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tv   Nuhr im Ersten  Deutsche Welle  January 20, 2021 6:30pm-7:16pm CET

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and it. didn't be hill didn't it and reconcile home to one another in it yes we miss kingdoms goal to your glory majesty don't many an end power for ever ha. ha no need to hear the strong name of our collective feet a man. please remain standing as the armed forces color guard retires our national colors.
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ladies and gentlemen please be seated and remainder seats while the president and official party depart the platform for safety reasons your ushers will release your section in an organized manner following the playing of our national march the stars and stripes forever. liz please keep the.
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to see. him. for he was around the world just joining us you're watching live pictures joe biden has been sworn in as president of the united states and you see the vice president come what harris and the 1st gentleman making out of their. well joe biden sworn in as the 46 the president of the united states in the tight
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security in washington d.c. the crowd was limited you see him right here with the 1st lady a doctor. a very meant to say moment when she say. yeah this was joe biden had a huge challenge in front of him you know inaugural speeches are all about unity about bringing the country together even under normal circumstances an election is just taken place so 40 or even 50 percent of the country didn't vote for the person standing up there so the inaugural speech in any time is always about bringing the country together and looking forward but joe biden has such a tough needle to thread because he had to also acknowledge all of the major crises that the united states is facing right now without sounding pessimistic. i would say he he did about as good of a job as i think anyone really realistically could. see. there the president joe biden and 1st lady will the crowd was limited because of the tend to make
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and that incidentally. clips everything frame and such a stunning difference of images for everyone in masks here previous president we never almost rarely saw masters masks here war now required and in congress to be on the floor of congress in the senate are now also required facing fines if you don't so a complete shift in tone a complete shift in symbolism a complete shift in in just small acts like wearing masks like social distancing like trying to create a nationwide unified policy and approach to tackling this virus but masks aside this was a fairly standard inauguration which i think is comes to the relief of many people just to see a president get. sworn in as has been seen for 250 years now every 4 years now of course the challenges that the president will have to tackle head on i mean you
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have to hit the ground running are just i mean they're enormous will he be able to pull it off i mean all the things that yes attack a. pandemic racial injustice this information i mean i better stop the climate crisis the u.s. place in the world its relationship with europe. you know going up against china rising power. so much to tackle and let's not forget joe biden doesn't actually have an administration he doesn't have a government a functioning government right now because the senate needs to confirm all of his nominees for heads of departments and their deputies and that just hasn't happened yet so let's just make this very clear he won't have a cabinet today this afternoon at this moment he has no cabinet they're acting people in charge there are deputies in charge but joe biden doesn't actually have his people or doesn't actually have an executive branch i because we need the
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senate to confirm secretary of treasury defense state all of these various officials you know it's it is customary for the previous presidents cabinet to submit their resignations when. it happens when there's the new president and we were in this transition moment now where the senate has not gotten around to confirming any of joe biden's nominees and the senate is still officially in republican hands because not all democratic senators have been sworn in and william there we have one of the former presidents george w. bush and former 1st lady laura bush and there mike pence what would be the way forward for mike pence that's a very good question i think the bigger question is the way forward of the republican party how much mike pence is brenda so to speak is tied to. donald trump and there we see of course barack obama joe biden was his vice president nancy pelosi it's helos the speaker of the house. i mean for all of these figures all
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these major leaders of the democratic party this is quite an exciting day for them because they are entering our government fully in democratic hands but we should remind our viewers that barack obama also came into office in 2009 with a democratic house and a democratic senate and left a lot to be desired there was a crisis then before kovac came around barack obama was facing the biggest crisis in american history since the great depression and since the 2nd world war the financial crisis and we look back and the obama administration was not able to push through enough stimulus and enough relief aid it was just an 800000000000 dollars relief package back in 2009 helped out wall street helped big banks and corporations did not help out people who couldn't pay their mortgages these kinds of things that left a lot of anger among voters and i think at least some of that residual anger is what we saw trends you know transpired that lead ultimately to donald trump and to this moment that we're in now the financial crisis that people are still reeling
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from and then this crisis on top of that obama there i was talking to a lady gaga it was a star studded ceremony lady gaga. jennifer lopez you know. jenny from the block what's everything you play for whatever time period your units are so it was things garth brooks it's everything actually that outgoing or now former president don't want it and never got yeah and joe biden wanted to make a very clear break you know he we have every we had everything from firefighters represented. to 2 members of the black christian community to garth brooks like you say famous western country where. star jennifer lopez just a smattering of people that really represents a lot of america and a lot of buy to watch tonight former vice president mike pence leaving capitol
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building as well and i understand actually that we have all of her salad i wasn't aware of that but they're all over salad is standing by for us in washington however i can see you can you hear me. i can hear you are a very good to have you what do you make of this ceremony. well it was a very celebratory ceremony of course in very different and difficult circumstances as william also pointed out it was after all a big celebration we have we heard lady gaga and jennifer lopez sing a moment if you wanted to really joe biden calling on all americans to unite right now in these difficult times and he had a difficult position here with his speech to on the one hand call for unity but then on the other hand of course also mentioning all the challenges that he
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inherits the cold with 900000 me with more american victims than in world war 21 of them for instance of course the economic situation so all of that had to be addressed in the. celebratory setting of course but it was a very humble one you also appealed to truong supporters saying that he wants to be president for all americans so those were his words here today and we are standing far as the general public can get in that gives you a little bit of a view about what the situation here in washington is on the ground like a city that is under a lockdown we're usually 1000000 people cheer for their new president on the national mall that is all along don't this is rather like a military zone with checkpoints with rolled logs and all the people you can see right behind me are journalists. trying to cover of course this very historic day the means of very major shift of course in politics for the united states and right
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behind the old world you feel small protest of pro-life activists say 100 or 200 people who are always leave very concerned of all abortion rights and then as you were putting we're seeing images of the obama as we saw former president clinton passing by we see secretary of state hillary clinton also talking to lady gaga all over. is he the man for this moment to house speaker nancy pelosi just leaving the capitol building as well because you know what i kept hearing was the r. word reconciliation repair reconstruct you know can he really deliver on that how divided is the united states right now. well there is a lot of aspects to this of course and he is very experienced to get started 50 years in politics half a century he was a vice president in the white house so he brings a lot of experience that for one and of course his tone his rhetoric it could not
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be more different than the last 4 years the cabinet he wants to put together is going to be one of the most diverse ones in american history with with a lot of people from all different ethnics and backgrounds represented then of course vice president camelot harris the 1st african american the 1st asian american and the 1st female in that position so all of this of course is a good record with a good prerequisite of course to bring that nation together that has suffered a lot from a very divisive rhetoric through all the last 4 years by this president camelot harris the 1st african american the 1st asian american and the 1st female in that position so all of this of course is a good record with a good prerequisite of course to bring that nation together that has suffered a lot from a very divisive rhetoric through all the last 4 years but his success oliver in
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delivering will depend also largely on the republican party we just saw images of mitch mcconnell the minority leader now you know what role do you think he will play will he come on board with any effort to to were repair the country. and that's a very important aspect and mitch mcconnell has been the leading republican in congress of course and it's so important in his role will be so important because you as you know we are heading into an impeachment trial in senate now and mitch mcconnell has been you know a very loyal figure a loyal loyal figure for donald trump e.s.b. in supporting him through all the 1st impeachment inquiry and trial has been supporting him with this baseless claims of voter fraud but it looks like the tide is shifting in that he is now changing and turning his back on donald trump who said that he can be has accountable for the violent insurrection at the u.s.
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capitol 2 weeks ago and that is very crucial because of a lot of other republicans might follow suit then and that is very important especially because as you know in order to be able to be convicted in senate it needs 2 thirds and. the senator is there of the republican senators included so we'll have to see mitch mcconnell plays a crucial role here in the next weeks to come. william we're about to see your it's been announced that we're about to see a great reset. i mean is that was something we heard in 2009 as well when obama took over from george w. bush a reset a reset for the united states or sorry william sorry for interrupting you this is a very you know we didn't have a handing over between the previous president or president trump and the 1st lady and the now president joe biden and the 1st lady of dr jill biden but we do have
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this at least at the vice presidential level i think we'd all like to be a fly on the wall to be able to hear what mike pence the outgoing vice president or about the former vice president is speaking with the vice president. and the 2nd gentleman the 1st 2nd gentleman in u.s. history of a mouthful not the most elegant elegant title of it that's what it is the 2nd gentleman. yeah you said it right there we didn't have we didn't see that the customary outgoing president incoming president meet at the white house go down pennsylvania avenue together of the outgoing president sit and listen at the capitol building right over the shoulder of the incoming president we don't have any of that but we're seeing this here with mike pence. we shouldn't forget that mike pence on the issues probably disagrees a couple of hours on just about everything but he still is a politician and knows knows the buttons to push and knows the role he plays and
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knows the symbolism of it. he looks very alone let's say up on the capitol very alone or very isolated but he's doing his job at the very least all over in d.c. can you explain to our international viewers i mean these are all kind of little ceremonial traditions why are these so important. well they are important of course because and especially today because this day marks so to speak of the moment that the united states embarks on a new on a new path politically and it's very important and after a long fall to come pain that has been divisive many times in the past this is not the 1st time. we're looking back at a divisive campaign might have been one of the most divisive ones of course but this is the moment of unity then and of course this celebration during an
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inauguration ceremony is a very important one to move forward also you see former presidents of both parties visited today so that all plays a very important role. for the country to move ahead. and william. lingering in the background. like a dark cloud is the 2nd impeachment that's going to take place will joe biden president joe biden be able to rise above the fray not will not get involved he can't get involved but you know will he remain untouched by that process it's a big question and it's a question that is being asked within democratic circles within the white house and the house and the senate how exactly they're going to handle all this because as i mentioned biden has to get his government in place biden has to get all of these officials. approved as you're talking about coming out harris the vice president iris and the 2nd gentleman. are leaving and that's the motorcade i guess so
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i will presume for now i don't know who is in that motorcade but probably the president given it given its length i would imagine that is joe biden the president states motorcade but yes a bit so the senate is going to need to spend a lot of time. having confirmation hearings so joe biden can have a government i think it often gets underestimated outside looking in especially outside the united states looking in that it's not just about the president the president sits on top it is a symbolic figurehead of a very large apparatus known as the executive branch and the president can't just snap his fingers and have things done he needs officials in place to carry out his wishes and his policies and the woman leading those impeachment receivers is of course a nancy pelosi a house speaker all over how how has it been pursued hare how has it been received there in washington and in the u.s. going on with this impeachment guard list i mean the president the former president
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has left. yeah well of course as with many topics right now the impeachment leaves the country also divided but there is a certain there is a difference now in comparison to the 1st impeachment proceeding that 1st of all a growing number of americans a supportive. of course still very much divided in terms of the where you stand politically also what we see in the in the votes on the on the house floor so in the in the house of representatives in the in the impeachment proceeding there for the 2nd time is that 10 republicans actually voted for donald trump to be impeached and you can really tell that there's a shift right now that donald trump crossed the line when he incited a violent mob to enter the u.s. capitol a symbol of u.s. democracy of course so it will be interesting then how much more momentum this this
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impeachment trial will gain as it moves on to the senate and all of what a study in contrasts i mean what barely 2 weeks ago or exactly 2 weeks ago storming of this very building where is this where all this pomp and circumstance unfolded stormed by well. what should we call them rioters hooligans collection of a collection of mostly white far right mobs we know for sure that these were groups these were far right groups these were militia groups anti-government groups. even some active and retired members of military and law enforcement people with racial slogans on their clothing kerry said recalling in these very maybe not the exact hallway but he's the same way of seeing where we seeing our former president bill clinton and a secretary from secretary of state hillary clinton you covered the.
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riots i mean you just talked just a little bit about this contrast i mean how does it feel now 2 weeks on. you know what a contrast it's really unbelievable and especially i live 5 minutes walk from capitol from the capitol grounds away and my whole neighborhood was turned upside down in a way that i have never experienced anything like this and really the comparisons go between something like a war zone a green zone like bach god for instance the kind of military control you have there are 25000 soldiers on the streets rolled walks checkpoints the security is so intense and then these fences literally of washington you see it split into 2 parts razor wire mount on top of that on the one hand and that all all that situation here we are seeing today the circumstances under which this inauguration ceremony took place are a direct result of insurrection and that we should not forget of course
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nevertheless it's a it's a celebratory moment it's a big moment it means a big shift for american democracy for american politics and this is exactly what's being celebrated here today in spite of the situation and already we're getting a visitor here. i can't see you unfortunately only hear you are you ok. we're good we're good ok good we want to keep you say a 3rd of his litter you're. so all over what happens next i mean we just have the inaugural ceremony and do we know what happens next. oh yes joe biden has a very packed agenda and he said to sign some 17 executive orders as soon as today just this 1st day and this agenda continues throughout the next day so he wants to tackle all the important topics for him and they are of course the cold 19 pandemic
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and he will issue a nationwide mask mandate for the next 100 days he also today wants to return to the paris climate agreement so climate change is another top priority for him racial equality is the next one as you know we had these countrywide protests throughout the whole summer following police violence against black citizens so he inherits several crises he has a very difficult and challenging start to his presidency and some of these will be tackled right away with executive orders as soon as today now william this is something president joe biden has dreamt of for decades now. and i wonder you know it's a dream come true for him personally is it a poison chalice oh i think he he relishes in being the guy who's going to take on these challenges these crises if you are a political leader if you are if you want to assume public office now that you want
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crises to happen but you enter office if if your intentions are good to be able to solve problems so i can imagine joe biden who has such a long career in politics really gunning for when you get into that oval office and get things going he's made very clear from the very moment that he was declared president president elect at the time that he's ready to hit the ground running with day one and we heard in the speech just now he was going to give his whole soul he said to this job yes but he's not the messiah and he is not the messiah and it's a very important thing. that we should be point going to point during a q. william another purple outfit i think there is and you can you can work on that message as much as you want i just think part of the also color of the royalty if we want to take the roman thing i think it's a very nice color regardless of quality political meetings with the this is the thing though in all seriousness i mean it is about fostering bipartisanship and the
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past 4 years have just been so toxic when it comes to the political discourse you know we've talked about how joe biden he's a career politician that he knows the hallways of the senate and he and he has relationships you know. with republicans you know can he is he the right guy for this moment well we have to remember just how divided the country is and i think joe biden was quite honest with that in his in his speech listing you know not just recently but going back to the very founding of the country joe biden was very honest about the difference in the ideals of america and the harsh reality of america whether it's racism whether it's all kinds of social injustice that really has marked the history of the united states up till today where we have depending on the poll you're looking at 40 percent of americans don't believe this was
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a legitimate election don't see joe biden as a legitimate president some 70 percent of republicans think the election was somehow stolen buy into the lie that there was some massive conspiracy against donald trump that is the world he's entering and you know mitch mcconnell yesterday or the other day when he said when he put blame on in the insight and that we saw 2 weeks ago the capital on president trump he didn't only say presidents over to the president and powerful people which made me wonder well mitch mcconnell is one of the most powerful people in washington and certainly the most powerful republicans he has also played a role in where the united states. itself today it's a question of e.c. going to realize that line that was crossed and try to work with joe biden to put things back together but this is the thing because you know obviously he wants to reconcile you know he has used it has no appetite for confrontation but if this is such an important point that you raise you know is it fair to put everything on
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this one person donald trump there are all these other political figures surrounding him that have enabled whatever happened to unfold you know will that have political repercussions for them or any repercussions i mean 1st long as republicans specifically can win elections with divisive rhetoric that we've been seeing coming specifically especially from that side of the aisle for decades as long as they think that their constituents that their voters will applaud and reward them for what they see a standing up for their rights their positions this could be very little political . this s.m.t. to reach across the aisle if reaching across the aisle is not going to win you elections remember we're in this moment right now but there are elections and there's elections every year of course but there's major elections every 2 years the house will change over every 2 years so unfortunately the campaign 2022 has
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already begun and what a beautiful shot there william talk to us please i mean what are we seeing all these flags the symbolism talking as if this national mall would usually be full of people of course. when it was donald trump into the 16 or something like 32500000 people it was a whole thing with trump one of the 1st of many fake news events that he tried to spin that it was much bigger than it actually was still half a 1000000 people nothing to to shrug at barack obama solve 1000000 even more i think in a 2nd inaugural he saw up to 2000000 people there and of course with the pandemic is just not possible so we have these flags on the national mall representing all the states and territories of the united states and should be should be noted. the context here that when you have a normal inauguration would see hundreds of thousands of people attending and the united states in a year has lost 400000 people to officially anyway i think the actual holds is a bit higher when you add in excess deaths but officially 400000 americans have died of this virus and as joe biden point out that is the number of american men
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and women who were killed in world war 2 stunning stunning stunning numbers very very deep. i want to us to touch a little bit beautiful pictures of course a very majestic building came out of the right time sun came out bitterly cold when i see our correspondents i think it's freezing i'll have to ask them later but the sun came out on this inauguration day. was january 6th an aberration i mean it is the crisis over now certainly not i mean and i think joe biden i think appropriately addressed that in his speech. this kind of of far right and white supremacist white power sentiments in the united states and i believe that's george w. bush leaving also oversaw a period of incredible divisiveness in the united states a further splitting of blue and red in the u.s.
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for his term mind by the 911 defined by the 911 where you saw it where you saw a record unity wrinkly which quickly dissolved into dis unity. his legacy i think is still something that the united states is living with. we've seen you know f.b.i. law enforcement they have for for for decades been saying militia groups anti-government groups far right groups white supremacist groups are a major terrorist threat domestic terrorist threat united states the difference is and this is why symbols are so important and rhetoric is so important they've never had a person. in the white house or in any kind of leadership position who have such actively encouraged through their rhetoric and another president who also faced an impeachment of bill clinton an incredible also incredible divisiveness at that period you partisanship is nothing new in the united states. the clintons are
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are by a large amount of americans despised in a political circles. so the part of the part that we're seeing today. i think and there is barack obama and michelle obama who also promised to bring the country together. and he and barack obama won huge majorities was very successful. 2 terms and still the divisiveness remain the partisanship remained because it was politically expedient and we saw of course secretary of state former secretary of state hillary clinton that of course also ran twice for president then it's like joe biden someone who's who long live to see it all trial and that and many of the things that she had not predicted but characterized in debates leading up to the election of former president donald trump proved prophetic. well yeah i mean i
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think donald trump is probably is maybe one of the most earnest and straightforward presidents the united states ever had it was no secret what he what he set out to do he was very clear what he stood for what he wanted he you know because he was not a career politician or policy politician who really didn't know the levers of government and how government really works and what the role of the president is. he was he made no secret in his race baiting and talking about his views on immigrants the muslim ban for example which is something joe biden says he's going to repeal immediately. well the banner is blocking it but i think all the former presidents the motorcade carrying all the former presidents who were in attendance are leaving now yeah that is correct. a lot of black catalogs a lot of black cat likes but interestingly all the former presidents alive attended
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except jimmy carter arthur it was a due to his age and of course conspicuous by absence from the cmos previous going president absolutely breaking with 150 plus years of tradition that one president. hands off to the next president and it's not like we haven't as i mentioned united states hasn't seen divisive times i mean remember 2000 george bush was essentially installed as president by the supreme court because of how close the election was in florida and after a bitter bitter political and legal battle between al gore and george bush even then al gore conceded and al gore was present before it was a president slightly different comparison and george bush had to try to heal the country i believe in his 1st inaugural he said something about sometimes we feel like we're sharing a continent we're not a country that was one of his big lines from his speech. so and then again in 2004 when he was reelected in 2008 with barack obama again another huge shift i'll
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never forget when george w. george w. bush after taking part in the inauguration got on marine one as we saw donald trump do earlier in the day took off and people were cheering because they were so happy to see him gone so i there are a lot of parallels to past inaugurations past moments like this where there's calls and hopes and aspirations for unity but then rail politic quickly takes hold and there needs to be again if there's no political benefit if you're not going to see any benefit in your electorally there's. very little reason to reach across the aisle ok we're going to continue our conversation in just a moment i just want to welcome our viewers that are just joining us so you're watching the w. news live from berlin joe biden has been sworn in as president of the united states amid tight security in washington d.c. the crowd was limited because of the year raging pandemic in the united states
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while in his inaugural address president biden called for unity that there was much work to do much to repair and also spoke of the need to confront and defeat the threat of white supremacy donald trump boycotted the event he flew to his private resort city in florida early in the morning and i was present at my posts that represented the alj to go into administration a later joe biden a little stop at arlington national cemetery to lay a wreath at the tomb of king i'm known soldier before spending his 1st night in the white house as the 46 president of the united states. well as joe biden becomes u.s. president the world is watching to see what kind of a country he will lead back into or onto the world stage well 4 years of trumps that america 1st turned the idea of u.s.
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leadership on its head his wrist placement 1st task will be to rebuild and reshape some crucial relationships. chaos in washington a pandemic out of control. an economy on the brink they do not get a nation profoundly divided ruled that people like you would not trust the u.s. has enough crises going on at home to take up the energy of any new president but the rest of the world looks every bit as daunting. china is now a rival superpower. russia is openly hostile. and climate change threatens everything. unveiling his foreign policy team joe biden said he would tackle all these challenges by rejecting trump's slogan of america 1st and reviving american leadership at the head of the western alliance america's
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back ready to lead the world not retreat from it once again sit at the head of the table ready to confront our adversaries and not reject us this new spirit from biden is being warmly welcomed here in berlin and in other capitals around europe and yes on this crucial issue of china the europeans have started doing their own thing. the e.u. has just to greet a sweeping investment treaty with beijing ignoring requests from the biden team to wait and work together i'm glad merkel herself was the driver of the deal which will be a money maker for german companies. it's not a great omen for biden's plan to hold a summit of democracies he wants free societies to line up together to challenge china seeing it as a growing threat democracy everywhere you want europe fully on board it's difficult to imagine for example germany choosing to side with china against the united
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states because i have a hard time imagining germans and feel uncomfortable being a partner to a government that has a 1000000 people in concentration camps european leaders too often condemning china over human rights abuses but that really turns into action and many a wary of being sucked into a long term conflict between the u.s. and beijing the goal of europeans is to maintain a good relationship with trying on the one hand because we need to work on many issues together with china. interests with any european hate ging on this could expose the underlying tensions in the transatlantic relationship which burst into the open under donald trump if europeans believe that they can remain neutral in a growing rivalry between the united states and china and sort of have equally good
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relations with beijing and washington and at the same time expect the united states to be the 1st responder whenever anything happens in europe i think they're living in a dream world that that's not going to be possible this was the heart of the crisis between the u.s. and europe during the trump years from school and european allies as freeloaders and that has shaken trust perhaps even permanently because one day trump or someone like him could be back now if europeans look at the transatlantic alliance that is any. strong and you of course and that world who are you and europeans need to build up their own research and their own strategies to be able to act in a more independent way the death throes of the trumpet ministration have added to fears that the us has become fundamentally stable
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a power that allies can never again depend on in quite the same way. ultimately that means that buying success or failure at home will profoundly affect what he can achieve abroad he says america is back but the rest of the world is asking is it too broken to lead. richard walker there are reporting at william o. glue crofters still with me here let's pick up where. richard left off. when biden was asked what message he had for world leaders he said america is back the world has moved on yet and it's not going to go back to preach from days to 2016 i'm actually really really fascinated to see how transatlantic relations are going to look what's going to look like when biden or his secretary of state comes to the e.u. to visit is it you're going to go to brussels or berlin or paris how they're going to handle the relationship of the united kingdom now that it's outside the e.u.
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and i think the most important caution is that while the tone and the symbolism is going to change and there's going to be a lot more collaboration a lot less combativeness in in the kind of rhetoric really hear from joe biden that a lot of the policies are going to stay the same remember donald trump's keep pushing nato against the wall and kind of shaking shaking them out for money that began with barack obama as the obama administration led by joe biden because he was such a big foreign policy guy to get nato to nato members to start paying more their fair share of that 2 percent line that donald trump always talked about was a barack obama era policy same thing with tariffs with china. approach with russia i think a lot of these things that we saw under the trump administration are going to continue again in a different frame different way different kind of rhetoric more trying to reach out more or less transactional less 0 sum but the policy itself is really i think in
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a large part going to stay the same so the tenor if i understand correctly is going to change we expect that to change. by and large foreign policy will in the 1st couple of months remain the same how from the vantage point of this country germany you don't you get the you get the impression that they feel you know once bitten twice shy type of sentiment you know reliability predictability is something that culturally is very valued. here so do you think you know how do you feel how do you see them welcoming this new biden administration it's interesting that a country whose post-war sense of self is so framed by u.s. rules and values has come to such a different path because germany is so reliant on consensus politics between opposition and government and the us is a partisan mess as we can see and only has those 2 parties and here you have more the coalition kind of building to build consensus i mean i think germany and the
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e.u. more widely is very much welcoming and ready to embrace a new administration i think the e.u. even someone like a manual mccrone who wants to have a much more muscular european union in the world i think even someone like him acknowledges the limits of e.u. power and even the ability or the desire for the e.u. to have power in the world and that they need the united states in some way shape or form. to be a partner again not going back to that patronage kind of relationship i think even the biden ministration wants to see a stronger more muscular european union because the united states no longer wants to really be the policemen of the world except of course when it meets their own interests but doesn't want to sort out other country's problems and wants other powers around the world to keep their regions in check and i think that's the kind of quilts of democracies you can kind of if you want to put it that way that i think biden is going to want to try to to form with the european union he is of
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course biden is an old fashioned and i don't mean that in a dismiss specked for a way a traditional let me put it that way a traditional multi lateral list so you know he is he a partner that they can work with is he the guy who can effectively repair alliances i think in the short run yes but the problem that we've been seeing in the united states for a long time and we we've heard about we're all over speaking about it is how much gets done through executive action and executive orders that has very little. so long jeopardy and how can you trust a country and how can a country even know where it's going if every 4 years a new president comes into town and undoes with the previous president does because there's so much deadlock in the house and the senate that they can't get. actual legislation through they can actually pass laws that that live beyond just a 4 year term and i think that's something that germany and the european union be looking out for is their longevity to the things that biden is promising but what
7:16 pm
reassures longevity i mean what assures longevity that brings us back to the domestic policy and the domestic problems of biden needing to really do what he says he can do what a lot of people are hoping he can do which is get stuff done in the senate and push enough republicans together with democrats because remember even the democrats can .


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