't be homeless but with the 600 and the base you know i am able to pay my bills. but that's exactly what happens it's august and the new york case numbers have fallen significantly even the rockefeller center is open to visitors again. kevin has to dig into his savings because there are no more subsidies available. to me and became he is back in the city he shows us his apartment on manhattan's upscale up the east side. we have these little. marlin dogs that we love to destroy anything he says. they've hardly used the apartment luxury space left empty while many new yorkers don't know how they'll be
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able to pay next month's rent a look at someone like me and look at our family and look at the life that we have and that we lead we have not being so affected by covert 19 certainly from an economic standpoint because of the opportunities that we have and the flexibility that we have we have options. but a lot of people don't. see. him return can't afford her over it and now she's paying in installments she's been saved to buy a food bank in the apartment block basement canned foods and pastor to get her and his son isaac through this difficult time. in the reacher is in freefall and there's no social welfare in it to catch it and she's not the only one. among those who are declared eligible we only see it on average about 70 percent of them
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actually getting their unemployment check. that's even lower for african-americans it's only about 55 percent of. the recent opened in pure prosy and one that makes many mistakes. and mary to stay strong for her son of god in a backyard is her therapy. how am i supposed to tell my son at night when i fuck him and you could be whatever you want to be this too shall pass god is a good god and then i'm in the living room on my god the bills being doubtful can do that. evening on manhattan's upper east side he is having dinner with his mentee janes. is the 1st time they've met in person for a long time. james has great news that you got a job working at a real estate or a. small developer but are
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a lot of great people and die they are able to offer me a full time opportunity despite everything going on right now looking towards a future things are certainly must must must certain when they were 8 months ago but i think that everyone kind of does their part and does the things that they're supposed to do what everyone will be a better place i still do think it's a moment in time however i i have the same time feel like the crisis is much deeper and more so than i did several months ago a lot more people are unemployed that means there's a lot less spending that affects other businesses so it it becomes a vicious circle. in the bronx the mood is growing tense. for me and the region is holed up in her apartment with allison since the start of the some of the number of shootings his camp tries in 1st in august it was more than double the number in the previous year. if only one even 5 and all of this is
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happening and. sometimes partying can descend into a shootout in just a plank of an i. know i used to live in concert but something like firework you can find a difference between guns and violence until you wake up the next morning to her own. good half a bottle and go with all the things that we just came out of it's not getting better it's getting reckless the shooting began happening near you. and then if you witness it and if they see you if you got to look down or run. to kevin things start looking up in september everything he thought he had lost his suddenly become possible again. in new hampshire the 1st teacher is opening up again and he's directing the production. i'm very excited. i've been
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so inspired over the past week as this transpired in the past week and a half or 2 so you know solidified over the past week and i've just been so expired inspired coming up with choreography and ideas talking about costumes and lighting . dancing in the kitchen. 600 kilometers away but at least kevin gets to make his directorial debut. now it just needs to get off the ground. i wanted to do it immediately i jumped at the chance it's very important to be able to start that engine again and so i'm honored to be a part of that to be a part of starting the movement towards making life better happen again. it's new it's a 10 and it's fashion week in new york summer and schonchin sophia from the hamptons to getting major help. soviet i also
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serve as editor is. a magazine the daily front row which is featured in the hamptons in new york city and l.a. . and today we're going to start our day off with a line which means it's one of very few faints most especially this is happening on . one with a fun week part about fashion week getting all glammed up otherwise i don't wear any makeup really and so that's always really fun. if it is a normal fashion week it's literally from morning to night about 4 days to 5 days or. so then i'm a little nervous because they will get on each other's nerves and they will have fights and so i have to. have to be there to pick up the pieces but this particular fashion week in coven is so far going to be very relaxed. to find that in is on his
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way to central park. i want them both to have perspective. and i think in any situation to be the best that you can be you have to have perspective and understand that for the situation that you are in. the benefits that you have the opportunities that you have and not to take those things for granted you used the word privilege. you know do they really understand the privileges that they have. and you know could they be doing more with that. we don't feel privileged we're lucky to be in our position but. we have to wrap yeah everything yeah we have to you know we not you know ok. whitefield new
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hampshire. the town of 2200 has hardly any coated cases kevin smith kirkwood is getting ready for the premiere it's amazing to be up here because i already love the place and because i think it's safer i was instantly able to just sort of exhale. the fish is one of the 1st in the whole country to open up again. kevin has had to quarantine and get tested like everyone on his team were rehearsing in their her saloon in masks and trying to sing and dance this show in rehearsal mass not easy but we did what was necessary oh oh gosh she was hot we did have to make some concessions artistically because of the pandemic we knew that we had to we couldn't let adrien seymour kiss the big day is here to go is already allowed in to see the performance under the tightest safety
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misha's. aren't allowed in under the new rules was. it was it was kevin's done it has restored a little bit of normality in the midst of a pandemic we're successful everybody is healthy things are clean the theatre sanitized and people came tonight it sat and watched and laughed together. it was amazing week it's october and the city is trying to get back on its feet 6 months ago this was the epicenter of the pandemic new york is a still traumatized anyone outside without a mask is viewed as anti social masks are only taking off to eat at the nudist have just curbside restaurants they're allowed to fill a quarter of inside c.c. but few people take the opportunity. the number of people applying for unemployment
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benefit has dropped again sharply. but it's still 8 times what it was in 2019. empty office blocks across the city has meant many small businesses relied on office workers have had to close. new york is facing a massive tax dificid with no indian side and despite all the hope precaution some districts seeing a rise in coronavirus cases again. people line up for food every part of town without a job savings spent on rent and it's the poorest to live struggling to survive for many it's worse the 911 previously the worst catastrophe to hear you. $911.00 targeted particular parts of the city but it didn't shut down the whole harmony. you know and it certainly didn't go on for so many months there was
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a lot of emphasis on getting things back to normal as soon as possible and that obviously this pandemic isn't over in a reach around noon still feel trapped in their apartment and the regime doesn't want to sound to go back to school in case he catches the virus came home schooling is made possible thanks to an i pad from school and an old computer these days ok i was just making sure. i don't really like being inside mostly obstructive breaking into watching a show before i don't play games or watch a show i just sit on my bed and. yeah gets a long way. and i reach a hasn't found a new job and she's broke soon she won't be able to food this apartment. now mark receiving anything because of the pandemic. agreement that the government is doing is on pause. my faith is still strong i'm smiling and i'm
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taking one day at a time instead of planning out my life you can't plan any more you just have to go with the date. and envision it is to finally get out of the bronx. to be close to meeting to know. her mom was how. long until the presidential election it's a talking with a professional who is discussing the summit to friends. you. know so if we don't talk about politics i'm not saying yeah i know there's a lot of closet plus a lot of closet republican that it would be a fix of the pandemic have made the pekinese reflect sophie has her doubts now about the world of influences i see and i think it makes me want to going to where
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i can tutor kids that can't be tutored don't have laptops or don't have parents who can help educate them it makes me want to. really do more i think the gap between the poor the rich and certainly even the middle the middle's a huge margin but the gap has become too large and people are suffering as for i think the president has to really work on the pandemic has has exacerbated it in my opinion and brought it even more to light but the underlying issues were there before. up corn for the televised debates between joe biden and donald trump. kevin is concerned about the election and the future of his country. are. sure to. everybody has to be i am one of the people who
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who lives will be affected directly by the choices that are made. in our country i don't have a. cushion i'm an artist. you know i don't have i don't come from a trust fund family i'm an artist blackmail where met you now and so these kinds of decisions affect me. you know despite the crisis kevin smith kirkwood has achieved his big debut but broadway remains closed for now. financially emerita run is a rock bottom but remains optimistic. the big 3 family has gained a new perspective on this city and their life 3 lives 3 worlds on city. the contrast existed long before the pandemic but the coronavirus has amplified it
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and cemented the gaping deficient in society not just in new york the supposed is the metropolis of inequality but also across the whole country the challenge facing the united states and its new president. anyone can take a look back but we are looking ahead. and we are eagerly anticipating. anniversaries. birthdays. and days of a memory. cultural outlook towards 2021 arts $21.00.
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30 minutes w. . today don't miss our highlights building program online w dot com hard. people looking for. there are many answers. there are. going to.
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make up your mind. is. made for minds. mrs d. w. news live from berlin and indonesian airliner crashes into the sea naval search teams headed for the sign where the jet went down just minutes after taking off from jakarta dozens of people were on board all saw the show trial on twitter the social media platform confidently suspended the u.s. president's account due to the risk of further violence depriving him of his
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favorite megaphone in the waning days of his term. and as.


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